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How To Wax Your Car

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How To Wax A Car In 5 Easy Steps

How to WAX your car and which WAX is the BEST WAX? – Detailing 101 Ep.6

Waxing your car is an important step to keep your cars exterior well protected and in great condition. But, its not as easy as it seems. You must have the right tools and know the proper steps to get it done. How do you go about it? Below are five easy steps on how to wax a car.

Can You Wax Over Plasti Dip

We wax our cars to protect the paint job from scratches, exposure to UV rays, various elements, and add shine. Plasti dip itself is a method of safeguarding car paint from the above.

If you have just plasti dipped your car and wondering whether you should apply a layer of wax, you need to know that this isnt necessary.

Plasti dip isnt car paint. Therefore, waxing doesnt significantly improve protection or enhance aesthetics. The wax will obviously add some shine, but there are products specifically made for this purpose.

To answer the above question, yes, you can wax over plasti dip. However, it doesnt really offer any value other than adding a little shine and some slight protection. Therefore, is it worth using your time and resources to wax over plasti dip? Probably not!

  • Plasti Dip Isnt Designed to Last Forever
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    Applying A Clear Paint Sealant

    The new breed of clear sealants have a completely new method of application. You literally wipe the clear sealant on, then walk away and allow it to dry.

    I highly recommend Wolfgang Deep Gloss as well as soft foam applicator pads for applying an even coating.

    When the paint sealant finishes drying it will be as gloss as it is going to be without buffing or wiping, and the surface has the best protection possible.

    But wait!

    Your car must be clean and dry before applying a sealant. Clear seal products are very hydrophobic, so they usually do not mix with water at all.

    Clear sealants can be applied to paint, glass, chrome and plastic trim. The most important thing is to apply an even coating and then leave it alone.

    Be patient.

    Do not wipe after application. Simply allow the sealant to dry .

    Do this right and it can last up to a year, though I usually apply paint sealant twice yearly for solid protection.

    How To Wax A Car Properly: Full Guide

    How to Wax Your Car in 5 Easy Steps

    Looking to get that showroom-fresh shine on your car and want to ensure it lasts? Whether youre working by hand or with an electric buffer, heres the Turtle Wax guide on how to wax a car using specialist automotive wax to get your panels gleaming with a durable protective finish.Few of us have the luxury to spend countless hours pampering our vehicles. However, by using the right car-care products, it takes only a fraction of that time to transform dull, tired paintwork into a mirror-like professional finish. Doing so can help protect your panels against future damage from the sun plus environmental and cosmetic factors, as well as maintain your models beauty and value.Most of car wax tend to consist of the carnauba wax, which derives from Brazilian palm leaves and is used in many commercial industries. It is then supplemented by other natural waxes and synthetic polymers, which gives your car surface that deep glossy shine at the end of the car waxing process. We have a number of different wax product formulas due to specially developed formulas, such as Smart Shield Technology or Hybrid Technology, which allows you to pick and choose the right product for you depending on desired application method and final result.

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    Pro Tip #: Use A Random Orbital Buffer

    Another option for waxing your car is to use a mechanical buffer. These can save time and effort and make waxing your car a breeze. However, not all mechanical buffers are created equal. Rotary buffers are very common and people often use them to wax their car. The problem with rotary buffers is that they spin in a circular motion at high velocity. This can cause the edge of the pad to dig into the paint and cause burn marks which may or may not be permanent. The other issue is that rotary buffers can cause swirl marks due to their circular motion. This is due to the pad becoming dry and abrasive leading to micro scratches in the paint that look like swirl marks.

    The best solution when using a mechanical buffer is to buy a random orbital buffer. This type of buffer moves the pad in a randomized pattern rather than circular. The result is an even application of wax without the risk of burning the paint or creating swirl marks. Both the rotary and random orbital buffers are similarly priced. If you are looking for a mechanical buffer then opt for the random orbital buffer.

    How Do I Make Plasti Dip Last Longer Without Wax

    If the reason why you are waxing plasti dip is to make it more durable, well, you can have better luck with other alternatives.

    Similar to other detailing jobs, it is the wish of every car owner that plasti dip lasts for the longest time possible. Unfortunately, waxing cant help you with that. But some things can. They include

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    How Often Should You Wax Your Car

    A great question asked by many! And the answer to this question well it depends!

    Sadly most traditional waxes found in stores and online don’t last too long, maybe a few months at best. One of the biggest factors that affect how long your wax will last is your environment.

    A wax during summer in the middle of Phoenix Arizona will only last a couple of weeks compared to Chicago Illinois in the middle of spring where a wax can last a couple months. During warmer seasons it’s recommended to wax once a month, while during cooler climates once a quarter.

    How To Wax A Car: 5 Easy Steps


    Here are a few things to keep in mind before you wax your vehicle:

  • Your automobile should be completely clean and dry. Otherwise, the wax can leave ugly streaks which can be difficult to remove later on.
  • The temperature outside should be between 55 and 85 degrees. Too hot and the wax will dry too quickly too cold and the wax will be hard to buff for a nice shine.
  • Stay out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will heat up the wax and dry even before you get a chance to buff it out. Wax in a garage or in a shady spot.
  • Then, you are ready to get started.

    Step 1: Get your equipment ready. The things you will need to wax a car are liquid or crème/paste wax and a microfiber cloth. You can also buff your car after you wax it using an automated buffing pad. It is best to get a higher quality of carnauba wax if you want your shine to last .

    Step 2: Get the applicator or a damp sponge and start working on small two foot sections of your car. Rub a half dollar sized amount of wax using small circular motions, overlapping slightly as you move across a section. Remember: Less is more when working with wax, no matter which type you use. A thinner coat of wax will bond better with your car than a heavier application.

    Step 3: At this point you may wish to buff your car, but its completely optional. Add more wax as needed in spots to get out any imperfections in the finish and use a bit of elbow grease.

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    How To Wax A Car With A Da Polisher

    The preparation part of the wax process would remain exactly the same whether you are applying wax by hand or with a DA polisher.

    With a DA polisher you are going to need to use a soft foam applicator pad and not one of the heavier duty cutting pads that you would use for polishing. Its vitally important that you invest in as good a quality pad as you can afford.

    Removing The Wax Residue

    When the wax dries, it leaves a hazy appearance on the paint. When touched, it crumbles or wipes off in a powdery form. If the wax is still wet or pasty to the touch, wait a little longer to remove it.

    Step 1: Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the wax residue off the paint. Just like when you were applying the wax, use a circular motion to achieve the best streak-free results.

    Step 2: Use a power polisher to remove the wax residue from the paint . If you have a power tool to wax your car, you can use a clean waxing cloth on the head to remove the wax film from the paint. On slow to medium speed, move the power tool in circular motions over the painted surface until all the wax residue is removed.

    • Tip: When using a power polisher to wax your car, be very careful around objects like wiper blades and arms. The polisher can catch on exposed parts and cause damage to your car and the polisher.

    Step 3: Remove any wax from glass or plastic surfaces. Use clean, soapy water and a clean cloth to wipe any glass or plastic surfaces that have wax on them as soon as possible.

    Step 4: Evaluate the cars appearance. Determine if you have achieved a consistent shine over the whole vehicle, or if there are unsightly dull spots or areas you missed.

    It may be necessary to apply a second coat if the paint was particularly faded or damaged. If so, follow the procedure again to coat your car with wax a second time.

    If you are satisfied with its shine and appearance, your job is complete.

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    Sonax Signature Polish & Wax

    In addition to other services, a high quality protection entitled SONAX Premium Class Carnauba Wax is used for new and nearly new paintwork. It protects the car against weathering and other environmental hazards and reduces insect adhesion. The highly concentrated Carnauba wax strengthens the paintwork and gives your car a radiant shine. The formula is also easy to polish and leaves no greasy streaks on your car.

    Reach out to find out more about what car exterior detailing entails and Book an appointment with us to have your car professionally polished or waxed now! Tel : 6810 9918 Whatsapp : 9658 5808 Email: [email protected]


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    Must Have Supplies For Car Waxing

    3 Easy Ways To Wax Your Car

    Now to get to the fun part!

    Let’s pick out the products & tools required for achieving that high gloss shine after waxing your car.

    Just as any other detailing task, waxing requires a few things to make sure you can work to the best of your ability so the wax job comes out with the best results.

    These products are easy to find in your local store or can be found online for greater convenience.

    We will also make sure to provide links to our favorite and most value oriented products to make the whole processes super easy for you.

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    How To Wash And Wax Your Car

    It may seem counterintuitive, but frequently washing and waxing your vehicle is the best way to maintain its exterior paint finish for years to come, regardless of the constant wiping and rubbing it entails but only as long as you’re using the right products in the correct order. All major brands of car washes, car waxes and related detailing products are specially formulated to work gently on the clear-coat paint finishes found on every car built since the mid-1990s. They’re ideal for removing dirt above and below the surface, eliminating swirls and other imperfections and leaving a high-gloss shine.

    When you wash your car, don’t use normal dish soap, laundry soap or household cleaners. They strip waxes and could damage the car’s finish.

    Such obsessive-compulsive labor need not be arduous, however. While there are multiple procedures involved in washing and waxing a car to perfection, it’s not necessary to do them all at once. Some steps should be taken weekly. Others can be employed every few months or annually. If you want to watch some pros using the techniques described in this story, check out the instructional videos from car-care product companies Meguiar’s and Mothers.

    At all times, there are some simple car wash rules to keep in mind:

    • No matter which stage you’re at in the car wash and wax process, it’s always best to have the car parked in a cool, shady place.

    Experts recommend washing a car this way weekly.

    How Do You Extend The Longevity Of Wax

    Using a sealant will allow you to add another layer of protection to your paint and this will also increase the durability of the wax as well. The sealant creates a stronger bond for the wax than it would to the paint, which means that it will last longer. Sealants are usually in the same form as liquid waxes and can be both applied and removed in the exact same manor. Another tip is to layer up the wax. You can do this by adding a layer once the wax has cured. Some manufacturers recommend that you wait up to 24 hours between adding layers for a premium bond.

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    Final Thoughts And Conclusion

    Car wax is the best way to keep your bike looking new.

    It protects the paint job, makes it shine, and allows you to spend more time riding instead of cleaning up after a ride.

    Just remember that car wax will not last forever, it needs to be reapplied when needed.

    Additionally, when applying car wax, be sure to avoid touching the surface with your bare hands.

    The oils on your fingers can make it harder for the wax to protect and shine your bike.

    Read The Instructions On The Car Wax Package

    How To Wax Your Car – Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax – Speed Wipe

    Depending on the brand and type of wax you are using, there could be different instructions on how to best apply the wax to your car. Make sure to read all the instructions and package inserts that may have come with the wax. Following the products recommended usage will ensure that the wax is applied correctly and you obtain optimal results from your effort.

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    Making The Most Of Your Wax

  • 1Make sure you wash your car with a mix designed specifically for cars with wax finishes. Of course, you can use regular old mild dish detergent on your car if you prefer, but that won’t do much in the way of preserving your beautiful wax finish. Use a wash designed for wax finishes to get the most mileage out of your wax, and then reapply the wax as needed when it wears off.
  • 2Double-wax for every gloss and shine. Many professionals double-wax for a deep, enduring finish. Start off with a synthetic wax, buffing it up for extra shine. Wipe away, and then finish with another layer of carnauba wax. Polish for the kind of high shine often found at car shows.XResearch source
  • 3Eliminate streaks. If after you’ve removed the wax you’re still experiencing streaking, here’s one tip to help you out. Fill a spray bottle with distilled water. Add a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol to the bottle and mix vigorously. Lightly mist the car where the stubborn streaks are appearing and wipe away with a microfiber cloth.
  • 4Know that your wax finish may wear off sooner or later than the manufacturer suggests. This is another way of saying that each car is different, and that knowing when to wax again will depend on your eyes and touch, not on what the manufacturer says.
  • On the other hand, some waxes won’t have a long half-life on certain cars and may need to be reapplied with greater frequency.
  • How To Wax Your Car In 5 Easy Steps

    Waxing is important for the maintenance of the cars exterior. The wax protects the cars clear coat from water, UV rays and air pollutants. You should wax your car every two months to keep your cars clear coat in mint condition. However, waxing can be a daunting task for some people who might be worried about leaving scratches or spoiling the exterior of their prized possession. Here are five easy steps that sum up exactly how you can wax your car without damaging its paint in any way.

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    Plasti Dip Isnt Designed To Last Forever

    As you research whether you can or cant wax over plasti dip, you must know that plasti dip isnt designed to last forever. Plasti dip is used to protect car surfaces.

    It does the same job as wax. Only that plasti dip lasts longer. Therefore, you shouldnt go to extreme lengths, such as waxing over plasti dip, since eventually, it will come off.

    Most car owners who plasti dip their cars do so and forget about it entirely until its time to peel off. If plasti dip was meant to be waxed, there would be a product specifically made for that in the market. But there isnt, and thats an indication that you dont have to wax over plasti dip.

    As a cautious car owner, you may want to protect the plasti dip from wearing out sooner. Unfortunately, the wax may not be of much help. Also, if you want to improve shine, you have better luck with the Plasti Dip Glossifier.

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