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How To Protect Car From Hail

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Use Hail Blanket For Cars

Severe weather threat: Protecting your car from hail damage | KVUE

If you find that a hail cover for a car isnt enough, then you can always fortify your vehicles protection by applying a heavy blanket. Blankets are pretty thick and affordable to buy, so if you know that your car might need some refuge, simply fold the blanket lengthwise and throw it on top of your car.

The more blankets you can utilize, the better. You should have a minimum of one layer of blankets covering your whole vehicle. Still, if you can double or triple up the blankets, it will give your car more protection. If you are short on blankets, cover the windows first. Duct tape them at the bottom of the vehicle. It shouldnt damage the paint, but you might get a sticky residue after removing the tape.

Car Hail Protection Tips

Here are a few ways to protect vehicle from hail to help minimize the chance of your wheels copping a summer hail storm beating this year.

Hail can be one of the most expensive weather conditions when it comes to your ride. Use these strategies to help protect your car the next time hail comes around. But of course, keeping your vehicle in a covered area and staying out of potential hail storms will always be the #1 protection.

When And Where Is Hail Common

Hail is more common in some areas of the world than in others. For example, India and China experience hailstorms often, as does the Midwestern region of the United States.

If you live in the Great Plains region of America or even Canada, youll experience hail far more than others in the surrounding areas.

Hailstorms most commonly occur in the months from May through July, but they can happen unexpectedly at any time throughout the year. The summer months produce many storms and many instances of hail.

The 5 U.S. states that had the most hailstorms in 2019 were Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, and Colorado. If youre in these states or near them, you may need to consider how expensive hail damage is and what you can do to protect your car.

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How Expensive Hail Damage Can Get

Nobody wants to foot the bill for damage hail caused to their vehicle. The more damage, the more expensive it will cost, but even a little bit of damage can really be a hassle for bank accounts. According to the Insurance Information Institute, insurance companies probably shelled out $7.26 billion in hail damage repair from 2008 to 2014. Of course, this does not even include uninsured people or those who choose to pay the price out of pocket without dealing with an insurance claim.

Some people try to fix their cars by themselves after a hail storm, but it isnât always effective and oftentimes does more damage than good. Some people try to use the temperature changes dry ice or hair dryers can cause to pop out the dents, but these only work on small dents that have done minimal damage . Auto supply stores usually stock do-it-yourself hail damage kits for around $100, but these are oftentimes very time consuming and not effective, especially if a car has dozens of dents. That said, itâs best to hire an expert for help, which can get really pricey.

If your carâs body panels or roof need to be replaced, expect a hefty bill that might cost more than your car is even worth.

Check Whether Your Insurer Has A Warning System

Protect your car

Some insurers, such as Budget Direct via its Hail Hero service, alert customers when there is hail forecast in the customers local area. Thats not to say you should run towards any insurer simply because it has a warning system, but it could be worth asking your current insurer what it offers, and comparing your options to find a policy that suits your needs.

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Yitamotor All Weather Car Cover

This universal fit car cover by Yitamotor works with models up to 208 inches in length. It is a product that is 100% breathable, featuring PEVA on the outside and soft cotton to protect the exterior of your car. It will stop hazardous elements like bird droppings and industrial pollutants as well.

There is a reflective warning band on the mirrors and sides of the product that help to reduce the risk of damage when street parking during the night. Two windproof straps come included with the product.

How To Protect A Car From Hail

We all cringe any time a pebble bounces off the road and hits our cars. Even the smallest rocks leave dents and scratches. They can even crack your windshield. Now imagine hundreds of tiny pebbles falling from the sky in the form of hail and thats whats happening to your poor car in a hail storm. Its incredibly damaging to homes, crops, and cars. Heres how to protect a car from hail when those little balls of ice fall from the sky.

The best thing you can do is find a covered area. Pull your car into a garage if hail is in the forecast. If youre out, then try and find shelter in a parking garage where you can wait out the storm. Even if you must pay to access a garage, it will be far cheaper than paying to repair hail damage.

If you cant find shelter for your car during a hail storm, then use a hail cover or even blankets as a last resort. Theres often not much warning before a hail storm strikes. Only go outside to cover your car if its safe. Its important to know how to protect a car from hail, but not as important as your personal safety.

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Use A Protective Car Cover

The impact of falling acorns on your car depends on the size of the fruit. Acorns sizes vary from specie to specie. Regular-sized acorns are light and will have no destructive impact on your car when covered.

A simple car cover can protect your car from falling acorns. Use a waterproof car cover for protection against falling acorns, saps, hail, rain, and snow.

Although car covers can help prevent your car from scratches, they may not prevent dents impacted by heavy-sized acorns. Moreover, oak trees have seasons for bearing fruits. Car covers can be removed when acorns are not in season and used in their seasons.

Know The Weather Forecast In Advance

Will homemade hail defenses protect you from the severe weather in DFW?

We all know it can change, but its useful to know the weather forecast in advance. It can help you anticipate whether theres any weather heading your way that could be dangerous to you or your car. Easy ways to check the forecast include:

  • listening to, or reading, the news
  • checking a dedicated weather app, or

Being ahead of the game means youll have more time to prepare if you need to.

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Tip 1: Build A Carport

Obviously, those of you who own a garage wont have to worry about hail as much as those who dont. Unless you own several vehicles, in which case these tips will serve you well.

The most effective thing you can do is build a carport. These coverings offer excellent shelter for your vehicles. Fortunately, they are much cheaper than building an entire garage unit. Many big-box stores carry do-it-yourself kits for building carports.

But truth be told, you can more than likely build your own if you have the technical know-how. Youre almost always going to spend more on premade kits. Either way, a carport is a quick and easy way to get immediate protection from the outside elements.

Tip 4: Invest In Comprehensive Insurance

One of the most important things you can do for your vehicle is to invest in the right insurance. Many people dont worry about hail damaging their rides because its usually pretty infrequent.

But progressive planning pays off. By taking the appropriate action before disaster strikes, you can be better prepared for when it does.

Now, its important that you get the right insurance. Comprehensive insurance doesnt necessarily mean it will cover hail damage. You need to speak with an agent to ensure that you are signing up for insurance that includes hail.

Additionally, if you rent cars on a fairly regular basis, you need to think about potential hail damage. You dont want to have to pay out-of-pocket for something as unexpected as hail.

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Altindal Hail Protector Car Cover

This 6mm thick car cover from Altindal is strong enough that it can resist stones thrown at your vehicle. Although it doesnt provide full side coverage, it will provide protection from anything that might fall from the sky.

At 500cm long, it provides ample coverage for a typical sedan but is also available in a larger SUV size version.

It is made from ethylene vinyl acetate, so there is some flexibility in the structure, but then there is still incredible resistance to impacts. It is ready to install less than a minute out of the box.

Protect Your Patio Furniture

Top 3 Best Winter Car Covers Protect Your Car Against Hail

Before a storm rolls through, move more fragile items like plant pots,;vases or;glass patio tables indoor.;However, don’t;try to move things out of the way last minute, or as hail is coming down, as this can be risky to your own safety.

If they’re too bulky or impractical to move inside, try to;keep more fragile items underneath an awning, especially during storm season. That way, you can prevent the last-minute panic before a hailstorm and spend more time protecting yourself and your family.;

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Park In A Sheltered Area

Since youll not always be able to park your car in a garage, carport or multi-story car park you may have to compromise.Parking in a sheltered area or close to a building will offer some protection from hail. It may be the difference between your whole car being covered in hail damage or just one side.If I was to park next to a big building and cover my car in blankets Id be confident that my car is relatively safe from hail.

Check Your Insurance Policy For Hail Coverage

If you live in an area where hail is common, check your auto insurance policy to make sure youre covered. Add on this comprehensive coverage if its not already included.

While this cant stop hail from making dings and dents in your cars exterior, at least it can ease the pain of having to pay for costly repairs.

Read the fine print to confirm that hail is included under weather-related comprehensive insurance. Remember that you dont have to use the insurance companys;approved repairers;in the case of hail damage.

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Hail Protection Car Cover: How To Find The Best One

If youre a car owner who parks outside in uncovered areas, you should probably have a high-quality hail protection car cover. After all, nobody in their right minds would want to leave their car unprotected when a hailstorm happens to come along, right? That would be a terrible and costly mistake.

So, what can you do to protect your car from hail damage?

One easy solution is to park indoors. However, considering the fact that many car owners dont have a garage and 70% of cars are parked outdoors 24/7, a logical solution is to try and find the best car cover for hail.

Theres simply no other way around it. You need to invest in a good hail-resistant car cover if you dont have a garage. This is especially true for those who are living in Hail Alley, which includes the states of Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.

While these areas do not necessarily produce the largest hail, they certainly experience the most frequent hail in the United States. Thus, car owners in these areas need to protect their cars from hail damage for about six months each year!

Make Sure Your Insurance Covers Hail Damage

Family uses pool noodles to protect car from hail

Even with the utmost care and preparation, cars can still sometimes receive hail damage. As such, its important to make sure your insurer covers damage caused by hailstorms. Australia Posts Comprehensive Car Insurance provides coverage for hail damage. We have a range of insurance options for your car that provide cover against a variety of different unexpected events.

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How To Make A Hail Storm Car Cover

The first thing I noticed the creator saying was this may protect your glass from getting cracked. This means it is not 100% effective but definitely better than nothing. For this tutorial he used cardboard. The entire making process can be seen in the video above. The first step is to measure your car windshield, this helps you to know the size of cardboard needed. Repeat the same process for the other uncovered areas of the car. I would advise doubling or tripling the cardboard for more protection.

Gunhyi Outdoor Car Cover

  • 6 layers of aluminum fabric
  • Also protects from UV rays, dirt, dust, etc
  • Comes in several sizes

This next cover looks similar to the last one because it has some similar features. GUNHYI took the six-layer idea and decided to use aluminum fabric, which is known for its ability to reflect radiant heat and protective qualities. Most importantly, while some other fabrics will suffer wear and tear after a hailstorm, aluminum makes this cover wear and tear-resistant.;

It works in all kinds of weather from the extreme heat of the desert to the heavy snow-storms in the Rocky Mountains. It comes in several sizes for you to choose, which means it will have a better fit than the one-size-fits-all models. This cover wont blow away because it comes with two windproof straps that attach to the front and rear.;

You will find this cover also comes with reflective strips so your car is visible to other drivers at night while its parked on the street. The bag it comes with is perfect for easy storage in your trunk or garage.;

One of the most attractive qualities of this cover is the aluminum fabric that it is made from. Not only does it keep the car cool from the penetrating sun it is also one of the toughest materials to tear.;


  • Comes in several sizes for a better fit
  • Has reflective strips for nighttime visibility
  • Protects from all kinds of harsh weather patterns
  • Made of wear and tear-resistant aluminum fabric


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As They Say If You Dont Like The Weather In Colorado Wait Five Minutes

On top of constantly changing weather, Colorado locals now have to worry about frozen golf ball-sized hail falling from the sky at any time. Yes, hail storms are on the horizon and the last thing anyone wants is to deal with car damage and the exuberant cost of fixing it.

It’s important to always be prepared. Here are some helpful tips on how to protect your car during hail storms.

Have Bodywork Done At Scotts Fort Collins Auto

4 Types of Car Covers for Hail Protection

If worse comes to worse and your car is damaged in a springtime hail storm, count on Scotts for the repair work you need. Our goal is to keep your vehicle in like-new condition for as long as possible at the lowest price. Plus, if you have the aforementioned comprehensive insurance coverage, bodywork is even more affordable.

When youre ready to pay us a visit,schedule an appointment online or call 682-4202 to let us know when youll be stopping by.

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How To Protect Car From Hail With No Garage

The best way to protect your car from minor hail is to invest in a high-quality paint protection film . Rayno Creed Paint Protection Film offers superior protection, clarity, and durability. This is because it is engineered using nano-coating technology. This molecular precision allows the PPF to self-heal when it is scuffed, scratched, soiled, or exposed to trauma.

This is similar to the engineering concept behind the undentable doors that were installed in Saturn vehicles. Except, this PPF is nearly invisible and protects the paint and retains that new car look for many years.

It is also hydrophobic and will repel water and, thus, protect your vehicle from corrosion. PPF provides a protection against many environmental factors that ruin perfect showroom finishes.

Dont leave yourself unprotected. When you install Rayno Creed PPF, you have more than one benefit. It wont just protect against minor hail damage, but will also protect against stones and pebbles being kicked up by traffic or your own wheels.

Creed PPF is like a bulletproof vest for your car that deflects the impact and resists damage. It works so well because minor hail is not able to overcome the surface tension that the protection film creates.;

Think of PPF like the peel of an orange. You cant get into the soft center without first breaking through the tough outer skin. This surface tension deflects the pressure of each blow by distributing it across the entire layer.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Hail Shelter Covers

This is the very best car cover I have ever owned.; All my neighbor’s cars that were left outside were ruined in the June 2018 hail storm, and my car was unharmed! Thank you Hail Shelter! The Hail Shelter Car Cover is worth its money in gold!

Lisa Morales- Dallas, Texas

I bought this for my 2015 Mustang. I left my car parked at the airport during the August 2018 hailstorm, and when I returned from my trip I was absolutely ecstatic that my car was exactly as I left it. I cannot say enough great things about Hail Shelter. Thank you!

Jonathan Zamora- Colorado Springs

A friend told me about Hail Shelter, so I bought a cover for my daughter’s car. She’s away at college,;and her car is;parked outside. We had a freak hailstorm in December 2018. So many cars were damaged on our street. My daughter’s car was not one of them!

Christine Livingston- Austin, Texas

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