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How To Find Towed Car

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Houston Tow Yards That Your Car May Have Been Taken To

How Do I Locate My Towed Vehicle?

Below is a listing of tow yards in Houston, TX.

The easiest way to find a towed vehicle in Houston is by calling HPD or searching Find My Towed Car. The only issue is it may take 2 hours from the time of tow for your car to be added to their database. To speed up the process of finding a towed vehicle in Houston, you can try calling these tow yards.

Find the tow yard closest to the place you were parked and try calling them to find your truck or car.

Is Your Car At The City Of Boston Tow Lot

We charge a $90 tow fee, along with a storage fee of $3 per hour, up to $15 a day. You can pay with cash, a money order, a cashiers check, or a debit or credit card. If you pay by card, you will be subject to a 2.5 percent fee.

There is also a kiosk at the tow lot that you can use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To use the kiosk, you need to meet these requirements:

  • You can pay with cash, VISA, Mastercard, or Discover card
  • You need to know your license plate number.
  • You need to know your insurance information.
  • Your car must be actively registered.
  • You need a valid license, and the name on your license needs to match the name on your credit or debit card.

The City of Boston Tow Lot is located at:

200 Frontage RoadBoston, MA 02118

The City of Boston tow lot is only open Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. Automated kiosks are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for vehicle releases. For more information, call or email .

Remember to pay your parking ticket and fees

To avoid a late fee, you will also need to pay or appeal your parking ticket within 21 days. The ticket will be stuck under your windshield wiper. Learn how to pay a parking ticket.

If your vehicle was seized due to five or more tickets unpaid, to get your car back, you need to pay all of your overdue parking tickets and fees. You can make your payment at the City of Boston Tow Lot when you come to get your car.

Five Star Auto Storage

This tow yard is located near downtown Houston. If your vehicle was towed from downtown Houston or even the Montrose neighborhood, it could have been taken here.

For more information, you can call them at 713.360.7056, visit the Five Star Auto Storage website, or stop by this Houston tow yard at 2105 Nance St, Houston, TX 77020.

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Does Flat Towing Add Miles

Flat towing adds miles to your vehicle if you have a mechanical odometer. Electronic odometers dont calculate miles while flat towing. Probably the bigger issue is the added wear and tear to your tires.

The tires are still spinning along the interstate, so theyll rack up the miles even if your odometer doesnt. On the other hand, if you tow using a trailer, the vehicles tires arent rolling. This means there are no miles and no additional wear and tear on your tires.

How To Retrieve It From The Impound Lot

How to Find Out Who Towed Your Car

We answered the question my car got towed and I dont know where and we successfully located the vehicle. Now its time to see what you really need to free your car from that place and happily drive it on the roads. Lets see which documents you are going to need to get things done the right way.

For this purpose to get your car out of jail you will need to have your drivers license, registration information for the vehicle, and insurance information. Not to forget the money that you will have to pay for the tow and also for the car that was sitting there. Also, see if they are working with credit cards since some of these impound lots are still working with cash.

What is worse is that if you dont have insurance, some of the lots will not release the car until you get vehicle insurance. In this case, you will also have to pay for vehicle insurance to get your car out.

But when everything is sorted out with the documents and you pay for the tow. You will be able to get your car back with no problem. A driver will bring it outside and you will be able to fully enjoy it once again. But in the future pay attention to where you park in order not to ask yourself my car got towed and I dont know where? But what about the cost to recover a towed car? Les find out in the following chapter.

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You Parked On A Parking Place For Handicapped

Parking in a place that is meant for handicapped people is not a smart idea. You will get your car towed and you will ask the question of my car got towed and I dont know where. If you dont want this, dont do it.

Not to mention that the judge will not be so compassionate about you parking in a place that is meant for people with disabilities. Nobody will have a slight understanding of you. Thats why you shouldnt do it and make sure that you park in a space that is intended for you.

How To Pick A Towing Service

choose a towing service in advance

  • Ask your mechanic for some towing recommendations
  • Find a company that provides the services you need. Although nearly every towing company provides some basic roadside assistance and services, they might not all have the specific experience in snow clearing, exotic towing, or off-road car recovery that you want
  • Read the reviews. A company may claim to have a long, successful track record and transparent pricing, but the comments left by their clients will show any inaccuracies in their advertising
  • When possible, request quotes in advance. Most businesses will provide you with quotes based on limited information . Some phone calls could provide you with all the information you need to make your final selection


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How Does Towing Affects Insurance Rates

Your car being towed can be an unhappy affair. But, you can relax as it wont adversely affect your auto insurance rates, provided it happens just once. You cant file a claim as you cant ask your insurer to pay the towing fees. Mainly, your auto insurance company wont be covering it.

But, be careful that your insurer will know if youre a regular visitor to the local impound lot. So, expect your insurer to surge the insurance rates if towing happens for not paying the penalties at the DMV. The insurer sees this as a sign of bad driving behavior and financial instability.

Claim An Impounded Vehicle

How to find your car if it was towed after the flood
  • Must be the registered owner, or submit an original notarized letter from the registered owner authorizing the Madison Police Department to release the vehicle. The notarized letter must contain the make and model of the vehicle along with the license plate# and VIN# , the complete name of the party authorized to claim the vehicle and the name and signature of the registered owner.
  • Must have a driver’s license or photo ID.
  • Please call 266-4170 before picking up the vehicle to confirm the amount owed and acceptable payment methods. We reserve the right to not accept personal checks.
  • Must bring total amount due. We will not accept partial payments.
  • Must arrive before 3:30 pm to claim a towed vehicle.

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Double Parking Or Multi Space Parking

Also, double parking can make your car get towed. Even if you paid for the parking. And will make you ask the question of my car got towed and I dont know where. But why is this the case?

This is the case because you are not respecting the lines. There are lines that separate the parking spaces. So, if you park one wheel over the line it means that you are making an infraction.

You are basically blocking the people to park. One car for one parking space, thats it. If you go above this, you will get fined and your car will get towed by the tow truck. And you will pay a hefty price. Thats why you should watch out for the lines.

Not Paying For The Lease Can Get Your Car Towed

Another reason why you can get your car towed and you asking why my car got towed and I dont know where is if you forget to pay on your lease.

If you buy a car under a lease agreement, then you need to make sure that you dont forget to pay for the car. Im saying this because the leasing company will not like this and you will probably be left without your car in addition to paying the company a ton of money.

So, when you end up in a situation like this, the best is to tell them that you cannot pay anymore and you will find an agreement. Maybe you will be left without your car, but sometimes its better that way. You will get a cheaper car and you will have no trouble running it.

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How Much Does A Tow Cost In Rochester

$109between $2.50and $7 per mileany towing service should cost you roughly $50 for a single tow

  • Distance: The further you want your car towed, the more you’ll spend. Depending on the company, a 5-mile tow can cost anywhere from $125 to $275+âanything above 5 miles will generally see a price hike. A 100-mile tow will usually cost at least $500
  • Size: Towing costs more for larger, heavier cars. This is a non-negotiable part of your towing fees, so keep that in the back of your mind if you’re shopping for a new vehicle
  • Time of day: Most of Rochester’s best towing services are available 24/7, but you may be charged a higher premium if you contact for a tow at 3 a.m. rather than during normal business hours


Check The Tow Truck Drivers License Plate Number On The Front Of Their Truck

How Do I Find My Towed Car In Houston

If you happen to spot the tow truck drivers license plate number on the front of their vehicle, you can call them and ask about your car. Alternatively, you can look up more information online if this is easier for you. Calling the tow truck company gives you direct contact with people that have a first-hand idea of where your car might be.

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Get The Insurance Information

In some impounds and insert in cities, they might ask you for the insurance information, and if your car doesn’t have insurance, that gets extremely complicated. So, therefore, you’ll want to reach out to the insurance company and get some details because you’ll need those once you reach out to the impound area.

Picking Up A Towed Vehicle For Someone Else

Picking up a vehicle registered in someone elses name can be difficult. Most impound lots will not authorize the release of a vehicle to someone other than the registered owner. There are a few exceptions however and it is possible to have someone other than the owner recover and impounded vehicle.

Here you can read an in depth article about when and how you can have someone else pick up a towed vehicle with a notarized letter for example or when their name is on the insurance information.

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Towing Law In The European Union

From 1 August 1998, all passenger-carrying vehicles up to 3500 kg gross vehicle weight may only be fitted with European Type approved towbars if the vehicle has received European Whole Vehicle Type Approval. Non M1 vehicles, Light Commercial Vehicles and private imports from outside the EEC are not required to use approved towbars.

Determine The Reasons For Towing Your Car

How a title search can help you get your towed or impounded car back | AFX

Once you confirm that your vehicle is not stolen, the next step is to understand the main reasons for your vehicle getting towed. No one will come to your car and pick it up for no previous reason. It only happened in your car had an issue, and I towed frank came to take it away to an impound yard.

Typically, these impound yards are run by certain authorities, and your car will end up in one of these yards. So depending on where you live or where the car got towed from, you’ll need to find the city’s corresponding impound yard because your car will most likely be there.

Therefore, you must understand what you did wrong for someone to pick up your car. In other words, sit with yourself and evaluate when you have parked your car and where you parked at pure you probably might park in the wrong or prohibited area.

If you could not understand why your vehicle was towed, that’s not a problem. All we need to do now is to get in touch with the local impound yard around the city where your vehicle got towed. Remember that if you are parked in a larger city like Chicago or other bigger cities, you might find multiple yards that you will need to contact to determine whether your car got towed to that or not.

It might take you a couple of phone calls until you locate your vehicle in some instances. First, you’ll need to have details about your car, including the vehicle’s registration or probably the insurance information.

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Common Reasons For Vehicle Impounds

Vehicles can be impounded for several reasons including:

  • Vehicles found on City of San Diego property having five or more unpaid parking citations/tickets.
  • Vehicles found on City of San Diego property with registration expired over six months.
  • Vehicles stored on City of San Diego property over 72 hours without moving 1/10th of a mile.
  • Vehicles found on City of San Diego property parked in violation of posted temporary or permanent signs.
  • Vehicles found illegally parked on City of San Diego property not displaying any form of valid registration.
  • Vehicles found on City of San Diego property parked in a hazardous manner, impeding the regular flow of traffic.
  • Vehicles found on City of San Diego property blocking a driveway and a complaint is registered.
  • Vehicles parked in a carpool lane.
  • Vehicles parked on City of San Diego property in violation of permanent and temporary signs .

What If A Car Is Towed Away Wrongfully

If you are convinced that your car has been wrongfully towed, document the scene and take photographs of any signs around the place your car was parked. Lodge a complaint with your local authority and keep receipts that prove you have paid for your parking. Before leaving the impound lot, take photographs of the exterior and interior of the car to document its state and condition and to be sure that any damage caused by the tow truck is accounted for.

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Stopping A Tow In Progress

The owner of the vehicle being towed, or a person entitled to possession, can request the release of the vehicle before the tow truck is in motion.

In that event, the car must be unhooked and released and a binding agreement must be executed in which the owner consents to pay the vehicle release penalty.

The owner must present a current drivers license and the registration, title, insurance identification, and car keys. If the vehicle is a rental, you must produce a rental agreement and car keys. If it is a company car, you must present your company identification.

To review the City of New York’s parking summons penalty schedule, visit our fines page.

Reasons A Car Might Be Towed

Impounded vehicles and towing fees

There are many reasons for your car getting towed. Here are just a few to be mindful of and try to avoid:

  • It is obstructing traffic
  • It is blocking a tunnel, driveway, or intersection
  • It is parked in a handicapped space
  • There is a moving violation or unpaid parking tickets registered on the vehicle
  • It has been abandoned for a lengthy period of time
  • The license plates are not properly attached or registration is out of date

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What To Do If Your Car Gets Towed

It is all too easy to panic when you go outside only to find your vehicle is suddenly missing, or to lose your temper when you see the workman hooking it up to their tow truck. Instead of losing your cool, follow these steps on what to do if your car gets towed:

  • Who you should call: If you live in the US, don’t call 911 to inquire about towed cars. If your car was parked illegally, there is usually signage containing information about what number to dial. If there isn’t, call your local police precinct. Some US cities also have toll-free numbers that you can call to find your car.
  • What documents are needed? To get your car back, you must produce your driver’s license, the car’s insurance card, and title, and proof that you have paid any outstanding judgment debts.
  • How to find a towed vehicle: If you were illegally parked, the signage should also state where your car has been towed. It will vary by city, but the procedure also depends on whether a sheriff or marshal or the police towed the car .

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