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How To Get The Best Price On A New Car

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How to Get the Best Price on a New Car | How To Negotiate With A Car Salesman

Factory invoice price is theoretically what the car is worth wholesale. Although its rarely the actual amount the dealer paid the manufacturer for the car, it is useful to you because invoice pricing is the same for all dealersit provides you a reference point for bids you collect.

Factory invoice price is less than manufacturers suggested retail price , the pricing shown on the cars window sticker.

Almost all cars are sold below MSRP, and some are sold below factory invoice price. Over the years, between 25 and 45 percent of CarBargains customers have received bids below factory invoice price, in some cases several thousand dollars below invoice.

Dealers sell cars below factory invoice price because the factory invoice seldom reflects the true cost to the dealer: Dealers often get holdbacks, end-of-year carryover allowances, factory-to-dealer incentive payments, and other allowances that reduce the cost below factory invoice price.

Shop At The End Of The Month

To test drive the vehicle, pay a visit to the dealership. Avoid shopping during busy periods, such as weekends or holiday sales, because sales representatives tend to be a bit more aggressive in an effort to meet monthly quotas and secure bonuses. However, to get the best price and put the bargaining power firmly in your court, do consider shopping at the end of the month.

Everett Young, a seasoned car salesman at Gainesville Nissan shares that, “It’s best to shop for a new vehicle the last three days of the month. Dealerships really want to meet that sales target for the month to receive the rewards from manufacturers, so they aren’t going to lose out on a purchase for a few hundred bucks.”

Doing Your Homework To Choose A Car

When youre in the company of a car sales person, its of enormous benefit to have made a clear decision on exactly what car youre after. This should be in your mind at the very beginning of your car-buying process.

When test-driving a car, or even looking at them online, pay specific attention to which aspects you like, and which you dislike. Build a shortlist of cars up and then eliminate them one by one. Once youve settled on a final choice, youre in a position to decide on specifics, like your ideal specification, colour and whether you want a manual or an automatic gearbox. The more specific you are with what you want, the stronger your position in the showroom.

Of course, theres a huge number of cars on the market, and weve created a guide to choosing a car that’s right for you. We can also guide you through the many desirable features you can choose, with our feature about optional extras.

If youve decided on your perfect car there are useful steps you can perform before visiting the dealership. The website of its manufacturer may have specific deals thatll help you its commonplace to find financial incentives such as discounts or reduced rate finance on certain models in a drive to increase sales. Our tips and advice section includes a feature that explains car finance to further increase your confidence in the showroom.

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Keep Calm For A Better Deal

Car sales staff are often genuinely very pleasant people, but bear in mind that enjoying a relaxed, convivial atmosphere can lead to you dropping your guard. These days, sales executives are increasingly well trained and the most effective ones can exploit a relaxed, cheerful customer to their advantage.

Never lose sight of your objective. You havent visited the car dealership today to make a new friend, although this can often happen as a happy fringe benefit. Your sole reason for sitting at the salespersons desk is to get the best deal possible while his job is to make as much profit for his company as he can.

If the first deal a salesperson offers you actually exceeds your expectations, try not to make this immediately obvious. Remember, youre about to spend thousands of pounds, so keeping a cool head is vital. Persistent negotiators can secure further discounts, so dont accept the first figure youre given.

How To Negotiate A New

How to get the best price for your new car

Do your homework before you go to a dealership

Negotiating for a new car might feel comicallike pitting an amateur against a team of professionals. But by setting the ground rules early, you can level the playing field.

Theres more to choosing a car than just finding the lowest possible price. You cant expect a salesperson to send you to the rival across the street, but good ones know a heck of a lot about the cars theyre selling and whom they might suit. And theyll try very hard to find the right one for you. If youre still in shopping mode rather than buy-it-now mode, it would be a mistake to dismiss what they have to say out of hand.

In any case, whether you do your price negotiation by email, using an intermediary buying service, or going one-on-one with a salesperson and, inevitably, her boss, youre going to wind up at a dealership to sign the papers and get the keys.

When you start bargaining, work from your positions of strength:

  • Your opening bid, based on what the dealer paid for the vehicle or what youve established is a fair price.
  • Competing bids from other local dealerships or car-buying websites.

The salesperson will probably begin the discussion by focusing on the vehicles MSRP or on your monthly payment. Dont take that detour.

If he starts with price, make sure you negotiate from the bottom-most price and work up, not down from the MSRP.

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Be Prepared To Cross Swords

Salespeople have a host of tactics to boost the cars price and their commission. They will try, for example, to focus your attention on the monthly payment to keep it low, they may push you to extend the loan term or to lease instead of buy. Insist on negotiating the price of the vehicle, whether youre buying or leasing. If the salesperson asks about your trade-in, steer the conversation back to the new car. Lumping the purchase and the trade-in together means the dealership can give you a lower trade-in value and still look as if its giving you a good deal.

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Paying Cash Vs Financing

Do dealers prefer financing or cash sales and which is best for you? It all depends on your personal financial circumstances, the way the car dealership runs its business, the economic situation at the time you buy and many other factors.

One obvious advantage of paying cash is that youre not paying interest. Some dealerships love financing because they earn a commission from the lender, making an extra profit on the loan.

Other dealers may prefer cash sales because they immediately close the deal. They might even offer a cash discount. Ask the dealer about their preferred paying methods early on. Youll find that most private sellers tend to prefer a quick cash sale too.

If you prefer to put your spare cash toward offsetting your mortgage instead of paying for a new car, you could end up ahead. There are lots of variables to consider, so its sensible to consult a financial adviser to discuss the best options.

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How Do You Ask For A Lower Price

After the salesperson presents the price, you could respond with: “We’ve done a lot of research on the market value of this vehicle, and we have a good idea of what it sells for because we’ve shopped around a bit. If you can beat this price we will have a deal.”

A response like this accomplishes a couple things. First, it lets the salesperson know that you’re an informed buyer. Your goal is to justify the drop in price rather than present an offer without context. Second, the salesperson knows there are offers to beat, so there is a good chance the salesperson is going to jump to the low end of the dealership’s pricing structure. This approach works for both new cars and used cars.

What Is A Good Price

Get the Best Price on a New Car or Truck

You wont know until you collect bids. The best available prices fluctuate depending on current supply and demand for specific cars. Some consumer advice articles and books offer guidelines such as Shoot for $150 to $300 over invoice for popular vehicles. Ignore it. The only way to find out what you should pay is to get dealers to bid. Our CarBargains service gets many bids hundreds or thousands of dollars below invoice, but for hard-to-find vehicles were sometimes lucky to get bids of $1,000 or more above invoice.

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New Year Plate Clearance Sales

Dealers keen to unload older stock in December are even more motivated in the New Year. Once Jan/Feb arrives, theyll want to shift as much previous-year stock as possible. This is called plate clearance because it relates to the date stamped on the vehicles build plate.

Plate clearance sales can offer juicy discounts, especially as March draws closer and those older cars take up showroom space reserved for new vehicles.

Be Careful What You Share

What seems like idle chit-chat between you and the salesperson isnt actually that. Salespeople use any information you give them to their advantage during the negotiation process. So, share as little as possible.

They dont need to know why you need a new car, your maximum budget, if you plan to finance the purchase, or whether you have a trade-in.

They need to know that you want to buy a car.

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Focusing On Monthly Payments Instead Of Bottom

You may have noticed that car repayment terms are getting longer and longer. Twenty years ago, you could hardly find a car with a four-year loan. Today, maximum terms are up to seven years.

There are two reasons for this: cars, like everything else, are costing more and stretching out payments makes the car loan seem more affordable.

Focus on the total cost of the vehicle, not the monthly installments. A lengthier loan may create smaller individual payments but means youll tend to fork out more in interest. Try to keep the term of the loan to three years if possible: youll save money in the long run.

Be Careful About Extras

How To Get The Best Price On A New Car

Even if youve negotiated the car price, the dealer will likely offer you a few extras when you sit down to sign all the sales paperwork. Extended warranties, prepaid maintenance plans, upgrades and other add-ons can be tempting particularly if youre feeling happy about getting a good deal.

But before you say yes, consider the pros and cons. If youre interested in extras, try to negotiate their prices as well. And, as always, keep your eye on the out-the-door price to make sure you stay within your budget.

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Research The Price Range

You may have already done a lot of research and taken some test drives to determine which car you want to buy. Keep your research cap on as you figure out an appropriate price range for the car.

Youll likely come across several pricing terms in your research or at the car dealership.

  • Invoice price is how much the dealership paid the manufacturer for the vehicle, which may include destination and delivery fees. But the dealerships profit depends on more than the difference between the invoice price and the sales price, because manufacturers often give dealerships rebates, discounts or other incentives for selling cars.
  • Manufacturers suggested retail price, or sticker price, is how much the manufacturer thinks the dealership should sell the car for. The dealer must display the MSRP on the cars window but can choose to sell the car for more or less.

Edmunds and Kelley Blue Books pricing tools show a vehicles invoice price and MSRP, along with the fair market value for new and used cars. The fair market value is an estimate of how much you should expect to pay for the car based on the make, model, features and recent nearby sales of similar vehicles.

Knowing these prices can help you understand the price range you may be working within for that vehicle and help you find a car that fits your budget.

Secure Financing Before Showing Up

Most dealerships will try to assist you on the financing but car dealers will often offer you an auto loan that makes them the most money, not one that helps you save. Instead, secure a loan through a bank or credit union, and do it before you arrive at the dealership. That way, youll only have to negotiate the price of the car, not the financing plan as well.

Furthermore, by already know the best financing deal, you can use that knowledge when negotiating with the car dealer. He or she might feel tempted to offer you an even better auto loan than the one youve already secured.

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Skip The Showroom Showdown


Once you’ve taken a test-drive and decided exactly what you want, go home. Contact the Internet managers at several dealers and ask for bids. Let them know youre shopping around, and get firm offers via e-mail. If you’re a repeat buyer, ask for the “loyalty discount.” If you’re new to the brand, ask for the “conquest discount.” Then take your old car to several dealers and CarMax and sell it to the highest bidder.

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Tips For How To Get The Best Deal On A New Car

Tips for how to get the best price on a new car as told by a former car salesman

Now that you know more about dealership pricing, it’s time to learn how to negotiate a new car price to your advantage. While lowering the price of the vehicle you’re interested in is the ultimate goal, there are some negotiation tactics that are better than others. Before proceeding on your own, consider the following tips for how to negotiate a car deal:

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How Much Does A Golf Cart Lift Kit Cost

Lift kits for golf carts cost low as $200 and run as high as $1,500, depending on the brand, model of cart, and height of the lift.

Most lift kits on the market are brand-specific and fit both gas and electric models. These lift kits offer additional adjustable options and suspension parts for your golf cart. As a rule of thumb, the pricier your golf cart, the pricier your golf cart lift kit will be.

Convincing You To Obtain Financing Through The Dealership

Its not hard to find budget-friendly car financing and your bank or credit union is an excellent place to start. Avoid financing through a dealer. Their zero percent financing may not be available to you without an elite credit rating and the alternative is paying a higher interest rate than you should.

Also beware of accepting a too-good-to-be-true rebate that forces you into higher interest rates down the track.

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Should You Buy A Used Car Privately Or From A Dealer

The answer depends on your priorities. Do you want the process to be easier or cheaper? If you want it easier, then buying from a dealer makes sense. Theyll usually accept a trade-in. They have much more experience handling all the required paperwork than the average private seller. And aside from taking care of things like registration and transfer of title, dealers will also offer a warranty.

When it comes to price, however, youll usually do better with a private seller, especially one seeking an urgent sale. A private sale can produce amazingly good value for money – but there are potential pitfalls to watch out for. Sellers arent required to disclose possible problems or provide a warranty, so any mechanical issues will be your responsibility after purchase.

Thats why its so important when buying pre-loved through a private seller to conduct a test drive at all speeds in a variety of driving environments, ask to see a service history and roadworthy certificate, hire a mechanic to inspect the car and provide a written report and obtain a written receipt that contains full buyer and seller details, sale price and vehicle identification number .

You should also use Budget Directs free PPSR car history report. This will tell you if the car has any finance owing or previous insurance claims and whether it has been stolen or written off. And better yet the tool is completely free to use!

How To Buy A New Car

How to Get The Best Price On a New Car

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  • Buying a new car is a little like a game show. Choose the right door and you win your prize a sweet deal on a good car. Choose the wrong door and youll lose money and hate the shopping experience. Navigating the car-buying process has never been easier, thanks to the transparency created by the internet.

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