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How Often Should I Service My Car

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Where Can I Get My Car Serviced

How often should I service my car?

There is no shortage of options when it comes to finding somewhere to take your car in for a service, with big car servicing chains and small local mechanic shops all offering competitive prices and perks to entice you to drive in. 60% of motorists surveyed always use the same car servicing chain, according to Canstar Blue research, although where you drop your car off will ultimately come down to your personal preferences, as well as factors such as price, convenience and past experiences.

The Facts: How Often Do You Really Need To Service Your Car

Youve probably skipped your six-monthly dental check-up on occasion. At first you totally think youve gotten away with it.

Then, all of a sudden, something goes wrong. When it does, its painful and its expensive.

Skipping a service on your car is no different.

In fact, servicing your car is the most important thing you can do for its well-being, and yet, its still neglected because most people just arent sure of what needs servicing and when.

So, how often should you service your car? Were all told to refer to our cars logbook for the recommended maintenance schedule.

However, most people dont even look at it let alone understand it! While Im an advocate for empowering yourself by reviewing your logbook, even I acknowledge that they can be super confusing.

To simplify it right down to the need to know, Ive put together an overview that will suit most cars of what needs to be serviced and when.


  • Engine oil
  • *Some new cars under warranty 15,000km/ 12 months


  • A/C cabin filter
100,000km/ 5 years $

If your mechanic tells you something different to the guide above, ask why and get them to refer to your logbook.

Ultimately, servicing your car is a pretty big deal. It needs to be done on time and you certainly cant skip them. If you do, youre car is more likely to face problems that could have been caught early or avoided entirely.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Servicing My Car Regularly

The main benefit is that your car will have a clean bill of health and be running at its optimum. A car with a clean engine will also typically have better fuel economy, saving you money at the pumps.

Aside from that, it’s a financial investment. Chiefly, it saves you money in the long run by avoiding expensive repairs. For newer cars, it also protects the manufacturers warranty.

When you come to sell the car, having a full-service history will make it more appealing and boost its second-hand value, and if your car is written off, an insurer is likely to pay out more for a car with a full service history.

Dont forget to take your cars service booklet to the garage or dealership, so they can stamp and date when the service was carried out. A growing number of cars come with no service record or handbook, but the servicing agent should be able to log into the car maker’s online portal and add in information about the service that has been done.

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How Often Should I Service My Vehicle

Its recommended by manufacturers and mechanics alike, that a car should be serviced every 12,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever happens first. Some vehicles will also feature a self-diagnostic system, which will tell you when your car is ready for a service, please dont ignore any warning lights even if your car hasnt travelled 12,000 miles since the last service.

Motorbike manufactures and mechanics suggest that these vehicles should be serviced every 4,000-6,000 miles or every 6 months, whichever happens first. If you are unsure, your motorbike will come with an owners manual, in here the manufacturer will have specified how often to get your motorbike serviced.

If after your last service you were told that your car or van might need an interim service, this means that you should look at getting another service completed 6 months or 6,000 miles after your previous one. This is probably because something is wearing on your car or van and the mechanic would like to check everything is as it should be. It is a precautionary measure.

For a motorbike, an interim service will be between 2,000 -3,000 miles. This is to ensure your motorbike is as safe as it can be for you to ride. If you only use your motorbike as a second vehicle, a service may not be needed often. However, if you are using a motorbike as your main source of transport then services will be needed much more frequently.

Differential And Transfer Case Fluid

How Often Should I Have My Car Checked?

Differentials and transfer cases route power from the engine to the wheels and use a gear oil to keep the moving components lubricated. Drivers neglect the fluids in these units frequently. Performing transfer case and differential fluid flushes should be on your regular maintenance list.

We recommend changing the differential and transfer case fluid every 30,000 to 50,000 miles to prevent premature failure.

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Why Get Your Car Serviced

Many car owners are capable of conducting general check-ups by themselves, but its important to schedule services with a car care expert so that you dont miss out on small technical points. For example, fluids in vehicles are susceptible to moisture. Fluids like the engine oil have to be replaced at regular intervals.

If you avoid getting your car serviced, you might also void your warranty/guarantee agreement.

Why Is Regular Maintenance Important

People get sick and go to the doctor when there is something wrong. The doctor may diagnose you with an illness and recommend a treatment to make your symptoms better or go away altogether. They also may recommend lifestyle changes to reduce the damage done to your body.

Your vehicle, like your body, is comprised of many different interconnected systems that can wear out, become run down, or fail if they are not taken care of, abused, or grow older. Preventative maintenance helps slow the progression of issues that come from years of operation and exposure to the elements, keeping your car running as it should for longer. While it may seem expensive and pointless to replace and service things that arent broken, the money you spend on maintenance will almost always be less expensive than fixing a component when it fails. Not to mention, the time you spend without your vehicle will be much more if it needs an extensive repair.

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Brakes And Brake Fluid

Every time you drive, the pads and rotors in your are exposed to extreme heat. There is no set interval for brakes due to the variability in their wear . Brake fluid is responsible for transferring and amplifying the input from your foot into the breaks, stopping the car.

The best way to keep track of when your brakes need service is to have them looked at every time you come in. At Becker Service Center, we will measure the remaining pad material when you bring your car in for any maintenance item and let you know when they need to be replaced. Brake fluid should be replaced every five years to maintain optimal functionality.

What Kind Of Service Do I Need

FAQ: How Often Should I Get My Car Serviced?

How often you get your car serviced equally depends on the type of car service you have carried out, as what a car service includes varies between the three types:

  • Interim service – More substantial than an MOT, but not as expansive as other services, interim services are usually every 6 months
  • Full service – Covering everything in the interim service, full services also include an oil change, top up of fluids, and inspection of the condition of the radiator, air filter, fuel cap and more. These are typically carried out once a year.
  • Major service – Including all aspects of the interim and full service, a major service also incorporates a brake fluid change, and cabin filter replacement. Major services cover almost every aspect of the car, so theyre typically only done every 24 months.
  • If youre still not sure which one you need, check out the difference between an interim and full service.

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    How Often Should You Service Your Car

    It is recommended that you have your car serviced every 12 months, or every 12,000 miles whichever comes first. There are different types of car service, including Intermediate and Full, which are either 6-monthly or 12-monthly. Regular 6-monthly Intermediate, or interim, car services are especially recommended for heavy car users.

    What Is Service History And Why Is It Important

    Service history is a record of all the maintenance work and repairs that were carried out on a vehicle. It tells you exactly when and where these repairs took place.

    Checking service history is key when buying a used car. A well-maintained car not only depreciates less but also could cost less in the long-run. The only way to find out service history is to ask the current car owner or the dealer/garages where the car gets serviced.

    Tip: You can negotiate a better deal if the car doesnt have a full history or is due a major service.

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    What Happens If I Dont Service My Car On Time

    Dont fall into the temptation of skipping a car service to save money. If you do this, you might save the cost of a car service, but you risk getting much bigger bills later. Remember that the cost of a service is far less than the cost of having to replace parts later because they havent been regularly maintained.

    Failure to service your car can also lead to reduced fuel efficiency, poor road handling and even major mechanical failure.

    Do I Need To Stick To My Cars Service Schedule

    How often should I service my car when it

    In an ideal world, yes. The longer you leave it between services, the more potential there is for dirt or debris to build up in your cars mechanical parts and the less chance there is for any potential problems to be spotted and nipped in the bud.

    Worse still, if your cars still within its warranty period the manufacturer could in fact, almost certainly will void the warranty if servicing isnt carried out on time. And that could leave you footing a big bill for a repair that you might not have had to.

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    How Can Smart Care Help With Servicing

    Smart Care is a hassle-free way to book a car service online. We make it quick and easy to find a local garage you can trust from ones weve inspected ourselves. Book a time slot online and be confident that youre getting a fair price.

    If you have any questions about anything technical, were just a phone call away. Plus, all parts and labour come with a 12 month guarantee.

    Heres how Smart Care works:
    • Enter your number plate and postcode.
    • Choose whether you want a service, MOT or a vehicle check.
    • See set prices with no hidden fees from a choice of approved garages.
    • Pick a date and time to drop off your vehicle at your chosen garage, or we can usually collect your vehicle from you.
    • Put in your information, hand over your vehicle and you’re all set. We’ll work with the garage and only charge you once everything’s done.

    How Do You Know If Your Car Needs A Service

    Many modern cars now have a built-in computer which triggers a warning light on the dash to light up once you reach your service interval. It is recommended that you heed this warning and book your vehicle in for service, even if it is slightly less than a year since your last service.

    In older cars, you will find information regarding the optimum service interval of your vehicle in your vehicle handbook. The service interval can vary from make and model vehicle so its advisable to stick to this.

    Changes in seasonal weather may also mean your car needs a professional assessment. While you might not need to service your car before every winter or summer seasonal change, you can book season health checks at Stoneacre for both summer and winter to help prepare your car for a change in road and driving conditions.

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    How Often You Should Service Your Car All Doubts Cleared

    Many of us have a common dilemma of when or how often should we get the service of our car done in the right way. Usually, a majority of car buyers in India tend to pay a visit to the car service station or authorized workshop whenever they do feel that something is not working in their car properly.

    Before we go any further an explain to you when should you service your car, make sure you are a member of our exclusive 91Wheels Telegram group where we bring you the latest updates from the Indian Automotive Industry.

    However, it is always advised that we should stick to the service interval recommended by the manufacturer of the car we drive. Usually, each and every vehicle gets its recommended service interval mentioned in the service book as well as the owners manual.

    The service interval is usually divided into two ways time interval or kilometre duration. A carmaker mentions the service interval in a time/km format. According to this, a car has to be serviced whenever the car has attained a particular time period or a kilometre mark in the odometer after the car has been purchased by you.

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    Why Should You Get Your Car Serviced Regularly

    Phil Gilbert Toyota | Why Should I Service My Car?

    From safety to cost, here are our top five reasons why you should service your car on time.

  • Keep you and your passengers safe Getting your car serviced regularly ensures that you and your passengers are safe on the road. If you choose to delay your services you might end up with improper fluid levels, worn tires, faulty brake lights, damaged brakes, and other car problems that may cause accidents. Even if your car seems like it’s working properly, there might be underlying issues that you dont see.

  • Keep costs down and save money This might seem counterintuitive. Spend money to save money? But just like in life, this is how car servicing works. If you dont get your car serviced on time, you might not be able to diagnose problems that may become expensive to fix later on. Look at your brake fluid for example. Without checking it regularly, your brakes could become faulty and will cost you much more to repair, than if you just serviced your car in the first place. Youre also more likely to have a car breakdown if you miss your services. And we all know how expensive and inconvenient breakdowns can be!

  • Maintain your warranty Most manufacturers require you to have regular services by a qualified mechanic, in order to keep your car warranty. In other words, if you dont get your car serviced regularly, you might invalidate your warranty, leading to expensive repairs which would have otherwise been covered by your manufacturer.

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    Whats The Difference Between Fixed And Variable Service Schedules

    Fixed servicing

    Traditionally, every car would have a fixed servicing schedule set out by its manufacturer and listed in the handbook that comes with the car.

    As cars have become more sophisticated, however, on-board electronics mean that many can now monitor fluid levels and usage automatically and effectively decide for themselves when they need to be serviced. This is called variable or flexible servicing. When its nearly time for a service youll get alerted with a message on the dashboard along the lines of service due in 1000 miles.

    Variable servicing

    Variable servicing is aimed at drivers that cover more than 10,000 miles per year and spend most of their time on the motorway, since it doesn’t cause as much stress on a cars engine as town driving.

    Depending on the model, new car buyers can choose between fixed and variable service schedules. If youre buying a used car you should find out which one its on. Its often possible to switch from one to the other simply by pressing the right buttons or settings on the cars dashboard, but its worth getting it done at a service centre when you have your car serviced since the technicians will be able to check that its been done correctly.

    In Summary: Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

    To sum up, getting your car serviced in line with the manufacturers recommendations will not only ensure your car is safe to operate and reduce the risk of any unexpected service bills. It will also ensure your vehicle is worth more when you come to sell it. You should be able to retain more than the cost of servicing when you trade it in.

    But for the car to retain its value you must ensure that the logbook is completed correctly after every service. This is the only official record that the vehicle has been maintained properly. So paying for a service and not ensuring the logbook has been completed is a waste of time and money.

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    What Should A Service History Look Like And When Is My Service Due

    Not sure what the service history should look like or what service is due soon? Try Car Guide! With our personalised buyers guide you will be equipped with the information you need to negotiate the best deal! On top of service schedules and MOT history you will also find out what service is due next, what is your car likely to fail the next MOT on and you can see the true cost of ownership. Buy like a pro with Car Guide.

    Note: There is no central database of service history, therefore the only way to find out real service history is to ask the current car owner or the garage/dealer where the car gets serviced. Car Guide can only provide you with what the service history should look like based on manufacturer service schedules.

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