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How To Register My Car In Florida

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Florida Auto Insurance Companies

Registering Your Car in Florida | What You Need to Know

Many auto insurance companies provide insurance to Florida drivers. You must ensure the auto insurance company is licensed for Florida. If you are ever pulled over and cannot show proof of valid Florida auto insurance, your vehicle tag and registration can be suspended for up to three years or until proof of Florida insurance is provided.

Vehicle Registration For Military Members In Florida

Military service members often wonder whether they need to get a vehicle registration in Florida after serving in the state. These motorists must note that they are allowed to legally drive their nonresident vehicles with valid out-of-state documents. In any case, active duty military personnel have the option of obtaining a new car registration in FL, provided they choose to do so. This group of applicants can also obtain certain fee exemptions by submitting the âInitial Registration Fee Exemption Affidavitâ form.

State residents serving outside of Florida may also be eligible for certain car registration-related perks. For example, if your service is set to last longer than one year, you can apply for a special two-year registration. If you are planning on transporting your vehicle outside of the state while on service, you will also be exempted from maintaining a vehicle insurance policy. Moreover, the DHSMV offers a convenient mail-in application method for vehicle owners who are absent from the state for a legitimate reason.

Can You Register A Vehicle In Florida With A Rebuilt Title

It is against the law in Florida to sell or exchange a rebuilt vehicle before the Department of Motor Vehicles administration conspicuously stamps the certificate of title with words indicating that the vehicle has been rebuilt or assembled from parts, or is a kit car, glider kit, replica, or flood vehicle. The DMV

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Required Documents To Transfer Your Drivers License To A Florida Drivers License

The best way to avoid delays and possible penalties is to be prepared when you visit your local FL DMV branch. You need to have the following items when you visit your local Florida DMV office:

Proof of Identification

– Certificate of Citizenship and/or Naturalization

Proof of Social Security Number

– Social security card- SSA-1099

Proof of Residential Address

– Homeowner insurance policy or bill- Valid vehicle insurance policy or bill

Valid Out-of-State Drivers License

– An unexpired, valid drivers license from one of the 50 United States- Payment for the $48 Florida drivers license fee

By Step Vehicle Renewal In Florida

FL Car Registration VIN Numbers Verified Pompano Beach

There are different ways to renew vehicle registration in Florida after the initial paperwork has been completed. While there is an online renewal program, those who want to avoid service charges or who have questions regarding their specific case may wish to visit an office in person.

  • Florida residents can renew their vehicle’s registration for one year or two years at a time.

  • Residents can use either the online portal or the smartphone app for iPhone or Android.

  • A major credit card will be needed, and there will be a $2.00 convenience fee on top of the renewal fees.

  • Residents who wish to do their registration renewal in person can find a local service center here.

  • Other Motor Vehicle Services available online include replacing or renewing a Florida driver’s license or state-issued ID card, replacing registration for a vehicle, vessel , or mobile home, and getting a paper title.

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How To Register If You Are Active Duty Military

Are you stationed in and considered a resident of Florida?

If you are an active duty military member stationed in Florida, and have established residency in the Sunshine State, you must follow the registration process mentioned above. You must register any vehicle in your name and maintain insurance from a Florida insurance company just like any other citizen, however FL waives the initial registration fee for military residents with completion of the Military Initial Registration Fee Exemption Affidavit.

Are you stationed in Florida but a resident of another state?

An exception to required Florida vehicle registration are military members who are stationed in Florida, but maintain residency in another state. If this applies to you, you do not need to register your vehicle in Florida, but you must maintain up-to-date car insurance and registration based on the requirements of your home state.

Are you a Florida resident but stationed in another state?

If you are a Florida resident but are stationed in a different state, you can fill out the following forms and submit before being stationed:

  • Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration

  • Florida Insurance Affidavit

  • Exemption from Florida Sales Tax Form

  • Military Insurance Exemption Application

  • Military Initial Registration Fee Exemption Affidavit

To fill out these forms, the Florida DHSMV has compiled all of these necessary forms for military members into one packet. to view the forms packet.

Just Moved To Florida

If you’ve just moved and have your new license plates, Florida law says you’ll have 10 days in which you will need to register your vehicle with the FL Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles after you have started:

  • Working in Florida.
  • Registering your kids in a Florida education program.
  • A lease or rental agreement with an apartment owner or homeowner.

You must get Florida insurance, title your motor vehicle in FL while you are registering and getting a new license plate for it. You may title your car without going through registration, but it won’t be legal to drive on Florida roads without complete registration, all rights reserved.

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How To Register A New Car In Florida

To get a vehicle registration in Florida after purchasing a new vehicle from a dealership, you will not be required to submit any forms to the department. In such cases, the dealer will apply for a new car registration and certificate of title on your behalf. After processing your payment and signature, the dealership will issue you FL temporary tags with a 30-day validity period. You can then drive off your vehicle from the lot and operate it until the dealership receives and forwards your permanent paperwork.

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How to Get a Florida Driver License and Register Your Car | Moving to Orlando

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Editorial Guidelines:

Each state has different rules regarding the registration of vehicles and Floridia is no exception. Although the process may not seem simple, as long as you have the requirements {which are listed below registering your vehicle should be a breeze.

You are able to register your car in Florida by using the States mobile app or by going online or in person to a Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle office. Florida makes the process of registering your vehicle easy as it allows the registrant to choose different ways of registering.

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Is Rebuilt Title Same As Salvage Title

The difference between a rebuilt and salvage title depends on whether a previously damaged car is safe to drive again. A salvage car can be rebuilt and have a rebuilt title, making it possible to get it on the open road again but it may be prone to mechanical failure and can be more difficult to insure.

Are Rebuilt titles bad?

A vehicle having a rebuilt title will likely have a lower market value because it underwent significant damage. Compared to similar models with clean titles, a car with a rebuilt title could have 20% to 40% less value, amounting to potentially thousands of dollars.

Changes To Your Fl Car Registration

You may change the address on your FL DMV registration document online at

Youll be asked to provide your:

    • Your date of birth.
    • Your Full Social Security Number .
  • Last 5 digits of SSN # AND one of the following:
  • Drivers license or ID #.
  • Vehicle Title # or License Plate #.
  • Documented Vessel # or Vessel FL #.
  • Payment for the $2.50 replacement/change fee.

To change your address in person, youll need to visit a local FL Service Center and show:

      • Proof of citizenship with a passport or original birth certificate.
      • Proof of residency.
      • Payment for the $2.50 replacement/change fee.

Name Changes on FL Registration

To change the name on your FL DMV registration document, you must visit your local Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles .

Please note, you must first change your name with the SSA and update the name on your FL Driver License. Once you have updated both, you can visit your change the name on your title and car registration. Youll visit a local Florida DMV office and:

    • Complete your title to transfer to the correct name.
    • Submit the signed title to your DMV representative.
    • Pay the $75.25 fee for a corrected title.
    • Pay the $2.50 fee for replacement title.

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Visit The Local Dhsmv Office

Locate the nearest DHSMV office in your county in Florida. Ensure that you register your vehicle in the county that you reside in. You can check the DHSMV website and select the location closest to your residence. Some offices allow you to make appointments through direct calls or online.

Once you have presented all your paperwork and paid the registration fee, the DHSMV will handle the car registration for you. You will receive your final registration in the mail. Some counties in Florida provide the complete registration paperwork at the DHSMV offices, while others send the paperwork in the mail later. Your DHSMV receipt will serve as proof of registration so you can keep it in your car.

Are Rebuilt Title Cars Hard To Sell

Renew Vehicle Registration

Because cars with rebuilt titles can be problematic, theyre often difficult to resell. And if you do end up selling your rebuilt car, chances are youll make less of a profit from its sale than you would if your vehicle had a clean title.

Is it bad to buy rebuilt title?

Rebuilt cars for sale can also be a great deal under the right circumstances. Comparatively, a car with a rebuilt title can be purchased for 20% to 50% less than one with a clean title. However, the flip side is that your car is worth that much less than the same model with a clean title, and its less desirable.

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What To Do With Out

You must first get a Florida drivers license and purchase Florida auto insurance before registering your car using the outlined procedures. Then inspect the VIN and do file the odometer reading. Then do the following on visiting a county tax collectors office.

  • Produce your Florida drivers license. If there are many owners, they must all be present.
  • Show proof of auto insurance in Florida and out-of-state title.
  • If a lienholder holds your out-of-state title and you dont have it, contact the tax collectors office to have the lienholder give it to you.
  • Produce a filled-out application to apply for a title certificate. All owners signatures must be on the form. In addition, they must provide identity proof if not present.
  • You can register the car for 1-2 years.
  • Submit the filled-out VIN and odometer.
  • Pay Florida car registration fees, obtain a new license plate, and Florida sales tax.

What Other Ways Can I Register My Car In Florida

There are other ways registrations can be done aside from going in person and using the mobile app.

Florida registration by mail: This is also another way to get your renewal fixed without having to visit the office or go through the rigorous process of getting your documents submitted online.

In Florida, you are only permitted to have a renewal using your mail when your registration reminder shows so. This offer is only as limited as its chances. It isnt available to all Florida drivers, and nor is it available in all Florida states.

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How Can You Register A Car In Florida

Once you have all the different documents that we just mentioned in hand, registering a car in Florida is fairly easy to do. Whether youre registering a car for the first time or renewing your registration as needed, you can usually obtain a Florida car registration without too much effort on your part. Florida has also made it easier than ever before to register a car by giving people several different options as far as how to do it.

There are three main ways in which you can register a car in Florida without breaking a sweat. Check out the options that youll have when trying to obtain a Florida car registration below.

Register Your Car Online

Florida, renew car registration online quick and easy

If youre registering a Florida car registration for the first time, youre going to be better off doing it in-person as opposed to trying to do it from your computer or phone. But if youre renewing a Florida car registration, you can do it right online without any issues at all. Here are the steps youll have to take to renew your Florida car registration online:

  • Provide information about yourself, your car, and your auto insurance policy
  • Wait for your auto insurance information to get verified
  • Receive your Florida car registration in the mail within about 2 weeks
  • More often than not, renewing a Florida car registration in this way will prove to be plenty easy. But if there are any issues with your registration, you might be required to take a trip down to your local Florida DMV to sort things out. It could delay your ability to obtain a Florida car registration fast.

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    Must Cars Be Registered In Florida

    Yes, you cant tour the streets of Florida without your car being registered, whether you are a resident or an out-of-state a vehicle registration is required before you may drive around in your car on the streets of Florida.

    A break in this law cans results in a fine of about $500 or 60 days in jail.

    There is always enough time to handle the registration process if you are out of state, a minimum of 30days countdown is enough to get a title and a license but if you are just in for a renewal of a registered car, a 10days time stretch is also enough to help you renew your registration.

    Disabled Person Parking Permit

    Individuals with temporary or permanent disabilities and transporting organizations may apply for a disabled person parking permit. A completed form HSMV 83039 Application for Disabled Person Parking Permit is required. The applicant and certifying authority or physician must have signed the application within the last 12 months. The application must include original signatures and the applicants valid Florida drive license/ID card or photocopy. Certifying authorities and physicians are listed on the back of the application. A representative can mail or deliver applications. Representatives must have the applicants license/ID card or photocopy and the completed application with original signatures.

    Types of Permits

    A permanent permit is valid for four years. There is no charge to apply or renew a permanent permit. Renewals require a new HSMV 83039 Application for Disabled Person Parking Permit signed by the applicant and certifying physician or authority.

    A person with a temporary disability may apply for a temporary disabled person parking permit . The fee is $15.00. The permit will only be issued for the period indicated by the certifying authority or physician and may not exceed six months from the date of issuance. If the need for the temporary disabled person parking permit exceeds six months, an additional temporary permit may be issued. If the additional permit is applied for within 12 months from the issuance of the first permit, no additional fee is required.

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    Having Another Another Person Submit Your Registration Application At A Dmv Office

    Read the instructions for how to register a vehicle for someone else to learn how to do this.

  • 1. We recommend sending any original documents by insured or priority mail. It can be difficult to replace documents that are lost in the mail.
  • 2. For cars, trucks and motorcycles that are model year 1973 or newer, proof can be either
  • a NY State Certificate of Title
  • acceptable proof of ownership from any other state
  • See acceptable proofs for other vehicles .

    Bigger Vehicles = Bigger Prices

    State Of Florida Motor Vehicle Registration Renewal

    But this is Florida. Lots of people are hauling 5th wheels and travel trailers, so lets take a look at a rig for hauling these: a 2022 Dodge Ram 3500 Limited crew cab. The Ram is a sweet rig with its fantastic 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel. MSRP? $92,780. Yeah, thats an actual number.

    The sales tax at 6% on this truck comes in at $5,566.80, plus add on those other fees, and youre basically at a hundred grand. So maybe we are starting to get a feel for why Floridians are looking at out-of-state registration options. Lets get even more in-depth.

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    Can A Snowbird Do A Florida Car Registration

    Yes. In Florida, a snowbird can register a car. You can do a car registration in Florida without providing proof of residency. You need to do this if your car is in Florida for at least 90 days per year,

    However, the best move will be to consider relocating to Florida. It would immediately solve your car registration issues in Florida. Also, like many other snowbirds, you can take advantage of the fact that Florida has no state income tax, which is a bonus to many retirees. If you want to register a car in Florida, remember that youll also require Florida car insurance.

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