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What Happens If My Car Gets Repossessed

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My Car Got Repossessed, What Do I Do?

Banks, more often than not, will sue for the remaining balance of their car loans once the car is repossessed. … Debt settlement can help clear your record from old repossession charges. Debt settlement companies will negotiate with your lender to help lower the amount of money that you owe on the repossession.

What To Do If Your Car Has Been Repossessed

Your car has been repossessed. Now how do you get it back?

After taking possession of your car, the lender begins the process of recouping the money you still owe on the car loan, plus any fees incurred — think towing, storage of the vehicle, re-keying the car and legal fees.

The best way for the lender to get that money is to sell the car, often through an auction. So youll have to act fast if you want your car back.

You have a few options. Some are less costly than others, but none are particularly easy:

  • Reinstate your loan. Pay the past-due amount, plus any late fees and repossession costs. You get your car back and resume paying your car loan.
  • Redeem your loan. If you had enough money to pay off your loan in the first place, you probably should have done this before the repo company took your car. But if you pay off the loan and all fees, you get your car back free and clear of any loans.
  • Give up your car, then buy it back. The lender will sell the car, typically at auction, to get some of its money back. Its technically possible for you to buy back your car by bidding on it at auction, but youll still be responsible for paying your old loan, plus all those fees.
  • If youre unable to come up with the money to get your car back, the lender will use the proceeds from the sale to pay off what you owe. If the sale price is less than your loan balance plus any fees, the difference is called the deficiency balance. Thats the amount youll be responsible for paying.

    Is My Lender Required To Offer Payment Arrangements

    This common question has an answer that surprises most consumers: your lender isnât required to offer you payment arrangements. While many lenders do offer payment arrangements, this is due to their internal policies and not a requirement under the law. However, it doesnât hurt to call them up and find out what options are available.

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    What Is The Soldiers And Sailors Relief Act

    The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003 , formerly known as the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act of 1940 , is a federal law that gives all military members some important rights as they enter active duty. It also provides many important protections to military members while on active duty.

    What does the Service Member Civil Relief Act?

    The SCRA states that a creditor may not repossess a vehicle during a borrowers period of military service without a court order as long as the servicemember borrower either placed a deposit for the vehicle, or made at least one installment payment on the contract before entering military service.

    Who gets SCRA notice?

    For all mortgage loans, including conventional mortgages and mortgages insured by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development , when a borrower defaults, creditors and their servicers must provide HUDs Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Notice to the borrower within 45 days.

    What Happens After A Repossession

    " My Car Was Repossessed In The Middle Of The Night Out Of My Garage"

    After your car is repossessed, you may have time to redeem it. To redeem the car, you will likely have to pay enough to bring the loan current. This typically includes the full amount of the missed payments, interest, penalties, and other charges on the loan, as well as towing and storage fees. Your state will have specific rules about what you and the car company must do to redeem your vehicle.

    If you canât afford to pay the redemption amount, the car company will sell your car at a public auction. The loan company must tell you the date and location where it will sell the car. Your stateâs laws will list exactly what the loan company must do when it sells the car.

    In general, loan companies must sell the car for a reasonable price. Nevertheless, the sale price might not be the full market value of the vehicle and it might not match the amount thatâs still owed. However, your individual state laws make sure that the auction happens in a reasonable manner.

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    Work On Improving Your Credit

    A repossession typically stays on your credit report for up to seven years, so a big part of restoring your credit afterward is just waiting. But you can also be proactive in restoring your credit by paying your bills on time and working on paying off other debt. This way, by the time your negative history comes off the record, your credit score will be much higher than before, and youll be in a better position.

    Things To Do Before Your Car Gets Repossessed

    The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been especially burdensome on auto-loan borrowers. Unlike student loans and mortgages, there are no government-backed relief programs to cover a monthly car payment.

    The result is most devastating for subprime borrowers â those with credit scores under 600. Serious delinquency levels within that group rose about 22% between the fourth quarters of 2019 and 2020.

    If you miss even one payment, your lender technically can repossess your wheels.

    So what can you do if you know youre in danger of having your car repossessed â or if its already been repossessed? Check out this guide to help you before, during and after car repossession to help you and your finances survive this bumpy ride.

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    What Is A Deficiency

    If your vehicle is repossessed and sold for an amount that doesnt cover the entire balance, you are not in the clear. You are still responsible for paying the deficiency which includes any amount remaining on the balance of your loan, costs associated with the repossession, late payment fees, and interest charges.

    Contact Focus Federal For Help

    Car dealership illegally repos woman’s car

    Consistently paying bills and debt will help rebuild your credit. It wont happen overnight, but you can recover from a car repossession. If youve found yourself close to repossession, contact Focus Federal Credit Union in Oklahoma City. One of our representatives would be happy to help talk through your situation and loan options.

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    What Happens After The Lender Repossess Your Car

    Most states require lenders to send borrowers a letter notifying them of repossessions and debts owed. The notice gives the borrower a deadline to pay the loan in full. If the borrower does not pay the loan in full, the lender sells the car.

    The lender applies the money from the sale to the loan. If the sale of the vehicle does not pay the car loan in full, the lender may seek a deficiency judgment.

    What To Do If Your Car Gets Repossessed

    June 7, 2022 by hiddenliftandtow

    When times are tough financially, it can feel like youre juggling an impossible amount of bills. The threat of car repossession may be a daily stressor in such circumstances. To learn more about how car repossession works, read through this article and find out what to do if your car gets repossessed.

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    What Is A Deficiency Judgment For Repossessions

    A deficiency is the amount of money owed on a loan after the net proceeds of the sale are applied to the account. For example, lets assume you owe $19,000 on your car loan. The lender repossesses the vehicle and auctions it for $11,000. The deficiency would be $8,000.

    The lender files a debt collection lawsuit seeking $8,000 plus attorneys fees, filing fees, and interest. The judge rules in favor of the lender and grants their request. You now have a personal judgment against you for over $8,000. Even though the car was taken, you still owe money to the lender.

    The lender may pursue legal action to collect the judgment. If your state law permits wage garnishment, the lender may ask the court for a wage garnishment order. Depending on your financial situation and state law, you could be making payments on a judgment for a car you do not own.

    Can A Repossession Agent Harass Me

    " My Car Was Repossessed In The Middle Of The Night Out Of My Garage"

    Repossession agents cannot breach the peace when attempting to take your vehicle. This breach can include a threat made against you or other aggressive displays.

    It can also include the violation of some of the restrictions mentioned above concerning private property. For example, if your SUV was taken from a gated community without permission from a property owner, it could constitute a breach of the peace. You would have grounds for a lawsuit and could also use this violation to avoid repossession fees that arise later.

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    What’s The Difference Between A Repo And A Voluntary Repo

    The Differences Voluntary repossession is exactly what it sounds like: you give up your car to the dealer or lender. … If you don’t take the vehicle in yourself, an involuntary repossession occurs. This means that the repo man will show up at any given time or place to seize the vehicle without warning.

    Ask Why Your Car Was Repossessed

    If youve fallen behind on car payments, you may know exactly why your car was repossessed. Other times, its not so obvious. In some states, not getting insurance stipulated in a loan or lease contract can count as a default, and your car can be repoed because of it. Call your lender before jumping to conclusions so you can clarify how you can set things straight.

    Readers also ask

    In a voluntary repossession, you inform your lender you can no longer make payments and intend to return the vehicle. The creditor will resell the vehicle, and youll receive a statement with details of the sale. Just as with involuntary repossession, you have to pay the difference between what the car sold for and what you owed on the loan. Thats called the deficiency balance. More

    Voluntary repossession, a type of loan default, will stay on your credit report for seven years. That type of negative mark will harm your scores especially your automotive-specific credit scores, which will determine the interest rate you pay on your next car loan. More

    Once seized, your car will probably be sold at auction. If your car sells for less than you owe, you may be sued

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    How Many Car Payments Can You Miss Before Repossession

    In many states, your lender has the right to repossess your car after you’ve missed only one payment. Many lenders will give you more time, though, and many states require detailed notice before your lender repossesses your car. If you think you’ll miss a payment, contact your lender before it happens.

    How Much Will It Cost If My Car Is Repossessed

    Help, my car was repossessed. What are my car repo rights?

    Your credit scores arent the onlythings that can suffer if your car is repossessed: Your bank account could, too. A carrepossession could cost you thousands of dollars, even after thebank takes your car away.

    You could lose your car and if the bank resells thevehicle for less than what you owe, you may be held responsible for paying thedifference. This is known as the deficiency balance. It includes theremaining loan balance, interest and any repossession expenses incurred by thebank.

    Suppose you owe $10,000 on your autoloan, but you recently lost your job and stopped making payments. The bank paysa tow truck $300 to take the car back, and auctions it at a steep discount for$4,000. That means you owe a deficiency balance of $6,300.

    You may also beon the hook for other repossession costs, such as fees associated with ending yourlease or paying off your loan early.

    Does the bank owe me money after auctioning off my repossessed car?

    Its rare, but if the bank sells your repossessed car for more than what you owed, its required to return the surplus to you.

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    Looking For Auto Financing After Repossession

    If you lost your car due to repossession and werent able to get it back, you may be wondering how your newly damaged credit affects your chances of getting another auto loan.

    We understand how stressful it can be to get car financing after a repo, and we want to assist you. At Auto Credit Express, weve been helping consumers who are dealing with bad credit issues, including repossession, find financing for over 20 years.

    We arent lenders, but we can connect you to a special finance dealership in your area that has the lenders willing to handle unique bad credit situations. Getting started is easy, just fill out our free auto loan request form, and well get right to work connecting you to a dealer near you.

    How Does The Car Repossession Process Work In Canada

    Repossession laws can differ based on the province in which you live. For instance, in Alberta and British Columbia, they have what is called a seize or sue law. With this law, the creditor has a choice, they can either seize the vehicle from the debtor or, they can sue the debtor for the amount owed. Its up to the creditor to determine which way they want to go but they cant do both.

    This is not the case in Ontario. In Ontario, the creditor has the right to seize and sue for the balance remaining on the loan.

    While repossession laws vary between provinces, the types of vehicle repossession are consistent across the country. There are two types of repossession include involuntary repossession and voluntary repossession.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Filing Chapter 7 Before My Car Is Repossessed

    If you know you cannot afford to keep your car, you might want to consider filing Chapter 7 before the lender repossesses your vehicle.

    Through a Chapter 7 case, you can surrender your vehicle in full satisfaction of the debt. The lender cannot file a debt collection lawsuit or garnish your wages if it does not receive enough money to pay the loan in full. The debt is wiped out entirely by your Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge.

    Unsecured debts discharged include:

    Some Tips To Avoid Being Involved In This Situation

    " My Car Was Repossessed In The Middle Of The Night Out Of My Garage"

    How to avoid vehicle repossession when times are tough


    If you are falling behind on your car payments and are facing a vehicle reposession, here are a few tips. says first tip is to talk it out as mentioned before. If that doesnt work, try to sell the car. If the vehicle is worth more than you owe on the remaining auto loan, this could help you avoid reposession. You can pay off the remaining debt before that happens. However, be aware that if it sells for less than you owe, you still owe the rest of the money.

    You can also try to beat the company to it. Hand over the vehicle to the lender and voluntarily return the car before it is reposessed. This is sometimes called a voluntary repossession or voluntary surrender. This still hurts your credit, but not nearly as much. It could also show future lenders that you are making more responsible choices.

    When you go to get your next car, try buying something used without getting a loan. If you can pay with cash, you wont have to worry about the bank repossesing the car. Plus, a used car is usually more affordable. If that isnt an option, you can always use public transporation or walk for a short period of time. Depending on where you live, there could be reasonable public transporatio.

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    How Many Payments Behind Before Car Is Repossessed

    Two or three consecutive missed payments can lead to repossession, which damages your credit score. And some lenders have adopted technology to remotely disable cars after even one missed payment. You have options to handle a missed payment, and your lender will likely work with you to find a solution.

    Bankruptcy To Get The Car Back

    If the creditor isn’t willing to work with you, then bankruptcy might be an option, depending on your financial circumstances. You might be able to get the car back if you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. To learn more, see My Car Was Repossessed, Can Chapter 7 Help? and Can I Get My Car Back If It Was Repossessed Right Before Chapter 13?

    However, filing for bankruptcy just to get a car back is rarely a good financial decision.

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    Can I Hide My Car To Avoid Repossession

    It is illegal to hide your car with the intent to defraud the bank.

    Are You in Danger of Repossession?

    Are you facing the loss of your car or other personal items due to falling behind on your payments? Not only is this an embarrassing situation, it is expensive to resolve and could be impossible to manage financially. Falling behind on payments for tools, your car, or other items you have purchased can result in a disastrous situation. Eventually, the company you owe money to will repossess the car or other item if you do not seek the kind of legal help that you deserve. Stop repossession in Georgia today by speaking with an attorney.

    If you are facing the threat of repossession in Georgia, call Matthew Cherney, , for help. Did you know that all repossession actions will be stopped immediately when you file for bankruptcy? This gives you the time to get this pressing issue sorted out before it is too late.

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