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What Type Of Oil Should I Use For My Car

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What Kind Of Oil Should I Use In My Car

What Oil Should I Use For My European Car?

When is the last time you changed your vehicles oil? This simple task is absolutely essential if you want to maintain your cars engine performance level and maximize its life. If you dont change your oil regularly, your negligence could cause significant damage, potentially even killing your engine. In addition to scheduling routine oil changes, remember to choose the appropriate type of motor oil. So what kind of engine oil should I use in my car?you ask? Use the tips below for help.

Can I Mix Different Motor Oil Types

Yes, you can, but its not advisable.

All API oil types are required to be compatible with one another.

Adding a regular oil to a synthetic oil wont harm either. However, mixing will reduce the benefits of additives in the synthetic oil.

Its best to avoid mixing car oil types to maintain the maximum benefits of the better oil formulation.

Do I Need To Change My Oil Filter

When you have a full oil change, you must change your oil filter – its an essential part of a service.

The filter retains a small amount of oil, meaning that your new, clean oil will be contaminated with old, dirty oil if you dont change it. Thats important because the primary reason for having your cars engine oil changed is to remove those contaminants.

Its less important to change your oil filter if youre simply topping up the oil levels, but you should always ensure your oil filter is changed whenever your car is serviced. How often and how many miles can pass between oil and oil filter changes varies from car to car. Check your owners manual or with your local dealer for more information.

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What Makes Synthetic Oil Different

From its molecular structure, synthetic oil is built differently than conventional oil. Its still oil, but its been engineered for performance. Molecule size in synthetic oil is controlled with scientific precision. The uniform molecules cause less friction, an important feature in a lubricant. Synthetic oil also is cleaner and runs cleaner, due to refinement processes that remove deposits, and the presence of additives that can help clean the engine.

Between engine performance, environmental impact, durability, cleanliness and the potential for better fuel economy. Theres a lot to love about synthetic oil. However, while synthetic oil is generally considered the best for your car, the way its manufactured does make it more expensive.

Why Does A Car Even Need Oil

What Kind Of Oil Should I Use For My Car? Update 2017

If it wasnt for oil, a car engine would melt within minutes of being started.

Friction is the one-word answer here: The metal parts in an engine rub against each other at incredibly high speed and that creates friction which in turn creates heat.

Rub your hands together quickly and youll experience this very science.

If it wasnt for oil reducing that friction, a car engine would melt within minutes of being started.

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What Kind Of Motor Oil Should I Use

It all comes down to personal preference. Below, we help you weigh the pros and cons of synthetic and conventional motor oil.

For consumers who are looking for ways to save money, motor oil may seem like a good place to cut some costs. While its relatively inexpensive as far as car maintenance goes, using the wrong oil can cause expensive problems in your vehicle. Read on to get answers to your questions about motor oil.

What Is Motor Oil

Motor oil is an engines lifeblood a truly amazing substance. It pumps throughout the running engine via small passages called galleries, cleaning, lubricating, cooling and cushioning moving engine parts while holding sludge, abrasive particles and harsh chemical contaminates in suspension. Old motor oil needs to be changed periodically to keep your engine running smoothly.

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Which Engine Oil Is Best For Your Car

Engine oil is one of the fundamental products needed to run your car, as it lubricates the engine to prevent the pistons seizing or exploding.. But as the old Castrol ad used to say oils aint oils, so it pays to know which is right for your car whenever the dipstick shows a low oil level and you have to top up on the run. TYPES OF ENGINE OIL

Buying Cheap Motor Oil

Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil – Which Type For Your Car Engine

You dont have to spend a fortune on motor oil there are several ways to save money on motor oil without sacrificing the safety of your vehicle. They include:

  • Shop for oil at a wholesale club or at big-box discounters
  • Buy oil by the case, which usually offers some sort of discount
  • Join a rewards program at an automotive parts retailer, and you can typically earn rewards or get discounts on your future purchases

If you need multiple bottles of oil, its cheaper to buy it in a one-gallon jug, although many people find such a big bottle difficult to handle.

You may find some great prices online, but look for a seller that offers free shipping. Since motor oil is a heavy liquid, you may find the shipping cost offsets any potential savings.

While we all want to save money, remember that it stops being a bargain the minute it causes damage to your vehicle. Knowing what to look for on the label can save you both time and money and give you peace of mind.

Now you know you have the right oil but do you have the right car insurance? Learn more about the benefits of Nationwide auto insurance coverage, including auto insurance discounts.

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What Does All Of This Mean

When you pick up a bottle of engine oil, youll probably notice the viscosity rating first. This will look something like SAE 10W-40. Stick to what your car manufacturer recommends, unless you are driving in extreme temperatures.

Specifications will probably be on the back of the bottle and may look something like API SL/SJ/CF. Remember, the S means petrol, the C means diesel, and the second letter indicates the quality. An ACEA specification will look something like ACEA A3, B3, B4.

The type of oil will also be clearly printed on the front of the bottle. Most new cars will take synthetic oil, which tends to be a little more expensive than semi-synthetic and mineral oil. However, its important that you dont attempt to cut costs by buying a cheaper type of oil.

If in doubt, drop in to your nearest mycar and well be happy to help you out!

Engine Oil Viscosity In A Nutshell

Viscosity ratings tell us how thick the oil is at a given temperature. Most car manufacturers recommend multi-grade oils, which are thinner at cooler temperatures to allow for faster circulation and thicker in high temperatures to protect the engine. The Society of Automotive Engineers rating is what we use in Australia to determine engine oil viscosity. With SAE ratings, the higher the number, the thicker the oil.

A common multi-grade oil viscosity rating is 10W-40. The first part 10W indicates how the oil will flow at cold temperatures , while the second part indicates how it will behave in high temperatures. The lower the number in the first part, the better it will perform in cold temperatures, and it works in reverse for hot weather. Given Australias mild winters, its not usually necessary to purchase engine oil that performs best in cold climates.

Your cars manual will specify the ideal oil viscosity, so its best to stick to that or something pretty close, unless you need to alter it for use in extreme temperatures.

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How Do I Know What Oil To Put In My Car

Choosing the right motor oil for your car is very important to ensure proper engine protection and to cover any conditions that may be required to maintain your vehicles warranty. Motor oils can be very different and are formulated to meet certain performance specifications and SAE viscosity grade requirements. Motor oil performance requirements will be dependent upon the oil specifications by vehicle and this will be determined by the manufacturer.

Which oil you choose for your car will be dependent upon the vehicle, the model year and the engine type. Determining factors include is the engine gasoline or diesel, engine size or displacement, use of turbochargers or direct fuel injection, and incorporation of emission control components such as catalysts and particulate filters.

For additional help determining which oil to use, try Castrols Oil Selector tool.

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Consider Using Synthetic Oil

How do I know my car needs an engine oil change ...

Whether you opt for 5w30 or 10w30 for your gasoline engine, when you go to purchase the oil you’ll be faced with another decision – should you buy synthetic oil or not. Synthetic oils typically last longer than regular oil, and for that benefit they usually cost a bit more. Synthetic oils are safe to use in place of regular , but manufacturers recommend never mixing synthetic and non-synthetic because it can affect the viscosity in ways that can actually damage your engine.

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Our Top Picks For Motor Oil

Best Oil for Most Cars: Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil

With increased protection and longevity, we think most daily-driven vehicles will run best using a synthetic oil such as Mobil 1. Were big fans of this stuff, and so are automotive retailers, dealerships, and automakers. Its popularity all but ensures you can find Mobil 1 wherever motor oil is sold.

Its not hard to find positive user reviews for Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil. Many lifelong fans swear by it. But if you need a more exciting reason to choose Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil, you should know that it happens to be the factory oil of choice for performance vehicles such as the Porsche 911, Nissan GT-R, and Chevrolet Corvette Z06. So go ahead: add a little sports car to your own vehicle!

Best Synthetic Oil on a Budget:

If you like the idea of synthetic oil but arent attached to a brand, we recommend the AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil. From rechargeable batteries to iPhone cables, Amazons in-house brand has it all. Their products are often comparable to category leaders at a lower cost, and were happy to report that their synthetic motor oil continues that tradition.

No matter how you slice it, AmazonBasics motor oil is an excellent value. At the time of this writing, you can get five quarts for just $19.99. Its hard to find a better deal for quality synthetic oil, but the catch is that the oil is most likely not available at your local dealership, auto shop, or other service centers.

Which Engine Oil For Your Car/what Engine Oil To Use

You will generally find the recommended car engine oil grade/viscosity & specification within your vehicle’s handbook, or you can use our engine oil lookup to make sure you’re getting the right oil.Which product you need to use will depend on your make, model, and variant of car, as well as other factors such as your driving style and the condition of your vehicle.

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What Do Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings Mean

The SAE viscosity rating, or viscosity grade, represents motor oils fluidity and performance at high and low temperatures. The typical format will be something like 5W-30.

The first number preceding the W typically represents the oils thickness at 0OF . Lower numbers mean the oil runs freer in cold weather.

For example, 0W-20 can flow better at low temperatures than 10W-30.

The second number represents the oils characteristics at running temperatures and is usually rated around 212OF . The higher this second number, the more resistant the car oil is to thinning. For example, 10W-40 is thicker at higher temperatures than 10W-30.

Viscosity ratings apply across all types of motor oil, whether traditional oil or synthetic oil. And the most common oil youll find in modern cars is the 5W-30 or 10W-30.

Can I Use Synthetic Oil In My Club Car Golf Cart

What Type of Oil Should I Use?

Synthetic oils can be definitely used in Club Car golf carts. Synthetic oils are more suitable for small engines. It is highly recommended for small engines because of the advantages it brings.

Synthetic oils can be on the expensive side, but are useful for golf carts with smaller engine sizes. Because of the long run times and the increased RPM, synthetic oils are highly recommended.

If the golf cart suits well with synthetic oil, it gives out excellent results and runs excellently. In the case of a new or fresh golf cart, you should use standard oil for some time and then switch on to synthetic oil.

Premium synthetic oils are used by many golf carts for their engines. Many customers talk about the benefits they get after using synthetic oils for their golf cart, so it is advised that synthetic oils be used for small engines.

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How To Choose The Right Oil For Your Classic Car

Whether you take your classic car to shows or you just love tooling around town with the top down, you want to take care of the your investment and make it last as long as possible. After all, your classic car has already been around for decades, and making it last decades longer is your job.

Oil is the lifeblood of any engine, so choosing the right oil for your classic car is essential. Here are three tips to help you make an informed decision.

When Do I Need To Change My Oil

Some clear indicators that your car needs an oil change include dark and dirty oil, loud engine noise and knocking, oily smells in the cabin and most obviously, if the oil change or check engine light is on.

Some cars with worn engines burn through a lot of oil a smoky exhaust can be a sign of this and its not uncommon for cars to develop oil leaks too. If your oil level is dropping and needs topping up, youll require a trip to your garage for professional advice, but not before youve topped the oil up.

You can also get longlife oils, which are usually fully synthetic. These can last for up to two years or 18,000 miles between changes, saving you money by having longer service intervals. Always check whether your car is compliant before choosing the longlife oil option first.

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Which Oil Does My Car Need Find The Right Viscosity

Your car’s handbook will list the specification and grades of engine oil that are suitable for your car. You should check this before buying or topping up your car oil to make sure you get the right type. If you’re struggling to find the right oil for your car, you could try the parts department of a manufacturer’s dealer.

Why So Many Oils

How Often Should I Get My Car

Look in auto parts stores and you’ll see oils labeled for all kinds of specific purposes: high-tech engines, new cars, higher-mileage vehicles, heavy-duty/off-road SUVs, and even cars from certain countries. You’ll see a wide selection of viscosities.

If you read your owner’s manual, you’ll know what oil the vehicles manufacturer recommended to use when it was brand-new. The manual may include a reference to Energy Conserving or Resource Conserving oils, which means that the oil passed a fuel economy lab test against a reference oil. While that doesnt always translate to better fuel economy, most leading brands have at least some viscosities that are labeled as such.

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Whats The Best Oil For My Car

  • Different cars require different types of oil

  • Check your car’s oil level using the dipstick

  • Ensure you are using the correct oil for your car as it could cause long-term damage

  • Some modern cars don’t have a dipstick and rely on sensors to inform you if levels are low

  • If your car’s oil level is low, you should be alerted on your dashboard

  • Check your car’s manual for tips on how often to change your oil, and how to do it

Oil is one of those mysterious substances for many car owners.

Unless youre an enthusiast, you may well open your cars bonnet only when something goes wrong youve run out of washer fluid or theres an alarming amount of smoke coming from somewhere. But keeping the car well lubricated is one of the most important maintenance jobs, because unwanted friction in a fast-moving engine usually leads to bad, potentially expensive news.

Advanced mechanical technology in modern cars means that modern oils are more complex than ever, according to David Wright, director general of the United Kingdom Lubricants Association.

Dispose Of Oil Appropriately

If you change the oil yourself, make sure to store the used oil in an airtight, safe container that won’t spill. Contact your town and find out when the scheduled “hazardous waste” day is – a day when the town accepts engine oil and other waste that gets appropriately disposed of according to State and Federal laws.

For more information about maintaining your car, check out:

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