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How To Put Wifi In Your Car

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Permanently Install A Wireless Modem And Router Unit In Your Car

How to Install WiFi in your Vehicle
  • $200 to $600, not including installation.

  • Depends on the carrier.

The most expensive, most reliable, and least portable way to get Wi-Fi in your car is to permanently install a wireless modem and router device.

These automotive wireless routers are typically much more expensive than portable dongles and MiFi devices, and they also require some installation work that may or may not fall outside your comfort zone. When you buy a car that has built-in connectivity, it’s because it has one of these devices installed.

Some automotive routers do have a degree of portability, in that you permanently wire a cradle into your vehicle, and the modem/router device itself can easily be removed and placed in another cradle in a different car or truck. Other devices are hard-wired though, in which case they are only as portable as your vehicle itself.

The main benefit of this type of device is that the cellular radio will often be stronger than what you typically find in a mobile hotspot, and the Wi-Fi signal may also be stronger. The other benefit is that some permanently-installed automotive modem/router combos include USB or ethernet ports.

These units still create a Wi-Fi network, which you can hook up to with your phone, tablet, laptop, or another Wi-Fi-enabled device, but they also provide the option to connect a laptop or other device via USB or ethernet.

Getting Your Echo Dot Connected In Your Car

The first thing to do is to change your Echo Dot’s Wi-Fi network from your home to the hotspot address of the smartphone you want to use for tethering.

To do this, fire up the Alexa app choose Devices at the bottom and tap on the Echo you want to move into your vehicle.

Under Wireless, you’ll see see Wi-Fi Network – hit Change.

You’ll then be jumped over to Echo Dot setup page, where you simply need to follow the screens, make sure your phone’s hotspot is enabled.

If you don’t see the orange light appear on your Dot, press and hold the action button until the light ring goes orange. You’ll then need to temporarily connect to the network your Dot is broadcasting, then just select your phone’s hotspot name and enter the password.

That’s it – you’re done, your Echo Dot is now using your phone’s 3G or 4G data, instead of your home’s Wi-Fi. You might want to change the name of the Dot to Echo Car, or something along those lines – something that’s easy to remember.

Now, it’s just a case of putting your Dot in your car. The Dot actually has a non-slip base, and we haven’t had any issues of it moving around on our car’s dashboard – but you might want to secure it with some sticky tabs to be double-safe.

Obviously, your Dot is relying on your phone’s connection now, so if your phone’s data cuts out, your Echo won’t work. However, with 3G and 4G coverage being so widespread nowadays, you shouldn’t run into many problems.

How To Get Wifi In Your Car

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To the list of life’s essentials water, food, heat, shelter we should probably add WiFi. WiFi lets us get on the internet easily and cheaply. That means access to news, social media and email as well as video, music, maps and just about anything else we need.

Today we expect to find WiFi in coffee shops, hotels and airports, at work and in our friend’s apartments. Even some campgrounds have WiFi! In fact about the only places without it are your car, truck and boat. Yes, your cellphone can keep you connected, but there are times when it’s better to use a WiFi hotspot to bring internet to your car.

If you’re in the market for a new car you’ll find many offer in-car WiFi. Fortunately for the rest of us, there are some other options. Here we’re going to look at:

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Get Connected While You Drive

Long journeys can be tough. Some connected devices can help travelers relax, stream music, games, and more to phones and tablets.

At this stage, you should know exactly how to keep everyone in your car happy with an internet connection. To get in-car Wi-Fi you can:

  • Suggest everyone use their own mobile internet
  • Set a mobile as a hotspot
  • Use a portable Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Use a dedicated in-car hotspot
  • Consider a DIY in-car wireless hotspot

Alternatively, you might want to simply connect your phone to your car. Here’s how to stream music from your phone to your car audio system.

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Find A New Vehicle With Chevy Wi

How to Put a Backup Camera on Your Older Car

Are you still wondering about how to make the most of your Chevy Equinox Wi-Fi or your Chevy Trax Wi-Fi? No matter what kind of truck, car, or SUV you drive, contact us at your convenience for tips on this and other Chevy MyLink features. Ready to connect to Chevy Wi-Fi and get more out of every drive through Deptford and Cherry Hill? Almost all new models offer the feature, and as you’ve seen, getting connected is as easy as can be. Take a moment to browse our new vehicle inventory and find out if theres a model with everything you desire.

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Toyota Camry / Corolla / Prius C / Rav4 / Yaris

According to Autobytel, this exciting lineup of Toyota models offers Wi-Fi capability via the Entune system. Featuring a touchscreen interface, satellite radio, Bluetooth technology, and Scout GPS link which mirrors the navigation screen of the driver’s smartphone, Toyota’s Entune App Suite provides access to additional sources like iHeart Radio, Pandora, Yelp, Open Table, destination search, and more. Plus, iPhone users will enjoy the Siri Eyes Free voice control system that makes driving safer and easier.

Trading Up To A Connected Car

If youre thinking that its time for a new vehicle anyway, and youre interested in the idea of having Wi-Fi in your car, then its worth considering that as an option when you start shopping around.

Most manufacturers offer at least one or more models that include a built-in cellular data connection and are also capable of creating Wi-Fi networks.

Truly connected cars typically provide more functionality than you are likely to attain from using a cellphone or mobile hotspot since the cellular connection is built right in.

The head unit will often include functionality, like internet radio, or connectivity to a service like OnStar, that makes use of the mobile data, which is above and beyond the basic functionality of creating a Wi-Fi network that you can connect to with your tablet or another device.

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Mobile Hotspot Faster Than Wi

Wi-Fi is obviously faster than 4G LTE Mobile Data, but downloads can get stuck over Wi-Fi. Some smartphone brands include a sanity check to switch your connection from a slow Wi-Fi to a faster cellular connection.

If you also want to assess your Wi-Fi connection, check out the list with the best Wi-Fi software to do just that. Also, check out the best Wi-Fi hotspot software for Windows 10 to make an informed decision.

For any other suggestions or questions, dont hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

Use A Dedicated Mobile Hotspot To Add Wi

How To Add WiFi To Your Car

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  • $100 to $200+ depending on the device you choose.

  • $0 to $70+ per month depending on the service provider and plan you choose.

Another easy way to get Wi-Fi in your car is to use a dedicated mobile hotspot. These devices essentially include the same type of cellular data connection as a phone and the same ability to create a wireless network, but you cant use them to do anything else smartphones are capable of doing.

Most cellular companies that offer regular cell service also have a line of dedicated mobile hotspots, so you will typically have the option to either add one of these devices to your current cellular plan or to go with a totally different provider, based on your specific needs.

There are two main types of dedicated mobile hotspots: dongles and self-contained devices.

Cellular dongles are USB devices that are typically designed to plug into computers and laptops and create a Wi-Fi network that provides access to a cellular data connection.

However, some of these dongles, after being set up initially, can be plugged into any USB power source. That means if your head unit includes a USB connection, or you have added a powered USB connector to your car, you may be able to plug in one of these dongles to add Wi-Fi to your car.

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Remember To Stay Safe And Secure On The Road

Along with being mindful of the roadway, keep in mind that someone in the next car over may have access to your mobile Wi-Fi connection. Use a VPN or treat your in-car Wi-Fi connection like a public Wi-Fi network. Avoid entering any sensitive information, such as passwords or banking info, while connected. Safe travels!

Additional Considerations When Adding Wi

When you buy a brand new connected car, you may receive a free data allotment for a limited amount of time. There are also some providers that offer a free data plan with a limited amount of data.

However, data isnt free outside of these very limited circumstances, which means that you need to consider both the cost of data and availability of the network when deciding how to add Wi-Fi connectivity to your car.

Data cost essentially just means how much the available data plans cost versus how much bandwidth they provide. Depending on the way you choose to add Wi-Fi to your car, you may go with a major cellular provider, a smaller provider, or even a reseller, and each one has its own plans that you should examine before making a final decision.

One important factor to consider is that some companies advertise a large, or even unlimited, amount of hotspot data, but only a small amount will be available at the fastest possible speed.

These plans are often metered and provide slower 3G service after you have eaten through your monthly allotment of high-speed data.

The other important factor to look at is network availability, which essentially just means where the provider has service and where it doesnt.

Some providers advertise very large networks, but the fastest data speeds are only available in specific markets. Other providers have relatively large high-speed networks but have huge holes where no service is available.

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My Iphone Is Not Connecting To Car Bluetooth What Should I Do

If your iPhone is not connecting to car Bluetooth, theres probably a connectivity issue thats preventing your iPhone from pairing with you car. However, we cant completely rule out the possibility a hardware issue.

Theres a small antenna inside your iPhone which helps it pair with other Bluetooth devices. This antenna also helps your iPhone connect to Wi-Fi networks, so if your iPhone has had trouble connecting to Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi lately, then it may have a hardware problem.

Follow the steps below to figure why your iPhone wont connect to car Bluetooth!

The Best Ways To Get In

How to Install Bluetooth in a Car Stereo System

by Elmer Montejo on March 08, 2016in , , , , ::

The Internet instantly gratifies your need to stay in touch. People today demand connectivity wherever we go, at home, at the office, in bars and restaurants, at the mall, on airplanes and especially in the car.

If your car supports it, the best solution is to use the Internet connectivity and Wi-Fi built into your car, since it gets the better reception than other mobile connectivity solutions. More and more car makers, such as Chevrolet and Audi, are designing cars with Wi-Fi hotspot capability. But even if your car doesnt have Wi-Fi built-in, it’s easy to bring connectivity to your car.

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Get A Wifi Bar Boost For Enhanced Garage Functionality

Having a strong WiFi signal allows you to do things like use your mobile devices to check sports scores, the news, or reference an instructional YouTube video while working in your garage.

And now that you know how to get better WiFi in your garage, you can take advantage of the numerous smart garage products available.

Garage Living carries LiftMaster garage door openers that feature innovative MyQ smart technology. The MyQ tech is hooked up to your WiFi and allows you to monitor and operate your garage doors remotely from a smartphone app. You can also get alerts sent to your phone if theres suspicious activity with your garage doors.

In addition to these smart tech features, a garage door opener upgrade is worth considering if your current opener is more than ten years old. Modern garage door openers are more energy efficient, have better security features, and operate more quietly.

Here are three more smart home tech products worth considering that can use the WiFi in your garage:

  • security cameras
  • lighting
  • climate control system

Yes, setting up and troubleshooting some smart home tech products and the network they run on can require a little patience. But when everything works perfectly, you can definitely simplify some aspects of your life with the conveniences they offer.

Solution #: Ensure Everything Is Set Up Properly

Its possible your hardware is fine, but its simply not configured properly or requires a firmware update.

Tinker with the settings until you achieve a level of performance youre satisfied with. Most modern routers have 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless frequencies. Try switching from one frequency to the other to see if you get better results.

If youre not tech-savvy, fixing your internet network issues may feel somewhat overwhelming. Use your ISPs tech support if youre having a difficult time figuring things out.

And if tech support isnt of much help, have your ISP send a technician to your home to fix your network issues. Another option is to hire a home network professional to help you achieve optimal results with your setup.

Dont forget to keep your home network protected by securing any new network devices youre adding.

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Connect To Your Gmcs Built

Todays mobile devices put content, information and entertainment at your fingertips, and GMCs built-in Wi-Fi®Hotspot offering a reliable connection keeps everyone connected while on the go.

Whether you need to remain connected while on a business trip or stream videos to entertain children on a family vacation, theres more need than ever before to remain connected while on the go. GMC can help a built-in Wi-Fi® Hotspot is available on most GMC trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and vans.

Leveraging this powerful connection couldnt be easier. Theres no need to invest in add-on accessories or a stand-alone wireless hub everything is seamlessly integrated into your GMC.

Youll need a GMC equipped with an in-vehicle Wi-Fi® Hotspot and an active corresponding data plan.


1. Make sure your GMC is either running, or its ignition is switched to the accessory position.

2. Open the Wi-Fi settings page on the IntelliLink infotainment system to find information youll need for connecting to the Wi-Fi® Hotspot. To do so, either tap the Wi-Fi Settings icon on the main menu screen, or press the voice command button and say Wi-Fi Settings.”

3. Take note of both the SSID or network name and the password listed on screen. Both of these are key for connecting devices to the Wi-Fi® Hotspot.

If you encounter any difficulties, just push the blue OnStar button. A specially-trained advisor will be happy to help answer any questions you might have.

What Cars Have Built

How to install WiFi IN YOUR CAR

Many manufacturers are adding built-in Wi-Fi equipment to their new vehicles. Thats not to say these vehicles come with Wi-Fi included, but they are service-ready without any additional equipment needed.

Some popular manufacturers that are producing select vehicles with built-in Wi-Fi technology include:

Subaru Volvo

Not all new vehicles from these manufacturers come with built-in Wi-Fi. If youre interested in having the technology in your new vehicle, speak with an auto sales professional about the specific models that come with Wi-Fi equipment.

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From Wifi In The Car To The Car Of The Future

There is no question that using integrated or retrofitted WiFi in the car is a practical innovation. Permanently integrated WiFi, in particular, illustrates a change that vehicles are currently undergoing. Whereas we are currently using cars purely for locomotion, in the future autonomous driving will open up new possibilities: From the mobile office and entertainment to simple connectivity WiFi in the car is one of the first steps towards achieving these goals. In our e-book, we inform you of the opportunities and challenges of autonomous driving and give insights as to what stage this development is currently at.

Take Security Precautions When Using A Hotspot

The problem with using public hotspots is that they are open to the public. You could be sharing a connection with anyone at any time. A hotspot isn’t your home or office password-protected Wi-Fi router. Hackers can hack a public hotspot easier than a private access point.

Here are some precautions you can take before you sign on to a hotspot:

  • Understand how your laptop or mobile device shares files and tighten the privileges. Mac laptops, for example, use AirDrop. Depending on your settings, a hacker could send a file to your Mac over AirDrop without your knowledge.
  • Turn off file sharing for public access folders on your laptop and other devices.
  • Install anti-virus protection for your Android phone, iPad, or any other device you use with a public hotspot. Also, activate the firewall on your device to prevent the transmission of malware from an infected device that is also connected to the hotspot.
  • Install a VPN on your device. A virtual private network encrypts all your web traffic, so even if you are hacked, your data is impossible to read.
  • Turn off automatic connections to nearby networks.

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