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How To Clean Black Plastic Trim On Car

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Cleaning Restoring Black Car Trimrestoring Preventing Preservation

Restore and fix faded plastic trim on your car

Cleaning restoring black car trim is easier than ever due to new products on the market. After all, what is shiny paint if the black trim on your car is faded and old looking? Not only do products exist that allow you to protect black car trim at the same time you wax your car, but if your black trim pieces have become dull and faded, there are amazing products that are guaranteed to restore the black trim on your car to look better than new, and do so with little follow-up maintenance.

Whether you need cleaning and restoring black car trim or you simply want to preserve the black trim on your car, I have something here for any of you.Now there are products that will deliver based on your specific needs!

Vinyl Magic Plastic And Trim Restorer

The final plastic and trim restorer on our list comes from Vinyl Magic. Sold in an eight-ounce bottle, this solution offers advanced protection in rain or shine. It features a powerful and effective formula that fights against fading and cracking and is said to not leave streaky residue after rain or a car wash. Vinyl Magic says its restorer will last up to three months.

In addition to shining and darkening surfaces back to black, Vinyl Magics product repels water, dirt, and salt. Its safe to use on faded plastic, vinyl, rubber, and other car surfaces and works on any vehicle with black or dark grey faded trim.

This product is not a silicone-based solution and is made in the U.S.

  • Pros/Non-silicone based solution, promises to not leave a streaky residue, lasts up to three months
  • Cons/Price, may require several applications
  • Why Do Exterior Car Trimsfade

    Parking your car in the street makes it vulnerable and exposed to different types of risks, as someone can vandalize it with spray paint, scratch it accidentally and transfer some paint in the process or make a dent.

    The exterior parts of allcars deteriorate over time, and fading is a natural part of that process. Trimisnt like car paint that has a protective clear coating that protects it fromthe environmental factors, which is the reason why it fades more quickly thanthe car paint.

    The two most commonfactors that make the trim fade faster are UV radiation and road contaminants.

    If you are parking yourcar outside regularly, the sun exposure will speed up the fading process, andleaving your car indoors can help slow it down, but it wont stop italtogether.

    Whats more, nearly allparts of the exterior car trim are exposed to the salt and road grime duringwinter months. These road contaminants contain corrosive elements that affectthe trim and cause the color to wear out.

    Taking extra care of yourvehicles exterior is the only way to slow down the deterioration of trim, butsooner or later its color is going to fade, regardless of how well you maintainyour car.

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    And We’ll Show You How To Do It Too

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    If your car is often exposed to the sun, there’s a good chance you’ll notice some degradation of your plastic trim over time no matter how well you take care of it. Cleaning and restoring this trim can be annoying, but with a little knowledge and the right tools, you can get it looking like new again. The video above features AMMONYC‘s Larry Kosilla as he goes through the step-by-step process for properly cleaning and restoring your exterior trim, addressing common mistakes and detailing exactly what you’ll need to take the project from start to finish. We’ve listed everything you might need for the project just below. Always remember, each car is different, which means the process may vary slightly from vehicle to vehicle.

    This will be used to thoroughly clean your plastic trim to remove any loose debris before continuing. Lambswool mitts lift dirt away from the surface of your vehicle rather than dragging it across, minimizing scratches that might occur by using a standard sponge or rag. Keep in mind, even though this mitt was made to get soaked, you’ll always want to air dry this product.

    Video Instructions:

    Getting The Right Amount Ofthe Permanent Black Plastic Trim Restorer

    How To: Restore Plastic Trim

    How much permanent blackplastic trim restorer you are going to need depends on the size of the areayoure trying to restore.

    Most permanent blackplastic trim restorers come in 15ml packaging, which should be more enough tocover all parts of a smaller cars exterior trim.

    In case you want torestore trims permanently on several vehicles or if you simply have a vehiclethat has a large trim, getting one or two 30ml trim restorers may be a goodidea.

    Keep in mind that applyingtoo much of the plastic trim restorer to the surfaces youre restoring isntgoing to provide better or longer protection.

    Thats why you should addsmaller amounts of the trim restorer to the applicator pad in order to avoidhaving to remove the residue.

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    Can I Restore Faded Black Plastic

    Faded plastic takes away from the appearance of your vehicle by making it look older than it is. Even though the engine may be running perfectly, the worn look may draw lower offers from potential buyers when it comes time to sell it.

    Faded plastic is especially a concern with a black colour car because the fading is more obvious with the dark color. Trim around bumpers, doors, and door handles will stick out, looking more grey than black.

    In the past, faded plastic was a permanent problem. Once the damage was done, you just had to deal with the results. Now, there is a product on the market that will restore faded plastic to its original color and shine. In about five minutes, AutoSmart Vinyl and Plastic Rejuvenator will revitalize your black plastic trim. In addition, a simple application will prevent further damage and premature aging.

    Solution Finish Trim Restorer

    • Will return black trim to a more original state of “black” versus a high gloss effect created by the Black Wow.
    • A product I recommend and use professionally.
    • Officially I carry and use all products on this page and pick and choose based on the actual specifics of the moment. Any of the products on this page will deliver professional results.

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    Rub In An Oily Substance

    There are countless videos online showing people restoring oxidised black trim to great success using peanut butter. Want to give it a try? Dont. The reason it works is because of the oils in peanut butter, so by using oil on its own, you can get the same effect without making a colossal mess and making your car stink.

    Boiled linseed oil is a popular choice: simply rub on, clean off the excess and allow to dry.

    Household Method 1 Paint Thinner

    How To Restore Black Exterior Plastic Trim On Your Car Easily.

    Considering what paint thinner is, the results can be surprisingly good! If surfaces have already been treated with low-quality or non-purpose-specific polish or colorant like tire blackener, paint thinner can be somewhat effective. It essentially strips away the old and crusty polish to leave a clean surface underneath. It wont restore the color of the plastic itself, but it will at least get rid of any gunk thats been applied on top of it. However, we cant guarantee how safe it is for your plastics. Paint thinner is strong stuff, so proceed at your own risk!

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    How To Clean Your Car Interior Plastic Trim Easily

    Plastic trim is highly favoured for its durability, but unfortunately for car owners, it attracts dust like a magnet. Even if your new car looks clean and shiny, its easy for dirt and dust to accumulate and show up on your plastic surfaces.

    Though its easy to clean, to keep your car interior plastic looking brand new, youll want to keep up regular interior cleaning. This doesnt have to be time consuming, and youll likely save yourself from breaking your back trying to get it clean again after months of neglect.

    In this step-by-step guide, well cover what products to use and how to use them to get your plastic trim back looking its best.

    Another Great Plastic Trim Restorer

    Car Guys Plastic Restorer is an outstanding product for use on faded or oxidized plastic and rubber trim. And its super easy to apply and lasts for a few months.

    This product does not contain any dye so it can be used on all types of plastic and rubber including grey and black plastic.

    To apply its best to first fully wash the car and then clean the plastic trim with a degreaser.

    Car Guys Plastic Restorer will dry very quickly on the car and thats one of its advantages over most other trim restorers. Its not oily or greasy and yet it still repels water even after a few months and after about five washes.

    It can be applied to old or new cars. For new cars it offers UV protection and protection against the weather so it will protect your plastic from turning grey.

    Car Guys Plastic Restorer has over a thousand reviews on Amazon and the vast majority are five star reviews.

    If you want to make the product last as long as possible you should wash your car with a ph neutral shampoo like Meguiars Gold Class. Using dish soap will wash it away in just a few washes.

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    Exploring The Plastic Blacktrim Restoration Options

    You have several optionswhen it comes to the method you are going to use to restore a black plastictrim.

    Painting the trim isprobably the most permanent solution, although it may be time-consuming.Ideally, you should remove the piece of trim you want to restore and wash itthoroughly before you spray it.

    However, you should makesure that the paint you want to use is suitable for the trim part you want torestore before you start restoring a plastic black trim.

    The second black trimrestoration method involves the use of a heat gun, but you must be carefulbecause overheating a trim can cause irreparable damage. Heating the plasticwill bring up the oils it contains and restore its original color.

    Even though this is apermanent solution you may resort to it just a few times because the materialhas a limited amount of oils. In fact, applying any type of oil onto a trimwill restore its color to some extent.

    Most industry expertsrecommend using linseed oil, so you just have to boil it, apply the oil to thetrim, remove the excess, and leave the rest to dry.

    However, the easiest andmost reliable method of restoring a black plastic trim is to use the permanenttrim restorer. There are lots of trim restorers to choose from, but werecommend opting for a more expensive brand, since the cheapest options may notbe as effective.

    How To Protect Your Black Plastic From Uv Rays Using Ceramic Shine

    Q5 How to restore faded black plastic trim?

    Okay, so we know our options for restoring our black plastic trim to its former glory. But what about keeping it that way? Ultimately, plastic will always be vulnerable to UV rays and contaminates, so we need something to defend against this damage.

    A finishing product purpose-built to beat the elements is Torque Detail Ceramic Shine. It builds an invisible and super durable ceramic layer on top of your cars finish. Not only does this give it an ultra-premium shine that lasts for up to 12 months, but it also forms a barrier against the road contaminants and UV rays that cause plastics to fade. Designed to be easily applied at home, it takes a matter of minutes to give your ride the ultimate ceramic protection when you choose Torque Detail!

    If youre serious about getting that top-quality finish year after year, pick up Ceramic Shine today. And remember, we put our 100% money-back guarantee behind every product we make!

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    How To Apply It Right

  • Make sure your car is freshly washed and fully dry.
  • Park it out of direct sunlight and in an area with good ventilation.
  • Apply the trim restoration product using an applicator or a clean cloth, or according to the directions.
  • Buff off any excess, let dry and repeat as necessary.
  • Be sure to wear gloves and take care to keep the product off your skin and clothing.

    Once you’ve achieved the desired results, consider using your trim restoration product on other parts of your car that have lost that showroom shine restoration products can be used on other black rubber or plastic surfaces, such as window seals and tire sidewalls . You also can seal your work with a coat of a UV-blocking spray, which will provide an extra layer between your car’s fast-to-fade trim and the sun’s damaging rays.

    When I was first getting into cars around 20 years ago, I drove a 1992 VW Jetta with big black plastic textured bumpers and fender flares. Users on car forums often suggested the best way to restore the trim was not with a specialty detailing product, but instead with peanut butter. There is some truth to it the oil in peanut butter does restore luster to the plastic but trust me, it’s a mess.

    Cleaning Plastic Before Apply Restorer

    Some cars have very little plastic trim. In fact I once owned a Ford with absolutely no plastic trim. Other than the high gloss trim between the windows and on the front grill.

    But glossy plastic is a little different to normal matt plastic. In this article I will talk about how to restore both types of plastic.

    Matt plastic is sometimes referred to as porous plastic and glossy trim is called non porous.

    The weather and the methods you use to wash your car are the main factors involved in causing plastic to fade. Also, some products can ruin plastic trim. Some waxes can cause a lot of damage on plastic, but others are safe to use.

    For example, Maguire Ultimate Liquid Wax can be used on paint AND plastic trim. In fact, its really good on plastic and adds shine and gives some UV protection. But it doesnt restore faded plastic as well as the products I will talk about below.

    Use a degreaser or an all-purpose cleaner to clean the plastic fist. These are great for cleaning a million other things too. .

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    Editor’s Pick: Carguys Plastic Restorer

    Formulated to restore and renew plastic, rubber, or vinyl, CarGuys Plastic Restorer features patented additives to boost longevity so it lasts for months. Available as an 8-ounce kit, the CarGuys Plastic Restorer is a bit more expensive compared to the competition. The company says its Plastic Restorer will survive rain unlike some of its competition, because it repels water instead of leaving ugly streaks down the side of your car.

    Environmentally safe and completely safe to use, this formula has no harmful chemicals and wont leave behind an oily mess. Its designed to restore and leave a finish that is completely dry to the touch while leaving a durable UV guard to protect against harmful UV rays that cause fading, browning, and cracking.

    You can also use this product on your RV, motorcycle, vinyl seats on a boat, indoor or outdoor accessories, or home restoration projects such as shutters, furniture, and siding.

  • Pros/Lasts longer than other products, doesn’t leave an oily mess, UV protectant, multipurpose
  • Cons/Price
  • Cleaning And Protecting Plastic Or Rubber Floor Matts

    How to restore plastic trim & remove car wax

    Plastic and rubber floor mats can be cleaned using a degreaser like Super Clean Degreaser and once dry you can use Stoner Car Care Trim Shine for perfect results every time.

    These two inexpensive products work very well together and allow you to get quick results. To save even more money you can dilute Super Clean Degreaser by adding 50% water.

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    Benefits To The Process

    Youre finished cleaning, possibly restoring, and sealing your trim and molding. Your car is likely shining and prepared for a drive to your local Cars and Coffee or prepared for a nice wax. While you enjoy a job well done, consider some of the benefits of this added detailing you completed.

    • Your vehicles appearance now has a more finished, striking look, as the paint and trim has a beautiful contrast once again.
    • Functional trim and molding can more efficiently resist liquids and in some cases, seal areas from road noise.
    • Wax and other cleaners are less likely to affect or dry on your trim removal being even easier if it does happen.
    • Money saved on trim replacement can be used on those new summer tires youve been wanting all winter!

    Whether you are a master detail, first-time owner or maintaining your daily driver protecting your vehicles functional and aesthetic details will always be important. Proper upkeep will maintain your comfort level while driving and compliment a healthy resale factor. There are few things sweeter than walking out to a ride that is showroom-clean on a Saturday morning.

    Good luck with your next wash and detail job!

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  • What Is The Exterior Cartrim

    The term car trim refersto all plastic parts of your cars exterior. These parts are often made out ofblack plastic and they include:

    • Headlights
    • Bumpers
    • Lower door trimpanel

    However, some parts of thetrim can also include parts made out of vinyl and rubber that are added forboth functional and aesthetic reasons.

    All of the parts of theexterior car trim are prone to gradual degradation which can eventually lead tocracking, loss of color or flexibility, and various other issues that damagethe vehicles visual appearance.

    The only way to combat these issues is regular maintenance, but just washing your car may not be enough to keep the black plastic from fading, especially if you dont keep your vehicle in a garage.

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