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How To Adjust Car Mirrors For Maximum Visibility

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How To Adjust Side Mirrors

How to Adjust Your Car Mirrors for Maximum Visibility

Next, youll want to adjust your side view mirrors.

In most modern vehicles, the adjustment for your side mirrors will be found to the left of your steering wheel or on the drivers side door.

To adjust your side mirrors:

  • Flip the control to L or R to adjust either the left or right mirror.
  • Use the joystick or control pad to make small adjustments to the mirrors position.

When adjusting the side view mirrors, you should sit as you would when you are driving.

A properly adjusted side view mirror should allow you to see the road behind and to the side of your vehicle along with a small portion of the side of your car.

The bottom inside corner of each side mirror will likely contain the bottom trim of your windows and just above the door handle.

This positioning should allow you to see enough of the road behind you as well as any vehicles approaching from adjacent lanes.

Aside from your blind spots on either side of you, your side view and rear view mirrors should now give you a full view of the road behind and around your car.

Once all of your mirrors have been adjusted, sit in the drivers seat as if you were driving to double check that they are set properly.

Keep reading to learn about how to best use your mirrors as you drive.

Altering The Mirrors During A Driving Test

Adjusting the mirrors correctly before driving is important for safety and before the driving test. If at any point during a driving test you decide you are not happy with how your mirrors are set, ensure you pull over in a safe and legal position and secure the car before altering them.

It is acceptable to adjust the mirrors before a manoeuvre on a driving test if it is to make the manoeuvre safer by providing better observation. Although this is acceptable, it is perhaps not advised due to a learner forgetting to re-set the mirrors when the manoeuvre has been completed. Instead, if you are struggling to see the kerb or pavement on manoeuvres, purchase a set of additional mirrors that attach to your existing wing mirrors.

Driving tutorials related to setting up the car mirrors

Adjust Drivers Seat Position

The first thing you have to do is sit in the drivers seat and make sure the seat position allows you to control the steering wheel comfortably. Make sure you have access to the brakes, shift gears, and accelerators.

Now is the time to pay attention to the rearview mirror located at the front. Adjust it slowly and make sure the position is upright so you dont have to move your head to look at the back. By adjusting the position of the rearview mirror, you no longer need to spend energy turning your body to see the rear side.

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Tips To Adjust Your Car Mirrors Correctly

Dont assume that modern car door mirrors adjust themselves or you could be putting your life and others at risk. You need to adjust all three of your rearview mirrors so that you get the widest view possible while keeping your blind spots to a minimum. This is particularly important on multi-lane highways where you may have to keep tabs on lanes on both sides.

Many drivers do not turn their outside mirrors out far enough and simply duplicate the same scene in all three mirrors. Rule of thumb: If you can see even a glimpse of the sides of your car in your outside mirrors they are turned too far inwards.

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Adjust Your Car Mirrors for Maximum Visibility and Safety ...

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Replacing A Cars Side Mirrors In Virginia

If your cars side mirrors have been damaged in an accident, or simply need an update, take your car to Smileys Glass in Richmond, Virginia, or call us with any questions at 804-320-7172. Smileys has served the community since 1963 and remains a family-owned business. Utilizing the latest glass technology and hiring only the most experienced technicians, Smileys can help you fix your cars glass no matter what the problem is. Smileys Glass upholds the strictest standards when it comes to materials, installation, and service, adhering to the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards and earning an A+ from the Better Business Bureau.

How To Find The Correct Angle Of The Mirrors

  • Too far in: If the cars wing mirror is too far in, then you can see too much of the car and not the side lane. Therefore, the angle of the mirror can be out further so that you can see the lane beside you.
  • Too far out: Unlike the above case, the wing mirror of your car is too far out that you cant see which car is approaching you from the side. This position eliminates the reference point where you can see the exact position of the vehicle coming from the side.
  • Just right: At this position, you can clearly see the lane beside you. This position makes sure you can see a little of the rear corner of the car. By making the side disappear just at the right point, we will be able to reduce the blind spot.

This concludes our guide on how to adjust wing mirrors correctly. You can get maximum visibility by following these instructions. With these settings and instructions, you should have no blind spots. Always adjust the car mirrors before driving. You never know if theyve been moved or if youve been sitting in a different position since the last time you drove. Remember that even perfectly positioned mirrors can sometimes not eliminate all blind spots.

In case your rear or wing mirror is damaged or broken, make sure you replace it with the new one to get a clearer view while driving. You can find a range of car parts for sale in the UAE on dubizzle at market competitive rates.

If you find this guide useful, stay tuned to the UAEs leading auto blog for more information.

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Adjust The Drivers Side Mirror

Car drivers benefit from the presence of the side mirror because it is very helpful in seeing the condition of other vehicles on the back. If the car does not use a side mirror, of course, this is very dangerous to safety.

After you sit in the drivers seat, its a good idea to make sure the side mirrors are properly positioned and make sure you can see the road at the back so that the sides of the car can be seen too.

How To Adjust Car Mirrors For Your Height

Adjust Your Car Mirrors for Maximum Visibility and Safety / how to adjust car mirrors

Valerie Johnston

Your car has three mirrors that provide views behind and to either side of you. While theyre not the most technologically advanced accessories on your vehicle, theyre critically important. If theyre not adjusted properly, your view will be obstructed and your safety will be compromised. How can you adjust car mirrors, though? Whether you need to adjust a car side mirror or the rearview, its actually pretty simple.

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How To Adjust Car Mirrors For Parking

Parking is really a tough thing to do without perfectly adjusting the mirrors. Dont worry, mirror adjusting is a simple process. So, lets get right to it.

  • First, we start off by letting you know the adjusting process of outside mirrors or wing mirrors.
  • When you are adjusting the mirror, firstly, you need to make sure of the perfect sitting position.
  • Then, look at the mirror, you will see one-quarter of the mirror allows you to see the rear quarter-panel of your car. Another portion will allow you to see the car and the lane beside yours.
  • Now, move to the passenger side vehicle, you need to adjust the mirror so that you can see a little bit of your car, especially the one-third of your car. The other portion lets you see the lane beside you behind your car.
  • Lets move on to the rearview mirror. You need to adjust the rearview mirror in a way so that you can see the full window on the mirror. If you cant then, try to show as much of the rear windshield as possible. Therefore, you can see the car behind you through the rear windshield

Proper Adjustment And Usage Of Your Vehicles Side And Rearview Mirrors Will Prevent Dangerous Blind Spots And Keep Your Vehicle Out Of The Path Of Approaching Traffic

Ladies, remember that your rearview mirror really isnt for make-up application, especially while operating the car!

The person in your blind spot would appreciate you seeing this.

Even with the rash of new sensors and driver assistance technologies in cars lately, a piece of glass the size of your hand remains the best technology for knowing whats alongside your car and not merging into it. Heres the admittedly non-intuitive way to adjust your side view mirrors to do that job.

Adjust your seat.

Lean left. Put your head almost against the left door glass. I know it seems weird, just do it. Now set that side mirror so you just see a sliver of that side of your car.

Lean right. Put your head about where the center console is adjust the right hand mirror to just see a sliver of that side of the car. .

Check it out. It may seem odd at first, but get on the road and notice how wide the view is across all your mirrors. Youre probably seeing much more of whats behind you, yet with enough overlap between the mirrors that you wont miss anything in a gap. The way you used to adjust your mirrors probably had a lot more redundancy and blind spot between them.

Experts say if you want to be effective in driving, you have to watch your back more than your front. Hence, when you learn to drive a car, your instructor tells you to adjust the mirrors before doing anything else.

So lets begin with the process.

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In What Position Should You Be To Adjust The Rearview Mirror

The position of rearview mirrors depends on the driver height and seating position. To correctly adjust the rearview mirror, you must be seated on the driver seat in a regular position.

Nowadays, modern cars are equipped with radars and sensors to offer various safety features to mitigate drivers mistakes. Features like blind-spot mirrors, lane departure warning, parking assist, backup and 360-degree cameras help the driver with navigation even if the car mirrors are not properly monitored or adjusted.

If you want to test how modern safety features and driver assistance packages help with navigation, check out some used cars for sale in the UAE.

Hyundai Kona: Outside Rearview Mirror / Adjusting The Rearview Mirrors

Adjust Your Car Mirrors for Maximum Visibility and Safety ...

1. Press either the L or R button to select the rearview mirror you would like to adjust.

2. Use the mirror adjustment control to position the selected mirror up, down, left or right.

3. After adjustment, put the button into neutral position to prevent inadvertent adjustment.


  • The mirrors stop moving when they reach the maximum adjusting angles, but the motor continues to operate while the switch is pressed. Do not press the switch longer than necessary, the motor may be damaged.
  • Do not attempt to adjust the outside rearview mirror by hand otherwise the motor may be damaged.

Folding the outside rearview mirror

Manual type

To fold the outside rearview mirror, grasp the housing of the mirror and then fold it toward the rear of the vehicle.

Electric type

Left : The mirror will unfold.

Right : The mirror will fold.

Center : The mirror will fold or unfold automatically as follows:

  • Without smart key system – The mirror will fold or unfold when the door is locked or unlocked by the remote key and Welcome mirror in the User Setting Mode on the LCD display is activated.
  • With smart key system – The mirror will fold or unfold when the door is locked or unlocked by the smart key and Welcome mirror in the User Setting Mode on the LCD display is activated. – The mirror will fold or unfold when the door is locked or unlocked by the button on the outside door handle and Welcome mirror in the User Setting Mode on the LCD display is activated.



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What Is Enhanced Mirror Setting

Enhanced Mirror Settingsmirrors

. Likewise, what is traditional mirror settings?

The BGE setting requires turning the field of view of each outside mirror outward by about 15 degrees from the blindzone setting. For the driver’s side mirror, this can be done by placing your head against the side window as shown in Graphic C and then setting the mirror to just see the side of the car.

Also Know, how do you adjust car mirrors for maximum visibility? Lean to the left and rest your head on the window. Adjust the driver’s side view mirror so only a sliver of your car’s side is visible from this position. Lean to the right toward the center console and set the passenger’s side view mirror so you can barely see the side of your car from this position.

In this manner, how should your mirrors be adjusted?

To adjust the driver’s side-view mirror, place your head against the left side window and set the mirror so you can just barely see the side of the car in the mirror’s right side. To adjust the passenger’s side-view mirror, position your head so that it is just above the center console.

What are the disadvantages of enhanced mirror setting?

The disadvantages is that you may get a glare from headlights that may impede your ability to see what’s behind you.

How To Adjust Car Mirrors

This article was co-authored by Simon Miyerov. Simon Miyerov is the President and Driving Instructor for Drive Rite Academy, a driving academy based out of New York City. Simon has over 8 years of driving instruction experience. His mission is to ensure the safety of everyday drivers and continue to make New York a safer and efficient driving environment. This article has been viewed 38,496 times.

Using your car mirrors is a necessary skill to have when driving. Knowing how to adjust these mirrors and where to correctly position them is really important to ensure they are effective. There are two types of mirrors that you primarily use when driving: the wing mirrors and the rear-view mirror. The wing mirrors are on either side of the car just outside the front windows. The rear-view mirror is located next to the driver, attached to the windshield at about eye level. You have to know how to adjust all of these to drive safely.

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The Dangers Of Improper Seat And Mirror Positioning

Despite the fact that modern cars are equipped with more safety features than previous models, there are still an alarming number of car accidents every year. According to the National Safety Council, vehicle deaths in the United States topped 40,000 in the year 2017. This number is down slightly from 2016, but is still higher than 2015. The reasons for these fatalities include distracted drivers, speeding, and people simply not bothering to wear their seatbelts. You probably know someone who has been in some type of car crash if you havent been a victim of one yourself.

This makes it even more important to properly adjust your car seat and mirrors. These adjustments both improve your ability to see the road and keep you aware of your surroundings. Good visibility is paramount to safety on the roadways, so its important that you become oriented with the seating and mirrors in your car.

How To Move The Passengers Side Mirror

How to Properly Set Your Side Mirrors

If your vehicle has manual adjustable side mirrors, you might require some assistance for the passengers side mirror. Sit up straight again and lean to the right until your head is above the center console. Then adjust the mirror until you can barely see the right side of your vehicle.

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How To Adjust Your Wing Mirrors For Best Visibility

Many people drive around with their wing mirrors set incorrectly. The function of wing mirrors is to minimise your blind spots, allowing you to see other road users approaching from behind you. However, they dont completely eliminate your blind spot you still need to look over your shoulder when pulling out of a parking space or changing lanes.

How To Adjust Electric Wing Mirror

In case you have electric wing mirrors, adjust it with the help of a four-way power button and a mirror switcher. The button will be placed next to the steering wheel. Thus, you can easily adjust both side mirrors without moving from the driving seat. If you dont find the power button near the steering wheel, then check the manuals guide.

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