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What Is An Actuator In A Car

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Aside from mechanics and car buffs, most people who drive automobiles have no idea that small electric actuatorsalso known as mini actuatorsare at work, performing a variety of automotive functions that are simply taken for granted

Aside from mechanics and car buffs, most people who drive automobiles have no idea that small electric actuatorsalso known as mini actuatorsare at work, performing a variety of automotive functions that are simply taken for granted. One of the more interesting automotive actuator applications involves headlights that move to track and illuminate the road, a feature that has become prevalent in many high-end models.

This article will examine how a small electric actuator is used to perform this and other automotive functions.

Headlight Motors and Leveling Systems

Most headlights are staticthey dont moveand maintain the position and orientation of the vehicle on which they are mounted. However, on many vehicles, the pair of headlights can moveeither up and down or side to sideto focus the beams of light on curving or undulating road surfaces more effectively. This movement is controlled by a small actuator that is driven by a permanent magnet motor.

The headlight motor and actuator control the individual positioning of the vehicles headlights. This is typically done by an electronic system via the cam-operated switch that controls each headlight motor, and also by a switch on the cars dashboard.

How Long Does It Take To Change A Door Actuator

The door lock actuator needs a little more than a couple of hours to be fixed. If done correctly, the door panel needs to be taken out and the lock system needs to be checked. Once the problem has been pinpointed, it is easier for the mechanic to rectify the issue by replacing or repairing the bad part. That is why fixing this issue, when done correctly, can take more than a couple of hours to rectify.

Is A Bad Door Lock Actuator Serviceable

A bad or a broken door lock actuator is not serviceable or repairable. The actuator comes as a single unit from the factory, and so the best way to get rid of the problem is by replacing the bad or faulty actuator. Even though there are a number of parts and devices that can be repaired in the door lock assembly, the actuator is not one of them.

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Variable Lift Control Motors

VDO Sensors and VDO Motors e.g. for the Valvetronic SystemWith help of the Valvetronic System the vehicle power is more direct and increased. On the other hand the consumption is reduced by up to 10% within the gasoline engine. Within this system the airflow is controlled by the Variable Valve Lift and replaces the Throttle Valve. Nevertheless, a Throttle Valve is still mounted and responsible for other functionalities like emergency operation.

The high-precision VDO Motors adjust continuously the eccentric shaft of the system. Via the eccentric shaft and the cam shaft driven rocker arm the intake valves are variably adjusted. The VDO Sensors exactly control the adjusted angle of the eccentric shaft and report this value to the enginemanagement.

Benefits and Features

  • OE-Quality with respect to accurate fit, functionality, service life, reliability and safety
  • Many years of experience as an original equipment manufacturer
  • Closed loop control via separate position sensor and position control electronics.
  • Reliable and proved concept in serial production engines.
  • Passenger cars

How Can I Tell If My Mode Door Actuator Is Working

Dorman Temperature Air A/C AC Heater Blend Vent Door ...

Reach up with your fingers, and rotate the mode door linkage shaft to verify that it moves freely, and seems to work ok. If the door is working properly, air will come out through each of the outlet positions as it is rotated, floor, vent and defrost. You may feel some slight binding of the linkage.

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How Do I Test The Blend Door Actuator

If you notice any of the symptoms above, inconsistent temperature, Knocking sound under the dashboard, clicking sound under the dashboard, or the wrong temperature, you have to test or contact your mechanic for a blend door actuator reset. Most blend door actuators diver the temperature and airflow inside the vehicle by opening and closing the heater flap located at the back of your glove box.

To test the blend door actuator, disconnect your vehicles negative terminals. If your vehicle has radio code, ensure you write it down, or better still, you might perform a calibration. You might decide to take your vehicle to a mechanic garage if you dont have a calibration machine. If the heater is blowing cool air, the problem might be you have a bum blend door motor.

When you observe the symptoms above, you should inspect the heater hoses, if the heater hoses are hot, its a clear indication, and you should fix the problem as soon as possible. The next thing is to find the actuator its usually located underneath the glove box on or beside the heater box. You will need an assistant to help you switch the climate temp in various modes while watching out for the movement. If the blend door actuator doesnt move as you switch the climate temp in different modes, you have a bad actuator that needs replacement.

What Is An Actuator Different Types Of Actuator And Their Applications

Rotational and linear actuators are extensively used to move an object or mechanism to achieve the required function. You can control an actuator using a control signal. In this article, we will discuss various types of the actuator and their applications with examples.

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Circular To Linear Conversion

Motors are mostly used when circular motions are needed, but can also be used for linear applications by transforming circular to linear motion with a lead screw or similar mechanism. On the other hand, some actuators are intrinsically linear, such as piezoelectric actuators. Conversion between circular and linear motion is commonly made via a few simple types of mechanism including:

Autonomous Cars Might Be Here Before You Know It

Auto Repair & Maintenance : How Does an Actuator Work?

Imagine the possibilities in a world where vehicles are autonomously driven. Imagine that your car drives you, and you dont need to care about it while it drives better than you could ever drive yourself.

Autonomous vehicle development is becoming increasingly important in the automotive sector, especially racing cars.

The students of the University “La Sapienza” Rome in Italy contacted us for a large-scale project, developing an electric and autonomous car prototype with a heat engine, close to a Formula 1 race car.

Throughout their studies, engineering students of la Sapienza di Roma, University in Italy, develop their skills and knowledge while putting them into practice.

The students’ project consists of designing a driverless race car model and preparing their vehicle for an engineering competition called The Formula Student.

The Formula Student is an international student event organized by the SAE , involving the best universities and engineering schools from around the world to evaluate the design and production of a single-seater car.

Each country has its own Formula Student federation. For example, in Italy, there is Formula ATA, also known as Formula SAE Italy.Each federation organizes its own event in its country during the summer.

The student race car project

In 2020, the team was scheduled to compete for the second year with Gajarda AWD Driverless, but it was postponed to 2021.

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How Does Linear Actuator Work

Defined simply, an actuator is a device that converts energy, which may be electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc., to mechanical in such a way that it can be controlled. The quantity and the nature of input depend on the kind of energy to be converted and the function of the actuator. Electric and piezoelectric actuators, for instance, work on the input of electric current or voltage, for hydraulic actuators, its incompressible liquid, and for pneumatic actuators, the input is air. The output is always mechanical energy.

Actuators are not something you would read about every day in media, unlike artificial intelligence and machine learning. But the reality is that it plays a critical role in the modern world almost like no other device ever invented.

In the industrial mechatronics systems, for instance, they are solely responsible for ensuring a device such as a robotic arm is able to move when electric input is provided. Your car uses actuators in the engine control system to regulate air flaps for torque and optimization of power, idle speed, and fuel management for ideal combustion.

Actuators are not something you would read about every day in media, unlike artificial intelligence and machine learning. But the reality is that it plays a critical role in the modern world almost like no other device ever invented.

Following are the usual components that are part of the functioning of an actuator:

Converting Rotary Motion From A Servo Motor To Linear Motion

Because rotary servo actuators are so commonly used and relatively inexpensive to buy iti has become a popular way for people to create linear motion. Through simple linkages and some form of linear guiding system, it is possible to create linear motion. The stroke that results will be directly proportional to the lever arm length as seen in the picture above. The longer the arm from the servo actuator, the longer the stroke will be however, the downside is that the force will be reduced because the torque is proportional to the arm length.

Below torque equation for rotary actuators

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How To Test The Mode Door Actuator Motor

There are some simple tests that could be done in order todetermine if the vehicle is having issues with the mode door actuator:

If you cant set the flow of air to come out from the rightvents position using the head control set button, there is a problem with themode door actuator, the mode door, the head control set or the circuitconnecting them.

For every movement of the knob on the climate control setcorresponds a movement on the mode door. If there is no movement, there is aproblem with the mode door actuator, the mode door, the climate control set orthe circuit connecting them.

As the mode door open or closes to the floor, panel and topit opposes the flow of air coming from the blower motor and makes a change inthe intensity of the noise. If you cant hear this change in air noiseintensity there is a problem with the mode door actuator, the mode door, theclimate control set or the circuit connecting them.

Are There Any Actuators On The Driver Side

How to install a Door Lock Actuator on car with no power ...

Yes there are three actuators on the driver side. 1. left side for the temperature control for driver. 2. just above and behind #1 is the air distribution for both sides foot, both and face. 3. located up and behind #2 and this controls the defrost. If you broke off the cam for the flap door it will have to be replaced.

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Benefits Of Using Pneumatics Are:

  • High speed is possible and is controlled by the pressure valve and volumetric capacity of the system.
  • Fairly high forces can be achieved.
  • Little sound is emitted apart from the pump pressurizing the tank.
  • Very long strokes are possible.
  • Extremely high cycle reliability and durability.
  • The Actuators can actually be very small and compact in size since they are quite simple in construction.
  • What Does Fresh / Circulate Actuator Do In A Car

    Fresh/circulate actuator helps to pull in air from the outside of the car to re-circulate it in the cabin. Its important to have your skilled automotive specialist perform a thorough differential diagnosis to be sure that the problem lies with the mode actuator and not another type of actuator. What is the mode actuator and what does it do?

    Besides the air not blowing from the proper vents, there may be other symptoms of failure in the climate control system to be aware of. These symptoms are especially concerning when the warm summer months hit. If the problem is due to a mode actuator failing, then the entire actuator will need to be replaced to fix the problem.

    Fortunately, your air conditioner not blowing is a common problem and a relatively easy fix without having to bring your car to the repair shop. If you are actually getting no air from the ventilation system in your car, you might not have a problem with your air conditioning system at all!

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    What Is A Clutch Actuator

    Photo From Wikimedia Commons

    Whether youre driving a vehicle that uses hydraulic, mechanical, or electronic clutch actuation , the clutch actuator is crucial to how your car or truck functions. Put even more simply, without a reliable clutch actuator, your car will have serious problems starting and stopping, not to mention changing gears as you move up or down in speed. Heres an inside look at the clutch actuator to help you further understand exactly why your vehicles clutch actuator is pivotal to having a safe and reliable ride each time youre behind the wheel.

    Rust Grime And Jamming

    What is an Actuator?

    Rust is one biggest problems faced by any automobile owner. It can be the reason why the lock system of the vehicle has stopped working or is working inconsistently. Rust or dirt can get built up in the assembly line, causing it to malfunction and not work. The lock system may also jam due to a broken piece or a foreign object not allowing the actuator to work properly. This can cause to lock to be stuck and not operational.


    The door needs to be opened and the lock assembly properly checked. Once the problem is diagnosed and the blockage is removed, the gears need to be lubricated and cleaned so that the lock system can work properly.

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    How Are Actuators Control Vehicle Mode And Temperature

    How actuators control vehicle mode and temperature. A plastic case under the dash contains the air conditioner evaporator-core and the heater core . Air flows through the case and a series of doors that the actuators open and close to control this flow. The position of the doors determines where air flows and the temperature.

    D Printed Soft Actuators

    The majority of the existing soft actuators are fabricated using multistep low yield processes such as micro-moulding, solid freeform fabrication, and mask lithography. However, these methods require manual fabrication of devices, post processing/assembly, and lengthy iterations until maturity in the fabrication is achieved. To avoid the tedious and time-consuming aspects of the current fabrication processes, researchers are exploring an appropriate manufacturing approach for effective fabrication of soft actuators. Therefore, special soft systems that can be fabricated in a single step by rapid prototyping methods, such as 3D printing, are utilized to narrow the gap between the design and implementation of soft actuators, making the process faster, less expensive, and simpler. They also enable incorporation of all actuator components into a single structure eliminating the need to use external joints, adhesives, and fasteners.

    /light activated polymers are another type of SMP that are activated by light stimuli. The LAP actuators can be controlled remotely with instant response and, without any physical contact, only with the variation of light frequency or intensity.

    A need for soft, lightweight and biocompatible soft actuators in soft robotics has influenced researchers for devising pneumatic soft actuators because of their intrinsic compliance nature and ability to produce muscle tension.

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    What Makes An Actuator Move

    Weve talked about the movement of an actuator, but we havent discussed how, or what makes it move.

    Actuators receive a source of energy and use it to move something. To put it another way, the actuator converts a source of energy into a physical-mechanical motion.

    A butterfly valve is operated by turning the Handwheel connected to the rotary actuator. In industrial applications, the Handwheel could be replaced by one of three typical sources of energy, which can operate the rotary actuator:

    Electric actuators use some form of electric energy to operate.

    Hydraulic actuators use a variety of liquids as a source of energy.

    Pneumatic actuators are operated by compressed air.

    Linear Actuator Applications & Capabilities

    Clutch Actuator Maintenance

    The uses of linear electric actuators are virtually endless. Manufacturing plants use them in material handling. Cutting equipment that moves up and down and valves that control flow of raw materials are examples of this. Robots and robotic arms within and outside the manufacturing industry also make use of linear actuator systems to achieve movement in a straight line.

    As automation trends become increasingly popular, customers are always looking for ways to implement linear actuators into their applications.

    With home automation systems becoming popular, electric linear actuators have become useful in the function of automated window shades. Home appliances like TV can be placed at optimum height without hassle using TV lifts that make use of linear electric actuators. There are also table lifts which use actuators to adjust the height to the needs of users.

    In the solar power industry, they help in moving the panels to the direction of the sunlight. Even in industries like agriculture, where heavy machinery that uses hydraulic actuators are more common, electric linear actuators are used for fine and delicate movements.

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