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How To Charge A Car Battery Without A Charger

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What To Do If A Car Battery Wont Hold A Charge

How to charge the car battery without a charger

If your battery isnt holding a charge, you will need to get a replacement. Before having it towed to your local automotive shop, try a new battery. If you face the same problems after replacing the battery, it could be possible that isnt your problem at all. In fact, many people replace the car battery only to find out that the alternator was defective, leaving the battery with no way to charge.

Battery Charger For Power Wheel Reviews

1. Power wheel charger 12 volt, 00801-1778

This power wheel battery charger works great and is one of the top choices out there for those who have gifted their kids power cars that use a 12-volt battery, for example, a 12 volt Harley Davidson power wheel.

Its quite simple to use and you just need to hook it up to the power wheel battery connector and wait the allotted time .

The other great thing about this 12v power wheel charger is that the charge stays quite a while once charged completely .


  • This power wheel 12v battery charger works for countless brands.
  • Way affordable compared to most rivals.
  • A breeze to use.


  • They should have included a light in this power wheel 12 volt battery charger to alert you when it attains full charge.

2. SafeAMP charger for 12 volt battery power wheel

This is the charger to get your toddler and preschool boy/girl back to the wheels of their Fisher-Price power wheels ride-on cars, trucks, and ATVs if the vehicle uses a gray/orange top battery.

What Should I Do If The Battery Does Not Charge

If your battery does not charge, it is possible that it has become corroded or damaged. Confirm this and then proceed to clean it up.

If it is not possible for you to do this on your own, you can take your car to a professional. You might even need to replace the battery if the damage cannot be repaired or reversed.

In case your battery is beyond its shelf life, it will automatically stop charging since it may have run out of charging cycles. You should buy a new battery in this case.

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Check The Output Power

Ideally, you want to slow charge car battery components if youre without a charger. The trickle effect ensures that the battery doesnt overcharge, fume or outright explode. Because of these volatile conditions, Battery University suggests always monitoring a charging session.

Check your output power on the power source by using your wire probes. Verify the voltage and current. While you have the probes out, check the voltage on the questionable car battery. Youll have an idea of how long the charging session will take with these values in mind.

How To Charge A Car Battery With Charger

How to charge the car battery without a charger

As you now know that charging the dead car battery without a charger requires the help of another working vehicle. So, it is wise to have a car battery charger in the trunk. Heres how can you charge a car battery with a charger-

1. Open the Hood

Open the car hood and locate the battery of it. Clean the battery terminals to get a strong connection. If you dont know which terminal is positive and which one is negative, clean the surroundings of the terminal with a cloth to watch out for a + or a – sign. + is the sign of the positive terminal.

If the terminals are rusty, use sandpaper to mildly sand the rust off the terminal to get a proper connection.

2. Connect the Cable

Now, take the car battery charger and figure out the positive and negative clamps. The red clamp will go with the positive terminal and the black one with the negative terminal.

After connecting the clamps, make sure to double-check for any loose connection.

3. Turn the Charger On

After properly following the above steps, turn the charger on to pass current through the cable. Allow the dead battery to get current for 5 to 15 minutes before you try to start the engine.

If the engine starts, disconnect the charger and drive the car for charging the battery. When you drive, the alternator charges the battery.

Unorthodox Method of Charging Car Battery without A Charger

Caution! Attempt at your own risk! SacredCar.Com wont be responsible for any harm or damage.

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Flashing Check Engine Light

We all deal with it. It is easy to ignore the flashing of a check engine light, but doing so might prove detrimental to both yourself and your car. If you have any suspicion that your car battery might be functioning unusually, the check engine light could be the confirmation you need to check out the battery.

It might not seem like a problem to you if you do not physically witness a defective aspect of your car, but checking just in case never hurts.

In this case, driving around to recharge your battery may or may not be an effective method. If it is not, and your check engine light remains on, you should look into taking your car to a shop to get it checked out.

If you know the light is on because of the battery and you do not want to have to deal with going to a mechanic, you can always purchase and install a new battery, which should fix the problem.

How To Charge Car Battery Without Charger

by Motown Towing | Sep 18, 2021 | Roadside Assistance, Towing

Is it possible to charge a car battery without a charger? Sure you can you can use another car to jump it off or use a home inverter. But what if you dont have the tools to charge your car battery? If you have a dead battery and need assistance, call Motown Towing at for roadside assistance in Detroit. In this article, we will teach you exactly how to charge a car battery without a charger.

The best way to charge a car battery is by using a charger, but there are other methods. Here are the things you will need to charge your car battery without a charger.

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How To Hook Up A Battery Charger

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An automobiles battery provides the electricity necessary to start the car and to run its electrical equipment. Although an automobile battery is normally charged by the cars alternator while the car is running, there are times when the battery dies for various reasons and needs to be connected to a charger. When jumpstarting a car you essentially give the dead battery just enough boost to start the engine and then rely on the alternator to charge the battery the rest of the way. When using a battery charger, you allow the battery to charge all the way before it will be used again.

What To Look For In A 10 Amp Battery Charger

How To Charge Your Car Battery At Home With Laptop Charger

When choosing a 10 amp battery charger, in addition to looking out for a well-regarded charger based on genuine user feedback, consider selecting one with the following additional features.

Ability to charge dead batteries or batteries with low voltages batteries whose voltage is as low as 1 volt or less.

This is particularly useful when you have a dead battery. Some chargers are not able to charge batteries with a voltage that low.

Look out for a charger that is able to charge various battery types such as AGM, Gel, Lithium, or Flooded batteries, or at least the types you have.

You can take comfort in being able to charge the different battery types without buying another charger.

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If Your Car Battery Is Above 12 Volts Go For A Drive

In general, if the battery is showing between 12 and 12.4 volts, its safe to recharge it using your vehicles alternator. That means driving around using as little electricity as possiblestereo system off, lights off , and all heating and cooling functions offto make sure that the alternator is sending as much energy into the battery as possible. Youll also want to keep your vehicle above idle as much as possible, as higher revolutions will pour more power into the charging circuit. Aim for at least a 30-minute drive to get the battery back to a safe level for your next start.

Follow The Instructions Below:

Step 1: To model a charger for a real car battery, the first thing you need to do is create something that acts as its positive and negative pole. You can use two new wires and cut the rubber parts at both ends to expose the wire inside. Then form a circular loop with wires that you can use by twisting around the nodes of the power cell.

Step 2: For a temporary negative cable from your charging system, create loops at both ends of the cable. For one that will act as your positive wire, loop one end and leave other end as it is. To avoid confusion, you can label cables or use a color code to indicate their polarity.

Step 3: Using the negative cable, wrap the loop around the plug of the charger.

Pull the wire around the metal part of the assembly, and then seal it tightly with electrical tape.

Step 4: Then take the positive cable, try to make it bulky, and thicken the wires. Then apply some aluminum foil along the entire length of the wire. This will be a component of your charging system, which you plug into the opening of the charger .

NOTE. The structure should be like this: a small metal tube will have a positive cable inside, and then the negative circuit will hug it outside. You must also ensure that your positive cord is firmly compressed inside to avoid sparks.

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Start The Working Vehicle

Now, get into the working car to start it. Carefully ignite the engine and let it run for around 5 to 10 minutes to pass current to the dead battery through the cables.

After 5 to 10 minutes, shut the engine off and get into the dead vehicle to start it. It should start. After starting the engine, let it run for 5 to 10 minutes and in the meantime, disconnect the cables.

After disconnecting the cables, drive the vehicle that had a battery drain out problem for 2 to 3 hours to fully recharge the battery.

Position The Bulb/holiday Lights Between The Power Supply And Battery

How to Charge a Car Battery Without a Charger?

Hook up the lights to the power supply so that when you start the charging process, the lights will come on to confirm that there is a current flowing between the supply and battery. Without the lights, you might wait for hours wondering if its working but with no luck. The bulb/lights have an additional function here, which is to draw the bulk of the current so that you can maintain a safe trickle into your car battery. This helps prevent overcharge damage.

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Can I Trickle Charge A Battery Without Disconnecting It

Yes, you can trickly charge a car or boat battery without disconnecting it from the vehicle. Just be sure to keep checking the battery acid level. It is also a good idea to keep the hood open as you charge it up for ventilation.

I use a Ctek smart charger on my car, motorcycle, and Seadoo jetski. If they are going to sit unused for a few months. I connect up the trickle charger for a few days and then remove it once the battery voltage has stabilized.

If you would like more information we have done a post on the safety of charging a car battery while still connected to your vehicle.

What Does A Car Battery Do

Why is the car battery important and why should you ensure it is always charged? First, the car battery ensures the motor can turn over and start. When you put your key in the ignition, the battery is responsible for delivering the voltage needed to activate the starter.

Additionally, the automotive battery provides voltage to the engine while it is running and powers up your important accessories. Without it, you wouldnt have headlights, a car radio or anything else electronic in the vehicle.

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Can You Overcharge A 12 V Battery Using A 10 Amp Charger

Yes, you can overcharge a 12V battery with a 10 amp charger that constantly charges with a peak current of 10 amps regardless of what state of charge your battery is.

Use a good quality 10 amp smart battery charger and maintainer suited to your battery type that makes adjustments to the actual voltage and current to avoid overcharging and damage to the battery.

A Few Things You Should Know First

Charge your car battery without losing your settings!
  • You can trickle-charge every single battery that was or will be ever made.
  • Trickle-charging uses a low current, which means it is very good for your batterys lifespan.
  • Small bulbs like flashlight bulbs or the ones you hang on your Christmas tree every year will make excellent current regulators.
  • Some batteries will have 3 terminals that are labeled +, , and T. At this point, you probably already knew what + and are. So what does the T on the other terminal mean? Well, T stands for my name Timmy of course!
  • Just kidding! Actually, its called a Thermistor a sort of temperature sensor. Sometimes it is used to regulate charging current, sometimes just for safety. And now with that out of the way, lets get started on things you will need to prepare.

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    Solution : Charge Directly With A Power Supply

    Most lead-based batteries can be effectively charged directly from a power supply provided it features current limiting and adjustable voltage so your boy/girl may also be in luck if you have a functional power supply.

    The first task is determining the charge voltage and then set the required voltage as well as the current limit.

    For instance, to charge a 12-volt power wheels battery, you need to set the power supply at over 12V,2A to charge- the battery chemistry determines the maximum but its mostly around 13.8V,2A .

    A similar scenario plays out for a 6-volt power wheels battery. Go over 6V,2A but limit the charge current if you have to overshoot the standard 6.8V,2A.

    I recommend that you consider adding a resistor to be on the safe side just in case the battery fails to withstand the set current.

    There could be variations needed in your case because power wheels batteries are not built the same but in general, this should help you charge seamlessly.

    Having said that, you wont take your eyes off the batterys temperature, current, and voltage during charging unless you dont mind losing the entire setup.

    How To Tell If The Power Wheels Battery Is Charging

    One way is to use a smart charger, as the charger that comes with the battery cannot test the batterys charge. But be aware that a smart charger wont always provide you with the right results. It can occur when the battery in your childs toy car has been sitting idle for a few months.

    Also, it is a good idea to use a smart charger to verify if the battery has any power or not every 2 or 3 months.

    But the quickest way of telling if a Power Wheels battery is charging is to connect it back up to the toy in which it is used. Then see if the toy will start or not.

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    The Basic Concept And Risks Of The Automatic Battery Charging Process

    Charging a car battery with a real charger is the safest and most effective way to do this. So the best and most popular alternative is to charge the power element with another car.

    Keep in mind that this method is a “solution,” an innovative improvisation that carries risks. This method is not recommended unless the situation requires it, and you have no other options.

    The idea of this alternative method is to use any charger with the same voltage potential as a car charger. Then use some materials that you can usually find at home to create a home-made charger that you can use to charge your car’s battery until it reaches its maximum electric capacity.

    NOTE. If you decide to use this temporary method to charge your car battery, be sure to wear protective equipment and carry it out with extreme care.

    How To Charge Your Car Battery With A Battery Charger

    How to Charge a Car Battery Safely and Efficiently

    Charging your vehicles battery is a much more efficient way of keeping your car running than jump-starting it once the battery has gone flat. Its also much better for your battery in the long term.

    Thankfully, with a battery charger to hand, its not too difficult to do it yourself. Just follow the simple steps below.

    Check your charger

    Always make sure youve read the operating instructions on your specific charger, and make sure that its fit for purpose.

    If your vehicle has Stop/Start Technology, it will be fitted with either an EFB or an AGM battery , so youll need a smart charger to charge these types of battery safely.

    Before you start charging, ensure the battery terminals are clean and free from corrosion. If not, clean the terminals before charging, as this helps to ensure a good connection.

    Get connected

    With that prep work done, you can now connect your charger to the battery. Some manufacturers may advise disconnecting the battery during charging, so always check your owners handbook before you continueand follow their recommendations.

    Ensure the charger is switched off, then you should connect the red positive lead to the positive terminal on your battery. Always connect the black negative lead to the negative terminal on the battery last. Ensure the charger is situated away from the battery and switch the charger on to commence charging.

    And thats it. Your vehicle should be charged and ready to go.

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