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What Does Corrosion On Car Battery Mean

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Effects Of Corrosion On A Car Battery Terminal

Why Is My Car Battery Corroded?

Battery terminal ends play a simple but important role. They connect the cars electrical system to the battery.

These terminal ends have lead or other heavy-duty highly conductive metals. Also, they provide minimum electrical resistance.

Corrosion affects the entire electrical system in a car. It blocks the batterys power flow.

As a result, your cars electrical system develops some issues. Also, the vehicles engine fails to start. Your cars on-board computer might have some problems as well.

Direct contact between the terminals and the battery causes corrosion. So, there is an exposure of the terminals to the acidic fumes. The battery acid generates the fumes in question.

Thus, you need to replace your automotive battery if it is old enough. Besides, if it starts leaking, you should replace it as well. You also need a new battery if the corrosion eats the terminals too deep.

So, you should keep inspecting your battery terminals for early corrosion detection. Its signs are powdery white or blue corrosion along the cable or on the terminals.

What Does Car Battery Corrosion Look Like

Most people tend to associate the idea of corrosion with brown, metallic rust.

Battery terminal corrosion is a little different.

Corrosion buildup on a battery terminal appears as a white, blue, or greenish substance with a powdery, granular texture.

The color of the corrosion depends on what kinds of chemical reactions have occurred.

While small amounts of corrosion buildup are harmless, it can cause increasingly severe issues if left untreated.

Lets see why:

What Causes Battery Terminal Corrosion

I put a new battery in my car about 8 months ago. After a problem starting a couple days ago, I found that there was massive corrosion under the battery terminals, so I cleaned them out and reconnected.

I’ve never had this problem with this car with any previous battery . My use case hasn’t changed any. The battery is showing good charge. The charging system is operating properly.

What can I change to avoid a recurrence?

Corrosion on the terminals is due to hydrogen gas being released from the acid in the battery. It mixes with other things in the atmosphere under the hood and produces the corrosion you see on the terminals. Generally, if the corrosion is occurring on the negative terminal, your system is probably undercharging. If on the positive side, it is probably overcharging. Most often it will be seen on the negative side because the battery is usually in an undercharged situation. This is just the nature of the beast, I’m afraid.

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Chemical Reaction In The Copper Clamps

Copper is a good conductor and does not corrode easily. However, when electric currents pass through the copper terminals, there is the production of copper sulfate, which leads to battery terminal corrosion.

A bluish precipitate on the copper terminals can signify copper sulfate. Copper sulfate does not conduct electricity well, and that is why you will start experiencing trouble starting your car.

Can Corroded Battery Terminals Cause A Car Not To Start

What Does Corrosion On Car Battery Mean

Corroded battery terminals can certainly cause your car not to start. Copper sulfate and lead sulfate both reduce the conductivity between the battery terminal posts and the wires attaching to them, as well as reduce the conductivity between the plates within the battery itself.

Remember, especially with corrosion on the negative terminal, that lead sulfate is a problem which starts first within the battery itself. Being undercharged, even for a short time, will cause sulfation within the battery itself as the electrolyte solution is not at a proper balance amongst the lead plates.

At first, when the sulfate deposits appear, they can be reversed with a controlled overcharge to break them up . Many newer smart chargers have such a feature and they will take the batterys voltage up to 15-16 volts to agitate the electrolyte solution and dislodge the sulfate deposits from in between the plates.

If the deposits are allowed to sit, they will harden and as the chemistry gets worse in the battery, the deposits will creep up the battery terminal.

So, if you see deposits on the negative terminal post of your battery, you can be certain that you also have internal damage to your battery as well and much of it may not be irreversible.

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Household Items You Can Use To Clean Corrosion On Battery Terminals

The negative terminal should go first before the positive terminal. Now you are ready to use the following substances to clean out the corrosion from the terminals:

Baking Soda and Water

Mixing baking soda with water is the simplest and the best way to remove and clean car battery terminals:


Your ordinary soft drink will also work well if you dont have a baking soda to mix with water.

The soft drink that you use to quench your thirst can also be used to remove corrosion from battery terminals. They contain carbonic acids that can work against corrosive substances.

So, pour some of your soda on the terminals and let them soak in it for a few minutes. Now, get a soft sponge and remove the residue.

Again, why is there corrosion on the battery terminal? If the batterys positive terminal is corroded, it may be overcharged. The corrosion can be greenish-blue or white, depending on the terminal ends metal type.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Leaking Car Battery

The symptoms that usually accompany a leaking car battery include:

  • A bubbly liquid is seeping through a vent cap.
  • The battery casing is bloated or warped.
  • There is a rotten egg smell emanating from the sulfuric battery solution.
  • There is noticeable corrosion forming around the battery terminal caps.
  • The car battery is sweating, where beads of acidic moisture form on the surface.
  • The battery fluid levels are consistently low, even though it was recently filled up.

If your car battery displays any of the telltale signs above, its probably damaged and should be replaced.

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How To Prevent Car Battery Terminal Corrosion

Carrying out regular maintenance of your cars battery is vital so as to ensure that the vehicle keeps running. The reason is that corrosion usually takes place in the car battery when its acid leaks out and forms a buildup on the car batterys terminal after some time.

Some of the ways to prevent car battery terminal corrosion include:

Petroleum Jelly: applying petroleum jelly to the battery terminals of your car will help to prevent corrosion. You can easily do this by wearing a latex glove, detaching the cables with the help of a wrench, and applying one tablespoon of petroleum jelly to the terminals.

Put the battery back to its position and always place the red cable before the black.

Dielectric Grease: applying a dielectric grease on the battery terminal is another way of preventing the buildup of corrosion there. To achieve this grease application, detach the cables in the battery and put the grease on both terminals. Such battery terminal grease is sold in hardware and auto parts stores.

Anti-Corrosion Washers: anti-corrosion washers will quickly help avoid corrosion from building up on the battery terminal of your car. These washers are pads with unique chemicals in them that work against corrosion and stop it from taking place.

An easy way to apply it is to detach the battery cables, slide the washers in there and replace the cables starting with the positive one and the negative.

What Should I Do If I Touch The Contents Of A Leaking Car Battery

How To Stop Corrosion On A Car Battery

If you accidentally touch battery acid, wash your skin immediately with cold water.

If it gets into your eyes for any reason, flush thoroughly with water and get immediate medical attention.

For these reasons, its much better to let a mechanic deal with a car battery leakage and avoid handling it yourself.

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Why Do Car Batteries Corrode Tips For Saving Your Battery

Why do car batteries corrode? If youve ever popped your hood and seen that telltale mix of green-and-white powder on the terminals of your car battery, youve most likely wondered about this question.

Since batteries are protected from the elements, how do they suffer from this type of damage? The answer, as with many things corrosion-related, has to do with chemistry. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to extend the life of your battery and save yourself from potentially being stranded.

How To Clean Car Battery Corrosion

Its quite simple to clean car battery corrosion, and its likely that you already have everything you need. Quick tip: if you notice mild corrosion, in its early stages, you can pour some soda from a can onto the terminals. Though, this is very much a quick fix, and wont necessarily resolve the problem entirely. Its always better to thoroughly clean the car battery terminals.

You can buy a can of car battery terminal cleaner, though this wont save too much time. I always clean car battery terminals using a solution of baking soda, dissolved in warm water.

Before you begin, do the necessary preparation. Remember that there is its highly likely that will be a fair amount of battery acid in the corrosive residue. This can damage your skin, eyes, and clothing. Even the fumes that are released whilst cleaning can cause damage.

Wear clothing that covers your arms and legs. Preferably old jeans and a long sleeved shirt. These garments may be damage by battery acid spill. Eye protection is also recommended, as acidic gasses may cause eye damage. Make sure not to breath in directly over the area that you are cleaning, the fumes can be toxic.

To remove car battery corrosion, pour a little of the backing soda solution on the affected terminal and use a brush to remove the residue. I keep an old toothbrush for this type of cleaning. Youll be surprised how times an old toothbrush can come in handy, not just to clean car battery corrosion. I have one in my toolbox at all times.

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Is It Normal For My Car Battery To Corrode

It is not normal for your car battery to corrode if the alternator is given ample time to fully recharge your battery when driving, the voltage regulator isnt faulty, and you dont let your car sit idle for months without use. Checking your car batterys electrolyte level and specific gravity monthly is recommended.

Avoiding excessive 5 to 10-minute trips without any longer ones to recharge your battery is the easiest way to make sure your battery wont be undercharged .

Checking your batterys electrolyte level at least monthly is an easy way to see if your levels are low and if overcharging might be occurring. If they are low , its a good indication that your battery is overcharging since doing so will cause excess heat and cause the water to evaporate and vent out of your battery.

If your levels are low, but still above the lead plates , it is recommended to first charge your battery with a 3-stage smart charger. When it is fully charged, add only distilled water into each cell that is low until the water level is just below the fill tube that extends down into the cell.

Then, reconnect it to the charger and bring to a full charge once again.

If your battery is frequently low each time you check it, it is recommended to get your alternator looked at by a trusted mechanic.

Preventing Car Battery Corrosion

Can You Fix Battery Corrosion : Corrosion On A Car Battery What Does It ...

As my grandma always said: Prevention is better than cure. Preventing car battery corrosion is quick, easy, and very necessary. The reaction of the hydrogen gas, or copper lead sulphate reaction, requires other elements present in the air to cause corrosion.

The best way to prevent battery corrosion, is to seal the terminals from the atmosphere. You can use grease. Common multi-purpose grease is fine for this purpose. Petroleum jelly will work as well. The only problem, when using regular grease or petroleum jelly, is a dust buildup. Though, this doesnt cause any harm, it just looks bad. You can use a silicone, dust free grease, or buy a formulated sealant for a car battery. These wont collect dust.

You need to make sure that you cover the entire battery terminal and the clamps that connect to the vehicle wiring. Any exposed surface can result in the formation of battery corrosion. You should also ensure that you never overfill the battery water, as this can easily cause hydrogen gas, or battery acid, spillage.

Battery acid is extremely dangerous, it can burn your skin and eyes, dissolving clothing in seconds. So, always follow the correct procedures when topping up a battery and performing common battery maintenance tasks.

If you have any doubts, have your battery checked by an authorized battery dealership. Once a year should be fine.

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Reconnect The Cables Starting With The Positive Cable

As opposed to the process of disconnecting cables, in reconnecting cables, you should start with the positive cable to avoid getting injured. Afterwards, move on to reconnecting the negative cable. Use the wrench to tighten the cables.

Again, be careful where the wrench is moving. Once the cables are reconnected, test if they are tightly attached by twisting them by hand.

How Do I Know When My Car Battery Needs Replacing

How to Know When it is Time to Replace Your Car Battery

  • 1) Your Battery Struggles to Combat Seasonal Challenges.
  • 2) Your Car Has Been Sitting For Too Long.
  • 3) Your Vehicle Struggles When Starting.
  • 4) Your Battery Is Older and Triggers a Dashboard Light.
  • Alternative Starting and Battery Problems.
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    Keep Up With Your Car Maintenance

    An excellent car maintenance schedule keeps up is essential. Also, it is vital to follow a vehicle maintenance advice given. Such actions assist in preventing car battery terminals from corroding.

    But, you should not underutilize your car battery by only making short trips. Also, you shouldnt draw too much power from the battery. So, you should not use car gadgets for long if the engine is not running.

    Therefore, you should always ensure that your car battery is in perfect shape. As a result, you will prevent terminal and clamps corrosion. Besides, you can detect corrosion early enough.

    Corrosion On The Terminals Interrupts The Electricitys Flow

    car starting problems:battery corrosion

    Corrosion on the negative battery terminal or the positive terminal interrupts this continuous flow of electricity. If there is excessive corrosion in the battery terminals, it could result in the complete stop of the flow of electricity. Thats how critical it is to prevent corrosion in these terminals.

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    Reasons For Battery Terminal Corrosion

    Various reasons cause corrosion on the terminals. Therefore, there are many kinds of battery terminal corrosions.

    The type of corrosions differs in color, texture, and appearance. Thus, this difference depends on the causes of corrosion.

    Having said that, here are a few reasons for corrosion on the battery ends.

    How Do You Prevent Car Battery Corrosion

    Batteries Plus offers a number of products that can help prevent your battery from corroding. Applying an will coat the terminals in a soft protective coating that helps neutralize surface acids and salts. A will absorb vapors at the base of the post and help prevent them from reaching the battery terminals.

    If you use a on your battery, be sure that the voltage of the charger matches the voltage of your vehicle’s battery and that it’s compatible with your battery’s chemistry. If you do not have an automatic charger that shuts itself off when the battery reaches its optimum charge, you’ll also need to monitor the charging process to make certain that it isn’t overcharging the battery.

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    Why Clean Your Battery Terminals

    Corroded battery terminals impede the ability of the clamps to maintain a clean contact with the terminals and corrosion is an extremely poor conductor of electricity.

    This means your car probably isnt getting all the power it needs from the battery and often means your battery is not recharging at the rate it should. In short, corrosion is shortening the life of the battery.

    Cleaning battery terminals is also a chance to thoroughly inspect the battery and connections for any other signs of wear or damage. Allowing you to pick up potential issues early.

    Remove The Battery Terminals

    Why Do You See the Corrosion on Your Car Battery?

    Here are the things youll need:

    • Battery terminal wrench
    • Gloves
    • Eyeglasses

    Note: car batteries have acid inside that can cause injuries. This is why eyeglasses and gloves are needed to protect yourself.


  • Loosen the cable ends by disconnecting the negative cable first before the positive cable. Then, twist the battery cable end nut counterclockwise using a battery cable wrench.
  • For top-post batteries, loosen the nuts until there is no tension on the clamps. If you have a side-post battery, you have to loosen the cable until its completely removed.
  • Lift the top-post battery cable end from the terminal by wiggling the cable end off.
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    How To Know If Your Car Battery Has Corroded

    Diagnosing a corroded battery is very important since people can mix it up with a lot of things. Unfortunately, most people confuse corrosion with metallic and brown rust, which is not that accurate. Moreover, such incidences are very common, especially if you dont know much about car batteries in the first place. Here is what a corroded car battery looks like:

    Corrosion of battery terminals usually looks green, blue, or even white with a granular powdery texture. This color depends on the cause of the corrosion and what kind of chemicals reacted to make it happen.

    You will find insignificant corrosion buildups in regular working batteries, but you dont need to panic because they are mostly very harmless. If the corrosion increases to a certain level where it looks like its getting out of hand, thats when you need to think of it as an issue and search for possible solutions. If you leave it untreated, this corrosion will only spread and cause further problems in the future.

    Hence, keep a good eye on your battery and look for possible signs of corrosion now and then. Doing this is especially important if your battery is old and creating problems every other day.

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