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How To Cool Car Without Ac

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Try These Ways To Keep Cool In A Car Without Air Conditioning

Cool your car or house without AC!

Driving on a hot summer’s day is unbearable if your car is old and doesnt have the luxury of air conditioning or you have a vehicle with a faulty unit.

Travelling in hot cars on long journeys can be dangerous as it leaves drivers and their passengers feeling dehydrated and irritable, especially if they are in traffic jams.

Motoring experts have got around the problem by devising ways to keep cool in a car without air conditioning

Install An Electric Dash Fans

Sometimes rolling down the window isnt enough. In that case, consider buying an electric dash fan to keep the air flowing. Usually, there are two types of dash fans. The first one works as a fully functional solar-powered fan, while the other is plugged into your 12-volt cigarette lighter socket.

At high speed, keeping your window down can make your car unstable. Not only will this slow your car down but also consume more fuel. Therefore, it is better to roll up your windows on the highway and use dash fans.

There are several reasons that cause AC to malfunction. It could be a leak in the system, loose hose, a faulty compressor or fan, clogged hose, refrigerant breakdown, broken seals, or electrical issues. If youre attempting to repair your cars AC, we suggest you buy a refill kit. Several new or used auto accessories and parts are available online.

Sometimes, a cars AC doesnt work properly due to an underlying issue such as a fault in the electrical system or overheating engine. If you want to replace your current car with one with a better cooling system, consider one with an automatic AC with climate sensors. Check out the list of new and used cars available on sale in the UAE.

Stay tuned to UAEs top auto blog for more information on automotive technology and car parts.

Getting Into A Stinking Hot Car On A Summers Day Is Hellish Here Are Four Easy Car Hacks To Help Keep Your Car Cool All Summer

We all know the hot-car feeling. This is because the interior of a car thats parked on bitumen in direct sunlight, with the windows closed, attains an atmosphere more like an oven than a vehicle suitable for human travel.

As summer arrives with characteristic ferocity, use these car-cooling hacks to keep things comfortable. Here are four cool tips to get you through.

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Blow Out That Hot Air

So youve covered up your windows and parked under a tree, but your cars still too hot to get into

Worry not, because weve got a clever method for circulating some air around it that we first outlined in our 30 car life hacks article.

First, open one of your car windows. Then go round to the opposite door and rapidly open and close it a good few times.

This simple action pushes stagnant hot air out of the car and creates a pleasant breeze, making it much more bearable to sit in.

Use The Lower Air Vents

Easy Ways to Cool Yourself in a Car Without Air Conditioning

Heat rises, so it makes sense to blast the cooler, air-conditioned air into the footwells, forcing the hot air already inside the car upwards and out of the open windows.

Shut off the upper vents on the dashboard and at the base of the windscreen so that the full flow of air into the car is directed upwards.

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How To Survive Summer In A Car With No Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is one of those modern marvels most of us have grown used to by nowperhaps too used to. Believe it or not, people survived in the days before reliable, widely-available aircon, and you can, too. Heres our guide on how to embrace the sweaty life without dying.

Sometimes you have no other choice. My old crapcan Nissan Altima ate head gaskets like candy, and it would automatically switch off the air conditioner when it started to overheat. Unfortunately, that was my only car at the time and I spent far too many late summer days in triple-digit heat before my parents and I figured out the problem.

Yet some of the best cars Ive ever driven either left the air conditioner out to save weight, or the HVAC system just plain didnt work. Drive these anyway! Ive had more fun driving around my Porsche 944 race car lately than anything else, and that suckers aircon parts were sold off in the name of adding lightness years ago.

Likewise, the Baja Beetle that codriver Dusty Ventures and I borrowed for the inaugural LeMons Rally didnt have air conditioning, either. We made it all the way across Death Valley in August heatwhile my codriver had a stomach bug that turned the rally into The Great Bathroom Tour of the Southwest, no lesswithout a single source of artificial coolness along the way.

The LeMons Rally Baja Beetle, on loan from Jim Graham.

A post shared by Jalopnik on Jul 2, 2017 at 4:31pm PDT

How Can You Get Your Car As Cool As Possible On A Hot Summer Day Without Air Conditioning

Assuming your air conditioning doesn’t work, how can you get the interior of your car to cool down?

Especially in traffic jams, where the car isn’t moving very quickly.

  • I want to cool the interior of my car.
  • Ship groceries at a reasonable temperature.
  • Travel with my pets
  • Make it more comfortable for me and my passengers

I tried the the usual stuff:

  • Blowers on cold, but this is irritating my eyes
  • Windows open, works but in traffic jams it’s barely helpfull.
  • As you’ve already mentioned blowers I won’t post this as an answer, but I tend to use the blowers directed into the front shield or towards the passenger seat to avoid irritating my self…
  • Open the window on the passenger side door for about 2 inches.
  • Rapidly open and close the drivers side door a few times.

The opening and closing of the doors makes sure the air gets pushed and pulled out of the car. On a hot day, most of the heat forms by getting trapped inside your car. So when the cars inside air gets to be the same temperature as the outside air, the temperature has dropped a few degrees.

As to cooling it down even more, dangle icecubes in small bags in front of your blower exhausts.

If the AC is gone and your stuck in traffic there is really no good way to keep the car cooler outside of keeping the windows open.

Window tinting also helps to keep the car cooler, however window tinting often has local regulations about how dark it can be.

A couple of options to just cool yourself, and not the whole vehicle:

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Lasko Portable Electric 42 Oscillating Tower Fan

Lets start with the basics, your typical upright fan. We love them they are great but you also want to be smart about the type that you are getting. Furthermore, they work best if you are able to create a cross breeze. If you are on a tight budget, the Lasko portable electric fan is a good buy. It works well in a bedroom, and since it is portable, you can take it from room to room. It includes a multifunction remote, which is a bonus, and also has a timer.

Add A $20 Screen Door

How to Stay Cool in Your Car Without Air Conditioning

Screens on the front and back door allow for great cross ventilation in the mornings and evenings, or all day if its too hot outside. You can buy a wooden screen door for about $100 and pay to install it if you arent handy.

But there are several options starting at $18 that you can install yourself by mounting them to your door frame with Velcro or a similar easy process.

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Park In Shaded Or Covered Parking

Get ahead of the heat by being smart about where you park. If you cant find free shaded parking, it may be worth paying a few extra dollars to get in some covered parking.

Pro Tip: Think about the time of day you are parking and the time you plan to return to your car. Shaded in the morning is not the same as shaded in the afternoon.

Turbo Charge That Air Vent

If you are bombing it down the motorway and your air vent isnt quite cutting it, prepare to have your mind blown!

Hang a wet flannel over the air vent to cool down the air thats blowing around your car. Even if the air thats blowing isnt that cold, a damp flannel will bring down the temperature massively, levelling up your air vent.

However, have several cloths on standby as theyll dry out pretty quickly. And dont forget to take them out and wash them after your trip!

Those were our 8 favourite ways to stay cool in the car. Have you tried any of them before? What did you think? And dont forget to leave us your top cooling tips in the comments below!

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Run The A/c While Youre Stationary

Air conditioning is a godsend for motorists in the summertime, but only if you use it properly. Air conditioning systems work by feeding a fresh flow of air through a refrigeration unit, before pumping the cooled air into the cabin. When you run a/c while your car is stationary, there isnt a strong enough flow of air to cool down the cabin so youre effectively running the unit for no reason, and wasting fuel in the process.

The first thing a lot of drivers do when they get in a hot car is flick the air conditioning on some even wait for the car to start cooling before setting off, but this can take ages given theres not enough air to get the a/c working properly. Starting the a/c too early can also put a lot of strain on the battery and the engine, as it needs to work harder to power the system. In other words, never switch on the a/c while youre stationary.

Plug In Some Portable Comfort

Easy Ways to Cool Yourself in a Car Without Air Conditioning

No, this isnt a window unit that hangs outside your car window. Instead, portable air conditioners run on your car’s 12-volt power system or on rechargeable batteries. Depending on the model you choose, you may first need to fill it with ice or water, but then you just switch it on to blow cool air. These little machines can move a surprising amount of air through your vehicle.

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How Not To Cool Down Your Car

If theres one thing we hate about summer, its climbing into a hot car. On the warmest days, temperatures can reach +40°C inside a cabin, meaning a sweaty and altogether unpleasant journey

Nobody likes getting behind the wheel when its sweltering, and some people go to great lengths to cool their car down. But what works and what doesnt when it comes to getting your car cool?

Here, well be busting the myths on the best ways to cool down a car, before giving you some handy tips on how to beat the heat quickly and easily.

How To Make Your Car Colder Without Ac

But for those who have an older truck or car without a/c, your vehicle literally becomes a hot, uninhabitable desert.By replacing the cabin air filter, cold air can safely reach the cabin.By shutting off unused vents, your vent will blow out colder air faster.Car expert tom torbjornsen answers a letter from a auto owner:

Checking the a/c system by sensing the a/c lines temperature.Clean the filter on your air conditioner.Even with the windows down, your car just gets hotter by the minute.Following these steps helps your a/c system work more efficiently.

Here are some quick tips you can follow to make sure your car a/c is always in the best condition:If the filter is dirty, it can block ac airflow.If your car ac is not cold enough, there are a few ways to make it colder.If youre the only one in the car, turn the ac vents to the passenger side off.

In some cars, when you put the pedal to the metal, the ac.It does this by passing the intercoolers coolant into a cooler that reduces the temp of the coolant further than whats possible with a regular heat exchanger.Just as a fan on an 80°f day makes you feel somewhat cooler, in spite of the fact that its blowing 80°f air at you.My air conditioner is weak.

The cabin air filter prevents pollutants from entering the car through the ac and heat vents.The car ac unit runs off of the engine itself.This door is located in the ventilation system.This is an easy one!

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How Much Cool Air Do You Need

Before you run out to buy an air conditioning system for your garage, consider just how much time you spend in the space and how cold you need it to get. If you only use your garage for deep storage and rarely venture out there or if it really is a home for your garage that you merely pass through for a minute or two each day you might only need a temporary or portable system to make it bearable once in a while.

On the other hand, if your two- or three-car garage also hosts your hobby station, workshop, potting bench or other work space where you spend a lot of time, youll want to look into a more permanent way to keep hot air at bay. If you use your garage to store valuables that are sensitive to temperature and/or humidity, youll also want to invest in a more comprehensive garage air conditioning system.

Car Seat Covers For Leather Seats

How to stay cool in a car without Air Condition

If you have a car with leather seats, youve probably experienced the feeling of having your skin stick to hot leather. Even if you havent experienced this sensation, a leather surface will become hotter than a cloth surface, so consider installing some cooling seat covers over your seats. Even if you use a cloth seat cover for just the drivers seat, this will lower your temperature tremendously, and will avoid that hot feeling when you sit on a leather seat thats been sitting in the heat. There are lots of different seat covers for specific sizes of cars, but if you just want to focus on yourself in the driver seat, consider this cooling seat cover to avoid the stickiness and keep yourself cool.

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Know When To Pull Over Or Not Drive

If theres a theme to this advice, its listen to your body. Its easy to get distracted by bad traffic, good radio, bad radio, the sweat dripping off your face, or whatever. But remember: not dying is more important than anything elseeven more so than getting places on time. If you start to feel dizzy, loopy, weak or sick, pull over as soon as you can.

If youre travelling with someone, you need to be extra careful. If you have a kid, a pet or someone whos more sensitive to the heat, drop those windows down all the way, just in caseand pay extra attention to their needs. Make sure youve got extra water on hand just for them.

If you or your travel companions have to take a break, pull over and take it. Now isnt the time to call them a bunch of weenies and tell them to deal with it. Summer heat can be deadly. Get out of the car for some fresh air, let the wind dry the accumulated perspiration from your butt and let everyone catch their breath.

We want you to enjoy the best cars this summernot die in them. Know your limits and be careful, and you, too, can survive this summer. You may even grow to enjoy your status as Conqueror Of All That Is Heat, and laugh at all the puny weaklings who arent on your level.

Place A Wet Cloth Over The Center Air Vent

Sounds strange, but it works! Keep a few cloths in a bowl of water in a cooler within arms reach. Drape one over the center air vent and turn up the airflow for a refreshing breeze. Trade them out as they dry out and remember to wash them regularly to prevent mildew.

Pro Tip: Drape one over the back of your neck to get a quick shock of refreshment.

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How To Keep Your Car Cool Without Air Con

Wednesday 14th August 2019

Its summer, its warm, youre out driving the weather outside is certainly suggesting air conditioning is required to keep you cool! But what do you do when it isnt blowing cold air as it should or even if your vehicle doesnt have air con at all? A drivers summertime bugbear, having no cool airflow can initially seem like a nightmare. However, there are ways to keep your car cool in summer without air conditioning!

Four Ways To Cool Your Car Without A/c

How to Cool Yourself in a Car Without Air Conditioning ...

When the weather heats up, theres nothing worse than sitting in a hot car with no air conditioning. One solution may be to get your A/C fixed, but when theres not room in the budget, you might have to get creative. We have four unique ways to cool your car without A/C, and you can give them a try and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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