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Can I Drive Someone Else’s Car

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Adding Driving Other Cars Cover

“Negligent entrustment” – Can I be sued for letting someone drive my car?

If you don’t have Driving Other Cars cover, you might be able to add it, as long as you have comprehensive insurance. But you’ll probably have to pay a bit more.

Make sure you double-check exactly what you’re covered for when you buy it.

When your insurance renews, your Driving Other Cars cover might not renew with it.

So it’s worth either checking with your insurer that it will, or shopping around to make sure you get a new policy that gives you the right kind of cover.

How To Get Insurance To Drive Any Car

As well as buying a full insurance policy on the other car, there are several other ways to get cover to drive someone else’s car. These include:

  • Being added as a named driver: you can drive someone else’s car if they add you to their policy as a named driver. This can be useful if you plan to use another car regularly. Read this guide to learn more about adding named drivers to a policy

  • Choosing a short-term policy: if you only need to drive someone else’s car for a brief period, a short-term or temporary policy could be the answer. Here is what you need to know when looking for short-term car insurance

  • Checking if you have driving other cars cover: this may be included in your comprehensive insurance policy

What Happens If They Dont Have Insurance

It is legally required for car owners to have automobile insurance in all Atlantic Canadian provinces. But there are still situations where people may not have insurance for a myriad of reasons. To avoid finding yourself in this situation, ask the owner about their insurance policy before using their vehicle. If they are unsure if they have insurance, make them check before using their vehicle. If they say they do not have insurance, DO NOT DRIVE THEIR VEHICLE.

If this is not possible , your insurance policy may have limited coverage available to you. However, your policy will very likely deny you full coverage in this situation.

Additionally, your coverage will not apply if you drive a car owned by someone else in your household that does not have insurance.

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Driving Other Cars Cover Doesn’t Include Your Other Cars

If you do have Driving Other Cars cover, you still won’t be able to drive other cars you own. Each car will need its own insurance policy. That’s because the idea behind DOC cover is that you’re insured if you need to borrow a car in an emergency – it almost never covers you to drive another car regularly.

Because of this, DOC cover probably won’t cover you to drive your spouse’s car, either. If you want to do that, your best bet is to become a named driver on their policy. It’s usually pretty straightforward to become a named driver if you live at the same address.

If you’ve got more than one car, there are multi-car policies you could look into.

Can Someone Drive My Car And Be Covered On My Insurance

Can I Drive For Uber With Someone Elses Car

Yes. Both those who drive the car regularly or who borrow it occasionally can be protected by the insurance coverage in place on your vehicle. There are, however, various prerequisites for coverage.

As noted above, a driver using anothers car on an incidental basis remains protected under the cars insurance policy with no further action. Those who borrow the car on a regular basis and those who have access to the vehicle can rate coverage under a cars policy. However, their personal information and driving history must be listed on the policy.

This could include a spouse or other family members residing with the insurance holder. Insurability is not limited to that, since theres no requirement for a relationship. In fact, theres no need for a named driver a car user whose name appears on a policy to reside at a common address.

Theres one hitch, however. The insurer could charge extra for some or all of the named drivers. If theres a perception of increased risk of claim due to other drivers, premiums could go up. It depends on the person, their driving record and the companys evaluation of risk.

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Confirm Your Insurance Before Letting Someone Drive Your Car

Remember, all of this being said, different insurance companies may have different limitations, so its best to check-in with your insurance agent before letting someone else drive your car. That way you know what you may be facing if they were to get into an accident.

You can also check out our auto insurance coverages to ensure you’re protected from the unexpected.

Do You Have To Be 25 To Drive Someone Elses Car

Provided the young driver has reasonably clean driving record, no, theres no age restriction. This applies to both incidental and occasional use. The policyholder has the obligation to report regular, occasional drivers to the insurer. In the case of an inexperienced driver, additional premiums covering that drivers access to the car are likely. Since young drivers are statistically more likely to have accidents, their access to a vehicle increases its chances of incident. Unlike some provinces, Ontario permits the use of age as a risk determination factor.

There are compelling reasons, though, why a young driver should be listed on another persons policy. There is no age 25 magic number effect. Lower car insurance rates have more to do with a drivers experience and driving history. These factors commonly come together for many drivers around the age of 25. Rates decrease with every year of trouble-free driving. Adding a child to a parents policy begins the insurance history of the young driver. This provides a record of insurance coverage. If this record remains claims-free, then the driver has a better chance of achieving the lowest premiums at the youngest age.

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Tips For Sharing Vehicles

If youre planning to regularly or even just occasionally share vehicles with another driver, then adding them to your auto policy can help ensure that youre both covered should an accident occur. You should also make sure theyre legally licensed .You might also consider supplemental insurance if you intend to use the car for commercial purposes or rent it out to other parties. This can help protect the investment youve made in the vehicle, as well as help protect you from liability.Finally, always make sure you have direct permission from the owner before operating their vehicle. Driving someone elses car without proper consent can pose a liability issue for both of you.

Someone Got A Speeding Ticket While Driving My Car Will My Rate Go Up

“Negligent entrustment” – Can I be sued for letting someone drive my car?

Typically, the ticket follows the person, not the car. So if your buddy was driving your vehicle, saw the berries and cherries, and received a hefty speeding ticket, it would be recorded on his drivers record and your car insurance shouldnt be affected.

However, if a driver who is listed on your policy gets a speeding ticket , it unfortunately could cause your insurance premium to rise. Learn more about how much insurance rates go up after an accident.

Share these tips for teen drivers with your newly liberated, bright-eyed motorist to keep them safe and focused on the road and hopefully help them avoid speeding tickets.

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Does My Auto Insurance Provide Any Coverage When I Drive Someone Else’s Car

If you are driving someone else’s car, their insurance covers you while you are driving their car, as long as you:

  • Have a valid Canadian drivers license they will be driving in)
  • Are using the vehicle with the owners permission
  • Haven’t committed an offence under Canada’s Criminal Code while operating your vehicle
  • Don’t use the vehicle for one of the uses prohibited in their policy
  • Are not specifically excluded from driving their vehicle

If you have an accident while driving someone else’s car, you’ll need to present proof of insurance. It’s a good idea to make sure you have this available to you before borrowing a car.

If the car’s owner doesn’t have insurance, there is coverage under your own policy to protect you. There are some criteria to be met coverage wont extend to a vehicle owned by someone else in your household. Not all coverages on your own vehicle are provided and, while the covers vary by province, third party liability cover extends in all provinces.

Customers can review their policy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via our online self-service tool.

Are You Covered While Driving Someone Else’s Car

This is a common misconception. Most people assume that by driving someone else’s car, they’re covered by their insurance policy. Unfortunately, this is just not so. Whether you are in a rental car or driving a friends car, your insurance doesnt necessarily follow you as a driver. Insurance goes with the car, not the driver, so when youre behind the wheel of a friends car, its usually their insurance that will be first in line to pay a claim. As for rental cars, you can add coverage for that to your policy but unless you do, you may not be covered for any damage to the rental vehicle.

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Car Vs Driver Coverage

The answer isnt so cut-and-dry. Insurance coverage varies from insurer to insurer and policy to policy, but generally, there are coverages that can follow you or your car. There are several factors that determine whether and to what extent a person or vehicle is covered, including the names listed on the insurance policy, the state where you live and whether you have the permission to drive someone elses vehicle.

Does My Job Matter

Can I Drive Someone Elses Car?

Some occupations may be excluded. Those in the motor trade, for example, are likely to drive their customers cars regularly, so insurers may take the view that youre more likely to be involved in an accident. If you drive your customers cars, your company should have its own insurance in place for those circumstances.


  • Its important to realise that driving other cars cover should not be seen as a substitute for a full car insurance policy

  • If you get into an accident while driving someone elses car, you could end up paying a hefty repair bill

  • Driving other cars insurance is only ever third party only insurance, so it will not pay for any damage your do to the car you have borrowed. You would need to pay for that out of your own pocket

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Can I Drive Someone Elses Car In An Emergency

With MORE THAN it may be possible for the policyholder to drive someone elseâs car in an emergency, but only with the ownerâs permission. Always check your policy documents for cover details. With DOC the level of cover is third party only.

Should you have an accident damaging the car youâre driving in an emergency, third party will not cover you for any damage to the car. It will cover you for damage to a third partyâs car or property. Repairs to the vehicle youâre driving may come out of your friendâs pocket.

Can I Get Insurance For Anyone To Drive My Car

An any driver insurance policy allows anyone to drive your car at any time. Theres no limit to how many people can drive the car, so any friends or family, who have your permission, are legally insured to drive it.

This type of car insurance is far less common, as most people only have one, or a few, named drivers added to their existing policy. Because anyone is covered to drive your car, youll find that this type of policy is among the most expensive, as your insurance provider cant be sure whos driving at any given time, and what their experience is like.

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Impact On Your Car Insurance Premium

When you share your car, you also share your insurance. If they crash and are at fault, your insurance will cover the damage. However, your auto insurance premium will likely climb, especially on renewal. With your insurance, anyone can borrow your car, so long as they have permission, a valid licence, and are using it legally. If you find your premium going up, you can always compare car insurance from other providers to see if you can find it for less.

If Youre The One Borrowing The Car Ask:

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  • Do I have permission to borrow the car? If not, you could run into legal trouble. In many states, if youre a direct family member of the cars owner, its assumed you have permissionbut its still polite to ask.
  • What are the regulations in the state where Ill be driving? As the driver, its your responsibility to know the local rules of the road, from licensing requirements to speed limits and whether right turns on red are allowed. You should also check insurance requirements to make sure youre properly covered, and be sure to ask the owner. Some states require the car owners insurance to cover any accidental damage, so if theyre not insured or dont have the right coverage, as the driver you may end up being liable.
  • What kind of gas should I fill up with? They were generous enough to loan you a carthe least you can do is return it with a full tank.
  • Where do you keep the registration and insurance information? Its best to be prepared, instead of rummaging in the glove compartment if something goes wrong.
  • Where do you usually take the car for maintenance? Get the name and number of their mechanic shop or dealership in advance for peace of mind while youre on the road.
  • Can I eat and drink in the car? A vehicle is a personal space, so show it the same courtesy you would someones home.

Before you hit the road , make sure you have the right car insurance coverage. Get a fast, free quote at geico.com and see how much you could save!

  • JOHNsays,

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    Why List Habitual Borrowers

    Allstate reports that as long as the regular borrower is a reliable driver wit ha good driving record, there is no reason you should refrain from listing them as a regular vehicle user. Especially if they are driving the vehicle and they aren’t listed as an additional driver. If that is the case, then the insurer is likely to deny coverage.

    Does Everyone In Your Household Have To Be On Your Car Insurance

    Generally, all licensed drivers will be listed as secondary drivers under your insurance policy. The rationale is that people living in the same household likely use each others vehicles somewhat regularly.

    If you dont want someone in your household listed as a secondary driver, contact your insurance provider. You can also have them listed as an excluded driver on your policy, which removes them from any calculation of risk associated with your policy. Consequently, if you let them drive your vehicle anyway and an accident occurs, your provider will deny the claim.

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    Am I Covered To Drive Someone Elses Car

    Driving other motor cars is offered on our Third Party, Fire & Theft and Comprehensive policies. In general, this benefit is only available to policyholders over 25 with a full licence. However you should check your insurance schedule under the policy details section to confirm if you have this benefit. All cover in this section applies only to the policyholder. You will only be covered for third party loss or damage.

    The following conditions apply to any private motor car you are driving under this section:

    • The car is not owned by you, your employer or business partner.
    • It is not a van, a motorcycle or a commercial vehicle.
    • It is not hired by you, your employer or business partner as part of a leasing agreement or a hire-purchase agreement.
    • There is no other policy in force that covers your driving of the car already.

    Please remember that there is no motor breakdown assist cover on a car you are driving under this benefit.

    All cover provided is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions listed in your policy pack which was issued to you when you purchased or renewed your policy. Our current policy booklet can be found here

    Who Is Entitled To A Vehicle After A Person Dies

    Can U Test Drive A Car Without Insurance

    State laws determine who inherits estate assets in intestate estates. Not all assets pass through the estate, however, even if you die intestate. For example, if you own a vehicle with another person as joint tenants, the other joint owner becomes the sole owner of the vehicle when you die.

    If the vehicle is in a dangerous condition e.g. its leaking petrol or contains dangerous items such as gas bottles, we would suggest you contact your local police via 101 or 999 if an emergency response is required. If you think the vehicle is abandoned, we would suggest you contact your local council via the link below:

    Getting a vehicle removed from private land can potentially be an involved matter. However, we would suggest the following:

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