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What Questions To Ask When Buying A Car

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Do You Have A Used Vehicle Information Package

Buying a Car | 5 Questions to Ask First

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation requires that every privately sold vehicle be accompanied with a Used Vehicle Information Package. This contains information about the vehicle as well as details and paperwork to finalize the sale.

While this is only an Ontario requirement, its always best to check with your provincial licensing office to see whats required when buying a used car. Some provinces may require a safety inspection or emissions testing which either you or the seller will need to do before registering the vehicle.

Can You Provide Me With The Vehicle History Report Or Give Me The Vin Number So I Can Look Up The Car

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Olsen strongly suggests looking at a cars vehicle history report. The seller may provide it for you, or you can look it up using the cars VIN number . Olsen says that Good sellers will provide them as a sign that theyre on the up-and-up and have nothing to hide from buyers.

A vehicle history report includes the mileage, number of previous owners, accident history, how the car was used, title status, and vehicle recalls, among other things.

What Paperwork Do I Need To Sign

If everything looks good, its time to finalize the deal. Make sure you get a Bill of Sale that shows you paid for the vehicle.

Additionally, you will want to fill out any paperwork required by your state. In some cases, you are asked to have the documents notarized, which means both you and the seller must make a trip to a local notary.

Ask any car question in our new community!

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Was It Used To Transport Pets

Unlike cigarettes, pets are adorable and loveable. Like cigarettes, however, theyre horrible for resale value, and for good reason. Hair, dander, claws, and bodily functions have much of the same effects on a car as smoking interior damage, bad smells, and a general sense of grossness that manages to linger even after car washes. Over time, like tobacco smoke, pet refuse works its way into the cars granular nooks and crannies and becomes impossible to fully remove.

What Is The Difference Between A Loan And A Lease

Best Questions to Ask When Buying a Car

Similar to understanding your finances before buying a car, it is essential to understand the difference between a lease and a loan. Leasing a vehicle means that youre making payments for a fixed period of time at an agreed amount of money the agreed amount of money is less than the full price of the car. It’s similar to renting in the sense that at the end of your lease, you don’t own the car.

Second, a car loan means that you own the car and are making payments for a fixed period of time until the price of the car is repaid in full. Both options are viable for different situations. You should consult a financial advisor or lender to discuss which option works best for your needs.

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How Much Mileage Is On The Car

This is a chance to double check that the mileage quoted matches the cars odometer.Can I see the VIN number, the vehicle ownership and your identification?You want to see this information to confirm that the seller is in fact the legal owner and to double check that the registration information matches with the cars VIN number. Check your CARFAX Canada report as well to be sure the VIN and vehicle details in the report match up with the vehicle you see in front of you.

What Maintenance Have You Done

Even the simplest cars with the best reputation for reliability still need to be kept up. Ask both about basic maintenance oil changes, tire rotations and the like and also about bigger, costlier services that car owners are more likely to neglect.

Additionally, do a little research about major service intervals for the car youre shopping, and ask the seller if these have been performed. For instance, a tune-up or a belt replacement recommended by the manufacturer may be looming, and these services on modern cars can cost hundreds or thousands. Knowing that these services are due may give you some bargaining power, or they may convince you to look for a better-maintained vehicle.

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Can I Have My Own Mechanic Inspect The Car

Just as you should have a house inspected by a professional before you buy it, you have a used car inspected. You can expect to pay from $100 to $200 for the service from a professional mechanic. There are companies that will send a licensed mechanic to your location for that price. If the seller wont let you test drive the car, or have it inspected, thats a big red flag.

Carfax can help you find trusted local repair shops to handle the job.

Why Is The Car Being Sold

7 Questions to Ask When Buying a Car from a Dealership

This question is most important if youre thinking of buying from a private seller. A private seller usually can answer this question, and the answers can tell you what its like to live with the vehicle on a daily basis.

Lets say the owner is selling the car to get a more efficient one. That could mean the first vehicle wont be economical enough for you, either. Likewise, imagine that a customer is selling the vehicle for a roomier one. Then you should think long and hard about whether that car will also be too small for you.

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What Is The Out

The out-the-door price on a car is the total cost of the vehicle including all the fees and additional charges you need to pay to legally own the car. The out-the-door price includes dealership fees and the TT& L, which is taxes, title and license fees. This number gives you an accurate idea of what the car actually costs, versus what the window sticker says. It does not include any financing costs what you would pay in interest or fees to the lender for the loan.

Questions To Ask Before Seeing The Car In Person

Before you decide a car is worth seeing in person, there are numerous questions to ask yourself when considering all aspects of a used car. The more information you have on hand, the better buyer you will become and the more confident you can be in making your decision.

Youre reading one of our Beginner Drivers Guide articles. Need to practice for your upcoming exam? Take our free sample driving test — no registration required!

When doing your research online, youll want to know key points like the year of the car, the mileage, and the overall condition. Read on below for questions to ask yourself during this research phase!

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Is It Still Under Warranty

When you buy a used car, you buy its warranty in most cases, and if its still under warranty, that is. When you buy from a dealer, they must provide you with information about the warranty, and any agreements you make override provisions that applied to the previous owner, according to the Federal Trade Commission. As-is cars have no warranty protection. Warranties that do exist can be full or limited. State laws guarantee implied warranties, but there are several variations of implied. In short, ask for a full explanation complete with paperwork.

Is All Of The Equipment In Working Order

Am I Really Covered? 3 Questions to Ask Before Buying Car ...

The last thing you want is to buy a car wash and then find out that all of the equipment needs to be replaced. Be sure to have a thorough inspection done by someone experienced with car washes to ensure that everything is in working order. Brokers can assist you with finding an inspector to ensure the equipment is functional and in working order.

After confirming that everything is working, it is a good idea to see if any upgrades can be made to the equipment. For instance, if everything is working, but the three other car washes in the area have the newest model of wax applicator, it would be a good business decision to upgrade. Factor the cost of new equipment, potential repairs, and upgrades into your purchase price.

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Can I Take The Car To My Mechanic For An Independent Inspection

If you do one thing before buying a used car, it should be this: Take the car to a trusted mechanic to make sure everything checks out. Having a mechanic look for any problems before theyre yours to deal with will give you peace of mind about the car.

And if the seller is reluctantor just flat out refusesto let your mechanic do an inspection, chances are theyre trying to hide something pretty serious. Drive away from that deal as fast as you can!

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What Are The Car’s Safety Features

It is becoming more and more critical for car shoppers to become knowledgeable about advanced safety systems and make sure any car they are considering has the technology they want, said John Vincent, senior reporter for U.S. News Best Cars. Different automakers call systems, such as automatic emergency braking, by different names, which can be confusing and leads to buying mistakes.

Does The Car Pass The Emissions Test

7 Questions to Ask When Buying a New Car from a Dealership

In some areas, emissions testing is the responsibility of the seller, who should hand you a recently passed test that you will need to register the car.

If testing isnt their responsibility, its still a good idea to ask them if theyve had the car tested recently. If they have had trouble getting the car to pass testing, that means you might face the same hurdles. Emissions testing can also reveal potential problems with the way a car is running.

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How Often And How Far Is The Car Typically Driven

There are many reasons for a classic to be driven infrequently or for very few miles. Your job is to ask enough follow-up questions to determine if one of those reasons is related to mechanical issues or overall unreliability. If you do take an inspection trip, a seldom-driven car is your cue to scrutinize engine oil for signs of water condensation or similar warningsnot a good thing.

How Much Traffic Does The Wash See On Every Day Of The Week

Sometimes if a real estate agent is selling the car wash, they will bring you to the car wash on a Saturday when the business is guaranteed to be busy. While its good to see what the car wash is like on a high traffic day, you should see what it is like on other days of the week too. For instance, if its only busy Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, you are missing out on business four days of the week. Address any traffic concerns when deciding whether or not to invest.

Since the car wash industry is predominantly a cash business, it can be more challenging for the current owner to grasp the worth of their small business. Working with a professional to ensure a fair valuation for both you and the seller can help alleviate this challenge.

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Q: Do You Have All The Legal Documents

To sell a car, all the legal documents must be available and up to date. This includes the logbook , MOT certificate and service history. If the seller cannot produce the paperwork, it could be because the car is not legally theirs to sell.

The documents can also show whether the seller is a dealer posing as a private seller. If they have a green slip but no V5C then it is possible that the vehicle has recently been bought and the registration document has not arrived yet. If an owner is selling a car straight after a purchase, it could be an indication that they are a dealer. Also, if they do have the logbook but it has no yellow section, this could also mean they are a dealer. Some dealers pretend to be a private seller to avoid the Consumer Rights Act, and therefore, are selling the car illegally.

Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Used Car

These are the Questions to Ask When Buying a Car + We ...

Buying a car is no longer an expensive fascination anymore. Instead, it has become an integral part of everyones life, especially those who belong to a good society. Apart from becoming a sign or symbol of status, people need a car to ease their conveyance hazards. Obviously, a car adds to the status and eases and safeguards everyday traveling needs. However, it is important to note and accept that all buyers cannot afford new cars despite having an urgent need for a car. Here, the option for buying a used car becomes a clear choice for those people.

Without a doubt, buying a used car is a big task as the process involves many critical things that the buyers always need to complete. They must understand and realize that they are not buying a new car and that is why taking care of a few things may leave a deep impact on the whole buying experience.

To play safely, the buyers must ask a few questions to the dealers and get the answers before buying a pre-owned car. Apart from asking personal questions, they must ask the following questions:

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Can I See The Maintenance History

Any used car dealership in Regina worth their salt will have no problem with you looking at the maintenance history. This will give you a good look at how well the car has been looked after, including oil changes, wheel alignments, tire changes, and more. Regular maintenance is a good indicator that this car has been looked after.

If youre buying a used car from a dealership, make sure you go armed with the above 11 questions, and even some of your own. A car is not a purchase you should take lightly, so take your time and go prepared!

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Do They Have The Title In Hand

Whether youre buying from a private seller or a dealership, never drive off the lot or pay a single dime without having the cars title in hand. No title, no deal! Now, sellers who took out a car loan and still owe money on it probably wont have the titlebut the bank probably does. Its a small inconvenience, but you can have the bank to directly transfer the title to you if you buy the car.

Be sure to actually inspect the title, too, before agreeing to buy the car. Itll show if the car has been in an accident and declared a total loss . If thats the case, you can ask for a price to reflect that.

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Question: Does The Car Have Any Legal Disputes

Answer: You should always prefer buying a car that is free from all legal disputes as facing them can be absolutely necessary for you. You must check the records available with the local police station and consult the officials at the regional transport office. You cannot deny collecting all the related information before you pick up the right used car.

Can I Have An Independent Pre

Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

Mechanics and dealerships will typically charge a modest fee to go over a car in detail for an hour or two and perform a test drive. These experts have experience with dozens, if not hundreds, of nearly identical cars, and their knowledge is invaluable.

Specialists will be able to hook specialized hardware to a car to read for any fault codes, so ask the shop before you agree to take the car there. Some higher-performance cars also store even more data that can point to how the car was driven, which is valuable information to have.

Typically, buyers pay for a pre-purchase inspection. If a seller balks at having their car inspected, they may have something to hide.

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