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How To Install A Remote Car Starter

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Car Remote Starters & Security System Installation

Remote Car Starter Installation Done Right

There are many brands and models of remote car start kits in todays market, and choosing the one thats right for you isnt always easy. And although choosing the right remote starter is important, you should also consider that the company installing the parts is just as important.

At Autoplex, we specialize in remote starters, we install hundreds of them at our shops in Denver, Loveland and Longmont each year. As the leading remote start installer in Colorado, you can trust that we stock only the best brand of remote starting systems. All of our Viper electronics are backed by a LIFETIME warranty. On top of that, we stand behind our professional installation with a 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty for added peace of mind.

Features Of Remote Car Starter

Remote starters provide a lot of features and integration to cars. Some of these features are:


This company is number one in the industry with remote starters and security solutions. This is one of my favorite remote car starter installation places to consider if you stay in the US.

They offer the best in vehicle features, compatibility, reliability and services that will keep your car comfortable and safe.

They will provide you with the best starter that will provide your needs. Their car starters makes use of KLON technology.

This system will mimic the key signal of your car and starts the engine of your car without you stepping into that car.

One of the things that make them the leader in the industry is that you do not need a key to start installing remote start as long as your car supports KLON. According to their website, some of their services are:

  • You can control your sliding doors,
  • Drive a stick shift,

Toyota also offers one of the best remote start features. They offer various functionalities than other brands. Their services are available for various vehicles like Toyota Camry, Toyota Tundra etc. You can install a remote system and also a factory security system in your car. Some of the guaranteed functions are:

  • A system that can activate the air conditioning, heater, defogger, and defroster to their presets.
  • Pressing a three-step sequence on the key fob will activate the engine.
  • You enjoy a standard warranty.

Creative Car-Tunes

Custom Trim


Finding The Best Remote Starter For Your Vehicle

  • The right fit for your vehicleLet the Speedy Glass® experts guide you in choosing the right remote car starter for your needs. For a safe and faster remote starter installation, it is best that your vehicle allows for a wiring harness.
  • Range of the signalThe choice of a remote car starter is different for every person and is highly dependent on one important factorthe range of the signalwhich should reflect ones needs and daily habits .
  • Traditional or modern? Why not both!Modern technology allows you to ignite your remote car starter from a smartphone, a remote or both for a wider coverage! Seeing as most of the starters we carry are equipped with two remotes, you can also choose to add more depending on your needs and how many people are using the vehicle.
  • Signal range of up to 6,000 FEET

  • Signal range of up to 2,800 FEET

  • Signal range based on vehicule model

    Starting at

  • Works with the remote that came with your vehicle
  • Optional smartphone synchronization1
  • Plenty of customizable options tailored to your needs.

    • Door lock/unlock control
    • Trunk or hatchback lock/unlock control
    • De-icer activation
    • Option of installing a safety kit that includes an alarm system and audible alarm

    Aperçu de nos produits

    Did you know?

    Making the right choice made easy!

    Finding the right remote starter will come easily if you just think about when, where and how you would use it. See what your needs are and pick one with options and features that speak to you most.

    About Speedy Glass

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    Considering A Remote Car Starter Keep These Tips In Mind

    A remote car starter is a great way to ease your way into the Tri-State areas bitterly cold winters, allowing you to defrost your vehicles windows without setting foot outdoors. Whats more, a Consumer Reports study has alleviated any lingering concerns about fuel economy. Even a full-size car with a V-8 engine cost the research team only $.36 to idle for ten minutes if you own a smaller vehicle, your costs are likely lower still.

    Remote Car Starter Convenience Features

    How To Install A Remote Car Starter (Step

    You shouldnt think of your new remote car starter as JUST a remote car starter. When installed properly, a quality remote car starter can offer you a great deal of convenience. Our remote car starters offer a wide assortment of convenience features. Here are just a few examples of what you can integrate with your new remote car starter:

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    Making Sure Your Car Starts In Neutral

    There are a number of ways to ensure that the vehicle is in neutral, but one of the safest involves a multi-step solution that makes it impossible to accidentally start the vehicle when it is in gear.

    This setup involves wiring the remote starter in such a way that when you park your vehicle, it must be left in neutral. To accomplish this, the remote starter alters the way you shut down your car. It also has to be wired into the door switches.

    With this type of remote car starter installed, here’s how it works:

  • Drive your car as you normally would.

  • Locate a parking spot and maneuver into it.

  • Shift into neutral, and engage the parking brake.

  • Turn off the ignition, and remove the keys.

  • Due to the way the remote starter is wired, the engine will continue to run.

  • Exit the vehicle, shut the door, and the engine will shut off.

  • Dry Testing The System

    It is hyper important to wire up the system at home to a 12volt supply and test all the needed features. I bought the bitwriter to allow far easier programming of certain features. I simulated door status, remote starting, triggering the alarm, and the 2 way pager features of the remote. Also important are the brake shutdown and neutral safety features. For dry testing the neutral safety wire must be tied to 0Volt. To test the brake shutdown just touch it to 12Volt. All worked well and I decided the following features I wanted installed or omitted:1. No parking light hook up. I find this feature annoying and I gives away the fact that the driver is coming to a remote started vehicle. Sort of dangerous in our island home. 2. The remote start will not monitor the engine status. I have a fixed crank time of 1.0second. Older cars like ours never give a proper tach or voltage signal. My car never once worked properly with the feedback signal.

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    How To Make A Remote Starter Work With A Manual Transmission

    The reason why you can’t start a vehicle with a manual transmission without depressing the clutch pedal is due to the clutch interlock switch. This switch prevents the engine from starting until it is tripped by fully engaging the clutch pedal, so it’s easy to bypass.

    The problem is the clutch interlock is a safety feature that prevents the driver from starting the vehicle with the transmission in gear. The interlock also prevents kids from accidentally rolling the vehicle into a building or traffic when left unsupervised.

    Removing this safety feature creates the possibility of starting the engine, or trying to, with the transmission in gear.

    Although it’s unlikely that the engine would start under those conditions, it could lurch forward or backward depending on the gear it was left in. Even with the parking brake set, the vehicle could easily hit another vehicle under those circumstances. Without the parking brake set, the vehicle could roll into a building, a roadway, or hit a pedestrian.

    That means there are three things that a remote car starter has to do if it is installed in a vehicle that has a manual transmission:

    • Disable the clutch interlock.
    • Verify the transmission is in neutral.
    • Verify that the parking brake is activated.

    How To Install A Remote Car Starter

    How To Install A Remote Car Starter

    Wondering how to install a remote car starter on your own? We’re about to make it much easier!

    In this guide, you’ll learn:

    • When to DIY vs. when to hire a professional
    • Price ranges for a remote starter installation
    • Supplies you’ll need to install a remote starter

    And much more!

    Imagine being able to hop into your car during the dead of winter, and instantly feel your car’s heat wrapped around you like a warm blanket.

    Outside of braving the icy-cold winter morning to turn on your car several minutes before starting your commute, this scenario may just be wishful thinking.

    But, by installing a remote starter on your car or truck, you can indeed experience this luxury yourself.

    So, before you dive into your DIY remote starter install, make sure you keep reading below to learn everything you need to know!

    What’s In This Guide?

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    Compustars 4 Steps To Buying A Remote Starter:

    Regardless of what brand of remote start youd like for your vehicle, our team at Compustar suggests following these steps when purchasing a remote start.

  • Use an to find professional retailers & installers near you.
  • Contact your retailer in advance to check your vehicles compatibility as well as the shops availability.
  • Ask about upgrading your remote range or adding 2-way to your remote starter.
  • Always make sure you purchase and install your remote starter at the same location.
  • If youre interested in a Compustar system, try going through our Compustar System Builder to find the system that best fits your needs.

    Remote Start Kits Are Popular

    One-click anywhere and with any car. Start your vehicle from the comfort of your home and have a perfectly warmed interior and defrosted windows this winter. We are breaking down how to gift a remote car starter this holiday season on the blog!

    P.C. Richard and Son

    Being able to start your vehicle to blast the air conditioner and cool it down on a hot summer day or get it toasty on a frigid winter morning without setting foot outside is a priceless gift. But before you buy one, youll need to consider your budget. There are a variety of remote kits from which to choose. Some are more basic, and others are high-tech with added features that work with a vehicles in-cabin tech.

    Expect to shell out anywhere from $50 to $500 depending on the make and model of the vehicle you want to outfit.

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    Best Option: Premium Remote Start Systems

    Premium remote start systems will have all of the above features and will include a 2-way remote. The 2-way remote will provide confirmation that a command was received by the vehicle. For instance, if you cannot see where your vehicle is parked, the 2-way remote will notify you that your vehicle has started or locked the doors when you press the button. All of the premium systems that we offer at Cartronics also have the capability of adding a smartphone interface which will allow you to lock, unlock, and start your vehicle from your smartphone, giving you virtually unlimited range!

    What Are The Price Ranges For Diy Remote Starter Install

    Remote Starter Installation

    The cost involved with the DIY installation of a remote starter kit can vary significantly based upon the quality of the kit that is purchased, as well as the features and functions that this remote starter kit includes.

    However, the cost associated with completing this task is generally no more expensive than the unit itself, as little more is required for the completion of this installation.

    The following are average figures for the cost of a DIY remote starter installation.

    Low-End Cost – $55-$60

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    Not Getting A Remote Car Starter With The Proper Feature Set

    Remote car starters offer a lot of convenience options. Be sure to ask the right questions when buying your starter. Some models are simply what they sound like: a remote car starter, and nothing more. They start and stop the vehicle from a distance. Thats it, and that might be good enough for you. Others have multiple functions, ranging from keyless entry and trunk release to heated seats and rear window defrost.

    A common mistake when considering options includes assuming that certain things might just work with the starter. For example, the rear window defroster will not just come on if you left it on. It is on a latched output that resets when the power is shut off that is, every time you turn off the vehicle. This feature has to be specifically added to almost all installs.

    Another common mistake is not adding keyless entry on newer vehicles. On most newer vehicles, the factory keyless entry does not function when the vehicle is running. This means that, when your vehicle is remote started and you walk up to it, the factory keyless will not unlock the doors. You would have to use the key in the door or shut the car down with the remote starter, unlock it with the factory remote and then restart it with the key. Neither is a great choice.

    A quality shop can talk you through these options and make recommendations based on your needs. If you find a shop you trust, the rest is easy.

    Remote Car Starters That Work With Any Vehicle

    Starting your car with a remote control before you slide behind the wheel is a nice creature comfort, but we wanted aftermarket options with cutting-edge technology like two-way communication, keyless entry, and in some cases LCD screens or security features.

    Start your engine with the best remote car starter from Crimestopper. Its remote car starter works for a wide range of vehicles with two-way communication and an impressive 3,000-foot range.

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    Remote Car Starter Installation For All Vehicle Makes And Models

    When cold weather hits Ohio, rely on your trusted remote car starter from TAS Electronics. We have a wide variety of car starters that work for every make and model. When you come to TAS, we will show you options and help you choose the best starter to fit your needs. Our professional team can often take care of the installation on the same day.

    Anyone Can Technically Install A Remote Starter

    How to Install a Remote Car Starter Yourself

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    Remote starting kits are relatively cheap. Just browsing on Amazon, you can probably find an entry-level version for $40. But you have to consider additional costs if your vehicle requires a more substantial unit. Then comes the cost of installation.

    The good news is, if you can read a wiring diagram of instructions and have a reasonable degree of patience, you can install a remote starter yourself. The key is knowing how to use a test light to identify key wiring and make decent splices. But by installing the remote starter yourself, you can save well over $100, according to Auto Service Costs.

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    Required Materials For This Remote Car Starter Installation Project

    Avoid last-minute shopping trips by having all your materials ready ahead of time for car starter installation. Heres a list.

    • Remote starter kit

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    What Is A Remote Car Starter

    Its a wireless device that uses radio-controlled technology to start the engine from a distance. Youll find theyre most often controlled via hand-held remote control devices that work with the push of a button.

    Different models work from different distances. Youll find the exact specifications for your model on the packaging. There are some models that start your car from less than 1,000 feet away. Other remote car starter models can start your car from as far away as one mile.

    Check out this remote control car link.

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    Which Remote Starter Is The Best

    #1 Best Overall: Compustar CS7900-AS All-In-One 2-Way Remote Start And Alarm Bundle. #2 Premium Pick: Viper 5906V Color Remote Start & Security. #3 Most Affordable: Avital 5305L Security System With 2-Way LCD Display Remote. #4: Viper 5305V 2-Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remote Start System.

    Horn Installation And Completion

    5 Best Remote Car Starters

    The horn was simple to install. The black wire went to chassis for 0volt. With the car remote started I did the following tests. 1. Shutdown by pressing the brake pedal.2. Manually inserting the key and trying the start while the car is remote started. This is to test the anti grind feature. Now the wife has remote start capabilities with her veteran Hyundai trajet. We live in a hot climate so have the air conditioning on is a huge comfort by the time she actually gets into the car. Also she likes the new 2 way pager remote. She likes the pretty factor. Kudos to me! Not bad for an anniversary present eh.

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