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Who Is Alamo Car Rental Affiliated With

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History Of Enterprise Rent

Alamo Rent a Car Review – Rental Car Reviews

Enterprise Rent-A-Car harkens back to Jack Taylors first company, Executive Leasing, which started operations in 1969. The name came from the USS Enterprise, the aircraft carrier Taylor served on in World War II.

Over the decades, Enterprise has grown its services and locations, and saw big momentum in the early 1990s. It opened its first international location in Windsor, Canada in 1993, and then expanded to Europe in 1994 with a location in Reading, England. A year later, the car rental provider opened its first airport branch in Denver.

Enterprise has also grown several companies under its brand, including the Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise and Enterprise Fleet Management for corporate rentals.

How Much Does A Car Rental Cost

The cost of renting a car varies greatly and depends on several factors including the company, the make and model of the car, your insurance coverage, driver age, and whether or not you register an additional driver. However, average daily rates for the companies listed in the article range from around $30 to $60 per day.

How To Rent A Car Through Alamo

Youll find that renting a car with Alamo is quite easy. First, using your username and password, then enter your pick-up location, date, pick-up time, renter age, any corporate or discount codes you have, then click Continue.

On the next screen, youll notice that the results are given with a Drive Happy Deal first and the rest of the options sorted in order by price from low to high. From the top panel, you can filter your results by vehicle type and price.

When you select a Drive Happy Deal, your car type is determined when you arrive to pick up the car. Drive Happy Deals are usually the cheapest option, so if you do not care what car you receive, this could be a great option. On the other hand, if you know you need a specific vehicle type like an SUV, we would not recommend selecting the Drive Happy Deal.

When you select which car youd like, youll notice that there are Pay Now and Pay Later options. The Pay Now option gives you a discount for paying the amount owed upfront, but your reservation will be non-refundable. However, the Pay Later option is usually a bit more expensive but allows you to cancel before checking-in if you need to change your plans.

After youve selected a vehicle type, youll then be able to add any extras that youd like with your rental. These could include insurance and vehicle protections, along with any other equipment additions like SiriusXM, a navigation device, toll waiver, or fuel service option.

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What Is The Best Car Rental Company

In general terms, the vast majority of people consider the Enterprise company to be the best option when renting a vehicle. That is why it is one of the most coveted options when people want to obtain excellent service.

On the other hand, the company that provides the best customer service is Hertz. According to many peoples opinion, here you get the highest customer satisfaction from the company.

Additionally, National Car Rental can provide the best application along with the best website for all users. This includes one of the most user-friendly interfaces. Even all the important points that users need to take into account are explained in a very simple way.

Finally, Alamo is a company that has the best prices for the rest of the competition. Therefore, users who want good service at a low price opt for Alamo.

Some Considerations To Keep In Mind About Low

Photos for Alamo Rent A Car

Low-cost car rental companies tend to be the ones that generate the most doubts among users. This is because the Car Rental Companies Search engines and car rental comparison sites hide or hinder finding and comparing most of the costs and additional conditions in the Terms and Conditions of the Rental .

The result is that travelers, in many cases, if they book with other comparators do not discover what they have rented until they pick up the car.

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Is It Worth Paying For Rental Car Insurance

First of all, you may already be covered, so check with your car insurance policy, or call your insurance company to find out if your existing coverage extends to a rental car. Car rental companies typically offer the following coverage options at the counter as you sign the lease agreement, and it’s really down to individual circumstances as to whether you take these out :

Loss-damage/collision damage waiver: This typically waives financial responsibility if the car is damaged or stolen, towed or incurs similar fees. Typical cost: $9$19 a day.

Liability coverage: This is usually required coverage, protects you from potential lawsuits and typically costs around $7$14 a day.

Personal accident insurance covers medical costs that might be incurred after an accident. Typical cost: $1$5 a day.

Personal effects coverage insures against theft any possessions that you might keep in the rental car and typically costs $14 a day.

Does Enterprise Own Alamo

Here, it is necessary to take into account that the parent company that covers several companies is Enterprise Holdings, Inc. which is a private holding company located in the United States.

Exactly, the headquarters of this company is Clayton de Saint Louis in Missouri. That is why some of the most recognized companies in the market are in charge of this capital company.

Therefore, companies like Enterprise CarShare, Enterprise Rent a Car, Alamo Rent a Car, and National Car Rental are part of the same company. In turn, each of these companies is specifically oriented to a particular target audience.

This is why users find many differences in companies like Enterprise and Álamo. Generally, businessmen need the services of Enterprise.

Additionally, tourists and people who want to enjoy a moment of leisure turn to the Alamo company. The services obtained in each of these companies also vary from one another.

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Enterprise Holdings To Buy Discount Car And Truck Rental Company


TORONTO – Enterprise Holdings Inc. says it has agreed to buy Toronto-based Discount Car and Truck Rentals as the mobility space rapidly evolves.

The two privately-held, family-owned companies did not disclose financial terms of the deal, which will bring together Enterprises roughly 760 Canadian locations with Discounts more than 300.

Discount CEO Jay Singer, whose parents founded the company in Hamilton in 1980, said that after rapid growth in recent years the company was looking for the next step.

It occurred to us that we need to be part of a larger company that presents more opportunities and resources to our customers and to our staff.

He said he was pleased to find that partner in Enterprise, which is a third-generation family business, since its rare these days to have family companies of their scale.

The transaction between Enterprises Canadian division and Discount, which is still subject to closing conditions, comes as transportation and vehicle access options expand via ride-hailing apps, peer-to-peer car sharing and car-sharing networks.

Enterprise is actively competing in some of the new models through its CarShare program that allows automated hourly or short-term rentals of cars distributed across cities. The company bought Torontos AutoShare in 2014 as one of numerous start-up acquisitions as it looks to take on new entrants.

Singer said it was exciting to join with Enterprise during this rapid transition.

Expedia Will Send You To Alamo Without Screening The Quality Of The Service You Will Receive You Dont Really Want To Use: Expedia Enterprise Holdings Alamo National Nor Locauto At All At Anytime

Alamo car rental Review – Alamo claimed that I did $3,192 worth of damage to the vehicle

Why does Enterprise Holdings keep sending car rental customers to LOCAUTO? They must be making money by doing it. Clearly they are not service oriented. We experienced a BAIT AND SWITCH SCAM using Expedia> Enterprise Holdings> ALAMO> LOCAUTO. It would appear that the layering of names giving the appearance that there are more than one entity is part of how they work their scam.

We complained to ALAMO who believed the lie that LOCAUTO told them, namely that we had gotten over there and requested additional coverages which would add $500 USD more to our rental costs. Please note ALAMO cannot actually believe the lie that LOCAUTO has fed them about what happened, but in believing it, ALAMO doesnt have to do anything to correct the problem.

LIES THAT LOCAUTO TOLD ALAMO that they believed:

ALAMO said that we added on additional road taxes once we got to Milan.

ALAMO said that we added on insurance to protect the physical property of LOCAUTO, but that we declined personal liability insurance which would have protected us.

ALAMO said that we added on additional coverages for something called ROADSIDE PLUS We didnt have a phone to call Road Side Plus.

LOCAUTO lied to ALAMO and they chose to believe LOCAUTO although the reasoning and logic is quite missing. ALAMO is choosing to take the easy way out.

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Early Life And Career

Taylor first began working at Enterprise washing cars when he was 16. He would work during holiday vacations and learn the business from the ground up during summer breaks.

In 1970, Taylor earned a from the . After graduation, he sought experience outside the family business and worked at RLM Leasing, a affiliate based in , CA. He spent three years there before returning to and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Working With Alamo Rent A Car

Discount Hawaii Car Rental has developed a solid and dependable working relationship with Alamo Car Rental over the last 20+ years. Building this strong connection has allowed us to grow and expand along with their offerings in Hawaii. Alamo car rental locations exist on every Island, and on some Islands, there is more than one location for convenience and to allow customers to rent a car with our discounted rates, and experience the expertise and superior customer service offered by Alamo.

Our customers have passed on to us their positive experiences dealing with Alamo Car Rental Hawaii, and we agree our staff has great relationships with our counterparts at Alamo, and we are in contact by phone and email whenever we need help with a car rental situation, whether it is booking a large van behind the scenes, or requesting arrangements for a customer with special needs.

We also appreciate the opportunity to offer benefits such as one extra free additional driver this benefit can save a traveler up to $14/day to add someone other than a spouse to their Alamo car rental in Hawaii.

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Find The Main Differences Between Premium Middle Segment And Low

The reviews of car rental companies must be compared with their equivalent brands. We group them in different segments according to the rental price, but also the existence or not of additional costs when picking up the car, the type of fleet, the location of the offices, the services it offers and its customer service, and of the amounts of the franchise or blocking on the card as a deposit.

Based on these ten variables, car rental companies can be classified into three generic segments: Premium Brands, Middle Segment, and Low-Cost Brands. It is important that you know that the same company can exploit different brands for each segment, even the three segments at once , and each one has different marketing conditions. For example, both Avis and Hertz or Europcar have different brands depending on the segment to which they are going.

The car rental companies operate fairly homogeneously within the same country, but there are interesting differences between some destinations. Sometimes the reason is that the franchises are differentiated by regions, or because there are differences in characteristics due to the type of predominant public in a destination, such as business trips in Washington or tourism in Las Vegas, which causes that in Washington many companies offer limited mileage and in Las Vegas, unlimited mileage.

Middle Segment Car Rental Brands

Alamo Rent A Car

This is a segment of brands with an intermediate price between Premium and Low Cost, but with a level of service and customer satisfaction similar to Premium. In this segment, we usually find many good regional or local companies, and especially the second brands of Premium companies.

  • AeroDrive Car Rental
  • Apex Car Rentals
  • JUCY Car Rental
  • RaD Car Hire
  • Omega Rental Cars

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Alamo Car Rental: Environmental & Community Involvement

Maintaining a fuel efficient fleet and constantly prospecting new clean technologies are only part of the company’s continued investment in the environment. Since 2006, $35-million has been donated to the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and its Enterprise Rent-A-Car Institute for Renewable Fuels. Most of the work that is done in these facilities focuses on using algae to produce third-generation bio fuels that could someday be used to power vehicles. Enterprise Holdings participates in a Carbon Offset Program and have opted to match customer’s donations that help fund the offset over 90,000 metric tons of carbon annually.

Other Reputable Car Rental Companies

These additional car rental services are reputable options that we strongly considered, but didn’t quite make the cut.

Dollar: The company has average pricing for the industry but locations are not quite as widespread and offers fewer benefits, for example, there’s no at-home customer drop-off or pick-up.

Sixt: A big name in Europe that is making strides in the American market, however, some car sizes might seem ungenerous to American companies.

Thrifty: Attractive, competitive prices but fewer locations than many of its peers and a less expansive loyalty scheme.

Budget: A good number of locations but it also has a less attractive loyalty program and their airport pick-ups can be subject to additional fees.

Avis: Good, affordable quotes for weekly rates and a great app, but the loyalty program makes it challenging to earn points, and airport pick-ups can be subject to fees.

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Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group

9,700 corporate and franchise between Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty
Key people Kathryn V. Marinello, President and CEO of The Hertz Corporation
Owner The Hertz Corporation

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group is the former holding company of Thrifty Car Rental and Dollar Rent A Car. Dollar Thrifty Automotive began to operate as an independent car rental subsidiary of the Chrysler Corporation on November 4, 1997 while continuing to support its two brands, Dollar Rent A Car and Thrifty Car Rental. It was acquired by The Hertz Corporation for US$2.3 billion on November 19, 2012.

Differences Avis Vs Budget

Cheap Auto Rental: Alamo

Avis, Budget, and Zipcar, as well as local brands such as Maggiore, FranceCars, Apex, and Payless all, belong to the AvisBudgetGroup. Avis is the main brand and the others are its subsidiaries.

Avis is considered a high-end car rental company with higher prices, while Budget, Zipcar, Apex, or Payless are considered cheaper options. Generally, these companies rent from the same car parks and often even share the same counters. It is possible to rent the same car from any of them and pay a different price depending on the company you rent from.

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Alamo Terms And Conditions

  • Valid Drivers License in the name of the driver
  • Major credit/debit card*
  • Passport
  • 21 years of age. Drivers aged 21 24 are subject to a $20 day young driver surcharge
  • Clean driving record
  • Contracted Rate Benefits one free additional driver

*See approved credit cards and Alamo car rental debit card policies

Can I Pay With A Debit Card To Rent A Car

Some rental companies, including Avis and Budget, allow customers to rent a car with a debit card as long as they are at least 25 years old and consent to having an authorized hold placed on their card for the duration of the rental period. Policies change from location to location, so its always best to call and check in advance if you plan on using a debit card.

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Ways To Land On A Car Rental Do Not Rent List

Act belligerently. Threatening or bullying a car rental employee, especially if someone has to call the cops, will get you placed on the Do Not Rent list.

Use a fake ID. Falsifying documents will land you a Do Not Rent notation, since the rental car company now has every reason to believe it wont get its car back.

Let unauthorized drivers get behind the wheel. Before you give a friend or colleague the keys to your rental car, understand that if anything happens to the vehicle, you will land on the Do Not Rent list.

Use a rental car to commit a crime. If the vehicle is used for a crime, you are going to land on the DNR list.

Drink and drive. Driving under the influence is such a huge no-no, it will likely place you on a universal Do Not Rent list for all car rental companies.

Drive outside the permitted region. Before driving to Canada or Mexico, check to see that your contract permits it.

How To Stay Off The Do Not Rent List

Alamo Rent A Car España

Follow the rules. You can push the envelope, but the rental company wont blackball you if you follow the rules. Lets say you put 1,200 miles on a rental car over a weekend. It would be okay if your contract includes unlimited miles. The Do Not Rent list is never used to punish rule-following customers.

Pay your bill. Very often, drivers end up on the Do Not Rent list through failure to pay. If the rental car company refers your case to a collections agency, your name will go on the Do Not Rent list.

Think twice before disputing charges: Occasionally, we see customers land on the list after disputing rental charges. Dont dispute the refueling charge, since the terms are clearly spelled out in your contract. Dont smoke in the car and then dispute the cleaning fee charge.

Pay parking fines and tolls. Long after you returned the rental, the company may send you a bill for unpaid tolls or parking tickets racked up while you had the car. A citation from an automated cameras in Europe might come in nine months after the rental. If you receive such a notification, pay promptly.

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