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How To Detect Tracking Device On Car

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Optimus 20 Gps Tracker

How to Detect a GPS Tracker On My Car

Optimus 2.0 GPS tracker is a mini GPS tracker best to track vehicles, items, cargo, people, or any movable thing. Optimus 2.0 tracker has a customizable position alert system of every 30 seconds that can be upgraded to 10 seconds with an upgraded plan.

It provides email, text, or application alerts for all the movements and changes. It alerts for movement, low battery, and SOS button-press. It records unlimited data and can be viewed any time through the mobile app or computer. The data is displayed as a map or street view as it uses Google maps for tracking.

Its a 3-inch long device that weighs 3.36 ounces. It includes a Lithium polymer rechargeable battery that can last for 1-2 weeks.

This tracker supports the coverage in the US, Canada, and Mexico only. The company provides phone and email support. The Optimus Twin Magnet GPS Tracker Case and the Optimus GPS Tracker Hardware Kit are sold separately.

Ways To Tell If Your Car Is Being Tracked & What To Do

Jared Hoven

GPS trackers for vehicles are small devices that make use of the combined technology of global positioning system and cellular networks to determine and monitor the location of a vehicle in real time. Not all GPS vehicle trackers are meant to be hidden, but a lot of them are small and lightweight enough that they can easily be overlooked by the unsuspecting and untrained eye. In fact, many of these devices tend to be smaller than a deck of cards. Their small size and portability easily gives them the function of being used as a tool for spying on people.

Like how it is with other products of technology, GPS trackers can be used for both legitimate and not-so legitimate purposes. With that said, even law enforcement agencies and private investigators have seen the advantage of using such devices in their own line of work, provided that they get the appropriate warrant first.

Its not just police officers and private investigators who take advantage of the many benefits of GPS tracking devices as even ordinary people as well as company owners and managers use such devices for a number of reasons, although most of these reasons dont call for keeping the device hidden.

Common Uses of GPS Car Trackers

  • Fleet Management Many owners and managers of companies who operate a fleet of vehicles make use of GPS trackers in order to track the location of their vehicular assets in real time and to monitor the driving behavior of their employees in the field.

What Kind Of Hidden Gps Trackers Are There

There are Passive and Active Trackers.;Passive trackers, also known as GPS Loggers,;;collect data and store location information to an internal drive. Active GPS trackers will immediately let someone know your exact location at all times.

This is what a typical GPS logger looks like

These do NOT transmit signals and can ONLY be found manually without the assistance of a;GPS Bug Sweep Detection;tool. In other words, these are usually small and dont communicate with the outside world. Someone needs to physically return and recover a passive gps tracker in order to know its location history.

Then there are the LIVE, real-time GPS Trackers.

These are what most people are truly concerned about.

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Where To Look For Hidden Gps Trackers: Interior

Today, some of the most cutting-edge GPS trackers can be as small as the tip of your finger or a small box of a few centimeters in size, meaning that GPS trackers can be concealed virtually anywhere inside your car, sometimes even in plain sight. To look for a hidden device, I’d recommend starting in the front of your car and then working your way toward the back. Check on and underneath your dashboard near the steering wheel, especially if your car has a data port or ODB located somewhere under there. Then, scan everywhere around the driver and passenger seats, inside the sun visors or any other storage compartments, and then make your way into the back seat area for a thorough inspection. There’s no doubt that a hidden GPS tracker might get placed in the front or rear area of your car. But if your follower were smart about it, they would likely try to hide the device somewhere where you don’t look as often, such as on the passenger side of the car or in the trunk, possibly underneath your spare tire or any breakaway panels that hold your vehicles jack. Remember that trackers can be small, so you may want to check in the air ducts, under any interior light covers, under the seats, between seat cushions, around the doors, in your glove box, as well as any other less-than-obvious locations you can think of. Again, using a bug sweeper can make finding these trackers much easier and less time-consuming than looking for them manually.

Where Do You Put A Gps Tracking Device On A Car

How To Detect A GPS Tracking Device On My Car?

A GPS tracker for a car is either freestanding or designed to plug into the OBD-II port.

A freestanding car GPS tracker can be put anywhere in or under the vehicle.

A plug-in GPS vehicle tracking system attaches to a special port called the OBD-II on the driver’s side, typically under the steering wheel and slightly to the left. You may need to remove the plastic dash cover to access the OBD port.

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Ask The Help Of A Professional

In case you have found nothing suspicious inside your car. However, if you are still in doubt, you may get in touch with professionals, particularly car mechanics who have experience detecting tracking devices. They can do a thorough inspection in your car or install an alarm if someone attempts to attach a GPS tracker on it. Just look for a reputable and authorized service center near you.

Indeed, a hidden GPS tracking device in your vehicle may lead to identity theft and privacy issues. If need be, seek the help of a professional to ensure your welfare and safety at all times.

My Car Gps Tracker Says Its Moving When Its Not Why Is This Happening

When youre in an area with a lot of buildings, your GPS trackers signal can bounce off different surfaces and cause false alerts. It can be annoying and worrisome to get an alert in the middle of the night telling you your car has moved from the garage, but its not uncommon for this to happen with GPS trackers.

If the alert shows that the car has just moved a short distance, like down the street, its usually a false alarm.

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Things To Consider Before You Buy A Hidden Gps Tracker

  • Real-time tracking: A hidden GPS tracker should be able to send you to the real-time location of your vehicle so that you can feel safe about your loved ones, vehicle, and belongings.
  • Length and weight: It should not be very long or heavy as its primary purpose is to stay hidden from anyone.
  • Monitoring capabilities: Monitoring a GPS tracker can be done through a mobile app or a computer. An ideal GPS tracker should be pre-configured so that a user can easily trace its location through a web-based tracking platform, accessible through any internet-enabled device.
  • Battery: A long-lasting battery is a must for any GPS tracker so that you can track your vehicle even if it covers a long journey for many days.
  • Installation: The tracker should be easily installed in your vehicle and should be away from anybodys visibility.
  • Pricing: Prices for the tracking devices generally vary between $50 $250. If you consider buying a costly device, make sure it has all the features of a high-quality GPS tracking device.

More Information On Vehicle And Equipment Gps Tracking Solutions

How To Find a GPS Tracker on Your Vehicle

Plug In

These trackers plug into the OBD II port in the vehicle. The port can both power the device as well as provide information.

Hardwired GPS

When a vehicle doesnt have an OBD II port, the device can be wired directly into the car. These work well for older cars or for diesel trucks that have a different OBD standard that may not be compatible. Hardwired devices can also be hidden if they are wired anywhere beneath the dashboard. This feature can be beneficial for business owners who want to track and monitor their fleet.

Battery Operated

These can be used without relying on a vehicles power. In order to save battery life, these devices may not send information as frequently. However, they often send data every minute when a vehicle is running, or every hour when its not.

Sky Patrol offers a variety of GPS tracking solutions, including hardware with various features and benefits. Whether you own a rental car business, sales operation, or trucking company, you can benefit from data-driven solutions. To efficiently protect, monitor, and track your fleet, get in touch with the team at Sky Patrol. Were here to answer any of your questions about fleet management.

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How To Track A Car With Gps For Free

It is not just an assumption. Yes, there are elegant and expensive four-wheel rides, which are just as expensive as they are classy. These grades of vehicular beauties often have inbuilt GPS technology, amongst other safety-related peripherals and features. Why else would it be all that expensive? I mean, no one would want to lose their money in the form of a poorly secured car. But how about cars that do not come with this feature? We have to improvise with the available resources at hand. In this case, our smartphones will do the job just perfectly. However, you might most likely need a personal computer or another device with internet access to be able to locate the car in real-time.

We will be looking at how to track a car with GPS for free by making use of a mobile app from SpySat. Follow these steps to track your car.

1. First of all, you need to go to the google play store to download the car tracking application called SpySat from

2. After downloading the app and installing it on your Android phone, you need to open an account on to be able to continue using the app for tracking

3. On the spysat page, click on the spysat logo to direct you to the main login page, then click on “New Account” to sign up as a new user.

4. In the sign-up page, type in your desired login details and credentials, then click on “Create Account” to successfully complete your sign-up.

Checking The Interior Of Your Car

If you suspect that a detector is attached to your car, you should start looking for it manually at places where someone can put it. For example, look behind the cigarette lighter area or the dashboard.

Move your hand around and check if you feel like theres some device attached. The best part here is that the device will be easily visible to you if its in the interior.

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Bouncie Smart Driver Companion

Bouncie Smart Driver Companion gives updates on your vehicles location every one minute, even if the vehicle is not driven and parked somewhere. It also provides various notification alerts for instances like acceleration, speed, braking, and after-curfew driving, and tampering.

It is an OBD2 adapter tracking device that is about 2 inches long and 4.2 ounces in weight.

Apart from the vehicle movement, the device provides information like vehicle diagnostics, renewals, mileage, reminders, reports, and statistics of the vehicle. The information can be accessed through a dedicated app available in the App Store and Play Store. The device can be connected to Alexa or Google Home for easier access.

Bouncie offers 3G connection compatibility throughout the United States. It is a wireless device that gets its power from your cars OBDII port. It comes with a monthly data plan on purchase. The plan can be canceled anytime with no fees.

Where Are Gps Tracking Devices Placed On Cars

How To Detect A Gps Tracking Device On My Car

Hard-wired to the 12volt system or plugged into a vehicles OBDii port are the most popular spots where a GPS tracking device installed on a car, but for the more spy-savvy folks, a portable option provides more versatility. GPS trackers are also engineered with magnetic surface mounts, making the devices easy to hide on a car. This gives the user more options on where to hide a GPS on a car. These locations include:

  • Underneath the car attached to the frame
  • Behind the car bumper

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Motosafety Gps Tracker: Best For New Drivers

With a driving education course for teens, Google Maps route replay, geofencing, and customizable location alerts, the easy-to-install MOTOsafetyGPS Tracker earned our top spot for new teen drivers.

This tracking device costs around only $20 with a monthly fee of $19.99. You won’t have to sign a contract or pay a cancellation fee, but you will have to call the company if you want to cancel.

We like the included driver training program, with access to educational content and practise quizzes to help your teen prep for their driving test.

We also like the daily driving report card on the mobile app, but metrics can be confusing. Speed limits aren’t always accurate on Google Maps, so MOTOsafety might say you’re speeding even when you’re not.

Likewise, normal rapid acceleration-like when you’re merging onto a busy highway-can also count against you. We recommend taking it out for a test drive and checking the sensitivity before taking away your teen’s car keys for a bad grade on their MOTOsafety driving report.

How To Detect A Gps Tracking Device On Your Vehicle

A GPS Tracking device is commonly used for tracking and navigating the whereabouts of assets. It is all too commonly used to spy on people without their consent.

We get many calls each day from folks who feel they are being followed wherever they go, and without their knowledge.

  • Jealous Spouse
  • Insurance Investigator
  • Private Investigator
  • or many other reasons that are alarming and securing your vehicle is easier than you think.

GPS Trackers are usually very small, easy to conceal and can be hidden just about anywhere on a targets vehicle or property.;GPS Tracking devices;come in different sizes and budgets. A concealed GPS is usually Battery Powered, so whomever has placed a tracker on your vehicle, needs to have access to remove and recharge. Some units are smaller than smartphones, you can see examples here:

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How To Detect A Gps Tracking Device On My Car

Are you worried about someone spying on you and your car? Do you want to know if theres a GPS tracking device attached to your vehicle?

If yes, then this is the right place for you to stick with. Today we will tell you all about how you can detect a GPS tracking device in your car.

You see, theres no doubt in the fact that the GPS tracking devices are beneficial, and they do come in handy for the prevention of car theft or other car-related crimes.

On the other hand, if someone has installed a device in your car without your consent and knowledge, that can be dangerous.

Think about it

Would you be comfortable traveling around in your vehicle, knowing at the back of your mind that someone is spying on you, and keeping an eye on wherever you are going?

This can be disturbing, but dont worry because you can always detect where the tracker is if you look carefully.

How To Remove A Gps Tracker From A Car

How To Find A Hidden GPS Tracking Device On A Car Using The Pro10-G Bug Detector

Without any doubt, a GPS tracker is one of the best inventions, and its quite useful and convenient as it reduces the risk of theft and other such issues. However, its only suitable if you decide to install a tracker in your car.

When people, possibly , attach a GPS tracking device to your vehicle without you knowing about it. This is what and when can be dangerous for you.

Of course, you dont want someone to have all the information about you and where you are taking your car every day. This can be dangerous in so many ways if youve not allowed it or dont even know if theres a device attached to your car.

Now that you are here today, it seems like youve found a tracking device installed on the inside or the outside of your car, and now you want to know how to turn it off or disable it.

If thats what you are seeking help with, then this is the right place for you. Stick along, and youll learn how to remove a GPS tracker from your car.

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Using Trackerzone Tracking Services

Here we talked about a GPS tracker installed in your car without your permission. Now, if you are someone who wants to put a tracker with his vehicle and keep a check on it or protect it from car lifters, then use TrackerZone tracking services.

We are the best car tracking service providers youll ever find around, so give them a try and see what they have for you.

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