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What Is An Agm Car Battery

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What Is A Start

What is an AGM Battery?

Start-stop vehicle technology automatically turns off the engine when the car stops .

While the engine is temporarily off, the car battery is the sole source of power to all the vehicles electrical devices, from stereo to GPS navigation. When the clutch is depressed, or the brake pedal is released, it restarts the vehicle quickly and quietly.

AGM batteries are suited to such start-stop applications.

Should You Get An Agm Battery

If youve ever asked yourself, what is an AGM battery? now you know the answer! Whether an AGM battery is right for you, however, is up to you.

Consider your options and try out an AGM battery if you never have before. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

If youre looking for a reliable source for batteries, see what we can do for you. Contact us with any comments or questions. Wed be glad to help!

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Whats An Easy Fix For My Agm Battery

If somethings wrong with your AGM battery, your easiest solution is to contact a mechanic to give it a look over. In this case, your best bet is a mobile mechanic who can drop by, instead of attempting a jump-start.

In other words, just contact RepairSmith!

RepairSmith is a convenient mobile vehicle maintenance and repair solution. Heres what they offer:

  • Battery fixes and replacements can be done right in your driveway
  • Expert, ASE-certified technicians execute vehicle inspection and servicing
  • Online booking is convenient and easy
  • Competitive, upfront pricing
  • All maintenance and repairs are executed with high-quality equipment and replacement parts
  • RepairSmith offers a 12-month | 12,000-mile warranty for all repairs

Fill this online form for an accurate cost estimate of your battery replacement and fixes.

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This Alternative To Flooded Lead

The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. Read more.

The definition of a car battery has taken on new meaning thanks to the onset of electric vehicles, but in traditional internal combustion vehicles, youll still find a good ol 12-volt brick sitting in your engine bay. That little box is responsible for powering the starter, as well as storing energy that can be used for all of your vehicles accessories. Not all 12-volt car batteries are the same, however.

A large majority of vehicles still use flooded lead-acid batteries with a liquid electrolyte solution sloshing around inside, but theres a relatively new player in the mix: AGM batteries. Not to be confused with the AMG performance brand by Mercedes-Benz, AGM batteries are designed to eliminate electrolyte movement by holding it in place, reduce battery maintenance, and are claimed to have more charging power, among other benefits.

The Drive has put together a guide to explaining how they work, how theyre different from traditional batteries, and why you might want one. Follow along as we answer the question, what is an AGM battery?

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using An Agm Battery

EverStart Platinum AGM Battery, Group 24F  Walmart Inventory Checker ...

AGM batteries are a popular choice for vehicles and equipment that require a high power output and consistent performance. However, there are a few drawbacks to using AGM batteries that should be considered before making a purchase.

One disadvantage of AGM batteries is their price tag. They are often more expensive than other battery types. Another disadvantage is their weight. Because AGM batteries contain more glass matting than other battery types, they tend to be heavier. This can be an issue for applications where weight is a concern, such as vehicles or equipment.

Finally, one of the most significant disadvantages of AGM batteries is their limited life span and degrades over time. AGM batteries typically have a life span of about five years, while other battery types can last up to ten years.

Despite these disadvantages, AGM batteries remain a popular choice for many high-power applications due to their consistent performance. When choosing a battery for your application, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each type to make the best decision for your needs.

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How Do I Know If My Battery Is Agm

If your vehicle is about to undergo repair, and the mechanic is suggesting a battery replacement, do you know how to choose the right battery for your vehicle? Since its something that we dont do often, most people dont know much about it. Actually, there are various types of batteries used in different vehicles.

For instance, usually, boats and cars support lead-acid batteries. However, the batteries which come with lead-acid in liquid form have plenty of shortcomings and do not last much longer.

In contrast, AGM batteries are now being used more often since they do not contain any liquid acid, and are more efficient. AGM basically stands for Absorbed Glass Mat Battery, in which a thin mat made of fiberglass is placed between the electrolyte plates, and packed tightly. These mats are basically saturated with acid, and since they are packed so well, theres almost no chance of acid spillage like the wet cell batteries.

Hence, the AGM batteries are much safer, and usually last longer. That said, if you are looking for a battery replacement for your car, substituting the old wet cell batteries with AGM batteries is quite a good decision. But, you should know that the handling methods of both kinds of batteries are quite different from each other. So, how would you know if the currently installed battery in your car is AGM or not? Well tell you!

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What Is A Calcium Battery

Another form of a cell is a Calcium battery, also known as a valve-regulated, lead-acid battery.

These contain lead plates surrounded by the electrolyte liquid – or battery acid – and when they react with one another, they create a chemical reaction that charges the battery terminals.

The advantages of calcium batteries over AGM or EFB batteries are that they can operate under extreme weather conditions and at higher charge rates.

While AGMs and EFBs are more durable when cycling, calcium batteries provide a better power source for high-performance vehicles. Therefore, car manufacturers are using them more and more when their vehicles need higher power output for their engines and car accessories.

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Differences Between An Agm And A Regular Car Battery

In the recent past, the world has undergone many technological changes, with people becoming more innovative. This has led to the establishment of more functional and durable products than traditional ones. The AGM battery is an improved battery designed in the early 80s to replace the flooded lead-acid battery. The AGM battery requires little to no matienence, and it does not spill.

On the other hand, a Flooded lead-acid battery is the kind of battery that has been widely used for over one and a half-century. They are also referred to as the wet cell battery for the liquid electrolyte found inside. The battery has been used for various applications, which has served until an alternative of AGM was found.Below are some differences between an AGM battery and a lead-acid battery.

Pro Tips For Changing An Agm Battery

What Type Of Car Battery Should You Use? Flooded vs AGM

Our experts at The Drive have changed more batteries than diapers throughout their combined lifetimes. Heres what weve learned:

  • Wear paint-friendly clothing, meaning clothing without any hard items such as buttons, zippers, or fasteners. When youre leaning over to pick up that heavy battery, you could scratch the paint.
  • Never let anything metal such as a tool touch both battery terminals at the same time. This closes the battery circuit and will result in sparks.
  • If all of this is too overwhelming, chain auto parts stores such as AutoZone and Advanced Auto Parts offer free battery testing and charging services.

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Does An Agm Battery Require A Special Charger

You betcha. As AGM batteries are designed differently than conventional batteries, have different workloads, different chemistries, and uses, they do have special charging requirements. As such, youll need a different charger because you can actually damage an AMG battery with a non-AGM battery charger. In other words, we absolutely recommend you purchase an AGM-specific battery charger.

What Is An Agm Battery And What’s The Big Deal

The lead-acid battery hasnt changed much in 160 years.

Since it was invented in 1859, the same 160-year-old technology still starts your car and nearly every car around the world, with minor changes here and there. Its still thin lead plates, sulfuric acid and water Small tweaks and adjustments played out over the years. Some are even sealed so you dont need to add water.

Despite these tiny developments in across a century and a half, French physicist Gaston Planté could step out of a time machine and still recognize his invention in 92.4% of the US automotive market. He might be surprised how little the lead-acid battery changed in 160 years.

Because everything else has.

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Are Agm Batteries Better Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Agm

A question that people frequently ask about car batteries is whether AGM batteries are better or not when compared to their counterparts. There are very few vehicles that prefer lithium-based battery products for its running. Most of the vehicles running today use either AGM lead acid or flooded batteries for the cars.

How Long Do Agm Batteries Last

OPTIMA RedTop AGM Spiralcell Automotive Battery, Group Size 34 ...

Manufacturers such as Optima and Interstate suggest that AGM batteries could last two to three times longer than traditional flooded lead-acid batteries. Traditional batteries should typically be replaced every three to five years, depending on a range of factors such as driving environment, driving conditions, and driving habits.


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What Is An Agm Battery And How Does It Work

AGM stands for absorbent glass material. Its a type of car battery that uses minuscule glass fibers to suspend the batterys electrolyte mixture of sulphuric acid and water. This allows the solution to be more evenly distributed across the batterys active lead plates and prevents sloshing, which is a common issue among conventional lead-acid batteries.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Car’s Battery

Now that you know all about the different types of car batteries, here are a few tips for getting the most from them in your car:

~ When replacing your car battery, make sure you replace it with one that is the right size. You can find this measurement in your car manual. Installing a battery that is too large for your car will cause your electrical components to troubleshoot.

~ When buying a new battery, always check the voltage reading with a multimeter before making a purchase.

~ Do not install used batteries into your car. This can be dangerous for both yourself and your vehicle.

~ If your car is struggling to start, check that your battery connections are all connected and if the terminals have oxidized, clean them.

~ Check the battery connections regularly.

~ Always keep a portable charger or jump cables in your car in case your battery suddenly fails.

Looking spare car parts? Visit Our Online Shop for UK delivery.

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Look At The Top Of The Battery

If the label is not in good condition, and not helping you much, you can know about the type of battery by looking at its design and construction. Basically, an AGM battery will always have a flat top, and only the negative and positive terminals of the battery will be sticking out. On the other hand, the liquid acid batteries have a removable top which is not the case with AGM batteries as they are properly sealed.

What Are The Types Of Agm Batteries

What is the Difference between Conventional and Absorbed Glass Mat AGM Batteries?

The two types of AGM batteries are lead-calcium and thin plate pure lead . The former comes with some of the limitations of the flooded batteries. Their plates are thick and do not allow for pulse starting power. These batteries are single-purpose and support deep discharging.

The TPPL type has a high CCA rating and a deep cycle value of 400 cycles. You can fast charge this battery, same as discharging it. The TPPL AGM battery is very resilient and can serve you up to 12-years. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly as they are easy to recycle.

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How Does An Agm Battery Work

The inside of a battery contains positive and negative lead and lead oxide plates that attract or release electrons when they react with an electrolyte typically made of sulfuric acid and water. AGM batteries hold and suspend the electrolyte mixture like a sponge with tiny glass fibers while maintaining evenly distributed contact with the active lead materials on the plates. The electrons flow in a series circuit through six cells, each of which runs at approximately 2 volts for a total of 12 volts.


Car Batteries: Why They Die In Hot Weather

Dead car batteries are more often linked to winter conditions, when colder temperatures inhibit the chemical reaction necessary to make a battery work. Extreme cold also increases the thickness of the engine oil, meaning your battery has to work harder to crank the engine. Under such conditions we also tend to use energy consuming features

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Can I Charge An Agm Battery With A Regular Charger

Yes, you can charge an AGM battery with a regular charger. However, it is important to use a charger that is specifically designed for AGM batteries in order to get the following benefits:

1. It ensures that the battery is being charged properly, with the correct voltage and current.

2. It helps to protect the battery from being overcharged, which can damage or kill the battery.

3. It allows you to keep an eye on the charging process, so you can be sure that the battery is not being damaged in any way.

4. It prolongs the battery’s life by preventing overcharging and ensuring that all of the cells in the battery are evenly charged.

Chargers that are not specifically designed for AGM batteries can damage or even destroy AGM batteries. AGM batteries also have a lower tolerance for voltage fluctuations than other types of batteries, so using a charger that is not compatible with AGM batteries can cause the battery to become damaged or even destroyed.

When To Use An Agm Battery

EverStart Platinum AGM Battery, Group Size H8 (12 Volt/900 CCA ...

There are a few situations when it might be advantageous to use an AGM battery. For example, if you’re using your boat in a place where the water is corrosive, AGM batteries are a good choice because they’re less likely to corrode.

AGM batteries can also be useful for people who live in cold weather climates. That’s because AGM batteries tend to perform better in cold weather than regular lead-acid batteries. In fact, some experts even recommend using AGM batteries instead of regular lead-acid batteries in cars that are driven in very cold climates.

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Taking Care Of Your Agm Car Batteries

One of the most important approaches to enjoying your AGM car battery is by properly charging it when it runs low.

This battery model prefers being charged slowly.

Because of how sensitive they are, their chargers usually contain microprocessors.

These microprocessors monitor the absorbed glass mat battery when charging.

They use signals induced by the batteries to optimally charge the batteries.

As a result of this uniqueness, AGM car batteries cannot be charged using the old conventional lead-acid battery chargers.

More so, the routine voltage test and load tests conducted in conventional lead-acid batteries can be conducted in AGM batteries.

However, they cannot be conducted using old multimedia and load testers.

This is mainly because the results obtained would be erroneous.

These errors arise from the fact that AGM batteries have lesser internal resistance compared to those of lead-acid batteries.

New multimeters and load testers have a unique mode that correctly tests AGM batteries.

In the event of battery replacement, the process of battery installation for both the traditional lead-acid batteries and in absorbent glass mat batteries are the same.

However, in modern vehicles, battery sensors have to be recalibrated. This is to allow the electrical system to be tuned to the new battery.

If this is not done, the alternator will likely overcharge the battery when the engine is running.

AGM batteries are generally more expensive than the traditional lead-acid batteries.

Are Agm Batteries Worth It

Depending on your industry, AGM batteries could definitely be worth it.

If you work in cold temperatures, such as in the marine industry, AGM batteries are very worth it. Theyre resistant to the cold, and wont leak. Where other batteries might lose functionality in the cold, AGM batteries thrive.

If youre a motorcycle rider, an AGM battery could potentially save your life in the case of a crash. Itll also offer you weight reduction, and more installation options. If youre a NASCAR driver, youre probably going to have to use an AGM battery.

AGM batteries are a little more expensive than other battery types, but they offer some great benefits. If the listed benefits above sound like they work with your needs, try an AGM battery.

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How Many Years Do Agm Batteries Last

The common wisdom behind conventional battery life says that theyll last about three to five years. Of course, there are exceptions, plus your continued maintenance and how you treat your battery will play factors in longevity. AGM battery manufacturers such as Optima and Interstate, however, state that AGM batteries are designed to last two to three times longer, or six to 15 years, again, depending on your maintenance and how you use it.

TL DR: Your mileage will vary, and you play an important factor in your batterys life and longevity.

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