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How To Protect Leather Seats From Car Seats

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How To Remove Seat Marks From Leather Car Seats


If your leather car seats have already been marked or marred by your childs seats, you can check out this video. It shows you how to safely remove the marks created by the child safety seat installed in your car.

The reality is, whatever dent, crease, or wrinkle you are unable to successfully prevent from happening may be hard to permanently remove.

Usually, you might be able to even out the dent or crease temporarily but will most likely return after a while.

So the key takeaway basically is that you would want to ensure you practice or use the methods highlighted in this post so that you do not get to this point of no return with your leather car seats.

How Do You Keep A Car Seat From Damaging Leather Seats

A child safety seat is a piece of equipment you add to the car so that you can drive an infant safely. They are specially designed to protect the child from harm during driving and despite some hazards, car seats are generally considered to be safe. Also, they are legally required in all states which is why youre probably not going to be able to avoid putting them in your car.

Since they are usually large, plastic pieces of equipment, they might not work well with your new leather seats and they can leave marks and/or even do real damage. Luckily, there are ways of avoiding this, and here they are:

Since seat protectors are the best and most specialized product out there, we are going to deal with them a bit more.

Take The Car Seat Out Of The Car When Not In Use

This is an exceptional way to prevent uneven fading. You can also prevent future damage to leather seats because there will not be consistent pressure in the same spot on the leather.

Instead, your seats will get a break when you take the car seat out of the car. Every time you go in the house, make sure that you take the car seat inside with you.

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Gently Scrub The Leather

Leather can build up dirt and dust which can form into a layer that penetrates the surface of your leather car seats. This will require more than a wipe down to get rid of, and gently scrubbing is required. Scrubbing leather will need a soft bristled brush, do not attempt this with a stiff bristle brush. Spray the leather car seat cleaner onto the seats and use your soft brush to gently agitate it into the surface in small circular motions. This penetrates the layer build-up and gets rid of more stubborn dirt. Once youve worked the cleaner into all of your leather, use a new, clean microfibre cloth to wipe away the cleaner and dirt from the seats. Perforated leather shouldnt be scrubbed as this can clog perforations.

Use Towels To Prevent Indentions

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Most car seats are not perfectly flat on the bottom. In fact, none of them are. Because of that, certain parts of the car seat will dig into your leather seats. You can put towels or a blanket underneath the car seat to make sure that the car seat isnt digging into your leather seat.

When using this method, do not roll the towel up. You dont want it to lift the car seat up too high. Changing the position of the car seat in the car can make it unsafe for your baby. Instead, use a thin towel.

Keep in mind that this can provide some protection, but, because you have to use a thin towel, its not the best option there is. But there are towel-type car set options available like this.

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How To Clean And Condition Leather Car Seats

Keeping leather car seats clean and conditioned is straightforward enough, but if youre not sure how to approach it and what sort of products to use, our step-by-step guide can help.

Youll need:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Simoniz Leather Cream this 2-in-1 product cleans and conditions leather, with natural oils providing great protection and shine
  • Two soft applicator cloths

Step 1

Vacuum the seats with a soft brush head attachment, so as not to scratch the leather. Remove as much dirt and dust as you can to make cleaning the seats easier.

Step 2

Using Simoniz Leather Cream, apply a small amount to a cloth and wipe the seats down to remove surface dirt. Dont scrub hard instead, use a circular motion to massage and agitate the leather fibres.

Step 3

Once youve applied the product, the leather may look dull, but this is normal. Leave it to work for a few minutes and then, using a second clean cloth, buff the seats to bring up the leathers high shine. The leather cream works like a polish, conditioning and protecting the leather with natural oils while guaranteeing shine and a great finish.

And youre done.

  • Tip: To keep leather car seats clean on the go, keep a pack of leather cleaning wipes in your glovebox. Products like Simoniz Leather Wipes clean, treat and shine leather, so the seats will stay looking great between full cleans.

Assess And Remove Loose Dirt

First up is giving your cars interior a good look over. You’re on the hunt for any damage to the car interior, including holes, tears or frays. You also want to check if there’s any perforated areas – if you get liquid stuck inside these areas, it’ll damage the inner foam and your seats will soon be done for.

Once you’ve taken stock of any blemishes, you can go hoover-happy. Trapped surface dirt can be very abrasive and it’ll strip the colour off of the hide and scratch your material, so it’s got to go. You want to start off by getting rid of any crumbs that have lodged themselves in the seat crevices. Getting rid of all of this surface dirt will make tackling the seats with car leather cleaner much easier later on.

Whip out your hoover and get vacuuming. Suck up all the surface dirt, and if you’ve got an air compressor, you can use this to blow stubborn dirt particles out of those irritatingly hard-to-reach areas.

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Should I Go For Leather

Seat covers made out of leather are very comfortable to use. But they have a few downsides as well. Leather seat covers are damaged by bacteria over the course of time. On top of that, since leather is manufactured from animal skin, its a very finite resource. As a result, their prices tend to be very high.

On the other hand, You can try out synthetic leathers. This type of leather resembles the original leather in terms of appearance. But they arent the original leather. Rather, they are made from synthetic polyester-based materials.

So they are not affected by bacteria and do not rot. Consequently, they usually last longer than the original leather. Also, since they are synthetically manufactured, they are cheaper than original leather.

As an additional benefit, the thermal characteristics of synthetic leathers are constant too, meaning that with synthetic leathers, youll feel cold in summer and warm in winter.

What Are Car Seat Protectors And How Safe Are They

How To Protect Your Leather Seats From Car Seats!! (Installing The Evenflo Revolve 360 Car Seat!)

Car seat protectors are simply covers that protect the car seats offers comfort while traveling, prevent stains, and are quite easier to clean than your cars original upholstery.

As far as the seat of your car is concerned, car seat protectors will not do any damage to it.

When you take them out, you might see some marks or stains in the shape of the protector, but dont worry, these are just temporary due to the pressure. They will disappear if you give your leather enough time to rest.

The important thing to bear in mind is the seat protector shouldnt have any sharp edges jabbed into your seat which is the real enemy.

Although, they might cause issues with the child safety seat since they separate the child safety seat from your car seat, which might not be a good thing as it can reduce the safety of the whole apparatus, especially if its not properly installed.

Fortunately, proper installation and regularly checking the apparatus can help avoid these issues.

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Protecting & Cleaning Interior Trim & Leather

Keep your interior looking the way it should

You spend the most time with your car on the inside, so its important to keep your interior looking the way it should. It takes surprisingly little effort, and just a few good products, to get it looking in showroom condition!

What You’ll Need:

  • Soft brush, such as a paint brush

Tips and Warnings:

  • It is important to test any new products on a discreet area of the seating beforehand to make sure it doesnt remove colour.
  • When wiping your leather clean to prepare for the protectant, pay particular attention to the stitching a soft brush is the best tool for this.
  • Repeat the protecting process as often as required. This will vary depending on your vehicle use, age and storage.

Before You Start

First, remove any dirt and dust from the dashboard and other plastic trim with a damp microfibre cloth. Then, remove dirt and dust from leather seating with a soft cloth and vacuum, paying particular attention to the stitching.

Step 1 – Protect the Dashboard

Spray the protectant onto a clean cloth and wipe it onto the dashboard and other plastic trim to create an even cover, and then use another clean cloth to remove any remaining residue. To finish, buff the whole dashboard to leave it with a nice finish.

Step 2 – Apply the Leather Cleaner

Rub it well, and then remove any excess product with a dry, clean cloth.

Step 3 – Condition the Leather

Dont Leave The Car Seat In The Same Spot

Indentions in the leather happen because the car seat is consistently pressed against the leather in the same spot. Its this consistent pressure and friction that ruins the leather.

You can help prevent damage, or at least make it less severe, by not putting the car seat in the same seat. Switch sides if you can.

Remember that the middle is safest for a baby, so if you put the car seat by a door with airbags, youll want to pick a car seat that can protect against that like the one above.

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Car Seats Can Lead To Cracking And Tearing

Car seats also damage leather seating by constantly applying pressure to the leather. When the car seat is left sitting in the same spot, it consistently pushes down on the same spot on the seat.

Over time, this can lead to a permanent indention. This indention can get worse, leading to cracking or tearing of the leather.

Simple Tips To Protect Leather Car Seats

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With the potential threats the sun poses on your leather car seats, you may think that you need to need to keep your car from being exposed to the sun. Of course you know that is not exactly possible. Luckily, other than periodic cleaning, conditioning and application of leather protection, there are proactive ways you can protect your leather car seats.

  • When you need to park outdoors, choose a shaded area.
  • Parked in a covered garaged whenever possible.
  • If you have a convertible, always drive with the top on.
  • Invest in good quality seat or car covers.
  • Apply car window tints.

Leather car seats provide the class, sophistication and elegance to every luxury car. The costs of these leather car seats constitute a big portion of the luxury cars total cost. To fully enjoy your investment, take good care of your car leather seats.

The natural state of leather makes it prone to cracking and fading due to excessive exposure to the UV rays of the sun and heat. Regular cleaning, routine maintenance and protecting leather from the environment will keep your car leather seats look new for a long time.

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What Do I Need When Cleaning Leather Car Seats

Cleaning the inside of our cars isnt usually as high on the agenda as taking care of the outside. The whole world can see your grubby windows and muddy alloys, but the remains of your McDonald’s drive-thru adventure can be fairly well hidden from public view.

To clean the outside of our cars, we just need a sponge, a hose, and a bucket of soapy water. Easy. But for some reason, the car interior seems like a much bigger job.

What do you actually need to get those leather car seats looking squeaky clean though?

Lexol Conditioner And Cleaner Kit

Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it does a poor job. Lexol’s leather cleaner and conditioner kit does a bang-on job for the price. While the pads had a tendency to fall apart a little bit, the products worked just like they should, pulling off dirt and grime with the cleaner and leaving a nice soft leather behind with the conditioner.

One thing: Lexol leather cleaner does not smell very good. We’d highly recommend using this leather surface cleaner outside with windows down in the car. But a leather interior care kit for this price is hard to pass up when it does work.


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Leather Car Seat Maintenance

Leather seat maintenance does not have to be expensive as we have discussed effective and easy DIY hacks below. Gain in-depth insight into the different methods to avert leather stains due to car seats.

Your childs seat often causes damages to your luxury leather seats. This is due to the tight straps and the plastic material components of the car seat. Putting a seat protector significantly protects the leather in your car.

The straps cause friction between the plastic from the car seats and the leather seats in your car. All this rubbing together causes wear and tear of the leather. This damage may be permanent if consistent for a duration of time, so prevention remains the best remedy.

Two: Apply A Cleaning Solution

How to Seal and Protect Leather Car Seats Properly

Next, youll need to apply a cleaning solution to the leather to get rid of any stains and bacteria collected over time. You can either purchase a commercial cleaning solution or make one with household supplies.

Regardless of which option you choose, do not apply the cleaning solution directly to your leather seats. Instead, apply some solution to a microfiber cloth so that it is reasonably damp, but not soaked.

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Avoid Using The Same Spot In The Car

When you place the car seat in the car, use different seats. Put it on one side of the car one day. Use the middle of the bench seat the next day. Then, switch it back.

This helps prevent permanent intentions that will slowly turn into ripped or cracked leather because the car seat is not putting continuous pressure on the same part of the leather seat.

Aesthetic Design And Appearance:

Now that you have got some idea of its build quality, why dont you get to know how these seat covers are in terms of appearance too? Well, they look pretty good compared to their price.

Most users choose these seat coverings because of their minimalist yet premium design. Once you lay your eyes on these seat covers, I bet youll get attracted to these.

The appearance of these seat covers is especially sleek because they come in black and gray color. If your cars interior theme is a bit on the lighter side, you can choose a gray color seat cover.

Otherwise, the pitch-black color should suit you just as fine. The design itself is very futuristic, and the appearance resembles a sporty theme too.

The manufacturer has designed these seat coverings in such a way that they cover detachable headrests too. In addition to that, youll find seat covers for the armrest and other miscellaneous parts of the seat.

Also, additional storage pockets are added on the backside of the seat covers. Surprisingly, these seat covers are also compatible with side airbags too. Pretty cool! Right?

If you want to store your mobile phone or wallet temporarily, you can just put them in the pockets.

There is also additional disc anchor compatibility in the seat covers. So, the same buckles will be easily detachable when you are using the seat covers.

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What Options Are Available For Protecting Leather Surfaces

Those of us who are old-school car guys swear by leather conditioners and dressings. But what is different about these two products?

A leather conditioner is intended to maintain hydration in a leather car seat and other interior parts. The conditioner soaks into the top layer of the hyde, which helps to reduce the potential of drying, cracking, and other damage caused by UV rays and excessive heat.

A leather dressing is applied to help protect the surface against exposure to UVA and UVB. Consider a leather dressing similar with sunscreen for your skin. However, its also used to help improve the shine of the leather surface.

These are the two big dogs in leather protection. There are also specific leather cleaner products, but we covered that in a previous episode of Car Detailing 1010. They were initially created to work with traditional leather upholstery materials.

But then something happened in the automotive industry cost cutting. The manufacturers were realizing that genuine leather became cost-prohibitive. This led to the creation of leatherette and synthetic leather used to create an upgraded vehicle seat. It also saw a large addition of perforated leather seats.

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