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How To Protect Leather Car Seats

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Wrinkles Appear On Leather That Got Wet Without Properly Drying It

How To Clean And Protect Leather Seats

When leather gets wet, it will typically shrink and wrinkle up. This is because of two major reasons. The first reason being that water causes the fibers to swell which in turn leads to wrinkles in your car seats.

The second reason for this occurrence can be from sitting on a wet surface such as a bench or stool before getting into your car if so then those seats may also have wrinkles caused by moisture seeping through them while they were dampened!

One way you could easily remove these wrinkles would be with the use of cool air blowing from a dryer. If done properly, this should take care of any wrinkled areas within minutes.

Another reason why leather car seat wrinkle could be because the leather got wet and did not dry properly. When dampness from water or sweat remains on top of the leather for too long without being dried completely.

This causes mildew growth which will eventually lead to wrinkles in the leather.

One way you could easily remove these wrinkles would be with the use of cool air blowing from a dryer. If done properly, this should take care of any wrinkled areas within minutes.

Another solution for removing water-related wrinkles is using a small amount of leather conditioner on them and then rubbing them off with a clean cloth or cotton ball until they disappear.

Use Shelf Liner Paper

The cause of most damages caused by child seats on leather car seat surfaces is the wrinkles and indentations on the edges of child seats left on the surface of leather car seats.

This is where the use of Shelf Liner Papers becomes relevant as it will help soften the sharp marks which will be caused by the child seats on the leather car seats.

Shelf Liner Papers too can help your child seat to sit permanently well on the leather car seats and the sliding and the movements of the child seat which can cause damages to leather car seats will be prevented.

If you still want to use a seat protector, you can use it and after that place your Shelf Liner Paper on it. This will protect your leather car seat from child seats.

How Do You Protect Leather Seats Under Car Seats

shorty393 said:from what i have read on here there are mixed reviews about this but most people agree it is okay to use a very thin shelf liner or similar product. i have this and it keeps the seat from getting gunky but there are still indentations. it is a little thicker than shelf liner you would get at the store but not very much and it is not pourous so nothing leaks through.

Stretchy Glue said:Shelf liner can melt in hot weather, causing even more of a mess than food would. While some products may help, I worry that anything between the seat and the child restraint that gives a better grip could give one a false sense of security because the seat is “tight” when it doesn’t slip, but in reality, in a crash it could move significantly. I’m still a fan of nothing between the restraint and the vehicle seat.

shorty393 said:from what i have read on here there are mixed reviews about this but most people agree it is okay to use a very thin shelf liner or similar product. i have this and it keeps the seat from getting gunky but there are still indentations. it is a little thicker than shelf liner you would get at the store but not very much and it is not pourous so nothing leaks through.

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Threats To Leather Seats

Theres no question that leather is tough. But there are three main ways leather upholstered vehicle seats can be damaged. They are:

  • Sun Damage Vehicles spend a lot of time in the sun. The suns UV rays can dry out leather seats, causing them to crack and their color to fade.
  • Spill Damage Liquid left on leather damages it.
  • Cuts/Rips Damage Sharp objects can irreversibly damage leather seats.

Are Car Seat Covers Bad For Your Car

How to Protect Leather Car Seats from Sun

The jury is still out on this one! Many car owners rave about their car seat covers and the advantages of protecting their seats from spills and wear, especially with young children and pets in the family.

Others have not had such a positive experience. They found that even the slightest bit of moisture that leaks through or under their covers can lead to mold growth or hard to remove stains on their car seats. Sometimes they didnt know about this damage until they went to remove the car seat covers, long after the damage had been done.

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Apply Leather Cleaner And Conditioner

Once youve finished vacuuming, apply an even coating of leather cleaner and conditioner onto each panel of your leather interior. If youre using a Flarisol spray bottle like the one that comes with our Hybrid Solutions Leather Mist, use short bursts of product to cover smaller, more intricate spaces and one, continuous spray to cover larger surface area. Use a higher concentration of product on any stains or soils, making them easier to remove.

Option C: Other Diy Home Remedies For Cleaning Leather

If you dont have a commercial leather cleaner or the right natural ingredients on hand for a DIY recipe, there are a few home remedies you can try, such as:

  • Facial cleanser
  • Dish soap
  • Lemon juice

Just select the one you like best and dilute it in water to create a mild cleanser. Consider wiping down your seats with a plain damp rag afterward to remove any residue and shine up the surface. However, as with the DIY recipe, these remedies dont have any of the protective qualities found in pre-made leather conditioners.

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Are Car Seat Covers Worth It

Car seat covers are designed to slip over your car seats to protect them from wear, stains or other damage. Some families with children and/or pet owners choose to use car seat covers to prolong the life of their fabric or leather car seats. Other people find using car seat covers give tired, worn car seats a facelift and a new lease of life. Lets look at whether and how they work, and if they are worth the investment.


  • 10 Is it worth buying a car seat cover?
  • Caring For Leather Seats With And Without Seat Covers

    How to Seal and Protect Leather Car Seats Properly

    Fading, spills, and cuts happen to vehicle seats, no matter whether it is done to the leather upholstery or to seat covers. How you would go about protecting your leather seats differs, though, depending on whether or not you cover them.

    1. Sun Damage To protect leather vehicle seats from sun damage, you can clean them twice a year with saddle soap and then lightly coat them with mink oil. Use mink oil that comes in a tin, not the kind in liquid form. Massage the oil in and leave it untouched for one or two days. Then buff the seats with a clean, soft old tee shirt. Using mink oil, you can skip giving your leather seats a dealerships expensive Lexol treatment.

    An easier solution would be to cover your leather seats with seat covers. The sun fades and cracks cheap seat covers, just like they do nice leather. They also form micro-tears. Their advantage is that they can be easily replaced with little cost or heartache.

    2. Spill Damage Drink spills on leather seats must be wiped up immediately to prevent stain damage. Fortunately, leather does not quickly absorb liquids. Keeping cleanup material in the vehicle would enable quick cleanup and prevent damage.

    Alternatively, a good seat cover would prevent liquids from ever reaching the leather. Covers may be the easiest way to protect leather seats during the years that young kids ride along.

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    Enjoy Soft Supple Leather Seats

    With our top leather cleaner and leather conditioner picks, you’ll be on your way to cleaner, softer, protected leather car seats in no time. And there’s nothing like a comfortable seat while driving to make you feel just a little better.

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    Leather Car Seat Care: Cleaning Car Leather

    Instead of searching for the best car leather cleaner, I am going to introduce you to a very simple all-purpose cleaner that is not only safe and effective at cleaning your car leather, but very economical and useful for literally countless tasks of cleaning in general.

    • Not only my “go-to” cleaner for car leather upholstery, but my all-purpose cleaner for my cars, the garage and in the house
    • Comes as a concentrate that can be custom blended to suit your exact cleaning needs
    • I use the “mild” formulation as labeled on the packaging for general car leather cleaning
    • If your car leather is excessively dirty, just make the concentration stronger
    • This is also what I use to clean virtually every other material in the interior of a car: car leather, carpeting, rubber floor mats, vinyl door panels, dash boards, velour, etc.
    • This bundle of Simple Green may seem over-kill if you are just trying to buy a quality cleaner for leather car seat care, but due to the versatility of this all-purpose cleaner, you will find more and more uses for it the more you use it

    Chemical Guys car leather Cleaning Brush

    • Made with super soft and safe horse hair bristles
    • One of my “go-to” scrub brushes to clean car leather safely
    • Bristles become even soften when bristles are wet from your cleaning solution

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    Avoid Using The Same Spot In The Car

    When you place the car seat in the car, use different seats. Put it on one side of the car one day. Use the middle of the bench seat the next day. Then, switch it back.

    This helps prevent permanent intentions that will slowly turn into ripped or cracked leather because the car seat is not putting continuous pressure on the same part of the leather seat.

    Dust And Dirt Can Cause The Appearance Of Wrinkles On Leather

    How to Protect Leather Seats from Car Seat Damage with the ...

    Dust, dirt, and other particles can accumulate on our leather surfaces when we park in the garage or outdoors. This will eventually cause creases to form along the surface of your cars leather seat as well because it absorbs that dust over time. It is important to keep your vehicle clean with a vacuum cleaner for this reason!

    Dust and dirt cause the appearance of wrinkles on our leather seats. If we have an accumulation of dust, dirt, or even some spilled liquid that has dried into a dark spot, it will over time create deep creases in the surface of your car seat which are difficult to remove without professional help.

    It is important to clean your car regularly as well as keep up with any spills so they do not stay wet for long periods and end up creating permanent stains on your seats.

    You should use a damp cloth when cleaning the surfaces but never scrub vigorously because this can damage the finish and texture of the fabric causing it to wear out

    The last reason why car seat wrinkle may have something to do with how well the person who cleans your car does their job after getting it dirty.

    The dirt can settle into the creases and will cause some deep folds which are difficult to get out at times without professional help! One easy way around that might be to keep your leather seats clean by regularly vacuuming and cleaning them.

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    What Not To Do

    Now that you know how to condition leather car seats, just be careful not to over-condition them. A few times a year is sufficient.

    Before you clean or apply any products, dont forget to consult your vehicle owners manual. It may include specific instructions on how to clean your leather car seats.

    Avoid using chemical-based household cleaners on your leather seats. Instead of preserving your beautiful leather seats, chemicals can stain them, create fading or cracking, and erode their protective coating.

    When cleaning your leather seats, dont use objects that could scratch or cut them. A soft-bristled brush or toothbrush is recommended.

    Save your Windex for your car windows. It is not suitable for your leather seats, as its ingredients could dry out the leather and cause discoloration.

    To recap, in this blog we explored the best way to clean leather car seats, how to remove stains from leather car seats, how to get smell out of leather seats, and how to condition leather car seats.

    It doesnt take much physical exertion to clean your leather car seats, but just remember, if you want to keep them soft and smooth, cleaning them on a regular basis is essential.

    If you give them plenty of love vacuuming them, removing surface dirt, and cleaning and conditioning the seats consistently they will keep their good looks for many years to come.

    Leather Cleaning And Care Tool Kit

    The 5-piece Leather Cleaning and Care Tool Kit help make cleaning leather seats and other leather accessories easy and quick to get at hard-to-reach places and remove stubborn stains. The scratch-free tools are made with natural protects to ensure a damage-free cleaning process. The kit includes one each microfiber towel, polishing cloth, microfiber sponge applicator, pig hairbrush, and horsehair brush.

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    Use A Car Seat Protector

    This is another great way to protect leather seats from child seats. Car seat protectors come as durable and easy to use covers which are going to take up all the friction caused by the installed child seats.

    Its going to act as a shield for your leather car seats. Some of these protectors even come with unique waterproof qualities that prevent liquid stains from your child passenger from getting onto your leather car seats as they can build up and wear your leather seat.

    There are generally different kinds of leather car seat protectors. There are car seat protectors that will come with normal seats which will only help to protect the portion on the car leather seats where the babysits.

    There are others that have an added feature that covers the rest of the leather seats to take care of kids throws and spillages whenever they occur.

    Another type of car seat protector which is also my personal favorite is the slide-proof car seat covers.

    These are great because they help to prevent scratches which may come as a result of the car seats sliding over the leather car seats causing damage to the surface of leather seats.

    How To Protect Your Leather Seats From A Child Car Seat


    Leather seats in cars are very popular, but once you have children, you quickly realize that a childs car seat can do some damage to that beautiful leather interior if you arent careful. So how do you protect leather seats from getting damaged? There are a few things that parents can do to protect seats from a baby car seat, and we are going to look at them here.

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    S For Using Leather Conditioner And Dressings

    If youre a fan of hard work, using a leather conditioner and dressing is the way to go. Let me be clear there is nothing wrong with this type of leather treatment its just more time and labor-intensive vs using a professional leather nano ceramic coating. Having a professional detailer install a high-quality window tint for cars is a great way to avoid leather damage. But again well get to that soon.

    Opt For A Car Seat With A Base

    Car seats with a base on the bottom do not involve the car seat itself being strapped tightly against the back seat of your car. Instead, you strap the base into the car. Then, the car seat fits snugly into the base.

    Typically, the base has a flat, smooth bottom.

    The car seat tilts back more when youre using a product that has a base, so it does not press into the interior as much as other seats do.

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    Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

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    Vacuum Any Loose Dirt And Contaminants

    Start by using a portable vacuum cleaner to suck up any dirt, crumbs or other loose soils from your car seats. Use the handheld upholstery attachment to reach deep between the cushions to clean as much dirt and dust as you can with the vacuum cleaner.

    Its important to vacuum your car seats first to avoid damage from rubbing abrasive contaminants into your leather finish. Breadcrumbs and grains of sand can leave tiny scratches in your leather cushions that are difficult to hide or remove.

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