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How To Start A Keyless Car Without The Key

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Dead Key Fob You Can Still Unlock And Start Your Car

Update — Start ANY keyless or push button start car with a dead key fob or smart key.

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If youve just found yourself locked out of your car with a dead key fob, we may be able to get you going.

Remote key fobs are great until they fail. When they do, you may not be able to enter the car. Then, if you get inside, getting the car started can be foiled by a dead START button. Weve got loads of solutions here, so find the one that most closely fits your scenario.

These are the most likely solutions:

How To Start A Car Without A Key

America spends over $2.7 Billion a year on replacing missing car keys. Maybe you were at the park when it happened, maybe you were in the grocery store, and your child pitched a tantrum at the checkout line, so you rushed out of the store and forgot to check your purse.

Regardless, when you lose your keys or discover a broken fob, a good day quickly goes down the drain. But just because your keys are missing doesnt mean life stops. So if you need to start your car without a key, dont panic you can try a few methods!

In general, you can attempt to start a vehicle through the screwdriver method by hot wiring the car or by bypassing the ignition switch through the vehicles wiring. However, keep in mind that all three ways can damage your vehicle when done incorrectly.

If youre uncertain of how to get the car started, you may want to call in a mechanic or roadside assistance to help.

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What Is A Transponder Key

Transponder keys, chip keys, or key FOBs as theyre sometimes referred to are the classic metal keys with an anti-theft chip fitted inside the plastic cover.

Vehicle safety systems come in layers, with the key itself being one. By nature, the most straightforward way to steal a car is to use the original key. Like in the movies, thieves would snatch keys for a moment and make imprints to later replicate.

To prevent this from happening, manufacturers introduced transponder chips. Without one, even a perfect copy of a key wont crank the engine, because theres no chip to emit the RFID Radio Frequency Identification.

When the key is inserted into the lock, the car checks whether the unique RFID frequency can be detected the chip inside a transponder key emits a very weak signal that can only be registered in the immediate proximity of the lock. If your car has a transponder key, a thief would have no other option but to steal your keys, which youll notice more quickly and react in time to prevent the theft.

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Car Key Fob And Switchblade Key

After the detached fob was released, auto manufacturers combined the two in a mechanism that would lock and unlock a vehicle with a spring-loaded key that folds into it, like a switchblade.

If you lose it: Pricier than a plain fob, an aftermarket fob with a switchblade key costs about $125 to replace. These are most easily found at a dealership, where they may be cut and programmed on-site theyre also available online.

Models Higher Than 2015


The modern cars come with a digital system that guides you through almost everything if you are doing anything wrong.

So, when you have the latest keyless car, sometimes the car does not want you to access the hidden features, but when it does, here is what you are looking for.

To start the engine of the keyless car, you have your proximity sensor in your vehicle with you, near to the push start button.

When you only want to start the radio without turning the engine on, you should not push the brake pedal and quickly push the start/stop engine button once. This is a must to keep the radio on in a keyless car.

When you perform as explained, you will see that the accessories of your car, including the radio, are turned on.

When you want to switch to the on the mode, press the push-button again quickly, and it will take the car into on mode.

When you want to start the engine, you will only have to put pressure on the brake pedal with your foot and press the push start button. It will start your car.

This guide may have helped you with your keyless car to keep the radio on with the engine turned off.

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How To Use Your Push Button Start

Disclaimer: The guidelines in this article are general and not meant to replace instructions for your specific vehicle. Please consult your owner’s manual or repair guide before attempting repairs.

Take the steps below to switch on your vehicle’s engine with the push button start:

  • Step on your vehicle’s brake and hold it.
  • Press the push button start on your key fob, and hold the button until your engine starts.
  • To turn off your car’s engine, follow these steps:

  • Put your vehicle in the park gear.
  • Press and hold the push button start, and keep doing so until your engine goes off.
  • How Can I Get Into My Car Without A Key

    Bright Side found a few workarounds to help you get back in when youre locked out. Method #1: Use a tennis ball. Method #2: Use your shoelace. Method #3: Use a coat hanger. Method #4: Use a rod and a screwdriver. Method #5: Use a spatula. Method #6: Use an inflatable wedge. Method #7: Use a strip of plastic.

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    What Happens If You Drive Off Without Key Fob

    The answer depends on the situation. For example, you will have a very different experience if you lose your keyfob BEFORE you get in the car or afterward. Simply put, if you lose the keyfob that enables your push-button start before you try to drive in your car, then you simply won’t be able to start your vehicle.

    Remove Ignition Lock Cover

    How to start a keyless entry car when the battery in the key fob dies.

    Once you have unlocked your car and got into it, you may want to know how you can start the car now when the key fob is dead? The same thing applies here as with the door handle your car often has a hidden cover that you will find an ignition lock behind. Now when you got access to your car, you can easily find this in your service manual. You can also try to hold the key close to the ignition lock or key start button to try to get a small signal for a small chance for it to start. If you successfully started your car, it is time to drive to the closest place where you can replace the key fob batteries.

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    Can You Drive A Car Without The Key Fob

    Yes, you can drive a car without the key fob once the engine is running. Moreover, you can shift to drive from park without the key in the car.

    If the vehicle is a keyless vehicle, you must press the start button to run the engine. When your car detects and authenticates the fob, you may then start the engine.

    In most electronic vehicles, you do not find an engine, and so nothing to start. Since the car depends on the key fob, youd have to authenticate the key fob before you can put the car in reverse or drive.

    You may also be able to control your car with an app. On a typical Tesla car, your phone can unlock the vehicle, so you do not need the car fob to put a Tesla in the drive. Make sure to have configured the PIN for enhanced security.

    How Does Keyless Entry Work

    When you buy a new car these days, you will see the key you get with it is different from what your old cars used to have. This is because these new keys are more of a transmitter device than a normal key, which means that they transmit a low-frequency radio signal that is received by a receiver in the car.

    Once the car receives the signal, it allows you to lock and unlock the doors of the car by pressing the Request Switch on the car door. The same technology allows you to start the ignition by pushing the Start button without inserting the keys in the key hole.

    So now you know how the keyless entry works. Now lets find out how thieves misuse this system to steal your car without having physical access to the keys.

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    Can You Keep A Keyless Car Running

    The short answer to this is Yes, you can keep a keyless car running.

    It has been recorded that more than twenty individuals have died due to monoxide poisoning, after accidentally leaving their cars running in their garage.

    Although carelessness is one of the factors responsible for this, there are still some reasons for this common mistake amongst keyless car owners. They are:

    • Keyless ignition
    • Soundless engine

    Keyless ignition:This is the most common reason for this mistake. Keyless cars are straightforward to start using a push-start button, likewise turning off the ignition. You can use the vehicle to get to your destination and imagine that you turned off the ignition, especially when you see the key fob in your pocket or bag. When you see this, you assume that the car is off whereas you left it running.

    Soundless engine:More often than not, keyless cars possess a quiet engine, and this gives the illusion that the vehicle is turned off. Users tend to assume that the car is turned off, hence, leaving the fuel to dry off, while the ignition stays on.

    These are some reasons why keyless cars are kept running. We advise that before you leave your vehicle unattended, ensure that the ignition is turned off even when using a keyless vehicle.

    Cheapest Way To Get A New Transponder Key

    David &  Philpot, PL Keyless car deaths and what is being ...

    If youve already lost all your key copies, youll have to hire someone to make you a new one. Depending on who you hire, youre looking at a $200 to $600 expense.

    Going to the dealership makes a lot of sense on the surface. After all, youve bought your car there, so it makes sense that theyll have the quickest and cheapest way of reproducing the key. The truth is quite opposite not only will you have to tow your car there, but also pay over 400 dollars to get a new key created.

    On the other hand, an independent locksmith can get the job done for less than half the cost, with some even traveling to your destination. Call all the locksmiths in your area and find the best deal. However, set the terms so youd pay only if they successfully finish the job. Some locksmiths will attempt and fail to replicate the key and act as if your car is to blame.

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    Q: How Do I Start The Car If I Have Keyless Ignition And The Transmitter Battery Is Low

    Amelia H

    How do I start the car if I have keyless ignition and the transmitter battery is low?

    The keyless ignition system allows you to turn on your vehicle without a key, simply by using the remote keyless entry transmitter. If the transmitter battery is dying, however, the keyless ignition system will not operate normally. When this happens, the Driver Information Center may display the words No Remote Detected, or Replace Battery in Remote Key when you try and start the vehicle with the RKE transmitter. When the battery is low, you can still start the vehicle easily by following these steps:

  • Locate the RKE transmitter outlet on the center console, next to the power outlet. Remove the plastic trim from the transmitter outlet to access the transmitter slot.

  • Extend the key blade from the RKE transmitter by pressing the button at the top of the transmitter.

  • Insert the extended key into the transmitter outlet slot.

  • Make sure that your vehicle is in P or N , then depress the brake pedal and press the ignition button. Your vehicle will start up like normally.

  • If this happens to you, you should replace the battery in your RKE transmitter as soon as possible.

    Are Car Manufacturers Doing Anything To Prevent Keyless Car Theft

    Yes, some car manufacturers are introducing preventative measures to help prevent keyless cars from being stolen.

    Kia are providing their own faraday bag that helps block the car signal.

    Ford Focus, Fiesta, BMW, Audi & Mercedes have introduced Motion Sensor Key Fobs. A Motion sensor car fob will go into sleep mode after being inactive for 40 seconds, which prevents any criminals from getting the cars signal.

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    Models With Gated Shifter

    The process of keeping the radio on and turning the engine of the car off with the gated shifters is straightforward. Because the gears and function with the gated shifter are somewhat different than the vertical one.

    So, when you are in park mode and the engine and accessories are turned on, and you want to turn your engine off, but you do not want to turn your radio off.

    So, you will have to do just a simple step here for the purpose. You will only have to shift the gear to the right because it has room to move, and you will keep it that way.

    When you are holding the gear shifter to the right, you will have to push the start/stop button engine of the button to turn off the car. Now, your car is turned off, and the radio is on. Release the gear shifter, and you are good to go.

    As you know, how you can keep the radio on in the car with the gated shifter, if you want to turn on the engine, push the brake pedal and then push the start/stop engine button. It will start the car in no time.

    Do Keyless Cars Have Steering Locks

    What happen if you drive a keyless car without a keyfob ??

    Steering locks are put in most vehicles to stop the car from moving forward when parked. Vehicles that have manual shift cables especially need steering locks as they are at risk of being stolen if they lack steering locks.

    In essence, keyless cars do not require steering locks as they are made with an automatic shift cable that is linked to the key fob.

    An ordinary vehicle without steering locks can be geared to neutral and rolled away without any hassle. Although the keyless cars have no steering locks, you can hardly change the gear from park to drive without the presence of the key fob.

    Another reason why these vehicles lack steering locks is that they are mostly powered automatically. For instance, it would be dangerous if the steering locks on a keyless car is engaged while motioning.

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    Internal Lf Field Dead Spots

    Dead spots are a result of the maximum overshoot requirement from above. The power delivered to the internal LF antennas has to be tuned to provide the best performance i.e. minimum dead spots and maximum average overshoot. Dead spots are usually near the extremities of the vehicle e.g. the rear parcel shelf.

    Start The Car Engine Using A Dead Battery Smart Key

    A smart key with a dead battery is still capable of starting a car engine. The key fob is equipped with a passive radio frequency chip. Therefore, it does not require any battery to detect the sensors and the immobilizer circuit.

    To make this technique work, you have to place the fob right beside the start engine button. Then, the start engine will automatically detect the RF chip. Of course, this is expected to make the engine start.

    Ensure not to lose your smart key because it will be impossible for you to operate your car without it. So, if youre curious about how to start a car without a key fob, this is not possible.

    Unfortunately, theres nothing you can do if the smart key gets lost. Instead, you need to contact the authorized car dealership to have it replaced.

    A smart key has many features. So, it is understandable that it definitely comes with a hefty price if you need it replaced.

    The cost of a smart key depends on several factors. One of which is the brand, and another one is how complicated its programming is, among others. In general, the price range is between $50 and $400.

    Again, how to start a car without a key. How to turn the ignition without a key? Three ways to start a car without a key are the screwdriver and hammer or drill method, hotwiring method, red coil wire method.

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    What Do You Do When Your Jeep Wont Start

    If the starter works but your jeep is still not running, youll need to test the alternator. You will need to bring your vehicle to an auto parts dealer for an alternator test. Fortunately, if the problem is the alternator, you will probably be able to jump-start the jeep and get enough power to start it once.

    How Do I Protect My Keyless Car

    How To Start A Keyless Car Without The Key

    Here are nine methods to easily protect your keyless entry car.

  • Put your keys in a blocking pouch. …
  • Turn off keyless entry on your fob. …
  • Steering wheel lock or alarm. …
  • Consider outdoor motion detectors/CCTV. …
  • Store keys away from entry points. …
  • Position your car securely. …
  • Keep the inside of your car tidy.
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