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How To Find My Stolen Car

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When Does Hum Use My Gps Location

Man uses technology to locate stolen car

Hum& plus /Hum×Hum& plus & Hum× uses GPS for features including Safety Score, VehicleLocation, Driving History, Boundary Alerts, Pinpoint Roadside Assistance and Crash Response.These features identify the GPS location of the vehicle where the Hum OBD Reader is installed.

Hum AppThe Hum App uses your GPS location for Safety Score and the navigationfeatures.

To change how Hum uses your GPS location, you can remove the Hum Hardwarefrom your vehicle or edit your smartphones privacy settings.

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How To Find Out If Your Motorcycle/car Was Towed Or Stolen

Your vehicle may not have been stolen but here is a guide on how to find out if your car/motorcycle was towed or stolen. Lots of people have been there, stuck between knowing if their vehicle was towed or stolen, and they all figured it out at some point.

Generally, you can tell if your car or motorcycle was towed or stolen by contacting your local police department. If you financed the vehicle, contact your lender, it may have been repossessed if you defaulted.

Your vehicle may have been towed for a parking violation the police can tell you the responsible tow company. In extreme cases, it could be a theft problem, so you have to report your vehicle stolen.

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Look Through Your City’s Transportation Website

Some drivers have tracked down their stolen vehicles online by checking for parking violations. You see, some thieves only need the car for a quick getaway and will abandon it quickly. That means the vehicle could get ticketed and put into the parking violation database, which is available online. Accessing this database is a simple four-step process:

  • Log into your city’s transportation site
  • Use your vehicle’s license plate to check whether or not it’s in the database
  • Note the area where the parking violation took place
  • Contact your local police. They will look for the missing car and return it when/if it’s found
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    How Long Does It Take For The Insurance Company To Pay Out On Your Stolen Car

    If youve had the comprehensive insurance for your car, you should file a car stolen insurance claim at once. The insurance company will investigate the case before paying out for your loss.

    Car insurance companies typically have a waiting period of 30 days, before they will pay a stolen car claim, as it gives time to see if the car would be recovered.

    If your car is recovered but comes back damaged, the car insurance company will determine whether the car can be repaired or is a total loss. If your vehicle is considered as a total loss, youll get the actual cash value of your car from the company.

    If your stolen car reappears after your insurance settlement, your insurance company will retain the ownership of the vehicle. The vehicle would be sold for salvage or at an auction.

    You can buy your stolen car back if the laws and the insurance companys guidelines allow.

    Can You Track A Car With Bluetooth

    How to Find Stolen Cars (with Pictures)

    Tracking your car with a Bluetooth-equipped cell phone is certainly possible and somewhat practical. But there are certain disadvantages to using these devices like inadequate network coverage. These issues are why most people opt for designed GPS systems and position tracking gadgets.

    Many of these gadgets are also Bluetooth enabled and have a wider coverage area than traditional cell phones. As a result, some of these devices can cover up to 200 feet. But this amount of space is still quite limited, which is why you should opt for an option that incorporates multiple geo-location platforms and GPS.

    If you do opt for these devices, it will come with benefits like prolonged battery life. The top tier models can even operate 14 days straight without running out of power. Plus, using these devices is rather simple. It’s just a matter of logging into the system’s website and checking your car’s location.

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    First: Contact The Police

    The first and most vital option is contacting your local police department. It’s the first thing anyone who has had their car stolen should do. It becomes increasingly more important when your vehicle was stolen with a child, baby, or pet inside it.

    Once you call the police, the next step is filing a police report. You must make sure to provide enough vital information about your stolen car, including:

    • The VIN
    • Your ID
    • Tracking devices on the vehicle, such as OnStar or LoJack

    You should get a copy of the report, as well. This report will be needed for the insurance claim. But regardless, try to provide as many details as possible. These details will go a long way in helping the police recover your car.

    When Should I Conduct A Ppsr Check

    You should search the PPSR on the day you are buying the vehicle, or the day before, to ensure that it is not stolen, free from debt, safe from repossession and not reported a write-off.

    If youve conducted your PPSR search and you buy the car that day, or the next, then you are, legally and wonderfully, protected from any encumbrances, and will have the search certificate to prove it.

    Even better, as a national system, it doesnt matter which state youre buying the car in, or which states its perviously been owned in.

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    Track A Different Device In The Car That Can Transmit

    Usually, when a thief steals your car, some of your personal belongings are in the car. Maybe you left your cell phone or laptop in there. Or, maybe you were carjacked and everything you own is in that car. If this is the case, you might be able to track down your phone or device, even though you cant track down the car.

    Even if the thief turns your phone or device off, you can still track it. These items will ping to local base stations. And, if WiFi is on, it will be easily traced. If your phone has GPS on it, it will be traceable even if the phone is off. While car thieves are pretty smart, they arent always great at using common sense. After all, they did steal a car, right?

    Understand Red Flags Of A Stolen Vehicle

    How to get your stolen vehicle back

    The very first and natural way to tell if a car is stolen or check to see if a car is stolen is by being very sensitive to warnings and red flags that may come up at every stage of the entire discussion with the seller or agents involved. Even before proceeding with required checks, you should be smart and sensitive enough to smell whatever signs, body language suggesting that you might just have a stolen vehicle up for sale, or something fishy is going on.

    A number of red flags could include the seller or their agent being too hasty about completing the deal, trying to lead you on into cutting corners or trying to deliberately water down the need for due diligence and sticking to the proper line of actions, or even trying to undermine the need for you to independently check the vehicle or to verify the VIN let alone checking with other relevant state authorities.

    Also, if they are being unusually or uncomfortably too private or secretive about the entire process, concealing locations, limiting the number of persons involved from your end as the buyer, always arranging a late time meeting, deliberately ensuring you never get to take a look at the car at their homes or office space, or you observe a mismatch of license plates, you likely are dealing with the case of a stolen vehicle.

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    Know What Types Of Vehicles Are Prone To Theft Issues In Your Environment

    This is not in any way trying to say some kinds of vehicles cannot be stolen. While all vehicles can be stolen, the point here is that there are certain kinds and brands of vehicles that are more prone or likely to be involved in a theft incidence compared to others in certain societies at different times. Reports and cases of stolen cars in different societies show that certain kinds of vehicles feature more frequently in data and searches to find out if a vehicle is stolen. Being aware of this helps you to be more careful and unassuming as you go about the process of buying a used car.

    Top 10 Most Stolen Cars

    The bad news is, if you own a Holden Commodore, of just about any vintage, you should probably pop your head out the window right now and check that its still there.

    Not only was the 2006 VE Commodore the most stolen vehicle in the country in 2017 – with 918 examples nicked – but older versions of the same car also came in at 5th ), sixth , seventh and eighth in the stolen cars list.

    The second most popular car for thieves in this country is the Nissan Pulsar , followed by the Toyota HiLux and the BA Ford Falcon .

    The Nissan Navara D40 just sneaks into the top 10, which is rounded out by a model modern version of the HiLux .

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    Dont Try This By Yourself

    Officer Tracy Hicks of the Houston Police Department has been tracking down stolen cars, bikes and other property for decades. He not only knows what AirTags are and how they work, but has them on his trailer, car and labradoodle. He’s adamant that AirTag users should never confront a person who they think has taken their property. Stolen property can also quickly change hands or be sold.

    “Always, always call the police,” said Hicks. “You might be a big guy and think, I might get my revenge. No, you don’t know. The person in your car might not be the person who stole it.”

    Officers with the San Francisco Police Department showed up within 20 minutes to help get my car back, though they weren’t familiar with Tiles. Like Hicks, the department recommends against people using technology for their own security services, even in a city filled with early tech-adopters.

    “There are some people savvy enough to retrieve their property, but we don’t recommend that at all,” said Officer Robert Rueca, spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department. “You don’t know what people are willing to do.”

    The reality is, police are often dealing with other more urgent crimes, especially in large cities. The value of stolen goods can determine what resources are even available and a location device often isn’t enough evidence to require suspects to cooperate. When AirTags are involved, you’re also under pressure to find your property before the thief is tipped off by the beeping or push alert.

    Do Financed Cars Have Tracking Devices

    Please help find stolen car from Poole

    It has become more and more popular for car dealerships to stash GPS tracking devices on financed cars. These trackers allow the dealership to know exactly where your car’s located at all times. It’s a tool that extremely helpful for sales associates who need to locate a specific car on dealership property quickly.

    But the reason these car dealerships don’t remove these trackers after purchase is that it makes them easier to repossess. If you miss multiple payments, the car dealership can use these trackers to locate your vehicle and take it back.

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    How Can I Find My Stolen Car

    My car was stolen and I told the police about it, but what else can I do? How can I find my stolen car?


    • Check Craigslist and other sitesâScroll through websites that specialize in private car sales to see if you can find your vehicle. Be sure to check neighboring cities and states in case the car has been moved.
    • Contact your local scrap yardsâSometimes thieves will sell your vehicle for scrap as a quicker alternative to selling it outright. Call around to local scrap yards and ask about vehicles recently sold to them that match your carâs make and model.
    • Inform your insurance and loan providerâIf you havenât already, inform your insurance and loan providers of the theft. They will have processes of their own to handle the situation.

    the police will be the most likely to find itin minutes$887

    File A Car Stolen Report To The Police

    If your car is stolen, especially with your child or baby, dog inside, call the police at once.

    When you file a police report, make sure you can provide enough information about your missing car, typically including:

    • The license plate
    • The VIN
    • Your cars brand, model & color
    • The location where you last saw your car
    • The tracking device , such as LoJack or OnStar

    Keep a copy of the file since youll need it for the insurance claim.

    The more details you provide, the higher chances that the police can help you retrieve your missing car.Note: If your car is stolen and impounded by the police , you should take your ID card, driving license and other document that can prove the car belongs to you. You can get your stolen car back fast.

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    Motosafety Obd Teen Driving Coach And Vehicle Monitoring System

    MotoSafety OBD Teen Driving Coach & Vehicle Monitoring System is yet another effective choice made by vehicle owners. According to previous customers, this is one of the most effective methods to track the location, speed, traffic, direction etc of your vehicle. When compared to the other products and services, it offers additional options for GPS Tracking. For instance, you can set geo-fences to receive on-time alerts. On the other hand, there are options for setting key locations as well. As you can guess from the name, the device can be used as a Driving Coach too. The next time you give a vehicle to your children, you can stay confident.

    MotoSafety OBD Teen Driving Coach & Vehicle Monitoring System will analyze the different driving behavior and location while its in Driving Mode. You can get a Report Card and know if there have been any Harsh Breaking or Rapid Starts. If these are not enough, you get additional features such as Driving Coach Program, Senior Driving Coach, Route Replay and a lot more. Thanks to the OBD Port connection, you can install this tracking device in almost any car you bought after 1996. On top of everything, MotoSafety provides a one-month free service.

    Considering all these, MotoSafety OBD Teen Driving Coach & Vehicle Monitoring System is a cool system for parents and normal users. Its a good tracking device as well as driver insight program. So, its worth the money you spend, especially considering nationwide coverage and service quality.

    Will My Insurance Go Up If My Car Is Stolen

    Using an app to find a stolen car

    One of the most common myths about insurance is that when a car goes missing, the driver’s rates automatically rise. This isn’t the case. Of course, the event may result in a rise in your rates, but it’s not a foregone conclusion. In some cases, they won’t increase at all. It all depends on your insurance company and their particular policies.

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    Find My Car With Ar By Bello Studios

    The $1.99 Find My Car with AR app is quite simple. At the main screen, tap the Add New Car Location license plate icon when you park your car. Tap the Mark Location button. Name the location and select the location type, then tap the Save location button.

    When you need to find your car, open the app and tap the Back to Location button. You’ll see the location of your car displayed on the map. Walk in the direction of your car. You can switch among a map view, a satellite view, or a hybrid view that combines the two, or tap the AR icon to see your surroundings as you walk.

    How Do I Use The Stolen Vehicle Assistance Feature

    If your car has been stolen, you must first file a police report. Then, youcan contact Hum Customer Service at andprovide the case number from the report. Well attempt to determine yourvehicles GPS location using the Vehicle Location feature to assist lawenforcement in their recovery efforts. We cant help you unless a policereport number is provided. For more information, please refer to Hums termsof use at

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    Use Gps Device To Locate Your Stolen Car

    If youve installed a GPS tracking system, like OnStar, LoJack, etc. to your vehicle, the company of the tracker can help you determine the location of your stolen car, and even shut it down.

    No matter where your car got stolen, such as the dealership, driveway, garage, valet parking, or a mechanic shop, you can trace your stolen vehicle with the GPS quickly.

    Will I Get My Money Back If I Buy A Stolen Car

    How Can I Find Out If My Car Is Stolen

    It depends. In most cases, no. If your insurance company does provide coverage for purchase of stolen vehicles, they will investigate first and then confirm if theyll pay out or not. They will take steps to rule out all possibilities of fraudthey want to make sure that the vehicle is genuinely stolen. Believe it or not, there is quite a lot of insurance fraud in this area too.

    Their adjuster will contact you and might ask you questions, such as where did you buy it, what checks did you do, and os on. There may be a waiting period as long as 4 weeks or more, assuming no issues, and depending on the specific insurer.

    If the insurance company determines that your car was bought in good faith as a stolen car, and the policy is valid, then they may reimburse you some of the costs of buying the car, but not always.

    In fact, with many cases weve heard, insurers find any excuse to avoid paying out they are money-making businesses, and employ risk assessors, so youd have to have a very good reason for buying a stolen vehicle and receiving a refund on the costs. But if you do manage it, youll receive a cheque or bank transfer minus any other costs.

    Does all that sound like fun? Not really. Remember to order a car history check before buying ANY used car.

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