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How To Install A Car Battery

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How To Install A Killswitch On A Car Battery

How To: Install a Battery in Your Vehicle

One of the prevalent cases everywhere in the world is that of car theft. One of the early remedies is installing a kill switch. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide line on how to install a killswitch on a car battery.

Conventionally, in old vehicles and some of the recent model of vehicles, the only security in your car is the vehicle locking system. The vehicle lock system is designed to lock everyone out as soon as the vehicle is locked.

When a vehicle is locked, just about every area of the vehicle system is locked except the tires. To be able to gain access to the car, you will need the car keys.

This method was effective until car theft got a little moreadvanced. Thieves are now able to bypass this regular vehicle security system.

There are a lot of ways of accessing the vehicle locking system to disable the lock. Sometimes, it is just as simple as breaking the glass of the vehicle. They also exist, other more intricate techniques of beating the regular vehicle security system.

Once the car is unlocked, the target is to start thevehicle. Again, the key that unlocks the ignition could also be bypassed. Aconnection of two appropriate wires toggles the ignition and your car is on itsway.

Because of the ease with which these obsolete securitysystems could be beaten, there was an obvious need for smarter ways of securingvehicles.

Simple Steps To Changing Your Car Battery

So, you need to replace your car battery and you’re thinking about doing it yourself? We can help! Even if you’re a first-timer, changing a car battery can be a fairly quick and easy process as long as you have the right equipment and follow instructions. Use this guide from Batteries Plus Bulbs to help you get started, and follow the simple steps to disconnect your old car battery and install your new one.

Putting The New Battery In

Once you have the old battery out, place it next to the new one to compare sizing and labeling. Thisll tell you whether youve purchased the correct battery . Even if you bought a battery with the correct specs, it still might not physically fit into your cars battery tray area if its differently sized.

Now that youve determined the battery bought is correct for your car, you can place it into the battery tray. Make sure not to accidentally touch either of the terminals with either of the connections to the car the last thing you want is for sparks to appear. Use tape to block them off if you have to. Once the battery is in place, mount it securely with any tie-downs you may have.

After the battery has been secured into the car, you can begin the reconnection process. Hines recommends connecting the battery to the car in the reverse order you disconnected the old one. So the positive terminal goes first, then the negative. Once youve tightened all of the associated bolts, congrats! Youre done.

Other Tips

Checking on the health of your battery? Always make sure the connections are clean, says Hines. Dirty connections are a force of resistance, and resistance becomes a load on the circuit.

You can safely and easily remove some corrosion yourself with a metal brush or a specialty terminal-cleaning tool like the one shown above, found for sale online or at most auto parts stores.

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Important Points To Consider

Dont always automatically assume that your vehicle problem is due to a dud battery. Your underlying problem may be something else: a faulty alternator or starter motor, for example. A professional diagnostic test can sort out the true cause of the issue.

Todays cars are more technologically complex than ever before and all the modern on-board computers and electrics are susceptible to shorting out.

One of the most important steps that professionals take when replacing your battery is to ensure a second power source is available so you dont lose computer settings and the security code you need to operate the radio.

Your radio security code may be written down somewhere in your car manual but if you have no record of it, youll usually have to contact your car dealer to get the code again so you can use the radio. Some dealers will charge a fee for this.

Safety Tips When Handling Car Batteries

Installing New Car Battery

Car batteries are hazardous when not handled properly. Take note of these reminders:

  • Always check with your manual.
  • Do the proper protective gear and store it in your vehicle.
  • Stay in an open, well-ventilated area.
  • Do not charge cables without training.
  • Stay away from materials that could cause a fire or a spark.
  • If exposed to battery fluids, clean with water and call a doctor.

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Car Battery Installation: Extra Safety Tips

Double check if you got the polarity of the batteries right. If the terminals were reversed, it could cause a lot of damage to your cars electrical system.

If the battery terminal is wobbly and/or corroded, please take the time to clean it and re-fasten it to its cable. If its too corroded then you would do well to replace it.

If its a particularly old car with old wirings. We suggest observing the engine bay in a low light area while starting it. This way, you can spot arcs or sparks which you can then fix with electrical tape or an outright cable replacement.

Do not lift a car battery by its terminals. Those arent designed to hold weight and might come loose.

If available, its ideal to use a gauged torque wrench when tightening the terminal bolts. If its a tapered terminal, apply 50 to 70 inch-lb. If its a threaded stud terminal, it can take more from 120 to 180 inch-lb

If the clamps themselves are corroded, then you might want to replace them with new ones

Check Engine Light Is On

The problem with the check engine light is that it can mean different things. It could indicate that your battery is running out of juice, or it could signal a problem with your alternator, or suggest that its time to take your car in for a tune up.

Consult your owners manual for more info and if youre still not sure, take your car to the nearest auto mechanic shop and let highly trained technicians test your battery for you.

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Connect The New Battery

Always connect the cable to the positive battery terminal first so you dont inadvertently complete the electrical circuit before everything is connected.

Once again, make sure the wrench doesnt come in contact with any metal part.

Tighten, but dont over-tighten, the terminal end.

Then connect the cable to the negative terminal.

If your battery has a plastic cover, replace it now.

Check there are no tools in the engine bay, close the bonnet and youre done.

Congratulations! You just changed your first car battery.

What Is A Kill Switch

How to Replace a Car Battery

A kill switch can be also called an emergency off,abbreviated as EMO, emergency power off or as emergency stop. Generallyspeaking, the kill switch serves as a safety measure in case of emergencies.

It is only activated when the need arises to override allroutine shutdown procedures. To properly put it, it is used to forcefullyshutdown a system that is in danger. It provides the fastest means of bringingan operation to an abrupt end.

When a kill switch is used in machines, it is usually aconspicuous red button. It is always protected with a glass cover to avoidbeing activated accidentally.

Activating kill switches is a very simple operation. Thisis because kill switches are designed to be used by just about anybody in theevent of an emergency.

In machines and boats, and sometimes in industries,operations necessitating the use of a kill switch usually results in damages inthe system. Ultimately though, its use results in saving human lives and veryimportant property.

However, its misuse has far reaching consequences.

A similar kind of switch is that which is called the dead mans switch. Just as the name suggests, it is used as a fail-safe especially when the operator of the machine is incapacitated or dysfunctional.

They are used in several devices. Some of such devices with the dead mans switch are fork-lifts, tower cranes, locomotives, snowblowers, freight elevators, tractors and lawnmowers.

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How To Maintain A Car Battery

It’s a good idea to have your car’s entire charging system checked once a year, especially after your battery is more than two years old if you live in a warm climate or four years old if you live in a cold climate. This includes the alternator, voltage regulator, belts, and connecting cables. Of course, don’t wait until a year is up if you notice potential signs of weakness such as hesitant start-up.

Between routine servicing, check periodically to make sure the cables and terminals are snug and retighten as necessary for good contact. If your connections are dirty or showing a lot of corrosion, disconnect and clean them with a wire brush or cleaning tool. Be aware that when you disconnect the battery, you may have to re-enter a security code in your radio or navigation system.

If you have a sealed, maintenance-free battery with no removable caps, there’s little else you need to do. Most new batteries use a chemistry that doesnt off-gas much electrolyte so even If your battery has removable caps, you may not have to check the electrolyte level. If you live in a very warn climate youre your battery has removable caps you can check the water level periodically, and refill with distilled water as needed.

Finally, if the vehicle is going to be parked or stored for an extended period of time, you may want to consider investing in a trickle charger to keep it charged.

Should You Install A Car Battery By Yourself

Many auto parts stores and garages offer free installation with a battery purchase. Because car batteries are quite heavy and there are disposal considerations for the old unit, this is a welcomed service.

Help with lifting a battery into tall vehicles like SUVs, or placing one in a hard-to-reach spot, such as under the backseat, can be particularly appreciated. And while at the shop, the old battery can be recycled.

Of course, there are times when an in-shop installation may not meet your needs, due to scheduling or purchasing from a retailer without an auto service department. However, you can install a battery in most vehicles rather easily with only basic tools just remember to return the old battery to retailer for recyclingmost add a core charge to the purchase price and refund that money when the old battery is returned.

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How Long Does It Take To Charge A Car Battery Yourself

The replacement does not take up a lot of your time.

Most experienced technicians need 10 15 minutes to replace the car battery. In case there are special battery issues to check, the replacement may take about 20 30 minutes.

A beginner may need more time to learn about his vehicle. Therefore, they may need 30 40 minutes to do the work. The extra time is due to the time they need to find the terminals location.

Disconnect Negative And Positive Cables

How to Replace a Car Battery

Start with the negative terminal and disconnect the negative battery cable. Look for a black cable and a minus symbol.

Top-Post: You may need to use a ratchet to loosen and remove the clamp. Once the clamp is off, move it safely out of the way.

Side-Post: There will be an 8mm fastener. Use an 8mm ratchet to loosen, and then move it safely out of the way.

Disconnect the positive terminal after the negative terminal. Positive terminal has a plus sign and the cable connected to it is usually red. It is very important that your ratchet or wrench not come in contact with anything that could be a ground, because this will cause sparks around the battery.

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The Basic Steps To Swap Out A Dead Battery For A New One

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The car battery is the thing that makes it all happen in terms of getting a vehicles engine running. If youve ever sat in a parking lot, listening to the car crank and crank to no avail, you know what happens when the battery is out of the equation.

Thankfully, dealing with a dead battery isnt a difficult issue to address. If you cant recharge the battery you have, the next best thing you can do is swap it out for a new one. The process is simple as long as you take some cautious steps, so heres how to replace a car battery in just a few easy steps. ou need to know.

Can I Drive With A Bad Battery

Risks of driving with a bad battery When your battery dies, you can jumpstart your car and drive it fine because the alternator will support the vehicles power requirements while on the road. However, the alternator will generate a lot of heat, and this generated heat will damage the alternator in the long run.

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Why Do Car Batteries Go Flat

A battery will lose its charge and become flat if it is not used regularly, or if the car is used for short journeys only when the battery will not have enough time to recharge itself properly. The term for this is under charging. This leads to a hardening of the lead plates within the battery that affects its ability to hold a charge. This is known as sulphation.

As a car battery works on a chemical reaction basis, the environment temperature and humidity can also play a crucial role in battery performance. A battery operates at maximum efficiency at a temperature of 26.7 or 80. Higher temperatures speed up internal corrosion within the batterys cells which reduces the life of the battery. Colder temperatures inhibit a batterys ability to provide sufficient power to start and run a vehicle.

Leaving an interior light on accidentally can be enough to run your battery flat if left on for long enough.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Car Battery

How to Change a Car Battery | DIY Car Repairs | The Home Depot

Most people dont know how much to change a car battery. As we have said, the price depends on the person who does the replacement.

If you do the installation yourself, you only need to pay for the battery and the tool. However, if you hire a technician, you need to pay a fee of $20 $75 in addition to the cost of the battery and the equipment.

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Removing The Old Battery

  • Remove the negative cable from the negative terminalthe one with the minus sign. Depending on the design of the battery, you may need a wrench to loosen the cable-free.
  • Remove the positive cable from the positive terminalthe one with the plus sign. If you are using a tool like a wrench, make sure the metal doesnt contact the terminal as it will spark.
  • Loosen the battery hold-down, connectors, and/or fasteners that secure the battery in place.
  • Lift the battery out. The weight of the battery may be over 50 pounds, so get some help if necessary. Put the battery to the side in a safe spot.
  • What Happens If You Put A Wrong Battery In Your Car

    Installing an incorrect battery can adversely affect the electrical system of your vehicle, and cause major damage if the terminal locations create a short circuit with nearby components. If you are unsure about which battery to buy, ask your car mechanic or consult the vehicle owners manual.

    Only use battery side terminals for vehicle starting. Check for proper battery polarity with respect to vehicle specifications. Ground polarity is typically indicated. Reversed polarity can cause serious damage to your vehicles electrical system. The hold-down should be tightened so that it is snug.

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    Visit Balise Kia For Battery Replacement

    Whether you need a new battery for DIY installation or prefer us to take care of it, you can turn to Balise Kia. We offer the CarCareOne card to make service more affordable along with service specials. Our service center is conveniently located near Westfield, and you can even schedule an appointment online.

    Best Tips On How To Buy And Install Agm Car Battery

    Car Battery Buying Guide

    The car batteries are categorized into two groups: Sealed and Flooded. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. But, in the case of using them in cars, sealed batteries are given priority. And, AGM is a more favorable sealed type battery that is used in vehicles. It is a more durable and can salvage value of your car as compared to any flooded type battery.

    An AGM battery has a lot of advantages, which makes it a great choice to purchase. According to the famous car-related website, here are some AGM car battery benefits:

    • They are a sealed type battery so they can be positioned even upside down in brief, they are position-independent type batteries.
    • They comprise of such elements that enable them to get charged quickly.
    • They are vibration resistant and maintenance-free. And can work in any condition where a standard battery can be dead.

    While using an AGM battery, a few measures are essential to have in concern for excellent battery life:

    • It should only be charged using the charger provided by the manufacturer.
    • Always do a full charge before having it in use.
    • Give attention to the surrounding temperature while charging them.

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