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How Much Is A Slingshot Car

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How Much Does A Real Slingshot Cost

The Polaris Slingshot Is One of the Craziest Vehicles On Sale

More videos on YouTubeThe range starts with the base Slingshot S for $19,999. While this is the base model, you still get the same powertrain as all other trim levels, making it just as quick. Adding the Technology Package 1 bumps up the base price to $23,999, but you get an upgraded infotainment system.

What Vehicles Require A Helmet

The law states that drivers and passengers on motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, or motorized bicycles must wear a safety helmet, and not doing so is illegal. California’s universal helmet law specifically defines that wearing a safety helmet means that the approved helmet is securely strapped on a person’s head and …

Prostar Power And Autodrive Improvements

When it comes to sporty machines, I’m a diehard manual-transmission lover for their superior engagement quotient. However, this time, I made a point of asking Polaris to loan me the updated AutoDrive model to see whether it’d exorcised the gearbox’s slow, jerky and often ill-timed shifts. I’d also lobbied specifically for paddle shifters in 2020, so I wanted to see how well these updates worked.

Little kids look at you like you’re a superhero in this thing.

While I didn’t have last year’s model handy for back-to-back comparisons during my time with the 2021 Slingshot, I found it easy to appreciate the tuning progress that’s been made. While still jerky and slow by modern automotive transmission standards, gear-changes are significantly smoother and quicker than before. Whereas cog swaps in last year’s AutoDrive would set your whole body lurching back and forth like one of those inflatable tube guys dancing in front of a used-car lot, the 2021’s gearbox will only leave your head bobbing like you’re nodding along to a slick beat on the stereo.

Polaris substantially improved the AutoDrive transmission introduced last year, but it still isn’t a smooth operator.

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What Makes The Slingshot Special

Well first off, it’s not an automobile or a motorcycle it’s an autocycle. That’s literally how this vehicle is classified, pointing to its combination of automobile and motorcycle features. On one hand, its controls and seating are very car-like. On the other, in New York state , you’re required to wear a full-face helmet and have a motorcycle license to operate it.

There’s also that big ol’ 20×9 wheel in the back powered by a 1,799cc engine rolling a belt drive. And unlike just about any other street-legal vehicle, the Slingshot sits so low that you can literally reach out and touch the ground as you’re tooling around town.

For those in the know, that’s nothing new, as the first Slingshots rolled out in 2015. What is new for 2021 are a few notable upgrades. Following the rollout of automatic transmissions last year , these new models have a recalibrated AutoDrive system for more rapid shifting, as well as steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. There’s also a standard hill hold feature, Rockford Fosgate sound systems and Apple CarPlay .

Price Of Tokunbo Polaris Slingshot In Nigeria

polaris slingshot on Instagram

I will start with tokunbo since Nigerians value foreign used cars over Nigerian used cars.

Price of Tokunbo 2015 Polaris Slingshot in Nigeria 6,000,000 9,000,000 Naira
Tokunbo 2020 Polaris Slingshot price in Nigeria N/A

Now its time to review the price of locally used Polaris Slingshot in Nigeria. In the cause of this review, I will sum up all the model years together since they are very few of these whips in the country.

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Slingshot X Gas Monkey Garage

Polaris Slingshot has partnered with Richard Rawlings, along with his crew at Gas Monkey Garage, to turn his Slingshot into a one-of-a-kind custom ride. Gas Monkey Garage will chronicle the build with a five-part video series premiering exclusively on Slingshots YouTube Channel beginning Tuesday, October 12 at 10am CT. Each Tuesday, thereafter, a new episode will publish and chronicle the build, trials and tribulations, and ultimately the final reveal at the SEMA Show.

Known for his creative vision and intense drive to customize vehicles and machines like never before, Rawlings will modify his 2021 Slingshot to exemplify his boundary-pushing, out-going personality.

Half the fun in owning a Slingshot is customizing it and making it your own. For us at Gas Monkey Garage, we put a build plan together that will allow us to get after it and have some fun. Because thats what Slingshot is all about personalization through customization.

-Richard Rawlings

Never carry fuel on the vehicle. Failure to follow this instruction could lead to serious burn injuries or death. Tanks are portable water cans.

Polaris Slingshot R Review: A 203

The Slingshot is obviously a bold choice. But once you settle it, its a riot.

In sun-soaked cities like Miami, you could throw a rock in any direction and hit a Polaris Slingshot. Where I live in the Midwest, theyre pretty alien. When I took delivery of the shouty blue-and-orange 2021 Polaris Slingshot R that Polaris loaned me, I was the talk of the small town pit stop just off the interstate. You quickly get used to the staresyouve got to if youre six-foot-five driving a three-wheeled, sorta-muffled sports carbut thats a big part of why anyone buys these in the first place. And I’m sure you’re dying to hear the answer to questions like, How do you fit in there?” and “Is it any fun?”

The answers are decently, and yeah, it is. More so than I expected, but without being fast enough to get you in a tangle with every guard rail or, in my case, barbed wire fence. The highly optioned Slingshot R I spent time with is the one Polaris hopes will get upscale buyers into showrooms and out the door with a new set of keys and some freshly inked paperwork.

Caleb Jacobs

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Do You Need A Helmet For A Slingshot

Again, each province determines its own legislation: they all require only a car licence, except for Alberta which wants a motorcycle licence, and they all require a helmet, except for British Columbia which is happy with the seat belts and roll bars. … And if you’re in B.C., you don’t even need the helmets.

What’s The Difference Between Slingshot S And Sl


Stripped down to stand out, the Slingshot S is the perfect canvas for customization and meant for drivers who want to make their ride truly unique. … The Slingshot SL lets those who know style take it to the next level with upgraded features and finishes. Dial up the volume, with standout trim and tech.

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What Is The 3 Wheel Car Called

Cars with 3 wheels are often called autocycles, three-wheeled cars, or simply three-wheelers. The first model was introduced in 1885, and since then many different models have appeared and disappeared. But its safe to say that just like trike motorcycles, autocycles have always existed on the market.

Where And How Can I Buy A Polaris Slingshot In Nigeria

Buying a Polaris Slingshot is very easy when you have the right and trustworthy dealers on your side. Compare the prices of Polaris Slingshot for sale in Nigeria.

If you need an accident free Polaris Slingshot, you can contact Alpha Autos on 08107992356 for a sound and clean car at very affordable prices.

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What You Get For Buying New

Polaris doesn’t usually build vehicles for the road. It’s more into selling speedy side-by-sides like the RZR or ATVs like the Scrambler, both of which are available with honking 1,000cc engines. It built the first Slingshot for the 2015 model year. Back then they had 2.4-liter GM Ecotec engines. The three-wheeler is now in its second generation, with Polaris putting its own 2.0-liter four-cylinder under the hood starting in 2020.

Last year’s updates brought big changes like that sharp LED lighting signature and the AutoDrive automatic transmission. Before that, Slingshots were only available with stick-shifts. For 2021, the Slingshot is largely the same as 2020’s model, save for some new trims at the top-end as well as available paddle shifters.

There are four available Slingshot trims, starting with the base Slingshot S and topping out at the Slingshot R Limited Edition. Each comes with the 2.0-liter four-banger and the option of either a manual or automatic transmission. As I mentioned, those steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters are new for 2021 and try to bridge the gap between an engaging manual and a comfy auto. They’re optional on all automatic Slingshotssave for the R models like this test vehicle, in which case they’re standard.

Caleb Jacobs

That’s a joke. This thing has no doors and you can touch the road with your hand. Ask me how I know!

How Fast Is A 2021 Polaris Slingshot

Slingshot (2015

The top-tier R ratchets up the output from 178 hp and 120 ft lbs of torque to 203 hp and 144 ft lbs of torque. It also covers zero to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and has a limited top speed of 125 mph. The 2021 Polaris Slingshot R packs 203 hp and 144 ft lbs of torque at 8,250 rpm and 6,500 rpm, respectively.

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The Sound System Is Absolutely Astounding

This may sound odd, but the thing that impressed me the most about the Polaris Slingshot was its sound system. Supplied by Rockford Fosgate, it’s powerful enough to provide crystal clear audio even when you’re wearing a helmet and traveling at highway speeds in heavy traffic. You can even dial it up to 11. Apple CarPlay is available, though Android users will be left with Bluetooth as there’s no Android Auto support. This is great for music, but the helmet you should probably be wearing makes taking phone calls impractical, and the open cabin means you probably shouldn’t be taking a personal phone call from someone like your doctor in a Slingshot anyway.

The Slingshot also comes with built-in navigation, which works but is undoubtedly worse than Google or Apple’s efforts. There’s no speed limit reminder in the bottom corner, which is a big miss when you’re driving through areas that aren’t properly signposted in a car that you want to let off the leash as much as possible. The sat-nav’s voice assistant is also obnoxious to the point where it ended up muted at all times. Letting a driver know they need to turn right in two miles and then reminding them when they’re a few hundred yards away is good practice. Interrupting Fleetwood Mac every mile to tell you to stay on the thruway is less welcome.

What The Heck Is It

The Slingshot is a road-going three-wheeler from Polaris, a company known for building motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs. Why three wheels and not four? There’s a logical explanation. The US government counts vehicles with four wheels as a car, meaning it requires crash testing and safety equipment before going on sale. However, if the car has fewer than four wheels, like the Slingshot, it’s treated as an AutoCycle and can be sold without airbags or other equipment. This not only helps Polaris keep the price down, but it saves a fortune on development.

Despite being classified as an AutoCycle, you don’t necessarily need a motorcycle license to drive it . Polaris kindly asked us to wear a helmet while driving the Slingshot, so there are certainly motorcycle-like elements to the driving experience.

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Miami Police Department Slingshot

Slingshot teamed up with Alex Vega of The Auto Firm to take on the project of making a completely custom Miami Police Slingshot. Outfitted with custom Avorza wheels and Whelen Engineering lights and siren, The Miami Police Department uses the Slingshot for community outreach and engagement. It serves as a way to break down barriers and engage local citizens.

Polaris Slingshot R: By The Numbers

Check Out the New 2022 Polaris Slingshot Lineup and Accessories | Slingshot
  • Base price : $19,999 both before destination
  • Powertrain: 2.0-liter four-cylinder | 5-speed automatic | rear-wheel drive
  • Horsepower: 203 @ 8,250 rpm
  • Torque: 144 lb-ft @ 6,500 rpm
  • 0-60: 4.9 seconds
  • Top speed: 125 mph
  • Curb weight: 1,653 pounds
  • Quick take: Not quite as wild to drive as it is to look at. It’s got plenty of power without being overbearing, a nearly equal mix of show and go with an emphasis on cruising.

Caleb Jacobs

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Does The Slingshot Offer Active Safety Systems

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Despite the lack of critical safety features, the 2021 Polaris Slingshot does offer some safety systems onboard. Since this three-wheeled motorcycle tips the scales at around 1,743 pounds, you dont need massive brakes to stop it efficiently. Despite this, you get ABS as standard on all Slingshot models. This should make it much harder for novice drivers to lock up the rear wheel.

The 2021 Polaris Slingshot is powered by a naturally-aspirated 2.0-liter engine developing 178 hp. Even with this relatively low power output, it can be easy to overwhelm the rear wheel and lose traction. To stop this, Polaris gave the Slingshot traction control. As a result, it should be easier to keep this vehicle in shape during hard driving.

Regardless of these safety systems, it is worth pointing out that there is no way to compare how a Slingshot stacks up to a normal car since there are no official crash tests. Just remember that youre in an open-top, three-wheeled vehicle with no airbags.

Is A Slingshot Safer Than A Motorcycle

With all of this in mind, is the 2021 Polaris Slingshot a safe vehicle to drive on the street? Compared to a motorcycle, its distinctly safer, The Drive says. Theres physically more vehicle around you and the bodywork diverts a significant amount of wind. Plus, it does have traction control and those roll bars.

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At Its Best Outside The City

It’s actually unfortunate some of the most common places most people encounter a Slingshot are in cities like Las Vegas and New York. Driving anywhere with straight roads and regular stoplights, the three-wheeler feels a bit like a large dog desperate to run free while you’re there tightly gripping its leash. As soon as the light goes green, you’ll touch the gas, feel a fraction of the Slingshot’s power, and immediately have to lift your foot again as you’ve hit the city speed limit. At 30-35 miles per hour, the fun is just beginning. Any densely populated environment means it will probably stop there, too.

On an open stretch of highway, though, you’ll experience the Slingshot at its absolute best. If you take the Slingshot down some clear stretches of road where you can feel its sharp acceleration and push that back wheel as far as you dare in the corners, all of its flaws will melt away. All you’ll be left with is an incredible sense of joy. The slingshot is fun, really fun. So, it’s down to you to take it somewhere you can actually have that fun. I clocked up close to 350 miles during my two weeks with the Slingshot, and I took it on some of the best roads in Upstate New York. Sadly that didn’t involve getting it onto a track, but I suspect that if you really let it off the leash, this thing would be spectacular.

Polaris Government And Defense

2016 Slingshot SL For Sale

Polaris Government and Defense is a division of Polaris Industries founded in 2005 and re-branded in 2017. The division was created after years of successful implementation of the company’s off-road vehicles in military theater. The division produces a range of vehicles to serve the United States and allied forces. Products include the , MVRS, MV700, RZR-SW and the DAGOR.

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The Polaris Slingshot Gets The Most Attention For Under $30000

But can you live with it everyday?

Unless they have something to do with an automaker, we don’t really care about motorcycles. But what about vehicles with three wheels, like the Polaris Slingshot? Since it has a steering wheel and can be driven without a motorcycle license in most states, we have tested the three-wheeled creation in the past. The Slingshot was first introduced as a 2015 model, and received major updates for 2020, including a new engine. For 2022, there are a few notable improvements, and Polaris was gracious enough to loan us a Slingshot for two whole weeks to check them out. During this period, we treated it as our only vehicle to learn what it’s like to live with. With only three wheels, no roof, and no doors, is it possible to daily drive a Slingshot? We found out.

Polaris Slingshot History And Overview

Born as a prototype designed by Polaris engineers in 2010, the Slingshot was introduced to the U.S. in 2014 as a 2015 model year. A three-wheeled, open-air autocycle with a low center of gravity and a no-lean driving experience, the Slingshot has become one of the most popular models on our site. Detractors of the Slingshot will point to its polarizing design with its angular, aggressive, and unique styling, while some consumers are confused as to whether the vehicle should be classified as a car or a motorcycle. Technically, the Slingshot is classified as an autocycle since the driver and passenger sit down, and the controls are very much like a car. Prior to 2020, all Slingshots were powered by a GM Ecotec engine which was the same engine found in the Chevy Cruze and a few other small GM passenger vehicles. Polaris started using its own engine in 2020.

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