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Who Has The Cheapest Car Insurance For Seniors

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Cheap Car Insurance In 2021 Compared

Car Insurance for Seniors in Cheap Rates – Get FREE Quotes
Best cheap car insurance
Good driver, defensive driving, multivehicle
For servicemembers and veterans Family discount, vehicle storage, military installation
For seniors and teens Continuous insurance, teen driver, good student
For drivers with spotty records The General Lump sum payment, antilock brakes, airbag
For drivers with low credit scores Root Insurance Company Good driving

Senior Auto Insurance By Decade

Here’s how your age may affect your driving and your insurance costs in your 50s and beyond.”Not all insurance companies start charging higher rates at the same age, so it pays to shop around if you get a rate hike,” says Penny Gusner, consumer analyst for “It all depends on the internal statistics within the insurance company, so some will raise rates in your 60s while others will wait until your late 70s.”Lets compare a full coverage policy of 100/300/100 liability coverage with physical damage coverages of comp and collision as you age.

Cheapest Car Insurance For Senior Drivers

Progressive takes the checkered flag for having cheap auto insurance rates for senior drivers, among insurance companies in our study. Progresive leads the pack in providing cheap car insurance rates for older motorists, about $400 less than Geico and over a thousand less than other major carriers .

Cheap Car Insurance for Senior Drivers

Liberty Mutual $2,082

*Note : USAA is among the top 10 cheapest companies with a rate of $903 but is only available to military members, veterans and their immediate family.

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Cheapest Car Insurance For Seniors

Auto insurance rates increase when you reach your senior years. Know how much is auto insurance for seniors and how they can find cheap insurance rates.

When you hit your 60s, it is the dawn of your “senior years” — and one thing you’re on the cusp of is higher car insurance rates.

Your auto insurance costs won’t escalate to the levels of your newly licensed grandkids, but they will start to go up as your reaction times slow down. It’s important to explore the additional savings you can get when shopping for car insurance for senior citizens — remember the word doesn’t mean you’re old but mature.

Let’s take a look at how to snag the cheapest car insurance for seniors.

  • Drivers in their 50s are considered the safest on the road in terms safe driving. So, they pay less for car insurance than young and older drivers.
  • One way to keep your car insurance rates down as you grow older is by getting all the discounts you are eligible for.
  • Discounts like good driver and safe driver are available to people of all ages. Most insurance companies offer discount between 5% and 25% on your premium.
  • Allstate offers senior discounts for drivers who are older than 55 or working part-time.

How To Compare Cheap Texas Car Insurance Quotes Online

Senior car insurance online

To find the best auto insurance in Texas, you need to get personalized quotes from multiple providers. Most insurance companies have tools on their websites that let drivers get a reasonably accurate quote.

  • Make sure you use the same limits when shopping for quotes. For instance, if you get a quote for $50,000 in bodily liability insurance from one insurer, use the same limits when you get quotes from other insurers.
  • For easier access to an auto insurance quotes comparison, use MoneyGeeks calculator to get an insurance cost estimate for an average driver in Texas. If you want a personalized quote, youll have to enter more information. You can also use MoneyGeeks price data to help choose which company websites to visit.
  • Overall, the cheapest companies in Texas are Farmers, USAA and State Farm. You can start searching for the best auto insurance by getting a personalized quote from these carriers.

Auto Insurance Calculator


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What Should I Do About My Car Insurance If I Cant Get My License Renewed

If you are a senior driver, there may be special provisions to getting your license renewed that are specific to your state. Those provisions may include a road test, written test, vision exam, hearing exam and other physical and mental examinations. If you are not approved for license renewal, this means you no longer have a legal drivers license and may not operate a vehicle. This also means you can drop your car insurance unless someone else is driving the vehicle. If someone else is using the vehicle, speak with your insurance company about what your options are.

Many insurers will try to work with you if youre no longer driving but need a caretaker to use your vehicle, notes Gusner. One solution is for the caretaker to be listed as the primary driver on your policy, thus rated on their driving record, while you are excluded due to not having a valid license. Just dont sneak out for a driver on your own, you wont be covered.

The Best For Customer Service And Discounts For Senior Drivers: Allstate

Allstate’s customer service is only beat out by USAA, which is exclusive to its military members. However, this fantastic customer service does come at a cost. Allstate is one of the most expensive options for coverage in nearly every state we surveyed. However, while Allstate may not offer the cheapest base rates, it does feature great discounts, including a responsible payer discount, a full-pay discount and a safe driving bonus.

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Best Auto Insurance For Seniors In 2021

Updated on Tuesday, November 9 2021| by Alison Chan

Seniors pay an average $962 for auto insurance per year. Here’s where you can find the best company.

Drivers between the ages of 55 and 65 typically pay lower rates for car insurance than almost any other age group. This is because theyre usually safer drivers than those under the age of 55. They often drive less, too. Also, most under-65 seniors have yet to experience the age-related declines in vision and cognitive function that are more common among their over-65 counterparts.

This article covers what you need to know about senior car insurance, including:

USAA $706
Average rates are based on non-binding estimates provided by Quadrant Information Services. Your rates may vary.

State Farm has the cheapest car insurance for seniors. It offered our sample driver an average quote between $736 and $841.

Progressive wasnt far behind State Farm in terms of cheap auto insurance for senior citizens. The average rate quote Progressive sent our sample senior driver ranged from $991 to $1,360.

Keep in mind:

What you pay for car insurance depends on several rate factors, including your driving record, where you live, the car you drive and more.

Is There A Difference Between Someone Thats 50 And Someone Thats 65

Best Car Insurance for Seniors Lower Your Car Insurance Rate

Insurance companies certainly view anyone thats over 50 with a clean driving record as less of a risk than someone that is 25 and your rates will certainly go down, but not nearly as much as they will when you actually retire. For most people that age may be 65, but for others, it might be a bit younger. Once you do fully retire youre going to be on a fixed income and that means its important to find the best deal possible to fit your budget.

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What If My Car Is Modified For Disabled Passengers

You may have the option of paying for an optional extra to cover valuables that you carry in your car, which can cover wheelchairs and other mobility aids, as well as personal effects like a purse, satchel or clothing. Any modifications to your car to assist with mobility will affect the value of your car, which affects how your premiums are calculated.

There are specialty providers that offer car insurance for disability parking permit users.

The Best Overall Pick For Auto Insurance For Seniors: State Farm

State Farm is the cheapest insurance provider for most seniors in 31 states more than any other insurer. Combine cheap rates with the range of discounts the company offers for safe driving, safe vehicles and loyal customers, and most budget-conscious seniors are more likely to find affordable car insurance with State Farm than other providers.

According to a survey conducted by ValuePenguin, policyholders with State Farm are likely to be satisfied with their claims. Seventy-three percent of claimants described themselves as “extremely” satisfied by their most recent experience with State Farm. Moreover, State Farm receives few complaints relative to its market share about its claims process, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

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What Are The Cheapest Cars To Insure In Ontario

The cheapest vehicle to insure in Ontario will change each year. As new vehicles become available and as providers adjust how they determine rates, they will go up or down for some models.

But there are some models that are consistently ranked as the most affordable for insurance. Weve included models from a variety of classes to give you a good overview of your options.

Here are frequent models that top the list of the over the last 5 years and are a good choice for lower payments :

$2,198 $183

Here are some additional reasons to choose one the these vehicles that are known for having lower insurance costs.

  • Jeep Wrangler : You see the Wrangler on the list almost every year. As a larger vehicle, if offers great storage space, and it is ideal for families, those who travel and enjoy the outdoors. Compared to other similar models, youll pay less for coverage without having to sacrifice quality or style.
  • Nissan Versa : The Versa is another popular subcompact. It has great fuel economy, it has a lower base price and it has a great array of safety features. These things make it one of the best options for insurance compared to other vehicles in its class.
  • Honda Odyssey : If you are looking for a vehicle that can fit the entire family comfortably, is affordable, and offers all the features you need, the Odyssey is it. Even though SUVs are popular today, it still holds its own, and people are drawn to it because of its insurability.
  • Mandatory Auto Insurance Required In Each Province

    Cheap Senior Citizen Car Insurance

    How you get coverage, availability, systems, rules, regulations, and rates are different by province and territory. Plans are available though private insurers and brokers in most regions. Others get coverage through public government run programs.

    All provinces require you have at least $200,000 in third party liability coverage and accident benefits. Some provinces require direct compensation property damage, while others do not. Only Alberta does not require uninsured automobile protection.

    The table below illustrates insurance requirements across Canada :

    Province or Territory
    Office of the Superintendent of Insurance

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    Senior Discounts For Car Insurance Not Enough

    In the event that you feel like youre still paying too much for car insurance, even after applying the discounts we mentioned above, then its time to take a different approach. Comparing car insurance is the best way to find the lowest price on car insurance. It used to be a very time-consuming process, but weve made it simple. All you do is put in your information as you would on any car insurance website, but instead of just getting one quote, youll get several. You can then compare them side-by-side to see which company offers you the better value .

    The Best For Ridesharing And Carsharing Coverage: Intact

    Intact is one of the few insurance companies in Alberta that offer both ridesharing and carsharing coverage. If you are an Uber driver, you will be happy to learn that Intact offers an Uber ridesharing policy that covers you the moment you accept a ride till you drop off the passengers, as well as personal lines coverage options.

    On the other hand, if you want to use Turo, a peer-to-peer online car rental service, Intact car insurance company in Albertahas got you covered as well. Turo allows you to turn your cars park time into paid time by bringing you in touch with people interested in renting your vehicle. You just need to arrange the pick-up and drop-off times that work for you by the app.

    The most impressive thing is that between your personal auto insurance and Turo insurance, your vehicle will be covered all the time.

    However, Intact is not just for Uber drivers and Turo users. It is one of the bestinsurance companies in Alberta and offers many benefits to all drivers. For instance, if you own an electric vehicle or a rechargeable hybrid, Intact offers you a handsome discount of 10% on your premium.

    Similarly, good drivers can save up to 25% on car insurance through Intacts my Driving Discount, an app-based program that tracks your driving habits and adjusts your premiums accordingly.

    Continuing with the positives, Intact is also rock-solid financially. It grabbed an A+ rating the second-highest rating possible in the A.M. Best Survey.

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    Which Other Types Of Car Insurance Are Available To Nova Scotia Drivers

    Beyond third-party liability insurance , you can also purchase extended coverage that will help with costs to repair or replace your vehicle.

    • Collision – Collision coverage in Nova Scotia covers the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle, but only if its damaged in a collision.
    • Comprehensive – Comprehensive coverage in Nova Scotia covers the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle if its damaged by an insurable risk, minus collisions. Insurable risks that are covered by comprehensive insurance include damage from falling objects, vandalism, or theft.
    • Specified perils – Covers the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle but only against insurable risks that you specifically ask for coverage against. If its not in the policy, youre not covered.
    • All perils – A hybrid of collision and comprehensive insurance.

    Cheapest Car Insurance In Texas For Seniors

    Cheap Car Insurance in Maryland

    Senior drivers in Texas will likely pay slightly more for their car insurance. The average cost of auto insurance in Texas for senior drivers is $1,455 per year. That is higher than the annual average rate of $1,316 for the average driver.

    The cheapest options for senior drivers in Texas are:

    • Farmers: $834 per year
    • State Farm: $891 per year

    This differs slightly from the cheapest companies for the average 40-year-old driver in Texas, Farmers and USAA.

    Average Car Insurance Rates for Seniors
    • Company
    • $295
    • Show more

    In Texas, older drivers are subject to increased safety laws and regulations. In 2017, 9.9% of fatal car crashes in Texas were caused by drivers over the age of 65.

    According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, drivers between the ages of 79 and 84 must renew their license in person every six years, while drivers aged 85 and older are required to renew every two years.

    Senior drivers are not only required to participate in more regular license renewals and screenings, but they often pay higher insurance rates in Texas. But not all companies start increasing premiums at the same age. Some hike rates at age 65, while others wait until age 70 or even later. As you age, it pays to shop around every few years for affordable car insurance for seniors.

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    Who Is Considered A Senior

    When it comes to car insurance, theres no solid definition of senior or older adult. Some companies, like The Hartford, only offer car insurance to AARP members aged 50 or older, while others offer special discounts to drivers over a certain age. But most car insurance companies simply include age as one factor in their overall calculation of your premium. That means that car insurance is one area where you likely wont get to enjoy a senior discount just for passing a milestone birthday.

    Usaa: Cheapest Car Insurance For Military Families

    Not only does USAA provide some of the cheapest liability insurance, but it also offers full coverage. According to our rate estimates, USAA costs about $990 per year for the average 35-year-old driver.

    The organization also made it to the top of our other charts. The only trouble with USAA is that not everyone will qualify for coverage. In fact, USAA is designed to cover only military members, veterans, and their families.

    USAA also provides perks such as roadside assistance, accident forgiveness, rental car coverage, and car replacement assistance . USAA also offers other types of insurance, including life insurance, homeowners/renters insurance, health insurance, and more.

    We are fond of the USAA mobile app, which makes filing a claim simple. In addition, the organization is known for its superior customer satisfaction. Throughout our research, we found two studies on auto insurance, both done by J.D. Power. Both the Auto Claims Satisfaction Survey and the 2020 Auto Insurance Study indicate this provider is among the best.

    USAA auto insurance might be right for you if:

    • You are part of the military, a veteran, or a military family member
    • You want the cheapest car insurance available

    To learn more about this cheap car insurance provider, check out our USAA auto insurance review.

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