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How To Remove Car Wrap

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How To Remove a Vehicle Wrap

While a car wrap can breathe new life into the look of your car, a vinyl wrap isn’t something you put on and forget about. Where you live is also a factor: The salt used to melt snow on roads in cold states is hard on the vinyl. Similarly, if you live in a hot climate and you leave a wrapped car outside too long, the sun will take its toll.

But if you have a garage or cover and are willing to deal with the added maintenance, a car wrap can make your ride stand out from the rest.

When To Have A Car Wrapped Removed

If the car wrap has been on for 5 years or longer, it is probably a good idea to get it removed to ensure that the original paint will not be damaged. In some cases it is a good idea to have the wrap removed after damage, such as an accident. At Colorado Signs and Wraps we keep all artwork indefinitely. In the unfortunate event of an accident, we can reprint any portion necessary but do keep in mind, that due to aging, colors may not match perfectly for the reprinted piece/section.

Car Wrap And Paint: Time Considerations

Wraps are the clear winner in the time category. The larger the area to be wrapped, the longer it will generally take to install. But, it should be noted that the car needs to be in good, clean condition to shorten the time even further. If the installer has to do this themselves, the process will take longer. The entire process, once the vehicle is completely prepared, can take anywhere between one and three days.

Unlike wraps that do not need to dry, car paint, regardless of the type, usually takes several days to dry after the application process. Urethane paints dry quicker than acrylics because they use a hardener that helps speed up the process, but to say that it happens quickly is simply comparative to other types of paint.

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Car Wrap Removal Costs

The average price of a car wrap removal is 500$. This cost is altered by different aspects such as the size of the car, the difficulty of the job, the damages to the vinyl, and many others. In some areas, professionals charge around 50$ to 100$ per hour to remove the wraps.

Vinyl wraps are not simple decals that can just be removed by peeling them off. There are several steps to follow, and the process can take some time to be done effectively. Even though it is a simple process, it does require its work.

Either way, professionals are capable of removing the panels in a short time without harming the car. The removal is normally done section by section to ensure it is done correctly.

In most cases, removing the vinyl wrap is an easy process. The panels are designed with the removal in mind. Therefore, quality vinyl comes with an easy removal process too. A cheap material, in contrast, could cause some problems.

The installation of the wraps will be paramount for the practicality of the removal. As you may have already imagined, the harder the removal, the more expensive it is.

The size of the car will also alter the price. For smaller cars, the removal time could be shorter, thus decreasing the cost. If you want to remove wraps from an SUV or any other big model, it will require more work, more time, and more money.

If you want to know more about how to care for your wrap, you can check this detailed article I wrote about the duration of vinyl and how to protect it.

Installing Your Vehicle Wraps

Removing Vinyl Wrap off my Car

Visual Marking Systems is the premier vehicle wrap installation and removal service provider in Northeast Ohio and the United States. To make sure you get the most out of your investment in vehicle graphics and wraps, VMS has a team of professionally trained installers who can handle the installation and removal of your vehicle graphics to make sure they last for years to come.

Our in-house employees are professionally trained in both installation and removal of vehicle graphics. Our installers know the significance of overall appearance once the printing process is complete, and ensure a perfect installation. Our installation specialists have worked in the field nationwide and understand the importance of doing the job right the first time. VMS is a Professional Decal Applicators Alliance Master Certified installation company delivering the highest quality assurance our industry has to offer. PDAA is a national organization of installers that partner to perform installations nationwide. VMS works with PDAA installers around the country to satisfy our customers and guarantee an insured finished product. We have flexible installation hours that will work around the schedule of your vehicles days, nights, weekends we can accommodate any schedule! For more information about PDAA visit to learn about the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association.

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Consider A Car Wrap For Your Business

You have plenty of options for advertising your business but lets be realnot all options are made equally. One of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd is by finding unique ways to market your business.

One of those options is to get a vehicle car wrap. This is a surefire way to turn heads and get your phone buzzing with new interested customers. Before making the decision, its good to ask yourself, how long do car wraps last?

With professional application and continued care, you can expect your vehicle wrap to be well worth the investment.

Looking to transform your vehicle into the ultimate mobile billboard? Then youll want to contact us atAll ProWraps and Graphicsfor all of your car wrap needs!

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How Do You Maintain A Wrapped Car

The best way to ensure a wrap will last is to keep the car in a garage. If you don’t have a garage, invest in a good car cover. You should handwash the car with soft microfiber towels. Hülz recommends a waterless car wash product. Automatic car washes are off limits: The harsh brushes could scratch or lift off the wrap.

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Factors That Could Increase The Price Of The Removal Process

The cost of the removal will be affected by the difficulty of the job and the possible damages the surface could suffer.

The factors that could increase the price go hand in hand with those that could damage the surface. They are:

  • Improper installationsurface
  • Improper care from the owner
  • Inexperienced wrap removing workers

How Long Does A Car Wrap Last

How To Remove A Full Car Vinyl Wrap By @ckwraps

The less a car wrap is exposed to the elements, the longer it will last. If properly maintained, a car wrap can last up to five years, said Hülz. However, excessive sun exposure can “bake in” the vinyl wrap, making it harder to remove and significantly shortening its lifespan. If you park the car on the street and don’t keep it clean, the wrap might only last a year, Hülz said.

Impressive Wraps, which wrapped our Tesla Model 3, offers ceramic coating protection for glossy vinyl wraps. The installer applies this liquid “nano ceramic” coating atop the wrap. It hardens and protects the wrap from water damage, has a greater UV resistance, and can ward off minor scratches. The ceramic coating will help the wrap last longer, but it isn’t cheap. It can cost about $1,500 on a compact car and $1,800 on an SUV. That’s in addition to what you’re already paying for the wrap.

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You Think The Job Will Take Too Long

Vinyl has a lifespan of 7-10 years. You may be a service pro who worn out their vinyl within an inch of its life. And once old vinyl begins to chip in several sections, youre in for a long and tough removal process.

Removal at this point can take several days, or even longer if youre not prepared with the right tools and equipment.

Like snowflakes, no two car wrapping removals are the same. For your sake and your business, set aside a time frame of when you can complete the job without disrupting sales.

A conservative time estimate will prevent you from feeling rushed, if youre working with a fleet of vans, try working in small batches.

See why over 40,000 service pros rely on Workiz to run and scale their business.

Which Car Wrap Is Best

Here are the best vehicle wraps to give your car a custom look.

  • Best Overall. 3M Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap. LEARN MORE. Summary. Summary.
  • Best Value. VViViD XPO Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl Roll. LEARN MORE. Summary. Summary.
  • Honorable Mention. 3M Matte Black Car Wrap Vinyl. LEARN MORE. Summary. Summary.

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Laying Your First Sheets Of Vinyl

8. If this is your first vehicle wrap project, starting with smaller and flatter sections will help you build confidence and momentum before tackling a wide roof or sculpted hood. Use your sketch and measurements to determine how much material to cut, using a utility knife.

9. Holding the vinyl in the air you and your buddy wearing cotton gloves remove the backing paper while keeping even tension on the wrap. This helps reduce wrinkles and creases. Carefully lay the vinyl wrap over the panel, leaving extra material around the edges to manipulate it.

10. Gently press the vinyl into the center of the panel and keep tension on the rest of the sheet. Using the squeegee, start at the center and work in overlapping strokes toward the edges of the panel. This will force air out and temporarily adhere the vinyl to the panel.

Improper Care From The Owner

How To Remove A Vinyl Wrap From A Car

The better you take care of your car and your wraps, the easier the removal will be. It is paramount to care for your wrap to avoid any unwanted damage to the exterior. Moreover, if the removal is an easy job thanks to the care, it will also be cheaper.

When the wrap is not cared for correctly, the conditions of the vinyl will be affected and will start merging with the surface of the car. When this happens, removing the wraps will harm the paintwork.

You need to protect the integrity of the wrap to ensure a damage-free removal process. You can check this piece from Car Wrap City about the dos and donts of car wrapping care.

Leaving the wrap on for too long could also end up causing problems at the moment of removing the vinyl. You should be attentive to the conditions of your wraps to have them removed when it is time.

If you let the vinyl overstay its welcome, it could create a stronger bond with the surface that would eventually result in damages and a higher cost for removal.

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How To Care For A New Vinyl Car Wrap

The company 3M, one of the largest vinyl companies in the business, offers a

of your new vinyl car wrap…

Frequent washing

This isnt the time to neglect your car simply because it now has a protective layer. Just like paint, a vinyl wrap can degrade if its not taken care of properly. Whenever there is apparent dirt or other debris on the vinyl, make sure that you clean it off immediately. Where possible, use a spray of water to rinse dirt and road particles. For spot cleaning stains, use a wet, gentle detergent and a microfiber towel.

Its recommended you avoid wax and other finishing products on top of the vinyl.

Automated Car Washes

Although you can take a vinyl-wrapped car through a car wash, its best if its touched less. The scrub brushes can be too abrasive on the wrap and cause it to tear or peel at the edges. Be mindful of this before pulling into any old car wash. The safest option is to simply handwash your vehicle so you can clean it without the risk of scratches and lifting.


If you leave your new vinyl wrapped vehicle in the sun, they can quickly degrade in quality. Youll see weathering in the hood, trunk lid, and roof if left out in the elements for too long. If you can, the ideal place to store a vinyl wrapped car is a garage or a shaded area. Dew or rain can contain acidic pollutants so make sure its covered during adverse weather.

If you dont have a garage, you might want to protect your car wrap with a cover.

How Long Does It Take To Remove A Car Wrap

Removing a car wrap properly usually takes about 1 to 2 days in best-case scenarios. However, the process may take longer based on factors including:

  • Length of time car wrap has been on
  • The longer a war wrap has been on a vehicle, the harder it will be to remove. The lifespan of car wraps is usually around 5 years. Any longer than that may make it more difficult to remove.
  • Whether or not primer was used during installation
  • Using a primer for a car wrap is a huge no-no! Primers can make it nearly impossible to get a car wrap off cleanly. Primer is used by inexperienced or unprofessional installers who try to save some time by sealing the vinyl on to the corners of vehicles. This primer can cause the vinyl and laminate of the car to separate during removal, which leaves behind residue that is very difficult to remove.
  • The type of vinyl on the vehicle
  • Unfortunately, using cheap vinyl is not a good long-term decision when it comes to removing a car wrap. Cheap vinyl is notorious for leaving behind residue. At Colorado Signs and Wraps we only use the highest-quality car wraps that will not leave residue when removed.
  • Original starting surface
  • The vinyl used at Colorado Wraps and Signs is specifically designed to cover factory-direct paint. If the paint on the car is aged significantly or has been altered, it is not recommended to be wrapped if you would like to have it back in the same condition after removal. An uneven or old start surface may lead to residue marks.
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    Use A Plastic Scrapper To Lift The Edges

    To remove the wrap from the car, a technician will start by finding the edges of the wrap along the seams in the vehicle bodyaround the doors, trunk, and hood. Once the edges of the wrap have been located, a car wrap expert will use a fingernail to lift up the edge before sliding the plastic scraper underneath, peeling the wrap back.

    How To Remove A Car Wrap

    How to remove OLD car wrap/vinyl (best way)

    When the time comes to sell your car, or if you just want to go back to the original paint, youll take the car back to the shop that applied the wrap. If the wrap has retained its structural integrity, removal is as easy as pulling off a Band-Aid. The process can take three to four hours and costs $500 to $600. A difficult removal costs significantly more. If the wrap was baked in and begins to come apart as the shop removes it, expect to pay about $2,500 for the added labor.

    The shop cleans off any sticky wrap residue with an adhesive remover. Finally, the car gets another clay bar detail to remove any impurities from the clear coat. If everything goes well, the wrap will not have damaged the paint, which is the ideal scenario. If your paint was not in the best shape or was repaired at some point with a thinner coat, theres a chance that some of it might come off with the wrap.

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    Looking After Your Car Wrap

    When you are washing your car wrap, its best to hand wash if you want to avoid any damage. Always use a gentle automotive detergent that wont be too harsh on the vehicle wrap, and use a good quality sponge or a soft cloth. Rinse with clear water after you have finished washing the car and then use a silicone squeegee to prevent water spots. Finally, wipe the car down with a microfiber cloth. Regular washing will stop dirt and dust from building up and prevent damage to the wrap.

    Many people ask whether they should take their car through a car wash if they have a vehicle wrap. It all depends on the type of car wash and you should always avoid car washes that use brushes because these will damage the wrap and cause peeling around the edges. Car washes that just use water jets should be ok but if you want to be safe, its best to hand wash at home.

    If you want to use a pressure washer on your car, you need to be careful. Spray from a distance of at least 12 inches and always keep the pressure below 2000 psi. You should also use a 40- degree spray pattern and use cold water to avoid damage.

    Hopefully, this guide has given you all of the information that you need about the benefits of car wraps, how long they last and how to look after them properly. If you want to learn more, feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your vehicle wrap needs.

    Story by Mike Lewis. Lewis is a commercial and customized car wrap specialist with over 15 years experience.

    How To Remove Adhesive On Top Of Vinyl Wrap Film

    Often times, when an installer tries to remove a vinyl wrap film from a vehicle, there might be adhesive leftover. And what they would do is to use adhesive promoter to soften those residues, and scrape it off with a plastic scraper.

    However, if the left-over adhesive is sticking on a finished wrap , this becomes another story. You should never use adhesive promoter in this case, because doing this will compromise the vinyl wrap film underneath. And you surely cannot use scraper either, otherwise, you will scratch the film.

    So what can you do about it in this circumstance? – TeckWrap uses safe solvent-based acrylic adhesive so that the vinyl wrap film is easy to remove, but just in case you will need this following technique:

    The best and proper way to deal with the left-over adhesive on top of a vinyl wrap film is to apply high-quality masking tapes on top of those residues, heat it up a little bit, and the adhesive will be softened.

    Once you have come to this step, you can then simply pull the masking tape one by one away. Just make sure you pull steadily. The left-over adhesive will go off as you pull. If the area of adhesive residue is too big, and the adhesive did not go off completely as you pull, you can come back to the left-over spot after pulling off the tape and use the masking tape to press on the adhesive several times until it eventually goes off.

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