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Is Car Rental 8 Legit

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What Is Collision Damage Waiver Insurance

Rental car scams on the rise l GMA

Together with theft protection, CDW Collision Damage Waiver is the most basic type of insurance you can get when renting a car. Sometimes is also called Loss Damage Waiver . It reduces the drivers liability in the event of a damage to the rental car.

However, CDW is close to worthless in the context of a car rental.

The basic cover CDW insurance is too basic and only covers the cars bodywork. It leaves out tyres, windscreens, replacement keys, mirrors, undercarriage, or windows damage.

And even if its just the bodywork that gets damaged, youll still have to pay an excess before the CDW pays the rest of the repair cost. This value is blocked on your credit card when you pick up your car. Depending on the company and car youre driving, the values range from anywhere from $200 to $2,000 .

The alternative the car rental counter staff anxiously will offer you as a top-up when you pick your car is the Super CDW.

International Rental Car Insurance

Planning to travel soon? Beware of the International Rental Car Insurance Scam. What is it? Lets say you are planning a great vacation in a different country. You book your hotel, rental car, auto insurance, and then take the plane.

Once you arrive at your destination and go to pick up your vehicle. However, you are told that their rental company doesnt accept insurance bought in other countries. You are forced to pay an extra few hundred dollars because they only recognize their own and you are informed that youll be held responsible for any damage.

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Such A Bad Experience

Such a bad experience. First took 40 mins to find location. After that the car booked was not delivered and offered 5 seater for a 6 people family. When given 7 seater van instead of suv, charged $120 + tax for something which they fail as commeited. I reached the locatio. After 1 hr of time expectibg the vehicle to be ready. But it was otherside, they did not have the vehicle at all. Fun part is they got a car from Dollar and charged me with a sign on an agreement which i was not know I will be charged. What an expereince. If yoy need one.. just book Thrifty. 🙂

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Taking Extra Insurance The Smart Way

If you decide to take full or Super CDW insurance, its important to know you CAN add extra insurance anytime after your car rental booking .

Also and more importantly, you do NOT have to take it with the company youre hiring the car from. In fact, thats often the worst possible option for your budget.

How Car Rental Companies Scam People Out Of Money

Is Car Rental 8 A Legitimate Company / Rental Car Coupons ...

Fake Rental Car Company Scams

Earlier this year, there were warnings in the news from the Federal Trade Commission about how that car rentals became a hot commodity this year. So much so, that it led to a rental car shortage. And as a result, this in turn led to an increase in the number of scams from fake rental companies that looked like the real thing, and offered some attractive offers with unusually low rental rates.

Long story short: its a common scam asking people to pre-pay for the rental with a gift card or prepaid debit card. The lesson here was to make sure that before renting from a suspect car rental agency to check whether it is legitimate by:

Researching the rental car company online using keywords in your search to include the company or business name along with scam, complaint, or review and see what turns on Google.

Verifying deals with the company’s customer service directly. Dont rely on a search engine result— scammers can pay to place sponsored ads in search results at the top or in the sponsored ad section of search results. Instead, look for actual contact info for customer support on the companys website.

Paying with a credit card if possible in person, and never pay with a gift card or prepaid debit card—once you fork over the number and PIN, the money is gone.

Real Rental Car Company Scams

According to the post made just a few days ago:

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What Is Super Collision Damage Waiver Insurance

When the car agency staff talks about insurance, its typically their own version of SDCW Super Collision Damage Waiver that theyre selling for extra peace of mind. They can charge up to $25 per day.

While Super CDW insurance is indeed a supersized version of CDW, covering a lot more than just the cars bodywork, it can still exclude key protection like tyres, wheels and windscreens.

The good news is that taking this type of insurance reduces the excess amount to pay. This means you dont have to pay as much in the event of damage. Sometimes the excess is reduced to zero and you dont even have to pay anything. Ah and the hold charge, the amount blocked on your card, usually drops too.

Scam Alert: Look Out For Phony Deals When Booking Rental Cars

A rental car shortage is causing prices to skyrocket, and scammers have found a clever way to cash in. BBB Scam Tracker is receiving reports of con artists impersonating rental car company representatives. They claim to be able to get you a deal on your rental, but its really a way to trick you into paying hundreds of dollars for a car that doesnt exist.

How the Scam Works

You search for a rental car company online and dial the phone number that appears at the top of the results. A customer service representative answers and explains that you are in luck! The company is offering a special promotion. If you pay for your rental up front using a gift card or prepaid debit card, you can get a significant discount.

It seems odd, but the representative insists that the deal is a partnership with the gift or pre-paid debit card provider. You purchase the cards and share the PIN with the representative. In several reports, the scammer insists that the money didnt transfer, and you need to purchase another card. But no matter how many cards you buy, the outcome will be the same. The special offer is a scam, and the rental car doesnt even exist.

How to Avoid a Rental Car Con

For More Information

Booking a vacation? Watch out for airfare scams and other travel cons. Also, watch out for scammers posting fake customer support numbers online.

to report a typo.

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Essential Packing List For Visiting Iceland

If you are going to travel in the winter, there are a few items that you need to take with you. And since in Iceland these will be quite expensive , I suggest getting them from home. Remember that its going to be very cold and windy, so youll need to dress in layers and be able to maintain a comfortable warmth at all times.

P.S. I actually have a super detailed post on what to pack for your Iceland trip check it out here.

Here you go, your packing list for winter time in Iceland:

Are Some Days Cheaper Than Others For Picking Up A Vehicle

BBB warns about car rental scams

Weekend pick-ups tend to be slightly cheaper, with Monday and Tuesday pick-ups usually slightly more expensive. Compare airport pick-ups versus locations in the city, even factoring a taxi to these locations. Some cities will always be cheaper at the airport, while others will see the complete opposite.;

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Before You Rent A Car In Iceland Check If You Have Any Mileage Limits

This is verrry important!

Remember that some car rentals impose mileage limits. This might be really inconvenient if you are going to cover a lot of ground each day, and it can bring your rental cost much higher. Remember to ask and check ahead if you have chosen such a company to rent from.

PRO TIP:;Many car rentals offer 2 types of rentals: limited mileage or unlimited mileage. Usually, the difference in rates between the two is small and it represents the difference;you would;pay if you traveled an extra 10 km. Thus, I would say to go for the unlimited option, unless the limit is somewhere at 250-300 km per day or if you know exactly how many km you are going to drive.

Coverage From Travel Insurance Providers

You may be able to purchase CDW coverage from a travel insurance provider when you insure your trip. Several travel insurance providers offer Rental Vehicle Damage coverage, which you may buy if you want to decline the CDW coverage offered by your rental car company. This type of coverage only applies in specific situations, including vehicle theft, riot, civil unrest, natural disaster, collision, and vehicle upset.

Some situations, including driving while intoxicated, are specifically excluded from Rental Vehicle Damage coverage. Most travel insurance providers will not sell Rental Vehicle Damage coverage for certain types of;rental vehicles, such as motorcycles, vans, and campers.

If your car rental company requires you to have coverage for other situations, such as cracked or broken window glass , you may not be able to substitute Rental Vehicle Damage coverage for the CDW.

You generally cannot buy Rental Vehicle Damage coverage by itself. Rental Vehicle Damage coverage is usually bundled together with other types of travel insurance.

You can request a quote for a travel insurance policy directly from an underwriter, such as Travel Guard, Travelex, HTH Worldwide, MH Ross Travel Insurance Services, or from an online insurance aggregator such as SquareMouth.com, TravelInsurance.com, or InsureMyTrip.com.

Be sure to read the entire travel insurance policy and the accompanying list of exclusions before you buy.

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Is It Worth Renting Cars In Cancun

Cancun car rentals require a separate section because like with anything else in Cancun I found it a little more complicated. I used to rent a car with American Car Rental before buying my own car when I was living in Cancun and I never had any problems, until I had one, a year ago. I also rented it with Payless car rental which became more expensive over the years.

I just feel like in Cancun it is getting more difficult to find genuine and honest companies, and they find an excuse to rip you off. Maybe its just my impression and you may prove me wrong.

Just please pay more attention and make sure you take a picture of the car before signing off every piece of paperwork.

To be honest, it is indeed worth renting a car in Cancun, because you can explore places where local transportation doesnt go, around Cancun and the surrounding. For example, you may like to explore the beautiful Cenotes near Cancun on your own and you will need a car for that. Much better than taking a taxi or joining a tour.

You can check out some rates through Discover and see what deal you can get.

Will My Regular Car Insurance Cover A Rental

Is Car Rental 8 A Legitimate Company / Rental Car Coupons ...

If you have comprehensive and liability insurance on your personal car, your existing policy will likely provide the same for a rental car within the United States. You should check with your insurance provider first, though, and you may want to purchase extra cover for personal effects coverage or if your rental car is of a significantly higher value than your own car.

  • RentalCars.com “Car Rental – Search, Compare & Save!.” Accessed Sept. 3, 2021.

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    Good Website And Prices

    Good website and prices, but don’t trust all the information on the website. Long story short; i booked a car with “full-to-full” option. At the airport they said they didn’t have this option and forced me to pay for “flex fuel” service. I contacted carrental8 to tell the information on their website was incorrect. They didn’t care, and told me it was my own fault by accepting the “flex fuel” option at the desk .They don’t seem to care about the misinformation and even don’t change it after i told them it was incorrect.Had some previous good bookings with them, but i don’t trust the information on the website anymore.

    Staying Connected While On The Road

    Do you really need internet while on the road in Iceland?

    I recommend turning this trip intro a proper vacation and NOT getting a special sim-card/roaming simply enjoy the views from your window, you are in for a treat, seriously! Just make sure you have a GPS in your car or you have offline maps downloaded in your phone and you are good to go!

    If, however, you prefer to have internet to listen to your favorite music/podcasts or just post those stunning pictures on;;while on the road ? No problem, there are a couple of options:

    • Get a local sim card with internet connection. Price around 17 USD for 2 GB internet in;Siminn. Disadvantage you would need to get one for each passenger in the car. You could share wi-fi to other devices but it will drain your battery really fast.
    • Get a;portable wi-fi hotspot. We had that and it was shared to 4 people . You can either rent it from your car hire company or buy the device at home and use it for your future travels as well !

    Also, check if you can charge your devices in the car , if not, you might consider gettin a;portable power bank;with you too!

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    Agree On A Fixed Rate

    Before driving from the parking lot, ask about the factors that could change the price. You can mention car damages, fuel receipts, late return fees, and so on.

    Some car rentals look at these extra charges like a normal practice.

    What happens to the car is your responsibility.

    The problem is, you dont know if what they sell you is what you wanted to buy. When you rent on the office, for instance, theyre likely to negotiate for add-ons and upgrades. If you rent online, you might save yourself from this upsell. That is if youre dealing with a transparent company.

    On the other hand you could be paying lots of unnecessary options when renting online if they dont give you any options to opt-out of a service.

    Rented A Car From Calgary To Vancouver

    Budget Rent a Car Whistle Blowers

    Rented a car from Calgary to Vancouver. The brakes were bad and we really found this out going down massive hills. The brakes were rubbing on the rotors and heating. We were re-routed off the Trans Canada to Hwy 5A No Thrifty Rental places anywhere to be found. We arrived in Vancouver safely but the car was parked till it was returned at the airport. I complained to the attendants who said this car was WAY overdue for service and we shouldnt of gotten this car. Thrifty’s offered less than 5% rebate of $50. This was a $1300+ rental

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    You Are On A Quick Trip Just Around Reykjavik

    TYPE OF ACTIVITY:;You dont have much time and will not wander more than the Golden Circle? Are you searching for the cheapest car rental in Iceland;and youre only planning to drive in Reykjavik or very close to Reykjavik?

    RECOMMENDED CAR:;You are almost surely going to be fine with the;cheapest tiniest car. Unless, of course, you need more comfort

    PRICE PER DAY:;Expect to pay anywhere between 50 to 180 depending on the model and the season

    Never Use Thrifty Nor Expedia

    Never use Expedia NOR Thrifty. NEVER. we booked a rental car through Expedia — and when we called Expedia to change the pick up time of the car rental, the folks at Expedia told us they couldnt change anything to our rez, we HAD to call thrifty. We called thrifty, they said they can do nothing, we HAD to call Expedia. We called Expedia- they called Thrifty, and Thrifty told Expedia that they would not change our reservation because the agent of Expedia was unauthorized to initiate a change and WE the customer had to call Thrifty directly. So we did. Thrifty told us to call Expedia. Done. NEVER AGAIN.

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    How Can I Get The Car I Want Affordably For My Vacation

    If your summer travel plans include a rental car, its best not to wait until the last minute. AutoSlash, a rental car discount website, recommends booking now for Fourth of July rentals.

    Usually, people reserve a car at the end of trip planning. But this year, travel experts are recommending that consumers research prices and availability and book ground transportation first, or at least at the same time they buy a plane ticket.

    You may need to be flexible on the type of car you rent, particularly in popular travel spots. Sedans may be more plentiful than minivans.

    Consider renting at locations away from the airport, which are generally cheaper. You may have to take a cab or hail a ride to the rental office, but the savings may be worth the hassle.

    Various membership organizations, like AAA and AARP, offer rental car discounts as perks. Theres generally a membership fee, but it may be worth it.

    Joining a rental companys loyalty program may snag you a discount, and can at least help you avoid waiting at the counter. Most basic versions are free to join.

    Some companies offer employees a corporate discount even when booking travel for personal use, so its worth checking with your employer.

    And if all else fails, this just may be the year to drive your own car to your vacation destination.

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