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How To Jump Start Car With Battery Charger

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Noco Boost Plus Gb40 1000 Amp 12

how to jump start car with battery charger

Starting our list with the NOCO Boost Plus GB40, which is one of the best high-power jump starters that you will find in the market. The NOCO genius ultrasafe lithium jump starter is just the ideal product you need to get your dead battery revived instantly. This amazing portable jump starter has a very compact design yet it is very powerful enough to offer you up to 20 jump starts after a single full charge.

When it comes to safety features, NOCO Boost Plus GB40 proves to be a really good car battery jump starter. Not just it has an intact mistake-proof design but also features spark-proof technology so that there wont be any odds of an accident of any type. Moreover, this product features reverse polarity protection that is an essential thing when it comes to buying a top-quality jump starter.

The durability of this emergency vehicle jump starter is also a pick of the features! With a rugged enclosure that is also water-proof, this product is safe for use in any weather. It also has a rubberized over-molded casing from the outside that offers additional safety along with protection from scratching.


  • Product Dimensions: 6.57 x 3.15 x 7.72 inches
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Rubberized over-molded casing for preventing scratching


  • Not compatible with vehicle engines that require higher current input for the jump-start
  • No USB-C support

Black+decker Pprh5b Portable Power Station Jump Starter: 1000peak/450 Instant Amps 500w Inverter 120 Psi Air Compressor Battery Clamps

Our second pick for this list of the best car jump starter is BLACK+DECKER PPRH5B portable power station jump starter that is a top-rated battery charger jump starter with great positive reviews from the buyers.

There are a number of things that we like about this heavy-duty jump starter, this includes multiple recharge options, a 120 PSI air compressor, a High-powered LED light, and a 500-watt AC inverter. Though its a heavy-weight jump starter, still, it is intelligently packaged for a smart look with an ergonomic grab handle.

For the charging of this jump starter, you will need a standard household extension cord that you have to purchase separately. Furthermore, you can charge a range of vehicles using this affordable car jump starter such as motorcycles, trucks, cars, and other vehicles.


Every Vehicle Owner Should Have A Portable Jump Starter So You Never Have To Wait Around For Someone To Jump Start Your Dead Battery Ever Again

Getting into your car and finding out the batterys dead can really throw a wrench in your day. If you believe jumper cables are the only solution to that problem, think again. Portable jump starters will get your car going without needing another vehicle for a jump, making them a lot more convenient to use than jumper cables. Some of these devices are compact enough to fit inside your glove box and give you a solution to jump start your vehicle in the case of an emergency.

Portable jump starters have become more popular in recent years, and many of them can also serve as a battery bank for your electronics. That means it can serve as a portable charger to keep your phone or tablet fully charged on the go. In other words, they arent just there to jump start your car, they can serve another purpose.

There are plenty of options out there, and some of their specifications may look like a mix of random numbers and letters to you. Were here to give you all the details you need to know about the best portable jump starters, so you can add this valuable tool to your car emergency kit.

For more information on the best portable car jump starters, refer to our table of contents.

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Pros And Cons Of Using A Battery Charger Instead Of Jump Leads

  • You don’t need anyone’s help. Sometimes flagging down a passing motorist doesn’t work, and waiting for a friend or family member to come give you a jump costs time.
  • You get going a lot faster. Aside from the time you save doing things yourself, battery chargers are also more efficient. You don’t have to wait five to ten minutes while the two cars idle to charge your battery enough to start the vehicle.
  • They are far more expensive than a set of jumper cables. This is especially true if you opt for the higher output options. Time really does mean money.
  • They’re useless unless charged. If you don’t remember to recharge the battery packs after use, you might still find yourself stranded and relying on others.

Test Your Battery And Charging System


You can check the condition of the battery, starting and entire charging system with a computerized battery tester. One choice is the SOLAR BA9, available from Amazon com. Besides testing voltage, it tests internal resistance and the condition of the starter and alternator. This one works on conventional SLI batteries, as well as gel and absorbed glass mat , so you can also use it on motorcycle and lawn and garden equipment.

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How Long Should You Run Your Car After A Jump Start

You have successfully learned how to jump start a car with a portable power pack. One commonly asked question once you have your engine running is, how long should you run your car after a jump start to recharge the battery?

You should understand that you will be relying on the alternator in your car to provide charge to your battery while the engine is running.

The job of the alternator is to provide only a small charge to your battery. This small charge should be enough to keep your battery topped up to a full charge.

The alternator is not designed to, and should not be used to fully charge a flat car battery.

Charging a flat car battery back to full health by running your car could take around 5 hours. The best way to charge a car battery would be to get your car home and use a dedicated car battery charger or trickle charger.

Read our How To Change A Car Battery guide, and our How To Charge A Car Battery At Home guide. You will learn everything that you need to know about charging your car battery at home.

Keep The Following In Your Car At All Times:

  • Jumper Cables: The longer, the better!
  • Mechanic Gloves: Disposable gloves at the very least, but heavy duty offers more protection
  • A Flashlight: Always handy to keep in your car!
  • Paper Coveralls: Protection for your clothes paint stores usually carry these
  • Owners Manual: You can often find this in your cars glovebox
  • To jump start your car, you will need to find someone with a vehicle to provide the jump to your dead battery. It is important to be safe and use sound judgment when seeking assistance from people you dont know. Dont accept help from anyone you dont feel comfortable around, and be sure to phone a loved one to let them know exactly where you are and whats going on.

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    How To Jumpstart A Car With A Battery Charger

    Weve all had it happen just when were in a hurry, we find out that our car is dead. Theres no one else around to help, and the auto club is more than an hour away. Well, if you have a battery charger, its fairly simple to go ahead and jumpstart your cars battery, even if theres no one else around to help you. Heres how to jumpstart a car with a battery charger.

    How To Jumpstart A Car With A Battery Charger

    1. Make sure your car is turned entirely off. Removing the keys from the ignition ensures its completely off, and not just dead.

    2. Open your hood using the hood release lever inside the vehicle.

    3. Verify that your charger is turned off and is not plugged into an electrical outlet before you begin. Place it away from the vehicle, but close enough to connect the cables.

    4. Take the positive clamp from the charger and attach it to the positive terminal on your cars battery. This should be marked with a plus sign, and is often colored red so you can identify it more easily.

    5. Take the negative clamp from the charger and attach it to the negative terminal on your cars battery. This should be marked with a minus sign, and is often colored black so you can identify it. This should provide the power needed to jumpstart the vehicle.

    6. Adjust the voltage on the charger. If unsure, consult with the owners manual for the best results. A slow, or trickle charge, will usually give you better results.

    10. Turn the charger off and unplug it before removing it.

    Can I Substitute Another Battery To Get It Started And Then Replace The Old Battery When Its Running

    How to Jump Start your Car with a Battery Charger

    Perhaps you have a marine battery in your garage and you want to know if you can get the car running with it, and then disconnect it once running to hook up the original battery so that the alternator will charge it.

    Unfortunately, no. You risk causing thousands of dollars of damage to your cars computer system and electronics if you attempt to swap batteries while the car is running. Its a great idea in theory but will damage your sensitive electronics that are everywhere within your car if you attempt it.

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    Criteria For Choosing The Best Portable Car Battery Charger

    We’ve assembled a list of our favorite portable car batteries, from basic jump starters to personal power units with battery capacity for camping trips or power outages. We’ve based our best portable jump starter recommendations on testing labs such as Consumer Reports, user ratings at popular shopping sites and hands-on experience.

    Some portable jump start batteries have other useful features such as air compressors, charge ports for phones, and lights.

    Here, in alphabetical order, are our highly rated favorites for best portable jump starter options. We’ll be updating this list periodically as we review new options. If you think you want a portable car battery jump starter and battery charger, check the pro tips on safety and proper care that follow.

    Hulkman Alpha85 Jump Starter

    If you plan on using your portable jump starter as a battery charger for your mobile devices, youll want a device that recharges quickly. This way, its always ready to jump start your vehicle as well as keeping your smartphone topped off. For this, we turn our attention to HULKMANs Alpha85 Jump Starter that features the companys patented 65 watt Speed Charge, which can fully charge the jump starter from zero percent to 100 percent in under 1.5 hours. The company says just over 20 percent of power is enough to start your car if necessary.

    The starter itself offers 2,000 peak cranking amps, allowing it to jump start vehicles with up to an 8.5-liter gasoline engine or a 6.0-liter diesel engine. HULKMAN claims this option can jump start 60 times on a single charge! Internally, its a 20,000 mAh battery bank and you get the added bonus of a 12-volt port to power any of your DC devices, like a portable tire inflator. Theres also a built-in flashlight with three modes and a 3.3-inch screen that displays status information.

    All of this is housed in a rugged enclosure that boasts IP65 resistance, which makes it resistant to rain, dust, and drops. HULKMAN also includes a 24-month warranty and lifetime technical support.

  • Pros/2,000 amp, 20,000 mah internal battery, IP65, fast charging, 3.3-inch screen, built-in flashlight and 12V port
  • Cons/Doesn’t come with a carrying case/storage bag, may not work in extremely cold temperatures
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    What Voltage Does My Car Battery Have To Be To Start My Car

    Despite the fact that your car battery is labeled as being 12 volts, that does not mean that it is charged when a reading of it indicated 12 volts. If that were the case, a 12-volt reading would mean that your battery was only about 45% charged and would likely not be able to start your car.

    Your car battery should ideally have a voltage reading of 12.6-12.7+ when at rest. A reading in this range would indicate a charge of 95-100%. When you start to get around 12.1 it starts to become a coin toss of whether or not it will turn over when you crank the key.

    Tacklife T8 800a Peak 18000mah Lithium Car Jump Starter For Up To 70l Gas Or 55l Diesel Engine 12v Auto Battery Booster With Lcd Screen Portable Power Bank With Usb Quick Charge

    How to Properly Connect the Jumper Cables

    Number fourth on our list is TACKLIFE T8 that is an ultra-portable jump starter with a massive 18000mAH battery capacity that is enough for you to jump-start a vehicle up to 30 times. It has an 800-ampere peak power output and is capable of jumpstarting a 12-volt battery of any vehicle. You can even get your phone or any other electronic device charged in case of an emergency using this auto jump starting device.

    One of the outstanding features of this automobile jumpstarting product is that you can manually turn it off for slowing down the self-discharge of the jump starters battery. Due to this incredible feature, this item is enabled to hold the charge for up to 12 months if it is not in use. This jump starter also has an indicator that will give indications to you if you will be using the clamps wrong.


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    How To Charge A Car Battery At Home

    In winter, when its cold outdoors, its better to bring the battery in. However, it extracts harmful gas, so the premises are to be properly ventilated. Anyway, I would recommend charging a battery in a garage that is heated and illuminated, rather than at home. The process is the same as it was described above. The terminals and case cleaning, the charger hooking up and turning on, the timer setting is the basic stages. The charger is to be off during the cables connection.

    But, how to charge a battery without a charger? You can do it with a common, laptop charging device, adding copper wires, a bulb, and a resistor. Connect the wires, checking the scheme, positive, and negative separately. However, you are to be an electrical engineer to apply this method, as its a bit complicated and dangerous.

    wireless devicecigarette lighter

    Additionally, charging a car battery while still connected is easy when its not completely dead yet. Just drive the vehicle around a yard or not busy area, having turned off all the lamps and devices.

    When Do You Need To Buy A New Battery

    If your battery is running dead time and time again, youre putting a lot of stress on the ignition and alternator youre also risking power surges during recharge that could fry your electronics, fuses, and even bust bulbs in the headlights. The simplest way to tell if your battery is toast is to use a voltmeter when the car is running and being revved to see what kind of output youre getting. The reading on a voltmeter should be between 13.5 and 14.4 volts, any lower and its replacement time.

    Your battery is easy to replace you should never let it get to be such a problem that youre parking beside cars with drivers who look nice enough to lend a charge each time you go to the store. Not only is it an inconvenience, but youre also risking damage and wear to other parts as well. Once your battery has died, check it with a voltmeter after you get your car running again. Get a new Toyota battery and swap it out as soon as you determine that its done for.

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    What Other Portable Jump Starter Features Do I Need To Look For

    Many portable jump starters come with additional features, but the issue is size and weight. Add all of the features in one unit and the jump starter gets much bulkier, with weight exceeding 30 pounds. For some purposes — camping trips for example — that may not matter much. On the other hand, you may not want to be carrying one of the bigger portable car batteries around in your Mazda Miata. Some manufacturers, including the highly rated Antigravity brand, are starting to offer separate accessories like a small, powerful air compressor that work with their paperback-size lithium-polymer jump starter batteries, but this approach tends to add to the cost.

    Dead Car Battery Tricks

    How to jump start a dead car using battery charger

    Meanwhile, when a force majeure situation already happened, and the battery is dead, its still possible to revive it. Youll diagnose that its dying when the dome light and headlights are dim, the motor doesnt start, the radio doesnt turn on after the ignition switch is turned.

    In this case, you can:

    • jumpstart the car with another vehicle, battery booster or another accumulator
    • add electrolyte
    • give it a dose of aspirin, soda or magnesium sulfate .

    Adding some chemical compound to the water, you make the acid mix stronger. However, please, be careful with a frozen battery, as it can explode. It is to be thawed before recharging.

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    Using A Car Jump Starter With A Hybrid

    If you drive a hybrid, it’s typically safe to use a car jump starter or a regular jump-start on the auxiliary battery. These auxiliary batteries are nominally 12V, just like regular car batteries, but they’re typically smaller.

    The main danger associated with hybrids and jump-starting is that if you use the auxiliary battery in your hybrid to jump someone else’s car, you may end up depleting it to the point where your vehicle won’t start. It is safe to use a jump starter or portable power pack on that type of battery.

    The other type of battery contained in most hybrids uses a different, much higher voltage than the 12V used by conventional cars and trucks. You can’t jump-start the main batteries in your hybrid with a car jump starter or jumper cables and another car.

    If you drive an electric car, never attempt to provide or receive a jump-start. Electric cars are meant to be charged in a specific manner.

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