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How To Unlock Car Steering Wheel

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How to Unlock/Lock the Steering Wheel of a car (Mechanical key)

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Remember: if you need assistance with learning how to unlock your steering wheel, you can always schedule service at Mazda of Escondido! Our parts department can also help you get a new key or a new ignition switch, if you need one.

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Have Your Ignition Assembly Checked

If worse comes to worst, then it means the whole ignition assembly might be busted. Unless you have the know-how of a mechanic, then theres probably nothing you can do. This isnt a basic repair that youd want to tinker with if you lack the knowledge.

You should call your trusted mechanic right away to check the ignition assembly. Better yet, have your car towed to the;casa as soon as possible and have the manufacturer replace what needs to be replaced in your vehicle. Besides, a busted ignition assembly doesnt only;keep your steering wheel lockedit prevents you from starting your vehicle as well.

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How To Unlock A Locked Car Steering Wheel

Car steering wheels can lock up for a variety of reasons, but you have a few ways to try to unlock them. They require few tools, if any, to execute, and may ensure that your steering wheel won’t lock up again.

Step 1

Put the key in the ignition, and turn the wheel hard in each direction while turning the key.

Step 2

Take off the steering wheel using a screwdriver. Look for a plate with a small rod that’s no larger than 3 inches long–this is the lock.

Step 3

Pull the rod out as far as it will go. Replace the steering wheel using the screwdriver.

Step 4

Remove the steering wheel if you have no key. Remove the steering column and possibly the airbag with a screwdriver. The specific process can vary by vehicle.

Locate the ignition hole and see what plastic tabs within the ignition are sticking. This shows that it is experiencing the steering wheel lock. Force this down with a screwdriver. Keep in mind that if you do this method, it could damage your steering wheel function if it is handled too roughly. You may have to bring it into a dealership.


  • Check the car’s power-steering fluid in your car to ensure it is filled and properly working.

Things You’ll Need

How To Unlock A Steering Wheel Without The Key

How to Lock and unlock car steering wheel very easily ...

If youre in a pinch and trying to figure out how you can unlock the steering wheel without the key, youre out of luck. The entire purpose of the steering wheel lock is to prevent you from unlocking the wheel without a key.

But, if you need it unlocked and you cant get a key, youll need to tear apart the entire steering column. Its not easy, and its incredibly time-consuming but of course, thats exactly what its supposed to be, so a thief cant make off with your car!

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Unlocking Car Steering Wheel With The Key

The first method of unlocking a car steering wheel is putting a key in the ignition and turning it on. Following are the directions to use the method effectively:

Step 1: Turn the Key

The steering sometimes gets stuck when you apply force on the wheel while switching off the car. In that case, enter the key in the ignition and slowly turn it while repeatedly moving the steering wheel from right to left. The steering wheel will be unlocked as the engine starts. If not, then you should try the next step below.

Step 2: Use Another Key

In some cases, the steering wheel locks due to the key wear. When the worn key is compared to a new key, the edges will be quite worn, and the pattern might not match. In that case, it is important to keep a spare key. Use the emergency key and see if it turns fully in the key cylinder and unlock the steering wheel.;

Step 3: Use the Wd40 to Release the Ignition Lock Cylinder

In some cases, the vehicles lock triggers are frozen, causing the steering wheel to jam. Spray WD 40 into the lock cylinder, then insert the key gently. Rotate it a few times to try to loosen the channels. The spray can clean dirt and debris and free the lock cylinder.

Even if WD40 solves your problem and releases the lock cylinder, it is an indication that you need to replace the lock.;


If you dont know how to unlock the steering wheel of Range Rover, then follow this method:;

How To Unlock Steering Wheel

We are going to show you how to unlock steering wheel in cars with ignition cylinders as well as the ones with start button.

Cars With Start Button

In essence, the steering wheel lock is an electronic deadbolt. Wiggle the steering wheel with your left hand, putting a lot of pressure on it. At the same time, tap the start-stop button with your right hand. Do not put your foot on the brake. Without starting the engine, these actions should put your ignition in ACC mode and unlock your steering wheel.

Cars With Ignition Cylinder

The ignition cylinder is directly connected to the steering wheel lock. To free your steering wheel, jiggle the steering wheel left and right with sufficient power using your left hand. At the same time, turn the ignition key from the LOCK position to the ACC or START position with your right hand.

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Avoid Making Sharp Turns

Easier said than done, right? I get that sometimes you have to make a sharp turn. However, at least try avoiding them when youre driving at high speeds. Not only will it lock up your steering wheel, but its also extremely dangerous.

Also, never pull on your steering wheel once youve turned your engine off. When you turn your car off and want to step out, dont touch your steering wheel. By doing so, youll ensure it doesnt lock when you try to start your car the next time.

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How To Unlock A Steering Wheel

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Helpful Tips When Unlocking A Steering Wheel

You do not want to cause any damage when unlocking your steering wheel, so it can be beneficial to follow the tips below:;

  • Be Careful: Brute force will not unlock a locked steering wheel. In fact, all it will likely do is damage parts of the steering mechanism. Instead, follow the steps above while applying pressure.;
  • Try a Different Key: If you cant turn the key, it may actually be the key that is the issue. Its possible that a worn key will no longer engage the cars tumblers. If you think that your key is to blame, bring it to the service center at The Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside, and we can get you a replacement.;

Vary Your Key Technique

Sometimes the key wont turn at all while the wheel is locked, which further compounds an already frustrating situation. This can be due to a number of issues with the lock cylinder in the steering column or dash. It may be dirty inside having picked up pocket lint or other debris or it may be on its way out and need to be replaced in the near future. Resist the temptation to stick something other than the key inside it in an attempt to clean it out. Instead, its a better idea to insert the key and then pull it out slightly and try to turn the ignition and steering wheel at the same time. You can also repeatedly insert and remove the key or wiggle the key from side to side inside the cylinder to activate the tumblers.

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How Does A Steering Wheel Lock Work

The steering wheel locks prevent moving the car if anyone wants to move the wheel.;

In a locked car, any attempt of moving the steering will cause the system to shut down.;

Its because a spring-loaded lever fills up the slot and closes the mechanism.;

Then, it is impossible to turn on the steering wheel for the master thieves.;

The club looks like a long shaft with two hooks on each side. And these hooks engage the wheel to the body of the car.;

The extended portion locks up the steering with a key.

Clever thieves can fail this lock by cutting the steering wheel. So, you should pick up the best steering wheel locks from the market.

By turning the steering wheel in little angular space, apply the club lock to the steering before the ignition is off.;

Once the steering is stationary, it wont move to start the engine.

The car thieves will see it from outside and wont break the window to get into it.;

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How to Unlock a Car Steering Wheel

Still no luck unlocking your steering wheel? The team at the Wolfchase Nissan service center can help. Simply schedule service with us and well have you back on Arlington roads in no time. We also offer service specials to help you save more on the services you need. Learn more with us today when you contact our team! While youre here, read about the common reasons why your steering wheel might be shaking!

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Tips To Keep In Mind When Unlocking A Steering Wheel

While unlocking your steering wheel is easy, the initial frustration of the situation may cause accidental damage. Keep these tips in mind for a successful experience:

  • Avoid Using Brute Force: You may be upset that your steering wheel is locked, but you can’t use brute force to unlock it. Turning the wheel too hard may damage parts of the steering mechanism, so use reasonable pressure when following the steps above.
  • Try a Different Key: Sometimes, the problem is not the wheel, but the key itself. If you can’t turn the key, it may be worn and no longer able to engage the car’s tumblers. Should this be the case, the team at Andean Chevrolet can make you a new one.

How To Unlock A Steering Wheel: Pitfalls And Dangers

While learning how to unlock a steering wheel is far from difficult, you need to be careful while you undertake the operation. There are several ways that things can go wrong, and you could very easily make the problem worse.; Take a look at these potential issues before you try to unlock your steering wheel in a hurry:

  • Avoid Excessive Force.
  • If youd like to avoid the fees associated with a mechanics visitor worse, with a tow truckbe careful when youre trying to turn the key! If it gets stuck in the ignition, there wont be much that you can do.
  • Be careful with your steering wheel.
  • If your steering wheel doesnt want to move at all, dont force it. Applying too much of your strength will only damage the steering column, and you wont be able to unlock it unless you can get the key to turn at the same time!
  • Shaking or rocking the steering wheel will probably not help you either. If you start to feel frustrated, step back for a second.
  • It might pay to try another key.
  • If your key is older, make sure that it is able to go all the way into the ignition slot. Theres also a chance that its going in too far, so you should try to pull it out slightly and see if that helps, too.
  • Your ignition switch might have something jammed inside of it! Try using some canned air to blow out any debris, then start the unlocking process from the top.
  • If youre ignition switch is on its last legs, it might not budge at all! Purchasing a new one might be your best option.
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    How Does A Steering Wheel Lock Work And How To Unlock It The Definitive Guide

    After my first luxury car theft, I felt upset. It was a significant loss for meboth mentally and financially.

    I went to the police for about one month. Though police recovered my beast, few valuable parts were gone. Then the in-charge and my neighbors suggested I buy a club steering wheel lock for my car model. If you have suffered like me, I recommend purchasing the best steering wheel lock for your vehicle.;Sometimes, a few dollar bills could save your millions worth of assets.

    Moreover, thebest wheel locks will accomplish your vehicles safety, and the best steering wheel lock can lock up the steering wheel. Even it prevents your car from Auto theft.;

    Lets dive in.

    What To Do In Case You Accidentally Lock Your Steering Wheel

    How To Unlock A Locked Steering Wheel

    Steering wheels have a locking feature to prevent;the front wheels from;changing direction when no key is inserted into the ignition. It aids in preventing theft. Unlocking the steering wheel might be a problem for some drivers, especially newbies who arent familiar with this safety feature.

    The first thing you need to know about unlocking steering wheels is that it should be simple and easy. If it isnt, then thats when you have a problem. Since not all drivers are familiar with this feature, most people who actually lock their steering wheels only do it by accident. Weve listed below some pointers that would help those people to reverse the procedure.

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    Unlocking A Steering Wheel: Step

    This is a common occurrence among Memphis drivers. And fortunately, its easy to unlock a steering wheel. Here are the steps youll want to take:

  • Pull the wheel down in the same direction you did when the wheel was originally locked.
  • Not sure which direction to pull? Try both the wheel will move a bit when you pull in the right direction.
  • While holding your steering wheel in the right direction, insert your key into the ignition and start the engine.
  • If the wheel doesnt unlock and/or the engine doesnt start, turn the wheel in the other direction and repeat the above step.
  • Your steering wheel should now be unlocked!

    Unlocking Steering Wheels With Push

    There are different, but similar, procedures for different types of ignitions. Follow the directions for whichever type is applicable to your Toyota. After the steps are completed, the steering wheel should unlock and your Toyota vehicle should start normally.

    Push-to-Start Ignition

    • Wiggle steering back and forth

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    What Is The Most Stolen Car In The United States

    According to the NICB , Forbes published the most targeted vehicle in the United States. The surveying year is 2015. The thievesstole the following cars massively:

    ;;;Honda Accord:;;NICB says it implies that about 52,000 Honda Accord theft by the 2015 record. The car thieves target this luxury car of model number 1994, most since 2010.;

    ;Honda Civic: Well, it is the second modern car; thieves like to steal. Also, the number of theft is nearer to the Accord, and it is 49,000.;

    ;;;Nissan Altima:;This car theft happened more than 11000 times in that year.;

    ;;;Toyota Camry: The grand thieves took this car away for the amount of 15,450.

    ;;;Toyota Corolla:;The amount is ten thousand and five hundred.

    ;;;Ford Pickup:;It is one of the most targeted vehicles, which is third in the ranking of theft with the digit 29,400.

    ;;;Chevrolet Silverado:;Its number is about 27,000.

    ;;;Dodge Pickup:;This high-tech pickup was stolen 10,200 times in 2015.

    ;;;Dodge Grand Caravan:;The thieves stole 9,798 pieces of this car.;

    ;;;Hyundai Sonata:;This is not as much as the vehicles mentioned above. The number is 632 only.

    ;;;Chevrolet Impala:;These vehicles stole nine thousand two hundred pieces.

    Replace Whats Not Working

    How to Unlock Your Car

    Of course, this sounds like a given, but it bears repeating. The first time your steering wheel locks up, check to find why it happened. Also, never ignore weird noises coming from under your hood.

    If you cant figure out whats wrong, take the car to a mechanic. Replacing broken parts and cleaning your car properly is the key to a healthy vehicle.

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    How To Lock Your Steering Wheel

    You might be wondering why you would want to;lock;your steering wheel? If a thief is able to hotwire your vehicle in McGregor, they will not be able to steer if the steering wheel is locked. Locking your steering wheel is simple and can prevent it from being stolen. Turn the wheel all the way in either direction before turning off your vehicle to lock it in place.

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