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What Do I Need To Register My Car In Ny

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Georgia Car Registration Requirements

How To Register Your Vehicle In New York State Register My Car In NY

In Georgia, you must register your vehicle in the state within 30 days of becoming a resident. A non-resident must register his/her vehicle if he/she is temporarily residing in Georgia for longer than 30 days. One must provide a valid license, proof of ownership and proof of insurance to the DMV.

To learn more about registering a car in Georgia, read our blog post: How to register a car in Georgia.

What Happens If You Drive With An Expired Registration Tag In Ny

It is very important that whenever you drive a vehicle it has registration and is insured. Under Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 401, every car on the road must be registered and New York requires registration renewal once every two years. Your car must pass an annual safety inspection in order for your registration to be renewed.

However, it is important to understand that you dont need to be driving your vehicle or even behind the wheel to get in trouble for having an expired registration tag. Even if your car is parked on the street a police officer can check the license plate and run it to see if your car has up-to-date registration.

Simply by running your license plate police officers have access to pull up any citations, criminal history and information on the owner of the vehicle, including their address.

Here Is What You Will Need To Do To Register Your New Vehicle

1. Get your vehicle insured

You must register your vehicle with the DMV within 180 days of the effective date on your insurance ID card.

2. We will help you determine what forms and documents you’ll need to submit.

3. Fill out required forms online and submit with required documents.

4. Submit payment after your application has been approved .

You can also register by mail or make an appointment to register at the DMV.

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Ultimate Guide To Registering Your Vehicle In New York

Here’s the ultimate guide to titling and registering your vehicle in New York. We’ve simplified the entire process for you so you can save time.

Completed Vehicle Registration/Title Application

Proof of identity and birth date, in accordance with NYS point system for identification

Proof of vehicle ownership

  • Vehicle title OR
  • Certified copy of vehicle title

Proof of vehicle insurance. Completed New York State Insurance Identification Card

Statement from lienholder on company letterhead that:

  • Identifies the owner
  • Lists the year, make, model, and vehicle identification number and
  • Shows that the lienholder has possession of the original title and is aware that the owner of the vehicle is registering the vehicle in New York

$50 for title certificate fee, $25 for license plate fee, payment for registration fee and sales tax . Determine the applicable fees and taxes here

Claim for Sales and Use Tax Exemption – Title/Registration

If registering a dealership-purchased vehicle yourself…

  • Manufacturers Certificate of Origin
  • Dealers bill of sale
  • Proof of sales tax payment

If registering a vehicle purchased in a private sale…

  • Bill of sale
  • Odometer and damage disclosure statements
  • Completed Statement of Transaction – Sale or Gift of Motor Vehicle, Trailer, All-Terrain Vehicle , Vessel , or Snowmobile

You can also register your vehicle online in New York here.

List Yourself As An Excluded Driver On The Policy

Do I Need Insurance To Register My Car

This is a legal statement that, as an unlicensed driver, you are not going to drive the car. Note that if you do drive illegally and get into an accident, the insurance company will not cover any claims. If you get or regain your license while the car is insured, you must notify your insurance company and provide your new license number before you are legally insured on the policy.

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To Register A Car In New York You Need The Following Documentation:

  • Registration fees
  • Bill of sale/proof of sales tax paid
  • Driver’s license or ID
  • Completed vehicle registration application
  • Vehicle inspection at DMV-licensed inspection station

The penalties for driving without insurance in New York can be steep, so you should get insurance right away and have proof of coverage at all times.

Can I register a car in a different state than my license?

The answer is usually no since there are only eight states that allow you to register your car in a different state than your license. In those eight states, the only requirement is that you can prove residency in the state where you register your car. You are not obligated to register with one state over the other, and in some states, you can even have dual registration. But its important to know what different states require so you can be sure youre following the law.read full answer

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What Do I Need To Bring To The Dmv

Before visiting a DMV office to register your vehicle, please complete the Document Guide to make sure you bring the correct documents with you. The requirements to register an out-of-state vehicle are generally the same as to register and title vehicle in New York. However, there are exceptions. See the questions below.

Yes. See instructions to register a vehicle when you are out of state.

Renew Without A Notice

How to register your car

If you have lost or never received a registration renewal notice, you may be able to renew your New York vehicle registration:

  • Online.
  • In person.


If you didn’t receive a renewal notice for any of the following reasons, you cannot renew online:

  • You changed your address, but haven’t changed it with the New York DMV yet.
  • Your vehicle registration has been suspended or revoked.

To renew your NY registration online, see Renew Your NY Vehicle Registration” below.

  • Proof of your identity such as your:
  • U.S. passport.
  • U.S. military ID.
  • For a complete list of accepted documents proving your identity, please visit the New York DMV website.
  • Payment for your registration renewal and vehicle use tax, if applicable.
  • Take the above to your local New York DMV office, or mail them to:

    NYSDMV P.O. Box 359 Utica, NY 13503

    Your renewed vehicle registration and license plate stickers will arrive in the mail. To check the status of your renewal, please contact the DMV.

    NOTE: If you want to receive your registration at a different address from what is on your registration, you must include a separate piece of paper specifying your mailing address. Do not write it on the Vehicle Registration/Title Application .

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    Vehicles Purchased From A Private Individual

    If you have purchased a vehicle from a private individual, you have 10 business days to register the vehicle or pay a $25 late fee. Fill out the back of the title with the seller, providing your signature and driver’s license number. You will also need to complete the sales tax information section on the title and pay the appropriate amount.

    Once you have the title prepared, go to your local MVC Agency and submit the following:

    • Vehicle title.
    • Proof of insurance, or the name of the insurance company and policy number.
    • Proof of your Social Security number.
    • New Jersey driver’s license number. If you do not have a NJ driver’s license, present six points worth of identification.
    • Vehicle odometer reading. You will be required to pay a $25 late fee if you fail to provide the proper odometer reading within 10 days of purchasing the vehicle.
    • Application for registration .
    • Payment for the sales tax and $60 title fee .
    • Payment for the New Jersey vehicle registration fees .

    If it has been 2 years and your vehicle is ready for inspection, you must make sure to have it inspected before its expiration date. Learn more in the “NJ Vehicle Inspections” section below.

    Learn more about buying a vehicle on our Title Transfers in New Jersey page.

    Bringing Cars To Ny From Out Of State

    If you live in New York State but are purchasing a car from out of state, it needs to be registered in NY, and the process is essentially the same as if you are registering a car bought within state lines.

    If you live outside of New York and are moving to New York, any cars you bring with you will need to be registered in New York the cars previous registration from another state will not be valid.

    Again, the process is essentially the same as if you were already living in NY and had just bought a vehicle.

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    Option 3 Vehicle Registration In Your Name But

    You can transfer a registration to another vehicle that is in your name and not renew the current registration. Bring the transfer receipt and the registration for the other vehicle to a DMV office. Tell the DMV office that you will transfer the registration but will not renew the registration.

    Remember this important information:

    • The new registration expires on the same date as the original registration.
    • There is a fee of $7.75 to transfer a registration.
    • There can be a pro-rated registration fee if the vehicle that you register weighs more than the previous vehicle.
    • You cannot transfer a registration to a vehicle to be registered in the name of another person.
    • You cannot use the transfer receipt to reduce another registration fee or receive a refund.
    • You cannot request a refund if the second year of the registration has started when you surrender the vehicle plates.

    Driving With Expired Registration In New York

    New York DMV Extends Expiring Driver Licenses, IDs

    Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 401 covers the law in New York with respect to driving with an expired registration. What drivers need to understand first is that if your vehicle is on the road or even parked on the street, a police officer can run your license plate and see if your car is properly registered.

    There is plenty of information that a police officer can get by just running your license plates and its important to always check the status of your cars registration and to make sure that your inspections are up to date. Police officers have access to pull any and all citations, criminal history and information on the owner of the vehicle, including their address.

    Every car on the road is required to be registered, and New York requires registration renewal once every two years. If your car does not pass the annual safety inspection you will not be allowed to renew your cars registration.

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    Your Car Insurance And Registration Need To Be From The Same State

    Vehicle registrations and auto insurance can be tough to navigate, and you may find yourself asking: Can my car be registered in one state and insured in another?

    No, your car cannot be registered in one state and insured in another. Generally, your car should be both registered and insured in your state of legal residence. If you have recently moved, you have some time to switch your car insurance policy .

    This article describes some of the common scenarios for having a car registered and insured in different states and explains how to switch your insurance when the time comes. If you need to make a switch, read our round-up of the best car insurance companies and compare quotes using the tool below.

    Extended Vehicle Registration For New Vehicles

    Drivers of brand new vehicles must pay 4 years of registration fees when they first register the vehicle. Refunds will not be given if you sell, crash, or lose the vehicle to theft or loan default before the end of the registration period.

    The NJ MVC has a Registration Fee Calculator you can use to figure out how much you will owe when you initially register your new vehicle.

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    Vehicle Registration For Military Members In New York

    Military members may also apply for a vehicle registration in New York, but they may have to complete a slightly different procedure. Those active members of the military who are unable to visit a local NY DMV office may arrange another person to perform the DMV registration procedure in their name. The person will have to submit the following forms:

    • Affirmation for Renewal/Lost Registration for Absentee Owner
    • Certification of Disposition of Vehicle on Behalf of Absentee Owner

    When registering a motor vehicle that is imported from another state, military members may have to complete and provide a Military Registration and Certificate of Title of Motor Vehicle as proof of ownership.

    Military members who purchase a motor vehicle from another state and plan to register a car may be exempt from paying the sales tax. This exemption will take place only if they had paid the other states sales, use, usage, excise, or highway use tax, depending which tax applies. To qualify for a sales tax exemption, motorists must prove that they had paid the tax when registering a car in New York. Military members who seek the tax exemption will have to provide a completed Sales Tax Exemption and a proof of military service such as military ID.

    New York Car Registration Fees

    Do I Need To Inspect My Vehicle Yearly In New York State | Car Inspection

    The final step of the NY car registration procedure requires vehicle owners to submit payment for the applicable registration fees. However, the car registration cost may vary depending on the weight of the vehicle and the county in which you are registering the vehicle.

    For example, registering a gas-powered Honda Civic in Manhattan can cost about $200. This fee does not include sales tax or the $50 title certificate fee.

    In addition to these fees, motorists may also be required to pay a Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District fee for the following 12 counties: Bronx, Kings , New York , Queens, Richmond , Dutchess, Nassau, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk, and Westchester.

    When motorists want to get a temporary registration, they will be required to pay an in-transit permit fee of $12.50.

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    Service Details & Requirements

    Service fee quoted above is in addition to what the NYS DMV charges for a registration. We will send you an email with instructions after you place your order.Address changes incur an additional $25 fee.

    New York State plates and registration include 2 license plates, registration card and sticker and 10 day temporary inspection from the date of the registration. Also included in this service is a title transfer if you are submitting a title not already in your name. It will be sent to the DMV along with your paperwork for processing and transferring to your name. The title will be mailed directly to you from the DMV and will arrive in 4-12 weeks to the address on your registration, but this time can vary. All required documents must be received using the shipping label provided. Once we are in receipt of your documents they will be reviewed for completeness. If all documents required are received, you will receive an email with an invoice for the DMV fees and once those fees are paid, your documents will be submitted for processing. Average processing times are around 1 week at this time but this time can vary. Expedited processing is available for an additional fee for certain but NOT all transactions. If there is anything missing or needs correcting, a DMVSTOP agent will reach out to you via email. If documents or payment are not received, they will not be processed.

    Required documents include:

  • NYS Driver’s license or 6 points of ID
  • Original title and bill of sale
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