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How To Fix Minor Scratches On Car

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The Depth Of The Scratch Is Important

How to Repair Scratches on your Car | Save Hundreds of Dollars

Before trying to repair a scratch, it’s important to assess its severity first because the depth of a car scratch determines how difficult it will be to fix.

A lighter car scratch can easily be fixed at home, which would save you a lot of money. On the other hand, a deeper scratch would be far more difficult to fix, in which case its better to leave it to a professional.

Typically, a cars paint consists of up to three layers, which are made up of more than a few coats. The toughest bottom layer supports the shade. The top layer is made up of lacquer for a shinier finish.

To check the depth of the car scratch, run your fingernail over the scratch. If the depth of the scratch closely matches that of a piece of paper, thats a light scratch. Anything beyond that point is considered a deep scratch. Don’t forget to wash your hands with soap after performing this test, just to be on the safe side.

If you’ve confidently determined that your car has only suffered a light scratch, then it’s time to get your tool kit out.

Spray Primer And Then Paint Onto The Sanded Area


Mask off the area with paper and masking tape to prevent spreading paint/primer to any other area. Spray automotive primer onto the area and let it dry. Next, spray the area with your cars matching paint. It can be difficult to find the correct paint shade, but your manufacturers specs will give you the code that matches your paint. Lay a heavy amount of paint onto the area and let dry.

Use A Scratch Repair Kit

If your cars scratches arent too deep, you might be able to use a standard scratch repair kit to fix it. These are convenient solutions that can be purchased from most auto supply stores.

Scratch repair kits have all the things you need to remove shallow to moderately deep scratches, including scratch removal polish and paste, touch-up paint, and buffers. However, these kits are not the best for fixing intense scratches, so assess the severity of the scratch before purchasing a repair kit.

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Why Fixing A Scratch Matters

While many modern vehicles are constructed from various forms of plastic and composite material, things like car doors, hoods, fenders, and quarter panels are still primarily being built out of metal. So unless youve got a car thats made from carbon fiber and titanium, chances are that gouge is going to become a breeding ground for rust in no time.

So if you discover that your car has been scratched in some way, dont hesitate, because one of the worst things you can do is wait to have it fixed. Taking a proactive stance means protection from the elements, which requires selecting one of the following fixes.

Will My Insurance Pay For Scratches On My Car

Car Scratch Remover  COZEXS Car Scratch Remover

This depends on your policy, although the excess on many policies would be more than paying for the work yourself, meaning that making a claim is pointless.

Some insurers offer a separate scratch and dent product which allows you to get minor dents and scrapes fixed without claiming on your main policy, usually in the comfort of your own driveway.

If your MOT is due or if you would like to book your vehicle in for a full car service, you can book online with your local RAC Approved Garage today.

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How Does Toothpaste Remove Deep Scratches From Car

Toothpaste can be used to remove small, shallow scratches from your car if theyre just in the clear coat and havent pierced right down to the paint.

The abrasive quality of toothpaste particularly whitening toothpastes is often enough to smooth out the slight jagged edge of a small scratch. It isnt enough to deal with scratches that have damaged the paintwork itself, but if you just have a scratch on the surface, wiping it down with toothpaste might help fix it.

Here’s How To Fix Car Scratches In Three Simple Methods

With the advice laid out here, you should be able to fix a light scratch DIY and with relative ease.

One scenario that all car owners dread is seeing their beloved vehicle suffer a scratch. In many cases, they will be pretty minor, but in other cases, they can seriously impact the overall look of a car. Obviously, there’s tons of ways for car scratches to occur. Potential causes include automatic car washes, poor parking, vandalism, and car accidents.

Besides depriving your car of its glossy appearance, the costs of getting professional bodywork done can put a dent in your wallet, especially if your car is among the most expensive ones to repair.

However, we’ve decided to make life that bit easier by compiling three straightforward methods for removing car scratches. Thankfully, at least one of these approaches should be able to get your car’s shiny look back.

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Do I Need To Be A Professional With A Fancy Workspace To Remove Scratches

Again, yes and no. Most light scratches can be easily removed using cheap items that are easily available, but deeper, more intense scars will require paint, which is best applied by a professional. Always do your research first, either way.

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How To Repair A Car Scratch With A Scratch Remover

How to Remove Scratches from Car PERMANENTLY (EASY)

If youve made the decision to go DIY with a minor car scratch repair, the first step is to shop around and purchase the right scratch remover to suit your budget and the finish you require. There are many products in the market ranging from touch-up pens to scratch repair kits. Examples are T-Cut Rapid Scratch Remover, Turtle Wax Scratch Repair & Renew and Autoglyms Scratch Removal Kit.

Each product has its own guide and instructions that you will need to follow. Keep these steps in mind if you choose to do it yourself:

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Hair Dryer And Compressed Air

It may seem out-of-the-ordinary to see a hair dryer in any car maintenance tips. However, using it with a can of compressed air may just do the trick in repairing dents. Put the hair dryer on the hottest setting and heat the dent for several minutes. Take the can of compressed air, hold it upside down, then spray the recently heated area. You will start to see the dent returning to its original shape.

The scientific explanation behind this is that the metal expands and contracts due to the sudden change in extreme temperature. The dent pops out, returning the metal to its undamaged state. This method works best on larger areas of metal like the fender, the trunk, or hood.

Quick Fixes For Car Scratch Removal

The following section will focus on a few quick fixes. However, keep in mind that these are entirely temporary solutions and one should not depend on them in the long run. If you have a dire need for your car to look good for a particular event, you may opt for one of the following techniques but make sure to get your car repaired as soon as you have time.

  • Car Scratch Remover

    There are several products on the market that promises to completely remove your scratch with just a single wipe. However, this is mostly not the case. Some premium products on the market do manage to hide your scratch temporarily but there are none that can get rid of them completely. Use these at your own discretion and get your car repair done as soon as possible from a dedicated service provider.

  • Magic Pens

    These are quite handy little things on road trips but are in no way a permanent fix to the problem. Many tend to use it in areas that are not quite visible to onlookers like under the hood and near the trunk mainly because of their ability to quickly hide marks. They are quite easy to use as well but we again recommend getting your car repaired once you have the time and option.

These are the basic ways one can fix the scratches or aberrations on their cars. Even though it might seem quite easy and something one can take care of at the comfort of their own garages, we still highly recommend trained professionals simply because of the losses incurred in case of improper treatment.

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Diy Fix For Car Scratches

Both clearcoat and paint scratches can be easily fixed with a bunch of car repair supplies. Before attempting to repair the scratch, give your car a hand wash to remove any debris or filth from the affected area. Using a clay bar or a microfiber towel, you may buff the surface to a high gloss. Swirls and hairline scratches will get removed, and your cars appearance will be revitalized. It can also assist you in identifying the areas that need the greatest attention. Make sure the car has been waxed and hand-buffed to remove any superficial scratches that may still be there. Apply a liquid scratch remover if you still detect scratches.

Is Removing Paint Scratches Easy

Cloth specifically designed remove small scratches bodywork your car

The only easy thing about this question is its answer: HELL NAW.

Every automotive paint scratch is unique in its own way, and therefore requires different levels of prep care and repair. Even seemingly identical-looking scratches can have varying degrees of paint mutilation, its just hard to determine the extent of the damage because its lurking beneath the surface.

Automotive scratches can range anywhere from light clear coat imperfections and tiny slivers in wax coatings and paint sealants, to full-blown, metal gouges of catastrophic proportions. Resting somewhere in-between are spider webbing scratches, which can oftentimes be found etched into clear coat, with more extreme cases penetrating into the paint itself.

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Can Wd 40 Remove Scratches On A Car

WD-40 is a mechanical lubricant that can solve a wide variety of problems possibly including surface-level marks on your car.

Its best used for scuff marks that can be wiped off, or very shallow damage to the clear coating over the paintwork. As its widely available it can be a good thing to try.

How To Fix Deep Scratches On A Car

Safe driving isnt perfect, and even the most careful drivers sometimes get their cars scratched for various reasons. It can be both frustrating and annoying to see your vehicle showcasing a big, ugly scratch because of someone else’s clumsy driving, especially if it just got a new paint job or a wax finish.

Fortunately, you dont have to resign yourself to high repair fees to fix a few deep scratches. With this guide, you can learn how to fix deep scratches on your car.

Bear in mind, while these practices are effective, large or very deep scratches may require professional service for a complete repair. However, these tips should repair most scratches. Lets cover a few different methods for fixing deep scratches in your car.

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Is There Any Way To Prevent My Car From Getting Scratched

Scratches can occur in a parking lot mishap or a scratch from an overhanging tree branch that you may hit on your way. These scratches can damage the paintwork of your vehicle no matter how careful you are.

The best way to avoid car scratches is to be careful and take your time when parking or driving in areas with potential hazards. If you do end up with a minor scratch, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it by yourself.

Its best to attend to it as soon as possible as when scratches and dents are left unrepaired or ignored, the area is also prone to corrosion due to the exposure of the metal beneath the protective layer of paintwork.

Does Car Insurance Cover Car Scratch Fixes

Easy Fix Car Scratches with WD-40

It is unlikely that most standard car insurance will cover the repair of car scratches. Generally, scratches are considered to be cosmetic damage, which often would need to be separately insured.

If you have comprehensive insurance, speak to your insurance provider to check if they cover scratches caused by vandalism, falling tree branches, or as a result of a minor collision. While your insurance might cover the scratches, you should consider the deductible and the cost of repairing the scratches outside of your insurance vs making a claim.

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How To Remove A Deep Scratch From A Car

The first thing to check with a deep scratch is whether its led to any other problems around the vehicle.

While a deep scratch is obviously a problem in itself, you want to make sure there isnt any damage to parts of the vehicle that are going to prevent you using it or that could put you in danger.

If you feel that a cutting compound or coloured wax will not be enough to fix the scratch, some deeper scratches can be fixed with a scratch repair pen.

These are coloured specifically to match your car. You can buy them from a dealer who will be able to make sure the colour matches your car exactly.

Touch-up pens can also be used in conjunction with cutting compounds to cover over the damage, and a clearcoat pen can be used as a final step to seal over the top more effectively.

If the scratch is really deep, you should talk to an expert to make sure the scratch is completely removed.

Best Car Scratch Removers For 2022

Scratches and swirls are a real pain on a car’s paintwork, but these products can help eliminate them.

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  • Price alerts on for Adam’s Car Scratch & Swirl Remover Hand Correction System

Scratch removers can make your car look new again. Finding a new scratch in the paint job of your vehicle, whether it’s from a traffic scrape or an abandoned grocery cart, can feel like the most frustrating thing in the world. Still, the more you take your car out of the garage and onto the road, the more likely it is that your car will get dinged, scratched or nicked. Considering how expensive our vehicles are, it’s hard to see them looking rough and beat up. These imperfections don’t have to be permanent, though. Scratch removers are designed to help, and the best car scratch remover options can help erase your car’s bad day and improve the appearance of your car.

A quick caveat, though: If you have a deep scratch, these might not do the trick. For deeper scratch issues, a car paint expert is probably in order.

Car Scratch & Swirl Remover Hand Correction System $27

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Using The Paint Method

Paint is the most effective way of dealing with car scratches and also the last step that follows the other methods mentioned.

If you plan on using paint as your primary method, you will first need to strip away the top layer around the scratched area using sandpaper. We recommend using 1500-grit or 2000-grit sandpaper. You should sand for about 15 seconds, and make sure to check your progress.

Once youre satisfied with the sand job, rinse and spray sand primer onto the area once it dries up. The primer should take about ten minutes to dry, after which you should apply the primer again and up to three times.

You can then apply paint on top of the primer. Make sure to choose a color that closely matches your car paint, at the very least. Like the primer, apply a few coats of paint.

For a polished finish, apply wax to the painted area, and buff the area with a microfiber cloth using circular motions to spread the wax across the surface.

Dealing With Minor Dents And Scratches

Car Scratch Repair: Step

No matter how careful you are, minor dents, scratches and chips can still happen. It could be an accidental scrape, another driver opening their door into your car or, especially in winter, grit on the road flying up and causing damage. While theres plenty of seasonal motoring advice available, scratches, dents and chips can affect your vehicle all year round. All sorts of remedies exist, and our guide includes some of the easiest and most effective ways to deal with such problems.

Remove minor scratches

A scratch is a scratch, right? Well, not necessarily. There are a few different types of scratches your car can experience, with different ways to best fix them.


Hand washing your car can result in paint swirls on the top coat, caused by bits of grit getting stuck in the cloth used for cleaning. Clearly, its best to avoid this occurring in the first place, by using high quality microfibre cloths and a grit guard in the bottom of your bucket. This should stop the cloth or sponge scratching the paintwork and picking up dirt in the water in the first place.

If its too late though, run your fingernail over the damaged area and if you struggle to feel it you can apply scratch remover to smooth it out. Add a small amount of the liquid to a cloth and rub gently in circular motions over the swirl to smooth it out. Rubbing too hard can cause more damage, evident if the cloth turns the colour of your car, which is a sign that youre taking some of the paint off.

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