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Does Aaa Cover Rental Car Insurance

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Car Rental Liability Insurance Story

Question: Im renting a car on vacation. Does my personal insurance policy cover the vehicle, even if its more expensive than the one I own?

Answer: Most insurance policies with comprehensive and collision will cover the cost to fix or replace a car you are driving in a covered loss , even if its worth more than the one on your policy.

Coverage For The Whole Family

Want to guarantee your family members are protected when driving a rental? Having a AAA membership allows you to add anyone in your family. Everyone from a parent to a spouse is eligible to join your AAA membership.

Your membership also covers children who are away at school, even if they dont have a car. Theyll still have access to all the same benefits, from roadside assistance to rental car coverage.

The price will depend on your membership level, but youre not limited in who you can add.

What Is Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Rental reimbursement coverage, also called substitute transportation coverage or car rental expense coverage, can help you pay for transportation expenses if your car is in an auto shop due to a covered loss. This can include public transportation fares or a replacement rental vehicle while yours undergoes repairs. But rental reimbursement does not cover rental vehicles for vacation purposes, and it wonât pay for a rental car during routine maintenance work on your vehicle.

Say you collide with an animal on the road. With comprehensive coverage, the costs of repairs to your vehicle would be covered, and because that counts as a covered loss, rental reimbursement would help you pay for a rental car while you wait for yours to be fixed.

Rental reimbursement coverage is optional, but itâs a relatively inexpensive add-on to your car insurance policy âincluding it generally wonât significantly raise your premiums.

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Why Is It Important To Buy A Collision Damage Waiver

Because almost nothing will wreck your vacation faster than a massive, unexpected bill from the rental car company.

A collision damage waiver is invaluable when your rental car actually gets damaged in a crash or worse, when you walk out of your hotel and find your rental car has been stolen. Whether or not you were at fault, the waiver can pay those steep repair or replacement costs.

Its just as valuable when you dont damage the car, but the rental car company claims you did. Incidents of a rental car company charging for damage that a customer says they didnt actually cause are common, unfortunately. If you drop off your car when the office is closed, and an employee doesnt examine it until later, you could be held responsible for damage you didnt cause. Another common scenario: the rental car agent fails to write down pre-existing damage. That can be a particular problem with many airport rentals, which are inspected and then left for customers to pick up later unescorted, notes Consumer Reports.2 To protect yourself, take tons of photos when you pick up the car and when you drop it off.

What Are The Benefits Of Aaa

Does AAA Cover Rental Cars?

An AAA membership offers many benefits including roadside assistance service, savings when buying a new car, savings on car repairs, discount on AAA car insurance, in-branch services, identity theft monitoring and many other travel and entertainment discounts. Some of the in-branch services offered by AAA include passport photos, document notary services and access to AAA travel agents to help plan your vacation. Not all services may be offered by all AAA branches.

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A Closer Look At Aaa Auto Insurance

Since AAA is spread out over multiple car insurance companies and groups, looking at just one doesnt give you the whole picture. However, three of AAAs auto insurance groups appeared on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners list of the top 25 companies by insurance premiums written in 2018. Here are the stats:

If you add these three together, the total amount of insurance premiums written sits above major players like Nationwide, according to the NAIC.

Across all of the AAA’s different companies and groups, the insurance provider received an Excellent rating from AM Best for its financial strength, meaning that when it comes down to it, AAA is very likely to be able to pay out insurance claims.

Why Rental Car Roadside Assistance Is A Ripoff

The truth is that some rental car companies selling roadside assistance really arent equipped to properly provide the service. In particular, Payless appears to have a completely worthless roadside assistance program. AutoSlash has received complaints about virtually every rental company from renters who have been left stranded for hours.

The most reputable rental companies typically rely upon contracted service from external service providers or organizations. A company with newer, well-maintained vehicles might even be covered for roadside protection for free under manufacturers under program agreements. In this case, a car manufacturer would include roadside assistance to the rental car company. While these special program cars represent about a quarter all rental cars, the counter staff will still try to sell you roadside assistance.

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How Claims Are Handled

When you report a breakdown, AAA will set up a claim file for your case. Later, you will receive a claim form. However, you must file your claim within 30, 60 or 90 days, depending on your AAA club’s policy.

When you receive your claim form, you should be ready to back up your claim, citing all pertinent information to support the claim. For example, all receipts and documents related to your breakdown should be saved and stored. If the police or fire department were involved, you should get the police or fire department report. Of course, having all this information will not only verify your loss but also expedite the processing of your claim.

How Does Rental Reimbursement Work


Rental reimbursement is an optional auto policy coverage that pays for rental costs if your vehicle isn’t drivable, or at a shop undergoing repairs due to a covered loss and the repairs exceed your deductible.

  • Reimbursement is subject to your daily limit and total claim limit. Consider starting repairs in a timely manner if your vehicle isn’t drivable, or look for a replacement as early as possible if your vehicle is deemed a total loss.
  • Subject to your policy limits, rental reimbursement coverage applies on a covered claim while your vehicle isn’t drivable, actively being repaired, or for a set time after a total loss offer is made. A claims service representative will provide assistance with applicable rental coverage if your vehicle is deemed a total loss and a settlement has been reached.

In most cases, your claims service representative can set up a billing agreement and rental reservation directly with the rental provider to make the process hassle-free. Contact your claims service representative or rental provider before you need your rental to ensure availability. You may use any rental provider.

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In What Conditions Is Aaa Reimbursement Rental Coverage Applicable

Do not think that the AAA reimbursement policy is applicable to all including those that do not have their own vehicles. There are specific conditions in which AAA car rental reimbursement would cover your rental costs. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • If you have got a car, but it has been totaled in an accident with a third party. Or, an object. And is getting repaired.
  • If you had a car, but now it is stolen.
  • Suppose you have a car, but it is vandalized.
  • If you have a car, but it cannot be moved.

These are some scenarios in which you can avail the benefits offered by the AAA car rental reimbursement coverage. Those include:

Aaa Membership Does Not Include Car Rental Insurance

Different membership levels in the AAA provide different levels of services. Membership may cost between $60 and $100 with a sliding scale of inclusions.

  • no young driver fee
  • discounts on flights, hotels, cruises and more

When you ask AutoSlash for a quote, we factor in the AAA discount when comparing thousands of publicly available coupon codes to get you the very best rate.

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Does Your Current Auto Insurance Policy Cover Rental Cars

If you already have auto insurance, consult your policy or check with your insurer about coverage and ask the following questions:

  • Does this policy cover rental cars?
  • What and whom does your policy cover? Can anyone else operate the vehicle? Does the coverage extend past collision damage to liability, personal property, theft, etc.?
  • Is the coverage adequate for the type of vehicle you plan to rent?
  • Does your current policy act as the primary insurance for the rental?
  • Most insurance policies have a deductible, an amount you must pay before coverage kicks in. Whats your policys deductible, and is it the same for rental cars?

Private Placement Life Insurance

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1. The Latest Tax-Avoidance Trick Probably Isnt for You Sep 10, 2021 The product is called private placement life insurance, or PPLI, and like some other types of life insurance policies, a portion of the premiums Private placement life insurance is a form of cash value universal life insurance

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Everything You Need To Know About Aaa Auto Insurance

AAA is an acronym for American Automobile Association. AAA is a private, not-for-profit motor club that services North American locations, although anyone can join AAA for a small fee. The company got its start in 1902, creating maps, hotel guides, and curriculums for high school driving classes. Today they have over 1000 locations, including restaurants, hotels, and lodges.

AAA is an acronym for American Automobile Association. AAA is a private, not-for-profit motor club that services North American locations, although anyone can join AAA for a small fee. The company got its start in 1902, creating maps, hotel guides, and curriculums for high school driving classes. Today they have over 1000 locations, including restaurants, hotels, and lodges.

Does Aaa Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars

AAA auto insurance is only available to AAA members. Coverage includes collision coverage, liability insurance , uninsured motorist coverage, medical coverage, and rental car reimbursement .

With AAA auto insurance, you are typically covered for rental cars up to your same coverage limits in the United States. If you drive an old beater at home but rent a brand, new luxury car, you may not have sufficient coverage. It is always best practice to review your policy and contact AAA to check your coverage limits before you get to the rental counter. There may be instances where you want to purchase supplemental coverage from the rental car company.

Let AutoSlash Track Your Car Rental for Price Drops

AAA also offers a Visa Signature credit card with rental car coverage. If you charge your car rental to your AAA credit card and decline the rental car companys collision damage waiver, this credit card will provide supplemental collision damage coverage up to the actual cash value of most rental vehicles. Other credit cards in your wallet may offer similar benefits. Its best to check the fine print of those benefits before you get to the rental counter.

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Aaa Affiliated Companies Offer A Full Line Of Auto Insurance Options For You And Your Family:

Liability Pays when you are legally liable for unintentional bodily injury. It also covers others property damage.

No-Fault Coverage Some states require no-fault insurance. The major component of this type of coverage is Personal Injury Protection insurance, which pays without regard to fault for medical, work loss and other expenses resulting from auto accident injuries.

Collision Pays for physical damage to your vehicle caused by a collision.

Comprehensive Coverage for non-collision related losses, such as fire, theft, glass breakage and vandalism.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Pays damages you are legally entitled to recover from an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

Custom, Electronic or Extra Equipment Coverage Get coverage or higher limits of coverage for non-factory installed items attached to your vehicle.

Car Rental Coverage Pays for car rental if your car is out of service for more than 24 hours from a loss covered by your Collision or Comprehensive coverage.

Medical Payments Covers medical and funeral expenses resulting from injuries in an auto accident.

What Are The Reasons You Should Become A Member Of Aaa And Rent From Aaa

Don’t buy rental car insurance – Unless you can’t afford Loss of use

Below-specified is the reasons you should consider becoming a member of AAA. And buy car rental reimbursement insurance.

  • To save money As AAA rental car policy includes CDW, theft policy, you can save a lot of money. Particularly if you ever have an accident.
  • To protect the rented vehicle.
  • To have peace of mind Driving an uninsured rented car can cause you not to drive it too much on the streets. It is because back in your mind you are scared what will you do if it gets scratched, etc. However, with AAA this is no longer an issue.

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Aaa Auto Insurance Rates

The cost of auto insurance through AAA varies largely by your location. This is because AAA is a federation of auto clubs that are different from state to state. However, AAA has relatively affordable rates overall. Here are the average annual rates of several major insurance providers compared to AAA per WalletHub:

  • State Farm: $1337
  • Geico: $1060
  • AAA: $961

AAA offers cheap rates for all age groups, with 55-year-olds seeing the lowest monthly premiums and 18-year-olds paying the most each month. Here are the monthly rates by age group for AAA:

  • 18 years old: $143
  • 65 years old: $51

What Does The Rental Car Collision Damage Waiver Cover

A collision damage waiver, or CDW, can actually cover more than collision damage to the rental car. As we define it, it covers costs up to $50,000 if a car you’re renting is stolen or is damaged in a covered accident or while it’s left unattended.

What are those costs, exactly? The OneTrip Rental Car Protector pays for the cost to repair or replace the car , plus reasonable loss of use fees the owner of the rental car incurs while its being repaired. Loss of use means the money the rental car company is losing while the car is in the shop. We consider replacement cost to be the actual cash value of the rental car, minus its reasonable salvage value.

Its important to note that the OneTrip Rental Car Protector gives you primary coverage. Primary coverage means the policy is the first to pay the costs for damage or loss not your own car insurance. You pay no deductible . The collision damage protection you may get through your credit card company is typically secondary protection, meaning it kicks in after your regular car insurance.

The second is free access to our emergency assistance hotline. Wherever you are in the world, you can call the hotline for help with things such as: finding qualified medical care, replacing a lost or stolen passport, making new travel arrangements, finding legal assistance or obtaining an emergency cash transfer.

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Aaa Customer Feedback And Satisfaction Report

Way.com examined consumer complaints about the three AAA auto insurance firms and their subsidiaries. According to three years of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Automobile Club Group had the fewest complaints to state regulators relative to the size of the three AAA insurance firms we studied. In addition, the Auto Club of SoCal received fewer complaints about auto insurance than predicted.

Auto Club of SoCal, CSAA Insurance Group, and Auto Club Group were rated above average for claims satisfaction. In other words, AAA can be considered as one of the best car insurance companies operating in America.

Rental Car Coverage With Aaa

Does Aaa Cover Rental Car Insurance

With AAA auto insurance, your rental car will be covered like your personal car. As long as the rental is for personal use, your current policy will cover it.

Unsure what youre covered for, exactly?

A basic policy may include the following:

  • Liability Coverage pays for accident expenses when youre liable in the situation. That includes the other partys repairs, medical bills, property damage, or other expenses. This coverage is mandatory in most states.
  • Personal Injury Protection protects you in case of an accident. It will pay for your medical bills, injuries, and even lost wages because of an accident.
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage protects you if the person who caused the accident is underinsured or uninsured. This coverage will pay for your medical bills and property damage.

Make sure to review your current policy to see whats covered. For example, having only liability coverage means that you would have to pay to repair the rental if it gets damaged.

Its important to know that a AAA membership alone does not provide any sort of insurance coverage. AAA membership provides roadside assistance and other benefits. You have to be a member to get AAA insurance.

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What Services Will You Actually Use

Itseasy to go with a pricey plan that includes lots of frills but if they are notfeatures youll realistically use then youre simply overpaying. Consider theage of your car, the average distance you drive, and how frequently you travel.For auto clubs, like AAA, that provide additional perks like discounts, tripplanning, and identity theft monitoring, its important to decide if youllactually take advantage of these benefits or will you just be paying forsomething you dont need.

Beyond everything weve advised in our review, we also recommend that you periodically evaluate your roadside assistance needs because they will certainly change over time. When your current roadside plan isnt working for you any longer then begin shopping for a new plan that will.

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