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How To Buy A Car Out Of State

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Traps To Watch Out For

6 Steps To Buying A Car Out Of State

Be wary of out-of-town used-car classified listings that involve a third-party agent using a funds-transfer service. Theres a good chance the vehicle will never be delivered and youll never hear from the seller again.

Another growing problem is vehicle cloning. Here, thieves obtain a legitimate vehicle identification number from a car matching the year, make, model, and color of a stolen vehicle and swap or duplicate the identifying digits. Be sure to check a VIN and decode its information.

Finally, watch out for title washing. This is where con artists illegally remove salvage or flood designations from vehicle documents to make wrecks look like problem-free models, at least on paper.

To avoid issues like the ones mentioned above, you should consider obtaining a Carfax Vehicle History Report before purchasing a vehicle. A Carfax Report can confirm the number of owners and the odometer reading. The Carfax Report may also indicate if the car has ever been in a crash, flooded, or salvaged.

Working Out Taxes And Fees For Out

The only major payments necessary beyond the purchase of your vehicle include the difference between state sales taxes and any DMV applicable processing fees, so you shouldnt have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars. Buying a car in another state really is about as easy as picking up a new car in Branford.

Consult Your States Department Of Motor Vehicles

Once youve found that special vehicle, your next step should be to contact your states Department of Motor Vehicles , either by visiting or calling a local office or by visiting the departments website. The DMV will be your best resource for answering a host of questions and will provide guidance regarding your states requirements for transporting an out-of-state vehicle home. In some cases, those answers will direct you to contact the DMV of the state from which youre purchasing the vehicle for additional information about legally driving the vehicle home. Keep in mind that the process often varies by state, so figuring this out may take a bit of time, but it all starts by reaching out to your local DMV.

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Prepare For Your Trip Home

As with any road trip, youll want to work off a checklist to ensure youve crossed all your ts and dotted the is. Perhaps most importantly, make sure all your documentation is in order, including the transit plate or sticker with valid operating dates, proper proof of insurance, signed purchase paperwork consisting of a title and/or bill of sale, and your valid drivers license.

If youve made it this far, well assume you’ve conducted a test drive, checked the car yourself, and had it inspected by an independent local mechanic prior to finalizing the purchase. Even so, give the car a final once-over, as you would with any vehicle before striking out on a long trip. Focus on the condition of the fluids, lights, tires, belts, hoses, and battery. Note how much gas the previous owner left in the tank. Any check engine lights, leaks, or other problems should be addressed before heading home.

If you’re buying an especially used vehicle or one with a higher odometer reading, consider getting some sort of roadside assistance coverage as a safety net in the event of a breakdown or if you run out of fuel.

You may also find it beneficial to map out a route home ahead of time. If your new car doesnt have a functional navigation system, you can download a GPS app on your phone. Also, an old-school road atlasif you can find oneis very handy in rural areas without strong cell service or with outdated GPS information.

Get Your Title And Registration

How to Buy a Car Out of State

Getting your title and registration in order is an easy process if you’re buying your car from an out-of-state dealership. They will usually help you with all of the necessary paperwork. However, if you are buying your car from a private seller, you will have to handle the paperwork on your own. The seller should provide a signed title and bill of sale. This will give you proof of ownership for your drive home, as well as your trip to the DMV to get proper license and registration. You will need to go to the DMV within a certain amount of time — usually anywhere between 30 to 60 days — to acquire these essential documents. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the regulations in your specific state.

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Why Shop Out Of State

Why would you purchase a car from out of state? It depends on whether youre buying new or used. For the latter, if theres a specific vehicle you want to buy or a classic, your chances of finding what you really want will probably lead you across state lines. But how about a new car? Its more complicated.

Reasons for shopping out-of-state include looking for vehicles that have specific equipment you want but may not be available in your area. If you live in the Northeast, you may find a lot of vehicles with all-wheel drive, but if you want a front- or rear-drive vehicle that may get better fuel economy or handle differently, you may have to shop in the Sun Belt. If you live in sunny California, you might find a better deal on the convertible somewhere in the Midwest. Sometimes dealers will trade for a specific vehicle, sometimes not. And they may not offer as good a deal as going directly to the store that has the vehicle.

These are all reasons why you might shop out of state. But care should be taken to determine if the extra costs involved in making that purchase will still put you ahead of buying locally.

If I Buy A Car In Another State Can I Have It Shipped To Me

Yes, absolutely. This is a very common practice and could financially make a lot of sense for you. The dealership where you purchase the vehicle may recommend a particular shipping company and you should see what their quote is. You should also shop the quote and get bids from other providers as well.

Shipping options will range from open air freight to closed container shipping.

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Sandy Sansing Is Your Trusted Interstate Car Dealer

Whether youre located in Florida, Alabama, or beyond, its easy to expand your options and find an even better deal when youre willing to cross state lines! Now that youve seen how to buy a car in another state, wed guess that youre ready to start searching! If so, check out our full new vehicle inventory or learn a little bit about used Ford models near Pensacola, today.

Have you already found the vehicle that youd like to purchase? Since Sandy Sansing has plenty of experience with interstate purchases, our finance team is well-equipped to see you through the process from start to finish. Looking to learn more about secured auto loans? Contact us today to get the help you need.

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Check In With Both Dmvs

How to Buy a Car Out of State – New Car Update – Vlog

Be sure to check in with your home states DMV before committing to an out-of-state automobile purchase to better understand your local tax burden after purchasing. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, its best to do your homework and contact the other states DMV so youll know how youll be required to pay taxes, title fees, etc., after buying a new car out of state.

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Taxes And Fees On Out

The most difficult part about buying a car out of state is taking into account your local sales tax and any applicable processing fees at your DMV. However, these are the only extra payments youll need to make beyond the purchase price of your new car, truck, van, or SUV.

If youre wondering if you can buy a car from out of state, you wont have to worry as much as many think. And if you have any questions, our finance team is here to help.

Can You Buy A Car In Another State

Before you find out how to buy a car out of state, theres a more critical question that demands attention. Can you buy a car in another state? The short answer is yes, its certainly possible in many cases. But, unfortunately, its not as simple and straightforward as buying locally.

This is because state laws could differ significantly when it comes to several important aspects such as registration, emissions, and sales tax. And a car sold in another state might not always fit into your local regulatory requirements. There could be extra paperwork and additional taxes as well, making the process somewhat complex and time-consuming.

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Negotiate The Otd Price

As with any car deal, the first step is to negotiate the OTD price with the salesperson or sales manager. When buying a vehicle in another state youll likely be unfamiliar with their taxes and fees. It is incredibly important that you tell the dealership what your zip code is so that they can calculate your taxes and fees based on your location. Well touch on this more below, but taxes are paid where you register your vehicle, not where you purchase it. If the dealership doesnt know your zip code, they wont be able to provide you with an accurate out the door price quote.

We strongly recommend that you reference the YAA OTD Price Calculator to verify that the dealerships OTD price matches up with the correct tax, title, and registration rates in your state.

Other Considerations For Buying A Car Across State Lines

Buying a Car Out

Emissions Test Result

When transferring cars between states, remember that legal differences between states extend beyond taxes. Some states require a smog test before registering a road vehicle to ensure it meets emissions requirements. Some vehicles come with a handy label noting that the car was manufactured to meet the emissions testing standards of all 50 states in the U.S.

The California Air Resources Board is notably stringent in this respect. Similarly, safety standards between states often clash. If you buy a car in another state, there’s no guarantee you can register it in your home state, even if you’ve already paid for the vehicle and all associated taxes.

Safety Inspection

Many states require your used car purchase to pass a safety inspection before you can receive the registration and titling. However, when buying a used car, it is always a recommendation to have a mechanic thoroughly inspect the car before signing the contract. There could be unforeseen issues.

Vehicle Insurance

Unless you plan to transport the car across the state border, you will need to have your auto insurance ready so your new vehicle is covered. Insurance cover is also necessary for registration and titling upon return to your home state. If you are financing your car

What About Special Circumstances?

However, seven states do not offer tax credits in this circumstance, namely:

  • California
  • Montana

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Buying A Car Out Of State And Having It Shipped

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You may be considering buying a car outside of where you live. Long distance car buying is very popular and there are plenty of benefits that come with buying a car out of state. It can be a new car you want shipped, or a used one. In many cases it’s a vehicle that you have been waiting for that has the right options, low mileage, and the right price.

Financing A Car Out Of State

Can you finance a car from another state?

Certainly, but the process is a bit more complicated than buying from your home state. You have to put up with the intricacies regarding state-to-state commerce, which can be an inconvenience.

The biggest culprit for the complication is sales tax. Various states charge different car sales taxes. Given that you will almost always be charged sales tax in the state you live in, you may have to pay attention to the tax figure when sourcing for financing.

Otherwise, by overlooking the taxation issue, you may end up incurring unexpected out-of-pocket expenses as you register the vehicle in your home state.

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Arrange For The Transportation

You can either drive the car back yourself, which may require that you fly or otherwise arrange for transport to the location, or you can pay for it to be driven to you by a professional.

I tell people that if you are the adventurous type, go pick up the car and drive it back I have great stories from driving back that way, says Linden. If you dont want that stress, though, just have it transported.

Many companies exist to both broker transportation agreements and to transport cars themselves. If you choose to have your car transported, those companies may or may not carry insurance, so verify that they are insured before automatically choosing the lowest price. Youll also want to decide, based on the value of the car, whether to transport it enclosed or in the open enclosed will protect your car more, but may also cost more.

How Do I Handle The Paperwork For Buying A Car Out Of State

Buying A Car In State Vs Out Of State!(Explained)

If you are getting the car from a dealership, the salesperson or finance manager should tell you what to do and whats going on as you slog through the paperwork. But if you are getting the car in a private sale, you might need to be more knowledgeable.

Who needs to sign what?The buyer and the seller both need to both sign most, if not all, paperwork.

Who is the buyer?As youre filling out the paperwork for buying a car out of state, the buyer is the person who is either paying for the vehicle or wants to be registered as the vehicle owner. Usually this is straightforward, but it can get confusing sometimes. For example, if a father is buying a car for his daughter, paying for it himself, but wants his daughter to be registered as an owner of the car as well, both father and daughter would sign the paperwork as buyers.

Who is the seller?The seller is the person listed as the owner on the title of the vehicle for sale. A daughter wouldnt be able to legally sell her fathers car if she is not listed on the title. You cant sell something that doesnt belong to you. Ask to see the sellers drivers license to make sure it matches the name that is on the title.

There are exceptions to this in cases where the owner has died or the other person has power of attorney, but we recommend consulting a lawyer or finding another car in these cases.

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Everything You Need To Know About Sales Tax

Youll typically have to pay sales tax on a new car in the state in which you ultimately register your vehicle.

If you live near states that dont charge sales tax on carsAlaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregonyou might think youll be clever and buy your car there, avoiding sales tax altogether.

You will, however, be disappointed to find out that you can only take advantage of those benefits if you register the car in a state that doesnt charge sales tax.

Registering A Car Bought In Another State

Many drivers wonder if they can buy a car out of state aware of something about taxes but not much beyond that and the truth is that its pretty easy to buy a car in a different state. Heres what youll need to do to register your vehicle in Missouri if you buy from us:

  • Ask for a bill of sale with the purchase price you paid listed clearly at your selected dealership. Its in your best interest to have full details on any trade-ins as well.
  • Visit your local DMV with your bill of sale, a photo ID, proof of residency, and proof of insurance.
  • Let your DMV clerk know that you purchased the car out of state with the intent of titling and registering it at your address.
  • Your clerk will likely return your bill of sale, but will keep your Illinois title and ask you to pay the appropriate difference in sales tax between the two states .
  • Keep your eye on your mailbox for your new title.
  • Want to learn more? The Missouri Department of Revenue has greater details.
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    What To Know Before Buying A Car Out Of State

    While buying a car out of state can be beneficial, it also introduces a number of other factors to be aware of.

    Test drive the car: Generally speaking, you should be able to visit and test drive the car you want to purchase. Never purchase a vehicle sight-unseen. You need to ensure that the car is as-advertised and is in working order. It can be a lot easier to get scammed if you’re purchasing a car out of state without seeing it first. Take the vehicle to a mechanic who can verify that it doesn’t have any major problems. You may get a great deal on the car, but you don’t want to end up paying more for major repairs down the road.

    Remember the trip home: If you end up purchasing the vehicle, you also want to consider the drive home. Many dealerships will give you a temporary registration sticker to use for your drive home. If you’re buying from a private seller, you may get pulled over on your way home for not having a license plate if you purchased in a state that does not allow transfer of plates. At a minimum, make sure you have the title of the vehicle and proof of insurance. This will help you prove that the car belongs to you if you get pulled over. Call your insurance company before making the sale to ensure that you are covered in this scenario.

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