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Can Best Buy Install A Car Stereo /Audio System?

As the internet grew places like car audio and electronics forums could help you find out more about what you needed to buy. You could buy your own electronics online for a great price online then either have it installed by someone or do it yourself and save a substantial amount of money.

One of the benefits of the internet for car stereo shoppers today is choice.

Youre able to read reviews, examine specs, and determine whats best for you, rather than having to settle for a limited number of options in a retail store like in the past. Installation guides and wiring details are now available for a small fee or for free.

These wiring guides and vehicle color listings were in the past available only to dealers in CD format and were expensive.

These days its just a matter of knowing the best place to buy a car stereo and then going from there

Amplifiers For Car Stereo Systems

Do you want to amp up your mobile music even more? Using the best car amplifiers will provide a sound solution. is here to help. When you shop with us, you can get even more from your new speakers by powering them with vehicle audio amplifiers from leading brands that produce the loud, clear sound you and your riders yearn to hear. As the leading car stereo shop, we stock hundreds of amps to power any setup. From compact vehicles to trucks and SUVs, we can help you find the right car audio amplifier. And we can do it for you affordably, thanks to our low-price guarantee and free shipping policy.

The Key Components Of A Car Audio System

Here at Sonic Electronix, we offer one of the largest selections of aftermarket audio components and offer unrivaled customer service. These are some of the best ways to improve sound quality on your system:

Car Amplifiers

Once your decision has been made, it is time to choose the correct amplifier to power the new subwoofers. Car Amplifiers Using an amplifier to power your speakers or subwoofer will increase the sound quality significantly. First, an amplifier receives the audio signal from the vehicles receiver. Then, it amplifies it to a wattage that is appropriate for the speakers or subwoofer.

It is crucial to choose an amplifier with a compatible RMS power rating for the speakers or subwoofer. The RMS rating is essentially the recommended continuous wattage for running the speaker.

Also, make sure to get a corresponding amp kit based on the recommended wire gauge size. You can find this information on the features and specs portion on a product listing. You will need this to properly connect your amplifier to your battery. You will also use the RCA cables to connect the amp to your head unit.

Other Car Audio Accessories

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Come Experience The Best

When it comes to Car Audio and Car Alarms, more people trust Audio Express than any other car stereo retailer. Our stores have been selling and installing top name brand car audio since 1974. Whether you need Subwoofers, Speakers, Amplifiers, Car Alarms, Remote Start, Bluetooth Receivers, Marine Audio, Video, in-dash navigation, or Professional Installation we have you covered. Audio Express is more than just your home for car audio, we are also your home of driver safety and backup camera technology. And if you are looking for custom installation, we are industry leaders in Custom Car Audio.We only carry the top brands which means that every audio component stocked and sold by Audio Express is guaranteed to be the highest quality, name brand equipment. Brands like Alpine, JBL, JL Audio, JVC, Infinity, Kenwood, Kicker, Excelon, Pioneer, Code Alarm, and Viper.

Final Thoughts The Best Place To Buy A Car Stereo

Pioneer Avh

If youre here its because youre more than likely planning to buy a car stereo online. That being said, in my opinion, online-only sellers overall give you much more value, research value, and better model options than buying anywhere else.

Shipping speeds and costs have improved over the years, too.

I dont generally recommend visiting retail stores for buying an item unless the cost is comparable to online pricing and/or you need it right away.

Ive generally been pretty disappointed with the number of items in stock as well as the buying process. It takes a while and is just a big turn off.

Sonic Electronix is one of the best online sellers to buy a car stereo from, but Crutchfield also offers far more application guides, product overviews, customer service, and basic information for customers that no one else does.

However, the problem is that their overhead for the paper sales catalog, the dedicated staff, and so on means that the prices are often much higher than at places like Ive seen car stereos sell for $50-$69 higher, for example!

Therefore I cant recommend Crutchfield as the best place.

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Car Subwoofers & Accessories

When its time to get down, the throbbing bass of a subwoofer can help you and your friends get all the way down. On land or on sea, you can feel all the lows in your favorite music with a car or boat subwoofer that can recreate the sounds as they were intended. We have great brands at great prices.

Mobile Audio Subwoofer Kits & Components

Complete your car stereo system with a thump that lasts. We stock a huge selection of subwoofers for component speaker systems you can add to a new or existing enclosure. Build a complete sound system from scratch with the help of an enclosed car subwoofer thats fine-tuned for better audio quality. Our powered subwoofers offer big sound in a compact package for small cars. If you want everything in one quick, easy and economical package, check out our boat and car subwoofers kits. Get a complete car bass package with speakers, drivers and an amplifier or buy separate woofer grilles, re-cone kits and other equipment for a custom system. We carry vehicle-specific and universal subwoofers from brands such as JL Audio, Alpine, Kenwood, Kicker and Boss Audio.

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Common Car Stereo Sizes

Stereo openings are classified in DIN standard. DIN is a standardized car stereo opening size, established by european automobile manufacturers in the mid 1980s. If your vehicle was manufactured after 1988 there are for the most part two standardized sizes available in aftermarket car stereos:

  • Single DIN – the opening for the receiver is roughly 7 W x 2H.
  • Double DIN – has an opening of 7 :W x 4H and is common in newer vehicles.

There are a few exceptions but you probably will not have to worry about that.

Single DIN Car Stereo

Double DIN Car Stereo

What If You Want A Touch Screen Car Stereo But Only Have A Single Din Opening?

Not a problem, there are several manufacturers that offer a Flip Out touch screen display in a single DIN configuration.

Control Your Car Stereo With Your Smartphone

In addition, some manufacturers offer receivers that utilize your smartphones display to control the car stereo, so that your phone is the touch screen for the receiver. The app-based interface lets you stream music, control the radio, read your text messages aloud, access navigation, make and receive phone calls, advanced audio controls and much more.

Best For Smart Shoppers And Diy

How to Choose a Car Stereo | Crutchfield

Online retailers are great for the DIY car stereo installer but if you buy online and need someone else to install it, youll have to do the additional legwork of finding a shop willing to install internet purchases. This shouldnt be much of an issue, however.

In my opinion, and for those of us who want to save a lot of money and get the best car stereo for our money this is a fantastic way to buy!

You just need to stick with online retailers that make returns less of a hassle, offer better shipping methods, and can even combine a purchase with the other parts you buy in order to save costs

  • Must be installed either yourself or taken to an installation shop
  • Wait time for shipping
  • If youre not happy with the item youll need to spend extra time returning it
  • Some manufacturers may not honor warranties when purchased from unauthorized online sellers
  • May have to sort through many online sellers in order to find the best many misleading search results

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Car Stereo Buying Guide

A car stereo is the brain of your entire mobile entertainment system. This is the component within your vehicle’s audio system that controls what you listen to, how the media is delivered, the volume and tone etc. In addition to controlling your media there are a great number of units that can also interact with your smartphone, enabling you to have access to your messaging, phone calls, audio files, and even navigation. Its best to think of your car stereo as the portal to your mobile entertainment world.


Todays car stereos offer tons of features coupled with a whole lot of acronyms. It is understandable that you may have some apprehension about trying to figure out which receiver will work best for you. Its not so intimidating if you think about what you want out of a new car stereo.

Ask yourself why are you wanting to upgrade your receiver? Sure there are several reasons music streaming capability, connectivity, touchscreen display, navigation, or maybe you are planning on building a complete car audio system, the list goes on and on. Once you have determined what you are after you will be able to narrow your options down to a handful of choices.

What Audio Receivers Will Fit Into My Vehicle?

Simply use our Fit Guide located below the menu on our Home, Car Stereo, Car Video and Speaker pages. Just select the year, make and model and the guide will let you know which receivers and speakers will fit into your vehicle.

Best Aftermarket Car Speakers

Maybe its time for a music upgrade in your car or truck. Or perhaps you blew out your last set of speakers by cranking up the sounds a notch or two too high. Maybe you are looking for car speakers with a bass vibe low enough to wake the dead. It could be you just need to install speakers in your vehicle for the first time. Whatever the reason, you can turn up the sound knowing your speakers can keep up by installing premium car speakers from Pioneer, JBL, Alpine and other top audio brands such as the Bose car speakers and Kenwood speakers available at

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Amplify Your Listening Experience

Weve stocked our shelves with hundreds of amplifiers to fit every audio setup. Basic 2-channel car amplifiers will serve the needs of most drivers who only have a tweeter and woofer in their vehicles. Get a 3-channel amplifier if your system also has a midrange speaker. Amps with more channels, even six or more, are available if youre a real audiophile. If you drive a small vehicle or have limited space for upgrades, our mini car amplifiers will make the most of what you have. These compact car amplifiers deliver big sound in a small package.

Those adding a subwoofer to a factory system will likely need a mono subwoofer amplifier to do what the OEM amp cant.

Most vehicle amps are Class A or Class AB, but we also have a growing selection of Class D amplifiers that are more efficient and produce less heat. A Class D amp is also the best option for low-frequency bass sounds and their high-end response has improved rapidly in recent years. Heading off the beaten path? can withstand the harsh conditions of off-roading.

The Sound Your Ears Crave

10 Best Touch Screen Car Stereo in 2020: Review And Buying Guide ...

We carry full-range and component speakers to suit your needs. Full-range car speakers place all the audio drivers in the same unit, saving money, space and installation headaches. Many of them even fit directly into OEM vehicle speaker locations. If you desire the highest-quality audio and dont mind a little extra work on the back end, buy your car speaker tweeters and midrange drivers separately as part of a component speaker system. Once youve chosen the style, you can order speakers in all shapes, sizes, peak power levels, frequency ranges and colors. We have motorcycle and off-road speakers as well if you prefer to travel in the open air.

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Car Stereo Car Audio Car Dvd Systems & Installation

Welcome to Dynamic Sounds Ltd, London’s Largest Car Audio Retailer & Installer. We specialise in all kinds of Car Stereo, Car DVD & Navigation solutions. This includes Multimedia, CD Players, DVD Players, Car Stereos, Car Speakers, Car Radios, Subwoofers, Amplifiers, MP3 Players, USB Car Stereos, DVD Screens, Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kits, Dash Cameras, Speed Camera Detectors, Reverse Cameras and Reversing Sensors. We also provide services related to Car Audio Security and Vehicle Tracking Systems.

If you are looking for Car Audio, Stereo or DVD products from any major manufacturer including Alpine, Pioneer, JVC, Kenwood, Focal, Road Angel, Snooper, Sony, Mio, and Thinkware then you have come to the right place. We have Car Stereo Installation facilities using the latest equipment, be it for a simple CD player to a full blown In-Car Entertainment system.

At our Car Audio Installation Center we offer fitting solutions for all kinds of installs of Stereo, Multimedia AV Head units, DAB Radio Interfaces, iPod iPhone Integration, Parking & Reversing Sensors, Number Plate Cameras, Reversing Cameras, Parrot Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kits etc. We now stock all kind of Car Stereo OEM DAB, iPod Adaptors & iPhone Adaptors for your factory fitted Car Radio. We stock accessories from all the following manufacturers, Connects2, AutoDAB, Autoleads, and Parrot.

How The Car Stereo Retail World Has Changed

Things have changed remarkably when it comes to the products available for car audio electronics as well as the way you can buy them. 15-20 years ago buying items online was nearly unheard of and unless you lived near a big city it was hard to find brand name speakers, car stereos, amplifiers, and accessories.

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Perfect Sound For The Perfect Drive

Dont let your factory installed speakers get in the way of your perfect drive. Experience our redesigned TS-A speakers without sacrificing your wallet.

The Z series is based on highly advanced technology developed by Pioneer, employing carefully selected materials and parts, benefiting from our decades of automotive loudspeaker design theory and testing ability.

The D series is a result of Pioneer’s automotive loudspeaker engineering experience and expertise, combining advanced design techniques with highly developed manufacturing capabilities.

Small Car Stereo Shops: The Good And Bad

Car Stereo Buying Guide | Everything You Need to Know When Buying an Aftermarket Car Stereo

Small shops can also solve one of the most annoying problems when you go to buy a car stereo or amplifier: chain stores typically have salespeople with no understanding of car audio equipment and dont have the real-world experience to help you.

Ive seen people become frustrated and walk out of a store because no one could give them a real answer to their questions!

For personalized installation and in cases where an install in your vehicle needs clever workarounds, theyre the best.

Always do your homework, read reviews, and get 2nd opinions if possible before visiting a local shop to be well-prepared.

  • Personalized service get to know you personally
  • Offer higher-end brands that may not sell online and in other stores
  • Reputable shops have good, experienced installers and a proper shop and tools, great results
  • Good shops will make it right quickly when theres a problem
  • Nearly always someone available to help you
  • Value your business much more
  • Offer extras like a ride during your installation, custom orders, etc.
  • Can work-around more difficult installations
  • Offer sensible recommendations for your needs and the type of car stereo sound you want
  • Higher cost for car stereo products
  • Poor-quality shops can damage your vehicle or do poor work
  • Limited car stereo product selection
  • May not wish to sell you product models available online
  • Likely cannot price match online retailers

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Best Places To Buy Car Stereos In 2022

A car stereo does the magic of improving how you listen to music in your vehicle. The type and quality of car stereo you buy determine the quality of the audio you get. When purchasing your car audio system, you might want to make sure youre buying the best. And whats the best way to do this than to compare the available options?

Thats why you need to know the best places to buy car stereos. You can buy from a local shop or decide to go digital whichever way, you have to know what to look for and where to look. Here are some of the best places where to buy a car stereo.

Advice On Finding The Best Place To Buy A Car Stereo

Everyone whether its the average car owner who just wants a simple upgrade or the person looking to build a sweet sounding, multi-channel system deserves the best for their money. And I hate seeing good people get ripped off or getting terrible advice from salespeople.

Its very important to be well-informed when trying to figure out the best place to buy a car stereo.

Unfortunately, theres still a good chance you could make a mistake. My goal is to give you a solid, helpful understanding of the different places you might buy a car stereo.


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