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How To Add Freon To Ac Car

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Adding Refrigerant To Acars Ac System

How to add freon r134 to your car A/C system

Eventhough recharging a cars AC system isnt an overly complicated process, youwill still need the right equipment for the job. Besides the refrigerant withthe gauge, you are also going to need a thermometer and a pair of protectiveglasses.

Thefirst thing you will have to do is test the pressure. You can do this bylocating the low side pressure service port that is commonly located on thepassenger side of the engine bay.

Proceedto attach the recharge hose to it, avoid pulling the refrigerants trigger,because you might end up releasing freon into the atmosphere.

Youshould turn on your vehicle at this point, set the AC settings to the maximumand monitor the gauge. If the reading is below 40psi that means that the ACsystem needs to be recharged. Attach the refrigerant can to the hose and pullthe trigger.

Holdthe trigger for approximately ten seconds, and check the gauge once you releaseit in order to make sure that you are not overcharging the system. All readingsabove 40psi indicate that that the cars AC system is overcharged.

You should contact your mechanic if the gauge readings show values that exceed 40psi, but if this is not the case you should simply check the temperature inside your vehicle. If the AC system is working properly, the temperature near the ventilator should be around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Click here if you would like to find more tips for inexperienced drivers.

Finding The Additional Equipment

Besides a can refrigerant, you will also need a pair of protective goggles and a refrigerant dispenser in order to refill a cars AC system with freon.

Some brands sell refrigerant cans together with dispensers, but you should pay close attention to their features, because a model youre considering may not allow you to measure the pressure in the AC system.

The refrigerant dispenser must be equipped with both a trigger and a pressure gauge so that you can monitor the pressure in the system while refilling the refrigerant.

That is why it is important to purchase a refrigerant dispenser that will enable you to go through the entire process safely and effortlessly. You can find more car maintenance tips at this link.

Diy A/c Charging May Not Work On Very New Or Very Old Cars

Most DIY canisters are filled with the R-134a type of refrigerant. This is the type found in most cars on the road today — but classic cars built before 1994 were designed for R-12 refrigerant. What’s more, many of today’s newest cars use the latest refrigerant called R-1234yf. You cannot mix refrigerant types, and putting the wrong refrigerant in your car will cause damage to the air conditioning system! If you’re not sure which kind of refrigerant your vehicle takes, DIY A/C charging may not be for you.

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Diy A/c Charging Does Not Measure By Weight

Once your A/C system is completely empty, we just need to know how much refrigerant goes into your particular car’s system. This specification comes direct from the manufacturer, and it tells us how much refrigerant to add by weight. By contrast, DIY A/C recharge cans have a simple pressure gauge. That means, even if you get the pressure to the correct level, the actual weight of the refrigerant in the system is a mystery. If there’s too much, the system can be damaged and if there’s not enough, your A/C might not work well. Instead, trust the pros who can properly measure the refrigerant going into your car.

Why Are Ac Recharges Important

How to Add Freon to a Car and Manually Engage AC ...

The time-honored practice of simply topping off your A/C with a can or two of refrigerant every spring is no longer acceptable. Your technician is obligated by Federal law to find and repair any leaks instead of simply adding more refrigerant as needed. Coupled with that is the fact that the new systems are quite intolerant of excess amounts of refrigerant onboard. Adding an entire 8-ounce can when the system is only an ounce or two low can actually damage the system.

Find out how much an AC recharge will cost in your area. Compare pricing and book online in minutes with Openbay.

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Putting Freon In The Refrigerant Lines

To start adding the Freon into the refrigerant lines, open the low side valve only . Now youre actively pouring Freon into the refrigerant lines.

Its kind of like adding pressure to a car type, right?

The one thing you need to know is when the window AC refrigerant lines are recharged . There might be some variation between different types of refrigerant lines, producers, and Freon type but most commonly you are recommended to stop the Freon input when the pressure on the gauge reaches 70 psi.

When you reach 70 psi, the window AC units have been fully recharged. Job well done!

Remove everything: The gauges, Freon, and remove all the tubing.

The last step is to make you close the new valve youve installed. When you remove the blue tube, just keep in mind to close that valve, and you have successfully put the Freon in the window AC unit.

Everything Youll Need To Recharge Your Ac

Take a quick trip to the local auto parts store, and youll be ready to go.

Parts List

  • Can of refrigerant
  • Hose connector, if not included with refrigerant.

Or if you don’t want to bother with a bunch of parts, and like to have everything that you need nicely organized in one place, then you can use an AC Recharge Kit .

Organizing your tools and gear so that everything that you need to recharge your AC is easily reachable, will save precious minutes waiting for your handy-dandy child or four-legged helper to bring you the sandpaper or blowtorch.

Youll also need a flat workspace in order to recharge your AC properly, such as a garage floor, driveway, or street parking. Check your local laws to make sure youre not violating any codes when using the street because we arent getting your ride out of the clink.

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Detecting Low Freon Levels In Cars Ac

Thecars AC system wont be able to maintain temperatures as low as it normallywould if the levels of freon are low.

There are a number of indicators that the freon levels are lower than they should be, and if you detect any of them it is a sign that you need to add freon to the ACs system. Lets take a look at some of the most common signs of low freon levels.

How Do I Know If My Car Ac Needs Recharging

How to Add Refrigerant to a Cars AC System and Find Leaks – For Beginners

In order to know when your car AC needs to be recharge, these are three most significant signs:

Air Conditioner Clutch wont Engage

Usually when the air conditioner reaches its maximum capacity, the clutch engaging starts to click and drivers can hear it very well. The reason for this is that the clutch engages with the AC pressure switchs signal in order to read the level of system pressure. For this purpose, when AC reaches low level, the pressure switch cannot activate, leading to no clutch engaging. This problem stops the system from circulating.

Cooling capability Decreases

One of the most famous symptoms that tells you the automobiles needs recharging is that the overall cooling capability dramatically drops. Why is this a clear signal? Since the system of air conditioning works by circulating a pressurized refrigerant, if the air is not blowing cold air at all, you need to charge your AC fast.

Signs of Refrigerant Leaks

Last but not least, there will be signs of refrigerant leakage. There will be greasy film on many AC fittings or components underneath the automobiles. If there is any, this might be a sign that you need to recharge your AC.

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How The Ac System Works

Your cars air conditioning system is filled with a highly specialized gas called refrigerant. There are several different types of refrigerant in use. This gas is compressed, cooled off in the cars condenser . Its then allowed to expand inside the evaporator inside the dash. As the refrigerant expands, it soaks up heat from the car interior. The cool gas is then piped back under the hood to the compressor, and so on.

Disconnecting The Charge Kit

Once the maximum coldness has been achieved and with the engine and system still running release the connector collar to remove the kit. If you shut down the engine and allow the system to neutralize the pressure will rise making it more difficult to disconnect the kit connector.

Pull upward on the valve retainer ring on the valve. Doing this will release the connector and the service port will close automatically.

Once the kit has been removed reinstall the dust cap to the port do not over tighten the plastic cap.

Turn the ignition switch to the off position to shut down the engine the a/c system will shut down as well. Enjoy the cold air!

If an air conditioner repair of any kind is performs it is recommended not to simply add Freon because it will trap moisture and ambient air inside the system which can cause damage. You shouldvacuum down and recharge the system which removes this moisture and helps the system perform optimally.

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How To Get A Compressor To Engage

Reading the pressure of the AC system isnt possible if the compressor isnt engaged. In case the middle part of the pulley that is attached to the compressor isnt moving when you start the engine, you should try adding half of the refrigerant can.

If the issue persists after you added fresh refrigerant to the system, you must take your car to the mechanic.

When Should One Recharge The Cars Ac

How To Add Freon To Any Car

Are you noticing that your cars AC is not as cool as it used to be? Or are you wondering why it is not working normally? Then it may be an indication that it is time for you to add more freon to your cars AC.

You can check the level of freon in your AC and see if it is below the normal level. However, this going down in the freon level is not a very normal occurrence. So you may not need to recharge the freon level in your cars AC in years after recharging it once.

The most common reason that results in the reduced freon level in your cars AC system are clogged filters, leakage or even damaged components. These may even cause full damage to the cars AC system and not just a reduction in the freon level in your cars AC. In some cases, the old refrigerant needs to be vacuumed out of the system before you start refilling it with a new refrigerant.

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Preparing The Recharge Kit

As you unpack your kit, you’ll find a can of refrigerant, a flexible rubber hose, and a pressure gauge. Follow the instructions in the package to assemble the pressure gauge part of the kit. Usually, the hose is already attached to the gauge. Before you screw the gauge into the can of refrigerant, be sure to turn the gauge counterclockwise until it stops. There is a pin inside the assembly that pierces the can of refrigerant once everything is together tightly. This pin is controlled by turning the gauge clockwise until it pierces the can. But you don’t want to do this until you’re ready, so be sure to back it all the way out before you assemble everything.

Attach The Charging Hose

Attach the charging hose to the low-side service port and ensure that you have a secure connection. If the hose does not attach easily you may be using the wrong port. Attach both connections if using a set of gauges.

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How To Release Freon From Car Air Conditioner Here The Actual Steps

On a sunny day, its frustrating to drive a car with a nonfunctional cooling system. When your car air condition only releases hot air, it could be as a result of stuck freon.

So, to fix this problem, you will need to release it and leave the air conditioner working normally.

Fortunately, this is a simple task to do. Without the need of a professional, you can do the work on your own.

In this article, we will share with you simple steps that will help you release the Freon from your car air conditioner.

Lets get started.

  • Watch the Video, How To Release Freon From Car Air Conditioner?
  • Locate The Low Pressure Side Refrigerant Fill Port

    How to add Freon to your car-recharging your AC system with freon

    1. Pop the hood.2. Locate the refrigerant fill port on the low pressure side of the system. This will have a small plastic lid with an L printed on the top. Unscrew this cap to reveal the port.Where is the fill port? For most vehicles, the low pressure side fill port is located on the left side of the engine bay. It will often be a small section of metal pipe that has two lengths of rubber hose coming off either end. Look to the back of the engine bay called the firewall. Protruding from the firewall should be two pipes or hoses next to one another, one larger than the other. Follow the larger hose to find the low pressure side fill port. The photos depict the location of the fill port on two different late model engines.DANGER! Do not touch anything you are unfamiliar with. Almost everything in the engine bay moves and/or gets hot. The high pressure side hoses get very hot, do not touch them. It is okay to touch the low pressure side hoses, they should be around ambient temperature.

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    Run The Recovery Machine

    When you kick off the recovery machine, it will remove the non-condensable gases and refrigerant vapor from the air conditioning system.

    When the machine runs, it lowers the systems pressure to turn the liquid substances in the machine into vapor. And when this happens, removing the Freon from the air conditioner becomes an easy task.

    So, the main purpose of running a recovery machine is to turn the Freon in liquid form.

    The system should turn off automatically when the system is empty. It restarts again and pulls a vacuum when system pressure increases.

    Freon removal will, therefore, be complete when the system stays under a vacuum condition for about 10 minutes.

    How Does A Cars Air Conditioning System Work

    The air conditioning systems most cars have are consist of outdoor and indoor units that turn a refrigerant into liquid and utilize it to create cool air.

    The compressor that is located in the outdoor unit of the AC system applies pressure to the refrigerant in order to turn it from a gas into a liquid. Once the refrigerant becomes liquid it is moved to the evaporator coil or the cooling compartment where its temperature is reduced.

    Afterward, the refrigerant returns to its original gaseous state and it is dispersed by a fan that is a part of the systems indoor unit.

    Consequently, the entire system cannot function properly if there is too much or too little refrigerant in it, which is why you must check its cooling capabilities on a regular basis.

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    Your A/c Is Blowing Warm Air

    One of the most obvious symptoms of low Freon levels is if your air conditioner is blowing warm or room temperature air. As we discussed, the air conditioning system in your vehicle operates by circulating this pressurized refrigerant. When the amount drops too low, it eventually affects performance.

    Lukewarm Air Blowing From The Vents

    How to add Freon to your car

    TheAC systems reduced cooling capability is probably one of the symptoms of lowfreon levels that are the easiest to notice.

    Yourcars AC system should blow cool air and not room temperature air when you setit to blow cool air. This indicates that the system either ran out of freonentirely or that freon levels are very low.

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    Diy A/c Charging Does Not Patch Most Leaks

    If your car’s A/C system was working well one day, then stopped blowing cold the next day, your A/C system may have sprung a leak. That means you’ll need to have a technician locate the leak and patch it before the system can be refilled with refrigerant. While there are some compounds in these products that are designed to fill small leaks, bigger leaks will still remain. At Carr Subaru, our technicians have special tools that can help us find leaks on your car, so we can patch them properly. If you use a DIY A/C recharge can on your car with a leak, all that gas will come right back out of the system — and you’ll have wasted your money. It’s one more reason we think it’s smart to trust the pros whenever it’s time to recharge your car’s A/C system.

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