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What To Use To Clean Leather Car Seats

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Why Is It Difficult To Remove Leather Car Seat Stains

How to clean and restore faded leather car seats on a budget

As you know leather is obtained from animals skin i.e. cow, snake, buffalo, eel and alligator and the same is used to make cover for automotive seats, steering wheel and shift knob. These high-end leather is made after passing through a series of procedures and treatments. The car seat leather is different from ordinary fabric and its more complex. It has more absorbing capacity even though it is highly treated and dyed to make it less absorbent. Thus, any liquid whether it is oil, water, or grease it soaks into the leather seat cover. In order to prevent this, it is highly advised to clean it with a dry towel which is made with microfiber. With this, any detergent, dish wash liquid or household cleaning agent should not be used to avoid damage to the leather.

If the leather cover gets wet, it spreads the stain and it will penetrate deep into the surface and you will find it more hard to remove. The general rule of thumb is to remove the stain with a dry cloth.

Best Car Leather Cleaners

There are as many car leather cleaners on the market as there are leather car interiors. Some are incredibly powerful but too harsh for use on the finer leathers, while others lack the cleaning power required for automotive stains.

The 10 car leather cleaners collected here are the best of 2020 because they combine the features of a powerful automotive cleaner with the gentle, protective conditioning of delicate household cleaning solutions.

You dont become the number one best selling leather cleaner sold on Amazon unless you have some serious car leather cleaning chops. Leather Conditioner & Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey delivers with one of the most potent car leather cleaners available today.

Leather Honey formulated their Leather Conditioner & Leather Cleaner to be a natural and effective way to clean and care for your leather interior. One treatment is guaranteed to provide at least 6-months of added protection from stains, damage, and harmful UV rays. Leather Honeys formula also repels water, is odorless, completely non-toxic, non-solvent, and leaves zero sticky residues.

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner & Leather Cleaner is the affordable choice when it comes to caring for your car leather, and a worthy inclusion on our list of best car leather cleaners.

Different Types Of Stains

Due to the many varieties of car seat stains, weve sorted and categorized them into groups. These groups consist of stains that can be tackled in the same or similar way to each other.

Lets breakdown the different types of stains, as well as the different types of enzyme-based detergents best for removing them.

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Car Leather Seat Cleaning Tips

Leather needs cleaning once every three months to keep the material shiny, stain-free, and protected. The main exception is if your car spends a lot of time in direct sunlight. In that case, ramp up your cleaning sessions to every two months instead.

Of course, if kids, pets, or lets face it, your own habits leave your seats dirty more often than not, theyll obviously need even more attention. No matter what cleaning schedule you follow, use the following tips to get the best results.

Dos And Donts Of Cleaning Leather Seat Stains

How.....and When to safely clean your leather seats with ...

In order to clear all stains out of your leather car seats, you need to be a bit careful. Also when you spill liquid on your car seat, and you want to clean it at the spot, you need to know some dos and donts. By following it, you can easily prevent the liquid absorbing deep into the cover and can keep your cars interior neat and clean.

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C Body Oils And Sweat

Another unavoidable cause of leather wear: body oils and sweat.

When you drive, you may sweat and these fluids get absorbed into your leather. Over time, this will reduce the lifespan of the leather.

The leather should have a matte look. The shine you see in your leather seats comes from body oils and sweat.

How To Remove Poop Stains From The Leather Car Seat

When you finish removing most of the poop either with the plastic bag or paper towels, you can now move on to clean the leather car seat.

You would want to wash or clean to remove any poop stains that may be left behind. This will prevent the leather from staining, therefore, saving you leather car seat cleaning costs or leather car seat recoloring costs.

Here are some of the most common ways to remove leather car seat stains;

  • Leather Cleaner
  • Mild Dish Soap And Warm Water
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

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How To Clean A Leather Purse

Keep your leather purse looking shiny and clean with these tips from DIY experts.


A good leather purse is a fashion investment. Make yours last longer by learning how to clean a leather purse. Youll keep your hobos, clutches and totes looking great for years.

The most important thing to know about how to clean leather: Dont use ammonia- or bleach-based cleaners. They can damage the surface. Go easy on the water, too, as it can stain leather.

On to our lesson on how to clean a leather bag. Empty all the pockets and shake the purse upside down to remove dust and debris. Turn the lining inside out and clean using a lint roller. If you cannot pull out the purse lining, vacuum using the fabric brush attachment.

To clean the leather, mix a solution of warm water and dish soap, dip a soft cloth into it, wring it out and wipe the exterior surfaces of the purse. Use a second clean, damp cloth to wipe off the soap. Dry with a towel. Warm, soapy water will also remove water stains and scuffs.

Stains happen to your purse, even when youre careful. To remove them, grab one of these items and get going.

Banish Grime By Gently Scrubbing The Leather

How To Clean Leather Car Seats

Grunge can build up over the years and tarnish the look of your cars leather. A microfiber cloth is a good choice to clear your seats of grime. A toothbrush also can be useful in getting rid of buildup.

For the best results, moisten your cloth or toothbrush with a liquid cleaner formulated for leather. For the health of everyone who travels in your car, choose a cleaner with toxin-free ingredients. You also can create your own by mixing equal parts vinegar and water.

Dampen the microfiber cloth or toothbrush with the liquid cleaner, and gently scrub the seats. Avoid spraying the seats directly with liquid cleaner.

Take special care when scrubbing perforated leather. Perforated leather has tiny holes that can attract moisture. When cleaning this type of leather, make sure you apply only a light amount of liquid cleaner to your cloth or toothbrush when scrubbing. If a heavy amount of cleaner is used, moisture can get absorbed into the seats and cause problems such as mold.

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How Do I Clean Perforated Leather Seats

An important thing to note before detailing the leather seats of your vehicle is if the seats are perforated. Perforation just means having small holes. Youve likely seen a vehicle with perforated leather seats. It can simply be used as a design feature, but typically it is heated leather seats that have perforation. These holes allow airflow during the heating process.;

So how do you clean seats that have holes in them? While its true you dont want to let lots of liquid get on or sit on leather seats in general, you especially do not want this to happen with perforated seats. The solution is simple: use less solution! Throughout this guide, well talk about how you should never directly apply a cleaning product to your seats and instead apply it to a cleaning cloth or sponge of choice.;

With perforated seats, it is encouraged that you be very sparing with how much product you apply to your cleaning tool. Be sure to keep the cloth at most slightly damp.

Why Do I Need Leather Cleaner And Conditioner

When you get a new car with a luxury interior, such as aMercedes-Benz C-Class orLexus IS, you might expect every leather touchpoint to be soft and comfortable. But with exposure to the sun, time, and your rear end, that leather interior will face constant wear and tear. Its not unlike taking care of your skin. If you want it to look its best, youve got to maintain it.

Like shampoo, a leather cleaner will help remove dirt, debris, and oil from your interior. Even if your interior looks clean, chances are theres a healthy layer of impurities just waiting to be wiped off. To help you save time, some products combine cleaner and conditioner in one solution.

Leather conditioner helps nourish leather, preventing it from hardening over time. It does this by moisturizing the leather while providing protection against humidity and the suns UV rays. The idea is to treat leather like skin, ensuring it isnt too wet or too dry. With regular use of conditioner, its possible to maintain the luxurious qualities that leather is known for.

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What Is Car Leather Cleaner

Car leather cleaner generally consists of a chemical cleaning agent that is specially designed to remove dirt and oil from the surface of leather vehicle interiors. Manufactured by household and automotive product companies, leather cleaners come in a wide range of variations, uses, and chemical combinations.

Many multi-purpose car cleaning products will work on leather interiors, but cleaners explicitly designed for leather seats are safer to use and many times provide much better and lasting results.

There are hundreds of different leather interior designs and materials out there. Before applying any cleaner to your car leather, it is essential that you thoroughly read the application instructions to ensure the cleaner will not damage the specific leather surfaces that are in your vehicle.

How To Clean Car Seats With Household Products

How to Steam Clean Car Seats

Spills happen.; But when they happen, your car seats can become quite messy and stained.; So, to help you keep your car clean and mess-free, we have some useful and easy-to-do tips on how to clean car seats with household products. Youll notice that the cleaning items needed are linked so that you can easily purchase them.

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Option C: Other Diy Home Remedies For Cleaning Leather

If you dont have a commercial leather cleaner or the right natural ingredients on hand for a DIY recipe, there are a few home remedies you can try, such as:

  • Facial cleanser
  • Dish soap
  • Lemon juice

Just select the one you like best and dilute it in water to create a mild cleanser. Consider wiping down your seats with a plain damp rag afterward to remove any residue and shine up the surface. However, as with the DIY recipe, these remedies dont have any of the protective qualities found in pre-made leather conditioners.

Use Nail Polish Remover Or Rubbing Alcohol

Nail polish remover has an alcohol base, making it just as effective as rubbing alcohol for this method. Blotting the stain with a cotton ball will remove the stain from the leather, but the process takes time. Once you have the stain removed, clean the alcohol off the seats with warm water and dish soap, using a towel to wipe away the alcohol.

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Enjoy Soft Supple Leather Seats

With our top leather cleaner and leather conditioner picks, you’ll be on your way to cleaner, softer, protected leather car seats in no time. And there’s nothing like a comfortable seat while driving to make you feel just a little better.

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Washos Way To Clean Leather Car Seats


When cleaning your car, we recommend that you go from the least aggressive to the most aggressive method.;Its always recommended;to clean your seats with the least aggressive method possible to avoid damaging them.

I. The Light Leather Cleaner

This is the;least aggressive method for cleaning your seats.

What you will need:

  • A;microfiber towel
  • Some cleaning solution

Spray some solution on the section you want to clean and then clean it by applying moderate pressure.

If you clean your car every month, this should keep your leather seats clean. If this doesnt work, try;the next method.

II. The Painter Cleaning;Technique

For this leather seat cleaning technique, you will require a scrub brush;or, if you have a big paintbrush, that can work too.

If you are using the paintbrush, make sure you;cut the hairs about halfway through so they clean better.

Spray some solution on the section and then scrub with the brush applying mild to moderate pressure. Dont use too much pressure, as you risk damaging your seats.

Use circular motions while scrubbing.

After youre done scrubbing, clean the solution with a microfiber towel;while;applying moderate pressure.

This should work in most cases. If this doesnt work, its time to get the big guns.

III. Steaming Leather Approach

This is the;last method you can try at home.

It is one of our best-kept secrets.

You will need to get a steamer.

Why a steamer?

The steam works better than warm water as;it helps exfoliate the seat.

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How To Repair Leather Car Seat

It is possible to repair cracks in your leather seats. This can happen if they are very dry and warm. You can buy a repair kit for leather seats that contains a dye that matches your seats. Here is how to prepare your seats for repair.

Apply dish soap and water to the seat to clean it gently. Then with the same rag, rinsed out, apply denatured alcohol to the area. Dry with a microfiber cloth.

Using fine sandpaper, sand down the edges of the cracks so that they are smooth. Then use your leather seat repair kit according to instructions in order to seal and dye the crack, and let dry completely.

What Would Darren Donext

If you really did come here to find out how to clean leather car seats, consider yourself the exception to the rule.

The rule is that most people race to find the best car leather conditioner without giving much thought into cleaning leather car seats first.

For this reason I am adding what I do professionally to treat, condition, protect car leather once you have cleaned it.

  • My favorite tire dressing that can also be used as a dressing for any material you would use a traditional dressing on; including coated car leather like we are discussing.
  • For anyone looking for a shine to their car leather and is accustomed to using traditional leather conditioners.
  • Will create a shine, but will not produce a hyper-shine like other interior/exterior dressings.
  • Dries to the touch so you will not have to endure any residual greasy/oily feel to your car leather.

Darren’s Note: For most of you, the thought of using either a quick detailer or a spray wax goes completely counter to what you have been taught or believe when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your car leather.

Once you understand how much of your car is made of some form of a “plastic-type”; material, you can begin to wrap your mind around using any of the above products from CSI to treat your car leather as part of ongoing maintenance.

The Nu Tyre Lotion is for anyone looking for enhanced gloss/shine along with a more “silky” feel to their car leather.

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Our Simple Straightforward Guide To Maintaining The Beauty Of Your Leather Car Seats


Stepping into a car, a supple leather-appointed interior is one of the first things most people notice. From basic to bespoke, car manufacturers offer many different options when it comes to leather seating for style and comfort. In years past, luxury carmakers often used richly-hued, untreated aniline leather. While visually stunning, these seats were porous and hard to maintain without a protective coating. These days, while there are still some variations to types of leathers, most leather seats are coated and treated to be much more stain-resistant. Fortunately, that makes cleaning and maintaining them a much simpler task than ever before. Read on to make sure youre handling yours the right way.

How To Clean Leather Car Seatwhat You Need To Know That You Haven’t Been Told

How to Clean Leather Car Seats � What can you use to clean ...

You have car leather upholstery. Eventually you will want to clean leather car seats to either maintain them or because they have become so dirty you are embarrassed to let anyone get into your car.;The problem is that you have mislead by the industry who wants to keep you in the dark with outdated information despite that the leather in your car is a very different animal than what you either grew up thinking, or have been lead to believe by an industry that is less than transparent.

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Tips For Maintaining Leather Car Seats Over Time

As long as you use the right cleaning products and steps on a regular schedule, you can keep your leather in great condition for years to come. A high-quality leather conditioner can help immensely, since it protects the seats from UV rays and has vitamins that keep the material smooth and supple.

If you cant commit to using conditioning products, park your car in the shade as much as possible to protect it from the sun. Alternatively, you can place a car cover over your vehicle whenever its parked to minimize its exposure to UV rays.

Other ways to keep the leather in good shape include:

  • Avoiding wearing sharp belts or other accessories in the car
  • Keeping pets off your seats or at least putting a blanket down first
  • Never eating food or drinking beverages in your vehicle
  • Cleaning up all spills right when they happen
  • Using protective covers when maintaining your vehicle

Through all your efforts, you will be well-rewarded by leather car seats that maintain their soft feel and gorgeous appearance. Your car will not only look, smell, and feel its best, but also retain its resale value over the years.

Are you telling me those seats aren’t brand new?Leather Restore Brings Old Leather Back to Life!

“Applying the product was simple and easy. The results was superb. Once the job was done, riding in the vehicle was like the first day when I bought it” – Dean C.

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