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How To Register A Car In Colorado

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Complete Your Car Registration Renewal In Colorado Online

Colorado Car Title Transfer – “Buyer” Instructions

For customer convenience, Colorado offers an online service for yearly registration renewal that takes just 10 minutes to complete! To be eligible for this service, your current registration must expire within the month but it can not be more than one month expired, you must be located within a participating county, and there can not be any outstanding fees, tolls, or civil fines.

To schedule an appointment online, visit the Colorado Department of Revenue,Division of Motor Vehicles website and click the Vehicle Services button. Once clicked, it should populate a new page where you will find a link labeled Renew a vehicle registration under the Registration section.

What youll need to complete registration online:

  • Your license plate number

  • Current vehicleemissions testing report

  • Current Colorado License

  • A valid debit card, credit card, or checking account

  • An email address

Once you have filled out the online form, estimated arrival times for your new registration and tags is 15 business days by mail. You are unable to visit your local DMV to pick up these items. During this waiting period, make sure to have the receipt for this transaction and with your expired registration in case you are pulled over by any officers to show as proof of renewal.

Additional information

When To Register A Vehicle

All residents must register their vehicles within 60 days of purchase, and/or within 90 days after becoming a resident of Colorado.

If you have financed a vehicle through a lender/bank or dealership, please allow up to 60 days after purchase before coming in to register the vehicle. This time is required for the dealer and the County to process your title documents. We will send a courtesy Title Complete postcard when your vehicle can be registered. Please contact us at 303-795-4500 if you have not received the Title Complete Card within 55 days.

  • Where to Register
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    Editorial Guidelines:

    Colorado is home to the Rocky Mountains and many who live there have a strong affinity for the outdoors. So, whether you are getting ready to explore the states Jeep trails or hopping in your vehicle to drive to the slopes, many Coloradoans consider having a vehicle essential.

    If you are moving to Colorado to enjoy the great outdoors or if you already live there and are buying a vehicle, you will need to register your car. From what is required to what you need to bring with you, this post should answer all of your Colorado car registration questions.

    How To A Lost Vehicle Registration In Colorado

    Anatomy of a Colorado Vehicle Registration Form

    Do you need a;replacement vehicle registration;for your Colorado car? Weve collected all the tips and info you need in this quick FAQ so that you can get the document or plates replaced quickly and without added frustration.

    You will be dealing with the Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles.;Check out the website for quick answers to most of your drivers license, title, and registration needs.

    If you would like to talk to a real human being, give them a call at 205-5600 or use one of their webforms for a prompt and accurate response.

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    What Is The Difference Between A Car Title And A Vehicle Registration In Colorado

    Drivers may apply for titles and new car registration simultaneously using the Application for Title and/or Registration , but the two documents serve different purposes. However, the main difference between motor vehicle registrations and titles is that title certificates establish the legal owner of the vehicle, while a Colorado car registration shows that a vehicle may be driven on public roadways.

    When drivers apply for a DMV car registration in CO, they must submit proof of auto insurance in addition to the application, registration fees and other supporting documentation. Vehicle owners may apply for a vehicle registration and certificate of title at the same time, but drivers may complete the two transactions separately if they prefer. However, motorists cannot legally operate the vehicle on state roadways until they obtain both documents.

    Preparing For Future Registrations

  • 1Write down your registration expiration date so you know when to renew. To legally drive a car in Colorado, you must renew your registration every 12 months. Make a note of the expiration date so you won’t have to pay any late fees next year.XResearch source
  • Begin the renewal process 1 to 2 months before the registration expires to allow time for processing.
  • 2Keep all necessary documents in a single file. When you need to renew your vehicle title again, you will have all the documents ready to photocopy. Make sure to update time-sensitive documents, like your driver’s license or your recent utility bills, as needed.
  • 3Remember to maintain a current driver’s license. After you’ve received a Colorado license or transferred your old license to Colorado, you will need to renew the license every 5 years. Renew your license before the expiration date to avoid filing additional paperwork or re-taking certain tests.XResearch source
  • 4Check to see if your county offers online registration renewal. Some counties in Colorado allow vehicle registration renewal to be done online while others require vehicle owners to renew their vehicle in-person. Counties that allow online car registration renewal include:XResearch source
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    How To Register A Car In Colorado Us How Long It Takes

    In the United States, vehicle registration is legally required for every car, truck, bike, trailer, and all other vehicles. Its upon the owner to must register their vehicle before driving them on the streets in the U.S. Keeping a motor vehicle that is registered is a law in each state. Some states demand registration renewal every year, while other states only require initial registration of the vehicle or mandate renewal after every 2 or 3 years.

    Although most states have their requirements and procedures for registrations, the basic steps of the process are fairly similar across the U.S. For new purchases or leases from different commercial dealers; the dealer often takes care of the registration task for you. In this blog post, you will find everything you need to know while taking care of registration on your own.

    Purchase From An Out Of State Dealer

    How to get a Colorado Car Dealer License [Only 5 steps!]
    • Out of state dealers may send your title work directly to the county, to a third party titling agency, or directly to the purchaser.; If you do not have the title work, please contact the dealer to find out where they sent it.
    • Once you or the county has the title work, the following is required to complete the transaction:
    • Original title
    • Dealer invoice
    • If sales tax has already been collected, the dealership must provide a statement letting us know where the sales tax has been remitted
    • If the purchased vehicle is a truck, a certified weight slip is required if the empty weight of the vehicle is not shown on the out of state title.

    Please note:

    • Prior to registering a vehicle in Colorado, an enhanced emissions test may be required.
    • Prior to registering a vehicle in Colorado, Proof of Insurance for the vehicle you are registering is required.

    You may now Register your Vehicle Online;or Schedule an Appointment. Walk-in service is available Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM 4:30 PM, at our Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree office locations.

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    Where To Apply For A Car Title In Colorado

    When vehicle owners need to apply for a Colorado car title , they must complete the process in person at a county motor vehicle office under the state Division of Motor Vehicles . During the process of applying for a vehicle title in CO, applicants must submit an application and supporting documentation, pay all titling fees and any applicable sales tax.

    After applying for a title for car ownership, motorists must allow between four and six weeks for the new car title to arrive in the mail. The DMV sends the new or used car title to the lienholder if there is a lien on the vehicle, rather than sending the title to the driver.

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    What Is A Colorado Car Registration

    In addition to applying for a title, vehicle owners must obtain auto registration documentation as well. Car registration materials show that a vehicle is safe to operate throughout the state and that the vehicle owner met DMV registration prerequisites and paid all applicable registration fees.

    However, drivers cannot get car registration in Colorado unless they obtain auto insurance and submit proof of their vehicle insurance to the DMV. Like titling applications, motorists must submit proof of auto insurance in person at a county motor vehicle office.

    When To Register A Vehicle In Colorado

    Colorado Vehicle Ownership Tax Not On Registration

    You really need to register your car on time in order to avoid penalties. Furthermore, your claims might be negated if your car gets involved in a theft incident. This is aside from the liability that will arise if you are flagged down by a traffic officer for having an expired registration. In Colorado, you need to register your car when:

    • You become employed in Colorado
    • You live in Colorado for 90 continuous days
    • You own or operate a business in the state
    • You recently sold a vehicle
    • You have just returned to the state

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    Register My Car In Colorado

    How Do I Register My Car in Colorado?

    If you are new to the State, or if you are a resident who has recently purchased a new or used car, you must register your vehicle with the State of Colorado. If your vehicle is already registered in Colorado and you need to renew your registration you can do so at your county title and registration office, or you may be able to complete your renewal by mail or online. Details regarding registering new and used purchases, out-of-state registration, and registration renewal are provided below.

    In Colorado, motor vehicle registration fees are administered by individual counties. The following links will take you to motor vehicle information websites for selected Colorado counties. If your county isnt listed, you can find its website by .

    New or Used Car Purchase from a Dealer:

    If you are a Colorado resident and have recently purchased a new or used car from a dealer, you must title and register your vehicle within 60 days following the purchase, C.R.S. §42-3-103 .

    Generally, the car dealership will provide you with all of the documents you will need to complete the title and registration process. If you financed your purchase, the dealer should send the paperwork to the motor vehicle office in the county where you reside. If you paid for your vehicle in full, you may receive documents to take to your county motor vehicle office, or the dealer may forward the documents for you. You should always confirm the process with your dealer.

    Where To Register A Vehicle

    You must register your vehicle in the county where you reside. If you do not reside in Arapahoe County, see DMV locations in other counties. If you do not know what county you live in, please use our Address Lookup.

    Initial registrations must be done in-person at a county motor vehicle office. At least one named owner;is required to be present to register a vehicle. If the owner is not available, then someone else may register the vehicle on their behalf with a signed and notarized Power of Attorney form.

    Annual renewals may be done in-person, by mail, online or using our drop-off boxes at any branch. A named owner does not need to be present to renew. We send a courtesy renewal notice in the mail to customers; however, timely renewal of your registration is your responsibility.

  • What to Bring
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    Vehicles Purchased Or Transferred From A Private Party

    To register a vehicle purchased or gifted from an individual other than a dealer, visit your county’s local Division of Motor Vehiclesregistration office with:

    • Vehicle identification number verification , if your vehicle was titled in another state.
    • This must be completed by a law enforcement officer, a licensed car dealer, or a licensed CO emissions testing station agent.
  • Either the car’s title or current vehicle registration certificate.
  • Secure and verifiable identification .
  • Please reference Colorado’s full list of acceptable identification.
  • Proof of passing an emissions test, if applicable. This will depend on the county you reside in .
  • Payment for your CO vehicle registration fees .
  • Colorado registration certificates are valid for 12 months.

    What Will I Need To Bring With Me To Register A Vehicle In Colorado

    How do you get a new title for a car in Colorado? | AFX

    When you go to register a car in Colorado, youll need to be prepared ahead of time. Make note of the following forms and documents youll have to bring with you. If you are in the process of moving, setting these documents aside rather than packing them might make sense, depending on what your situation is.

    Although you have 90 days from becoming a resident to register your vehicle, in the process of a move, that time can go quickly! So, if theres any chance that you wont be completely unpacked and settled in within that time period, keeping those documents with you or packing them in a soon to be opened box will probably save you some time and frustration of digging through your belongings haphazardly.

    Here is what you will need to bring with you to the DMV office:

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    Insure Your Car In Colorado

    Liability car insurance and uninsured motorist insurance are legally required in Colorado, and you wont be able to register your car without them.

    Depending on the type of vehicle you drive or whether or not your vehicle has liens on it, you may need or want more comprehensive auto insurance.

    , and well make sure you have everything you need to start your driving legally in Colorado.

    Teller County Clerk And Recordermotor Vehicle Department

    Location:;Teller County Courthouse – 101 W. Bennett Ave. Cripple Creek, CO 80813Woodland Park Branch Office – 800 Research Drive, Suite 200 Tamarac Business Center Woodland Park, CO 80863Office Hours: Cripple Creek 8:00AM to 4:30PM – Woodland Park 7:30AM to 4:00PM

    The Motor Vehicle Department provides services for titling, registering, licensing and registration renewal of all types of motor vehicles and trailers within Teller County. The department also verifies that vehicles are in compliance with mandatory insurance coverage.Services Provided Include:;Vehicle Forms and Documents by Name

    Motor Vehicle Registration business is processed at the Teller County Courthouse at 101 W. Bennett Ave. in Cripple Creek and at the Woodland Park Branch Office at 800 Research Drive, Suite #200 Tamarac Business Center in Woodland Park. Many of these transactions can be handled by telephone or mail.Renewal Notices are mailed at the end of the month prior to expiration. If you have not received your Registration Renewal Postcard, please call our office at 719-689-2951 for the amount due.

    Notice:In a partnership with The Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles, the Teller County Motor Vehicle offices will begin accepting credit cards for all Motor Vehicle services.;Please note that there is a convenience fee added to these transactions, which is 2.7% of the total amount of the transaction.

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