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How To Catch Someone Breaking Into Your Car

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Dont Ignore Warning Signs

Man adjusting Christmas lights helps catch person breaking into car, Frisco police say

Keep your eyes open for potential problems, especially in shopping center parking lots, and especially during peak holiday shopping times. Some thieves will loiter around shoppers cars, waiting for them to leave valuable purchases in the trunk. If you see someone suspicious, alert security and dont leave your car.

Easy Life Hacks To Catch Someone Breaking Into Your Car

As a car owner, I always worry about car safety. What if someone steals it while I am doing my grocery?

You will know of steering wheel lockers, GPS tracking devices, and other such anti-theft devices. Sometimes though, these are not enough to let you have a sound sleep without worrying about your vehicle.

It is always safe to know about more methods and techniques to safeguard your car and to be ready in advance before anybody eyes it or will make a move.

Take Pictures Of The Scene

Though the police may do this as well, it’s a good idea to take photos of the crime scene: your vehicle. Don’t move anything around until the police have arrived. Taking pictures can help with insurance claims, and it will be good to have a reference. Make sure you get pictures of all the damage, as well as the areas surrounding your vehicle.

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Advertise The Security System Of Your Car

Most thieves will walk away if they see a sticker with the alarm your car uses or a blinking light on your cars dashboard. Even if you dont really have an alarm, you can just slap on a sticker. However, you should know that real pros will find a way to disable your alarm if they really want your car. What they will do is cut the cable of the battery that is connected to the alarm.

If you have a very expensive car and are afraid of that possibility, you can install a second battery and be the one who has the last laugh.

Its Your Wheels They Want

8 Easy Life Hacks to Catch Someone Breaking Into Your Car

Sometimes a stolen car or swiping its belongings isnt what criminals are after. Aftermarket wheels and high performance tires are a hot commodity, so if it only takes a few minutes to jack up a vehicle and remove its rollers, chances are someone is going to make an attempt.

But dont worry. If you have a set of high dollar aftermarket alloys and some sticky performance tires on your ride, just refer to number four on this list and get an alarm that senses tilt motions. A set of forged, locking lug nuts with a custom key wouldnt be a bad idea either.

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Dont Leave Your Car When It’s Runningever

Winters bitter cold or summers searing heat can entice even the most cautious drivers to let the car warm up or cool down while they’re comfortably ensconced inside the house. But doing this makes it really, really easy for thieves to steal your car or rapidly remove any valuables left inside. A few minutes of comfort are simply not worth the risk. Similarly, dont leave the car running while you dash into a store to run an errandthis is just asking for trouble. In fact, in at least 30 states it is illegal to leave a car running and unattended.

How To Catch Someone Vandalizing/breaking Into/stealing Your Car At Night

How to catch or stop someone vandalizing, breaking into or stealing your car? Say, what to do when the car is parked outside either on the driveway, front door, in the street, outside your house, shared parking space, apartment parking lot or alley overnight?

You need extra pairs of eyes out there keeping tabs on your parked car.

Parked car security cameras, car hidden/spy cams, dash cams for a parked car, home security cameras , car surveillance security cameras, or in-car security cameras help catch, deter or stop someone breaking into, vandalizing, keying or stealing your parked car.

We offer these helpful tips to catch a car burglar or vandal while factoring in where you park your vehicles.

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Various Other Types Of Vehicle Vandalism

Security cameras catch people trying to break into Edmond mans car

Yes, car burglaries happen and are traumatic because of the invasion of space. But, it is only one type of vandalism. People will destroy without a reason or a cause.

  • Spray paint is accessible and quick when looking to do damage. Some vandals try to convey a message others believe they are partaking in making art. But, it is you that will deal with the aftermath of repair, replacement, and repainting.
  • Kids think that egging a vehicle is a practical joke. But, there is nothing practical about it. Egg yolks are acidic and eat away paint, and the shell scratches the cars surface. It is not funny.
  • Keying a car is one of the most personal acts of vandalism. It is usually someone you know. And sometimes it goes unnoticed for a while. The defacement causes grave surface damage.
  • Slashing or damaging tires is nefarious. It does not only cost money to replace them, but it can go unnoticed and cause serious injury to the cars driver. It happens quickly and hard to catch in the act.
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    Skip The Hood Ornament

    For some reason, thieves just love to rip off hood ornaments, causing costly damage to your car in the process. In many cities, there is a black market for highly coveted hood ornamentsthe rarer and more expensive the betterand thieves will target cars specifically for the hood ornament. This is one option that you might be better off without.

    To File A Claim With Your Insurer Or Not To File

    Check your policy to determine what is covered and what isnt. If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurer will have to pay for the actual damage to your car, but you will not be compensated for any of the items you had lying around insidesuch as purses, cell phones, laptops, iPods, etc. For those items, you may have to look to your homeowners or renters insurance policy. You will also want to determine just how much it will cost to fix the damage on your car before filing a claim. Its not worth it if your total damages are going to cost less than the amount of your deductible.

    Even if the damages exceed your deductible, you might want to think about paying for them out-of-pocket, given that filing a claim may result in higher premiums.

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    We Dont Like Stickers

    One simple but surprisingly effective way to throw off a potential thief is to put a sticker in your rear window that suggests you have an alarm or tracking system set up in your car. If they suspect theres a chance they could get caught, thieves are more likely to pass up that car for an easier steal.

    Tinted Windows Might Help If Youre Driving A Very Nice Car

    8 Easy Life Hacks to Catch Someone Breaking Into Your Car

    Tinted windows have been associated with big and expensive cars, but its not just a matter of keeping things cool and stylish. Opting for these windows might prevent a thief from breaking into your car, since they wont be able to see whats inside. The risk is too big and they just dont have the time. Make sure to learn the limit of thickness for tinted glasses before you install it or have a professional do it for you.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Broken Window Or Keyed Car

    Vandalism is a common and often expensive form of damage for car owners.

    According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, the average cost of a vandalism claim is $1,528.

    However, this amount reflects only those incidents for which car owners choose to file a claim with their insurance companieswhich are typically those with the most expensive repairs.

    Additionally, this amount varies based on a number of factors, which include:

    • The car you drive
    • Whether you’re repairing or replacing a part of the car
    • The type of glass you may need
    • Whether your windows are automatic or manually opened
    • The cost of labor in your region

    Chipped glass, or a crack that is under six inches long, is usually easy to fix, and can often be done in under 30 minutes. Other damage, such as a smashed windshield or a door that is riddled with dents, might require a replacement part, which will increase the cost of repairs, especially if you own a luxury or high-tech vehicle.

    Here are the approximate costs to repair acts of vandalism.

    Repair scratches $50 to $300

    Keep in mind that if you do choose to file a car insurance claim, you’ll need to pay your deductible before you receive any reimbursement from your auto insurance company. Even if your claim does exceed your deductible, your insurer may increase your premiums for the next few years.

    We Have Our Own Specialties

    According to Hinch, some thieves only steal what they know, meaning theyre masters at stealing their chosen model and make of car. If a thief knows how to steal one Camaro, he knows how to steal them all, Hinch explains. example, thieves who steal Chevy Camaros know how to silence the stock alarms so it cant be heard when they break into the car. They know where the stock tracking system is located and quickly unplug it.

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    Monkey See Monkey Want

    According to the same study from the NHTSA, 40% to 50% of all vehicle related theft is due to owner error. So leaving your car unlocked, keys in the ignition, or a window too far down is only going to tempt crooks all the more. Removing valuables from plain sight will make a huge difference, seeing as smash-and-grab burglars are only interested in what can be easily stolen.

    Heres How You Know Somebody Is Trying To Steal Your Car

    Cameras catch thief breaking into cars

    The next time you get into or exit your car you should probably take a peek at the handles on your doors.

    Theres a new trend in the grand theft auto world where thieves will place a small coin such as a penny or a quarter between the handle and the door so that it stays open though you think its locked.

    According to Qpolitical:

    If you miss it in the morning and drive away nothing really happens. The kicker is when you come home at night.

    When you get home and press the lock button on your remote the system will fail to lock. Then, when you go inside the waiting thief walks right up to your door and opens it.

    The FBI reports that there were 699,594 motor vehicle thefts nationwide in 2013 and the car stolen most was the Honda Accord.

    Of the top 10 cities with the highest rates of car theft, California proudly claims 7 of them:

    1-San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, California

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    Park Your Car In Secure Areas

    Be cautious about where you park your car. When possible, park your car in a secure garage that doesn’t have public access — this could be your own garage, or a company garage that requires a fob to access.

    When you have to park outside, be selective about where you leave your car. First, look for well-lit areas that might deter a thief. Avoid remote areas where a thief could attempt to access your car without anyone seeing. Finally, especially in the case of parking lots, look for spots below a CCTV camera or other security device. Just the prospect of being caught on camera can be enough to discourage a thief.

    Does Car Insurance Cover Vandalism

    The quick answer is, yes, yes it does. But, there is a but to the statement. The car insurance policy needs to say comprehensive insurance. The comprehensive part generally covers collision, fire, hail, flooding, and theft.

    The added protection against vandalism makes it worth it in the long run. But, there is another but. Vehicle insurance only covers the damage it does not pay for anything stolen out of the car.

    • Example Someone smashes out a side window of your truck and steals your laptop off of the seat. The computer is not part of the coverage.

    It is why, in the case of a vandalism situation, presenting the police with vehicle and home or rental insurance is the best plan. Renter and homeowner policies typically cover items stolen out of cars.

    Weve established that vandalism is not a victimless crime. It costs money and strips people of the feeling of safety. The only surefire way to protect against malicious acts against property is a car surveillance camera. It is the only eyewitness to trust.

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    John Fox

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    What Are The Penalties

    In almost all cases, California auto burglary is a form of so-called second-degreethat is, less seriousburglary.21

    Second-degree burglary is a wobbler . . . which means that depending on the circumstances of the offense, and your criminal history, you could be charged with California auto burglary as either

  • a misdemeanor, or
  • a felony.
  • If you are convicted of California auto burglary as a misdemeanor, you may face up to one year in county jail.22

    If you are convicted of California auto burglary as a felony, you may face jail of sixteen months, or two or three years.23

    There is one exception to the general rule that auto burglary is a form of second-degree burglary. If you break into a trailer coach that is inhabited with the intent to commit a felony or theft, you may have committed first-degree burglary.24

    The crime of burglary in an inhabited trailer coach is always a felony. The penalty will be two , four or six years in California state prison.25

    Grand Theft / Petty Theft

    What to Do if Your Car Is Broken Into

    The other crime that is most frequently charged along with burglary of an automobile is theft-either grand theft or petty theft.

    Grand theft under Penal Code 487 PC is defined as stealing someone elses property when that property is EITHER

  • worth $950 or more,
  • taken directly from the possession of the owner, OR
  • in one of several special categories, including
  • automobiles, and
  • Grand theft is a wobbler in California.37

    Any other kind of theft is petty theft, which is a misdemeanor.38

    If the allegation is that you broke into someones car in order to stealnot the car itselfbut personal property contained in the car, such as

    • stereo equipment,
    • a purse or wallet, or
    • a laptop computer or cell phone,

    you are likely to be charged with BOTH

  • auto burglary, AND
  • grand theft or petty theft .
  • Note that auto burglary is a more serious crime than petty theft. An accompanying auto burglary charge can turn what would otherwise be a misdemeanor charge into a potential felony.

    Thus, if you are in this situation, it is crucial to find a lawyer who has particular experience in California auto burglary chargesin the hopes of getting at least that charge reduced or dismissed.

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    Always Park Where There Are Lights Around

    Now, its pretty obvious why parking your car in a dark spot can be dangerous. The former thief says that he and his partners never broke into cars that were parked in well-lit spaces, but only into the ones that were parked somewhere in the dark. You should always pick a spot that has some light around to make sure that any type of crime will be seen by someone.

    Texas Law Use Of Deadly Force To Protect Property

    Day or night, you always have the right to use force against the person whos committing the burglary of a motor vehicle. Use of force can look like a lot of different things, could look like anything from verbal commands to stop to actually physically going over and stopping the person with your hands, engaging them physically with your hands.

    It could look like everything up into pointing a firearm at someone, so the question becomes, could you point your gun at someone and hold them at gunpoint until the police arrived because theyve been burglarizing your motor vehicle?

    Well, that would be a use of force, and a use of force can be justified in this instance. But keep in mind, your use of force has to be reasonable, it has to be immediately necessary, and it should be proportional to the amount of force that the person is perpetrating against you.

    So while holding someone at gunpoint is potentially something that youre allowed to do when theyre burglarizing your motor vehicle, keep in mind that the ultimate authority on whether or not thats allowed is potentially a jury at trial, or a judge.

    Educating you is the cornerstone of U.S. LawShield. Thank you for joining us today.

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    Sensitive Or Unusual Alarms

    A car alarm can be programmed with some difficulty, but will normally go off if broken into under normal circumstances. As a last line of defense, an unusual or scary alarm will potentially ward off a thief in the process or alert sympathetic onlookers. If possible, increasing your car’s sensitivity will help such as if you try to open the doors while it’s locked but in older cars, this might not be an option.

    Changing out your horn for an aftermarket one is not hard, we recently did it to a RAV4 that now blares a siren-sounding horn at over 100 decibels. A train horn, similarly, is paralyzing. Our pals at Donut Media even installed a pre-recorded alarm that loudly announced someone was stealing their car, a gadget that cost just , and a sound device. Not only would this be safer for your car, but it’s hilarious to think of what warnings you can produce to make a thief run. Something like a bomb countdown or a fake police call might do it.

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