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What Is The Best Car Brand To Buy

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Best Car Batteries Of 2022

Here’s Why I Only Buy These 4 Car Brands

CR tests dozens each year to separate the positives from the negatives

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Car batteries are essential to every commute, errand, and road trip. It can be easy to take it for granted that your car will start each and every time, but batteries do wear out . . . and not always at a convenient time.

To help members find the best replacement car battery, Consumer Reports tests 150 individual car batteries every year in our lab to help you make smart decisions when its time to replace your battery. We test five units of each rated model to ensure that your experience matches our results.

The tests are tough by design. We charge and discharge the batteries thousands of times while in a 167º F water bath to simulate underhood temperatures and find out how long theyll last. We also put them in a freezer to see how theyll perform at 0º F, and we track how long theyll last if you leave your cars headlights on or the charging system fails.

There are many factors that have an impact on battery life, with weather being one of the most significant. Thats where our extreme testing can separate the batteries with promise from those that come up short.

Youll also find information below on how to know which type of battery your car needs and tips for buying a replacement battery.

The 10 Most Reliable Car Brands 2022

New car reliability ratings should be near the top of your research list when shopping for a new vehicle. Predicted reliability can help you understand how much youll spend on maintenance and may help you get a feel for whetheror how oftenyoull be left stranded on the side of the road.

The good news is that new cars are more dependable than ever before, as automakers focus on build quality and longevity. Electric vehicles are becoming more common, too, so their reduced maintenance costs can be a huge benefit for some buyers.

To determine which ten automotive brands are deemed most dependable, we calculated the average ranking from the two leading authorities in this area: Consumer Reports and J.D. Power. The lower the average score across the two companies’ annual reports, the more reliable the featured brands’ cars have been reported to be. The results are based on feedback from vehicle owners, and updated annually to reflect reported issues and complaints. Those include glitches with infotainment systems to serious mechanical failures and everything in between.

Jd Power Most Reliable Car Brands For 2022

There are two main areas within the J.D. Power data that are used to assess overall reliability scores.

J.D. Power Quality Award:

Below is a comprehensive list of all the most recent 2022 J.D. Power Quality Award winners:


Small SUV: 2022 Buick Encore GXSmall Premium Car: 2022 BMW 2-SeriesSmall Car: 2022 Hyundai AccentSmall Premium SUV: 2022 BMW X1

Compact Vehicles:Compact Sporty Car: 2022 MINI Hardtop 2-DoorCompact SUV: 2022 Chevrolet EquinoxCompact Premium SUV: 2022 BMW X3Compact Car: 2022 Kia ForteCompact Premium Car: 2022 Lexus IS

Midsize Vehicles:Midsize Car: 2022 Chevrolet MalibuUpper Midsize Premium SUV: 2022 Cadillac XT6Midsize SUV: 2022 Nissan MuranoPremium Sporty Car: 2022 Chevrolet CorvetteMidsize Premium SUV: 2022 Lincoln NautilusUpper Midsize Premium Car: 2022 Genesis G80Midsize Pickup: 2022 Ford Ranger

Large Vehicles:Large Premium Car: 2022 BMW 7-SeriesLarge Heavy-Duty Pickup: 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HDLage Light-Duty Pickup: 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTDLarge SUV: 2022 Chevrolet TahoeLarge Premium SUV: Cadillac Escalade

For 2022, J.D. Power has awarded both Buick and Genesis their quality award. This award goes to the top non-premium and premium brand with the fewest problems reported per 100 car owners within the first 90 days of vehicle ownership.

Cadillac also makes a good showing with the Escalade winning the large luxury SUV category and the XT6 winning the luxury midsize SUV segment.

J.D. Power Dependability Award


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Nissan Versa S: Base Price $15730

The Versa gets a facelift for the 2023 model year, and with a fresh face comes a comparatively tiny price increase. Many other automakers have stopped producing subcompact cars entirely, focusing on more profitable vehicles. Not Nissan, who continue putting effort into the cheapest car in their lineup. The Versa has a solid set of standard features like remote keyless entry, automated emergency braking and lane-departure warning. But with cheapness comes compromise: The Versa offers less interior space than many of its competitors, and lots of great features require a step up the trim listincluding adaptive cruise control and a built-in WiFi hotspot. The base model does, however, come with CarPlay and Android Auto.

Our 10 Most Awarded Brands Of 2021

Amazing brand new Bugatti La Voiture Noire...

While some brands have a car or two that earn awards, others have lineups full of award winners. They offer everything from family-friendly SUVs and crossovers to sedans to capable trucks perfect for getting work done. These brands have a history of reliability, comfort, and resale value that consistently put them at the top of awards lists. Here are the 10 most awarded brands from Kelley Blue Book for 2021.

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There is much to consider when youre looking to buy a vehicle: reliability, style, fuel efficiency, safety ratings, even brand loyalty. Thanks to the internet, we are more informed than ever. Unfortunately, that can also lead to information overload. To help narrow down the pool, heres a list of the best car brands to consider when taking this exciting step.

According to Consumer Reports, a US organization that performs yearly automotive evaluations, youre sure to find something that best suits your lifestyle among the following eight picks, several of which also double as some of the top-rated cars on the market today.

How To Choose The Best Tire Brand

Choosing the best tire brand for you is a personal decision which depends entirely on how you drive, where you drive, the vehicle you have and your budget. If you have a Jeep Wrangler and you take it off roading on the trails in the winter, then you need a reliable, durable tire with the strength to endure your travels. If you’re kind of an indoor cat, live in a city, work at home and barely use your vehicle, then you’ll need an entirely different, less rugged tire. Price, availability, longevity and treadlife all come into play.

Ratings and consumer reviews are a great place to start. Doing the research to decide which type of tire fits your needs, and then begin the process of shopping around for the best brands and prices. Once you decide on the tire that fits your needs, make certain to check tire shops near you for inventory as well as online tire outlets for the best prices, as many of them will price match.

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Kia Sportage Hybrid And Kia Telluride Named Among The Car Connections Best Car To Buy 2023 Awards

Korean automakers world-class SUVs dominate competitors in two award categories

  • 2023 Sportage Hybrid chosen as Best Economy Car to Buy
  • 2023 Telluride earns title of Best Family Car to Buy for third consecutive year

IRVINE, CA, January 4, 2023 The editors at The Car Connection , a subsidiary of Internet Brands Automotive, have chosen two Kia vehicles among their Best Car To Buy 2023 awards. As the Kia brands first major accolade in the new year, the 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid SUV has been named Best Economy Car To Buy 2023 and the 2023 Kia Telluride has been named Best Family Car To Buy 2023. This year marks the third time in a row the wildly popular Telluride has earned praise from TCC as Best Family Car To Buy . And prior to those wins, the big, bold and boxy SUV earned the overall Best Car To Buy 2020 designation.

Having two vehicles recognized this year by the editorial staff of The Car Connection is an outstanding achievement that highlights our robust and award-winning SUV lineup, said Steven Center, COO & EVP, Kia America. The Tellurides win validates our expertise in designing vehicles that are stylish, comfortable, and feature-rich, while the Sportage Hybrid furthers our value and efficiency stories. Were proud that each has made such a positive impression with both customers and industry observers, alike.

Kia America about us

* The K5, Sportage, Sorento, and Telluride are assembled in the United States from U.S. and globally sourced parts.

How Many Car Brands Are There

5 Best Cars to Buy When Youre Broke

There are hundreds of car brands in the world, but its impossible to list all of them since there are too many variables about what constitutes a proper car manufacturer and brand. However, if were talking about big industry players, there are 54 car brands of note, and theyre owned by 14 parent companies. Heres a quick overview of who owns who:


These arent the only brands out there. There are plenty of other top car brands out there that dont fit into the above criteria, since theyre still owned by themselves. Ferrari, Mazda, and Subaru, for example, as well as other interesting brands like Tesla and Lotus.

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Get The Most When You Sell Your Car

Compare and choose multiple offers in minutes:

In 2022, Consumer Reports scored 32 automotive brands based on their overall scores in reliability, consumer satisfaction, road testing and safety. This years rankings bring surprising changes and a new leader.

Chevrolet Made The Top 10 Car Brands For 2022

One of the most iconic automakers of all time, Chevrolet has a lot to prove. Although it made the top 10, there are only 13 mainstream car brands, so it isnt too impressive. From expensive 2022 Corvette models right down to the more affordable Camaro, Chevrolet has something for everyone.

Additionally, breaking into the electric vehicle scene has proven beneficial for the titan. Chevys electric 2021 Bolt can drive 259 miles on a single charge and has a surprising amount of cargo space. Other options like the Malibu and Spark leave a lot to be desired.

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Kia Is One Of The Best

Total sales for 2021 MY – 701,416

Back in early 2000, Korean brands had an image problem in the States. They were seen as nothing more than cheap cheerful transport for people who just wanted a means of transport with four wheels. Two decades and numerous iterations later, Kia is now one the best-selling brands in the country with a portfolio of cars and SUVs that feature the most cutting edge and well-equipped vehicles in their respective segments all at a highly competitive price.

A car warranty is a big part of a car purchase, and the industry standard for a new car warranty i.e. bumper to bumper coverage is around 3 years/36,000 miles, Kia, however, outdoes most manufacturers with one of the longest-lasting powertrain warranties in the business. Kia’s 10-year/100,000-mile warranty came into effect on the 1st of January, 2008, and since then, Hyundai and Kia, which are part of the Hyundai Motor Group, have been offering some of the best warranties in the business.

Best-selling Kia models: Forte – 115,929 copiesOptima – 92,343 copiesTelluride – 92,750 copies

Kia Warranty

Chrysler Only Has One Car Left

Going to buy

The 2022 Chrysler 300 is the only one remaining in the automakers lineup. U.S. News ranks it second overall in its large car rankings for the new model year. It comes with a standard V6 engine that provides more than enough power for most owners. Additionally, it uses top-tier materials that are luxurious for an affordable machine like this one.

Although the interior isnt the most up-to-date, five adults fit very comfortably inside this large car. The standard UConnect infotainment system with an 8.4-inch touchscreen is easy to use compared to many competitors.

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What Is A Tire Warranty And What Does It Cover

One criteria which should be considered when shopping for tires is the warranty offered by the manufacturer. A good tire will have a reasonable warranty which will cover a certain amount of time from the date of purchase, treadlife considerations and mileage estimates.

Warranty types include:

  • Treadlife Warranty
  • Workmanship and Materials Warranty
  • Special Manufacturer Warranty

The Worst Car Brands For Us Customers

Using the same metrics for the best car brands listed above, we thought it might be a good idea to show you the worst ranked car brands in the USA. Now, these lists depend on the results generated from research and statistics companies that can only extract data from limited size information pools, so dont take any of these statistics as the gospel truth. Consider them average assessments based on the reactions of limited sized research nets. So dont be offended if your car manufacturer makes it on the list. Despite having lower rankings, all of these manufacturers are safe enough and reliable enough to operate on the countrys roads, or they wouldnt be on sale. So lets begin with the worst of the worst, and get steadily better as we go.

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The Most Reliable Cars

Its easy to be swayed by the sleek look of a new car, but can you count on it? Fortunately, Consumer Reports is out with its ranking of the best cars for this year, so you can find out which models made the top ten. Consumer Reports based its analysis on data gathered in more than 50 tests carried out at the companys Auto Test Center, from crash assessments to safety tests. These cars also came out on top with owners for satisfaction and reliability in their member surveys, and four of them also qualify for Consumer Reports new Green Choice category, meaning that they produce fewer greenhouse gases and smog-forming emissions . Here are the top ten models for reliability. Find out the best time of the week to buy a car.

Buick Has Great Customer Service

Here’s Why You Should Only Buy These 3 Car Brands

Total sales for 2021 MY – 179,799

Buick is one of the oldest American auto marques, established back in 1899. It is still in business and is owned and operated by General Motors. GM was founded upon Buick in 1908 and was famed for making some of the most luxurious and powerful vehicles such as the Roadmaster. Modern-day Buicks, however, has been reduced to nothing more than an image of its former self. The current fleet of Buick is mostly comprised of SUVs and crossovers, but the brand continues to be important for GM with the bulk of Buick sales coming from the Chinese market, and it represents a big chunk of income for GM.

Buick, however, has managed a good niche making luxurious cars that sit just below the contemporary range of German luxury offerings. Since the models are based on popular GM platforms, they have lower maintenance and ownership costs in the long run, all while offering a customer service experience that is a tier above mainstream brands including Chevrolet, and the combination of these factors play a key role in Buick’s rising popularity.

Best-selling Buick models: Encore GX – 71,247 examplesEnvision – 46,450 examplesEnclave – 41,962 examples

Buick Warranty

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Honda Is Us News Top Car Brand For 2022

Sometimes less is more, and Honda is a shining example of that. Only offering the Civic and Accord is easy for this automaker since theyre two of the most popular cars on the road today. U.S. News ranked the Civic as the best overall car in its class. It comes with excellent fuel economy and a more powerful available engine if thats what youre into.

Lastly, the Honda Accord is the midsize sedan that ranks number one in its class. With ample cargo and passenger space, intuitive tech features, and excellent handling, you cant go wrong with this model. Not to mention, for those in need of better fuel economy, theres a hybrid version.

Consumer Reports Car Brand Rankings Announced

Every year, Consumer Reports sends dozens of car models through half a million miles of track testing and data collection. The non-profit organization buys all of its test cars anonymously from dealers and does not accept free samples from automakers. The Consumer Reports testing regimen includes more than 50 scientific tests on every vehicle it evaluates.

The respected organization combines their findings with survey data from their 6 million subscribers to publish their annual Consumer Reports brand rankings. The pinnacle of the Consumer Reports annual rankings is the overall scores tallied for each brand.

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Subaru Is One Of The Top 10 Car Brands For 2022

With a lineup consisting of three well-rounded cars, its easy to place Subaru in the top 10 car brands for 2022. Most prominent is the Subaru BRZ, which is a top-ranked sports car across the board. It delivers a strong engine, excellent handling, and a comfortable interior.

Next, the 2022 Impreza and Legacy are both excellent alternatives. Although they arent built for driving like the BRZ, theyre reliable, safe, and offer intuitive user interfaces. Both come with ample cargo space and are very well put together.

Genesis Blends Korean Reliability With Asian Luxury

#TipTuesday a dealer should know best  buy with confidence that you

Total sales for 2021 MY – 49,630

Genesis was launched as Hyundai motor group’s luxury division in 2015 and is one of the youngest luxury brands in the current automotive landscape. With Genesis, Hyundai aims to take the fight to popular German and Japanese luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, and others, by offering advanced and luxury-oriented vehicles that aim to undercut the competition.

Since this all-new Korean luxury automaker is the offshoot of the Hyundai Group, you will find a lot of similarities between all the brands it owns, especially when it comes to warranty and coverage. To establish its credibility among these seasoned luxury auto marques, Genesis has pulled all the stops which also includes a comprehensive warranty plan that outlasts most of its competitors.

Genesis has also promised a polished customer service experience, but most importantly, they make cars that feel a lot more premium than regular Hyundai and Kia products. They make use of bespoke interior and exterior finishes to make the cars stand out, which is not something that could be said for early Lexus vehicles which were nothing but leathered-up Toyotas.

Best-selling Genesis models: GV80 – 20,325 examplesGV70 – 10,735 examplesG70 – 10,718 examples

Genesis Warranty

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