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How To Buy Your First Car

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The Best and Worst First Cars to Buy

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A Waxer/polisher To Restore Your Vehicle’s Exterior To A Condition Even The Dealership Would Be Jealous Of

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What’s Not Important To You

For folks living in warmer climates, all-wheel drive isn’t really necessary. A navigation system might be cool, but you’ll probably end up just using your phone anyway. And luxury features like massaging seats and a heated steering wheel? Super nice, of course, but save the scratch for a more valuable purchase. These incremental, but expensive, features can quickly force you out of your budget.;

If you’re shopping for new or preowned cars at a dealership, buying into unnecessary features is even easier, unfortunately. Here’s why: Dealerships don’t have every feature combo of every car. In fact, they might only stock models with features you don’t need. If this happens, you have two options:

  • Have the dealership order the model with the configurations you actually want.
  • Find out if the dealership can transfer the right car to their lot.

These options often mean you’ll have to wait a few days to a week to get your car, so be prepared for the wait. You might get excited while you’re on the lot, which could tempt you to drive away with a model that exceeds your needs.;

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How To Pay For A Car

Figuring out how to pay for your first car can be daunting, but there are options for every financial situation. Knowing your before purchasing a vehicle is essential. If your score is relatively low, your ability to get a low interest rate on a car loan could be affected.

Buying a car in cash can be beneficial as long as you’re not depleting your savings. For non-cash buyers, car loans and leasing are the options. A loan can be obtained from a dealership or a third-party lender such as a bank. Leasing is similar to a long-term rental. Monthly payments are made for a set period, usually a few years. Once the period is up, the car is returned. Buyers who lease don’t own the vehicle. Buyers who finance the vehicle are paying towards eventual ownership.

Car-Buying Options
  • Details
  • CashThe apparent advantage of paying with cash is the simplicity of the transaction. Going forward, you have no car payments and no interest to pay.You can still negotiate a final sale price with the dealer even if you do plan to pay by cash.
  • FinancingTo save the most money, buyers should shop around for optimal terms and interest rates.Be prepared to provide a lender with proof of identity and creditworthiness .
  • LeaseThere are mileage limits on leased vehicles that can be relatively expensive if exceeded.One significant advantage of the lease is that the monthly payments are often lower than a typical car loan.

Buying From A Private Seller

How to buy your first car  choosing a car

Buying from a private party can be a little different. This is especially true if the car is still finances, and the seller doesnt have the title in hand. Its fine to buy a car with a lien on it, but it does make the process a little more complicated.

First, youll need to check with the bank that owns the lien. Theyll turn over the title to you or the new lienholder at the time of sale. This can delay the sale, though. You can negate this time some by doing the deal at the bank that owns the lien. When the seller uses the proceeds to pay off the balance of the loan, they can sign the title over to you or your lender, as needed.

When buying from a private party, youll also need to make sure that you fill out a transfer-of-ownership document. This should come with the title. Itll include information like how many miles are on the car at the time of transfer and how much the vehicle is being sold for.

Also, make sure that the registration on the car is up to date. If it isnt, you could be on the hook for any late fees associated with it. In fact, its a good idea to get proof of this before your scheduled sale date. That way the seller can take care of this issue if they are, in fact, behind on paying the registration.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Test Drive

So youve done your online research and located a dealer. Now you are ready to experience the vehicle first-hand. If youre a serious shopper, the dealer will work closely with you and should give full access to the vehicle for inspection and test driving. If you are planning to test drive a few different vehicles, let the salesperson know that you are a serious shopper but are still gathering information to make your final decision. A good salesperson will be very knowledgeable about the vehicles finer points and make you aware of additional features you didnt notice while doing your online research.

Kick the Tires

It really is important to get up-close and personal with your prospective new vehicle. Hows the overall appearance? Are there any unsightly gaps? Do the exterior and interior colors look good together? Is the trunk and cargo area spacious enough for your needs? Is the drivers seat comfortable and easy to adjust? Are the controls easy to understand and use? Does the steering wheel feel good in your hands?

Check out the vehicle characteristics that are most important to you. If music is your thing, make sure the quality of the sound system is to your satisfaction. If you plan to have frequent passengers in the back seat, climb in the back and buckle the seat belt for the full effect. How about convenience features like cupholders or sunglass holders? If you use them a lot, this is a good time to examine them closely.

The Test Drive

Ride Comfort



How To Get Your First Car Loan Marketwatch

Feb 22, 2018 Heres your guide, whether youre getting an auto loan for the first time or refinancing existing car debt.

We offer great rates, easy application, and a range of options designed to make getting your next ride more convenient than ever. Learn more about auto;

Well help you buy your first vehicle. We want to share in the excitement of your first car buying experience. If you have very little to no credit,;

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How Will You Insure

Another budgetary consideration when purchasing a car is insurance. The cost and age of your vehicle can impact your car insurance premiums. The average cost of a used car in 2019 was $20,683, while the price of a new car averaged $37,200. If these prices are more than you planned on spending for your first car, rest assured there is a vast range of vehicles available for purchase well below these averages.

Three-year-old sedans, such as the Toyota Camry and Honda Fit, and 6-year-old SUVs, such as the Honda CR-V and Chevrolet Traverse, can cost under $15,000. Slightly older but reliable models of sedans and the Toyota RAV4 SUV can be found for under $10,000. Average vehicle costs like the ones listed below can offer an idea of price range:

Type of Vehicle
  • Comfort

What You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Car

Buying Your First Classic Car And Turning It Into More – GQ’s Car Collectors – New York

A big step toward feeling like an independent adult is buying your own car. However, it’s important to know what you’re doing and what you’re buying. There are plenty of cool-looking cars with great features, but which one is right for you? And how will you know that you’re getting a good deal?

This buying guide is designed to help you get what you really want out of your first car purchase. From monthly payments and loan terms to used versus new, we’ll walk you through all the tough choices and get you ready to make the best decision.

Honda dealership

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How Much Can I Afford

The first part of buying a car is knowing your limits. What’s the most you should spend on your monthly car payment? Schools of thought differ on this question, but the Edmunds view is that your car payment should be no more than 10% of your monthly take-home pay if you’re buying used, or 15% if you’re buying new.

Not sure what that translates to in a car price? Take a look at our affordability calculator for more information.

You’ll also need to factor in the cost of insurance and fuel. Insurance costs vary widely depending on driver age, driving record, vehicle type, insurance provider and extent of coverage, so make sure you get quotes from multiple providers based on all those specifics. Fuel economy figures can be found at the EPA’s website. Together these two costs should be no more than 7% of your monthly take-home pay.

Buying Your First Car: Answers To All Your Key Questions

We often associate cars with freedom and independence, and even with our identity which makes buying your first one exciting. But with so many decisions to make, buying your first car can be daunting, no matter your age or budget. NerdWallet answers;first-time car buyers top questions, so youll know all the moves to make;to drive home;the one thats right for you.;And once youre ready to buy, our car-buying cheat sheet will help guide you through the process.

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Buying Your First Car: A Guide

Financing your car purchase Auto, homeowners, and renters insurance services offered For example, you could receive a loan of $6,000 with an;

Nov 29, 2019 1. Make a down payment. Money talks, and a down payment offers two significant advantages. · 2. Budget for your loan · 3. Get a co-applicant or;

If youre willing to negotiate the price of the car, you shouldnt ignore the rates and terms of your financing. I made this mistake the first time I bought;

Know What Type Of Car You Want


You, being a citizen of this world, have certainly observed that there are many types of cars to choose from.;

What sort of car fits your needs? Do you want something compact because you live in a city? Or do you want something bigger to fit all your cargo and family members? Do you live somewhere with inclement weather?;

These are all things to think about when considering a car.

Furthermore, ask yourself if you want to go down the new-car or used-car route.;

New cars, of course, mean that you’ll get stuff like a factory warranty and you can avoid situations where you have to worry about past owners. But new cars also tend to be more expensive and have not taken a depreciation hit yet. If you buy new, you’ll take the depreciation hit.;

Used cars can be cheaper, but they require a bit more individual looking-over before you can pull the trigger. More on that later.

But for now, also know that if you’re thinking about a used car, consider a good Certified Pre-Owned deal a used car that’s been through some kind of pre-sale inspection but be sure to ask to see the specifics of that inspection and anything that might have been repaired, advises

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Fixed Or Variable Rate Whats Right For You

When you apply for an RBC car loan, you can choose between a fixed or variable rate loan. Here’s a quick overview of the features and benefits of each:

With a Fixed Rate Car Loan

  • Your interest rate is locked in for the entire term of your loan
  • You will know exactly how much interest you’ll pay over the loan term
  • Your payment amount and term will not be affected by changes in interest rates

With a Variable Rate Car Loan

  • You could save money if rates decrease but your rate is subject to changes in interest rates
  • If rates rise, your payments may stay the same, but it could take longer to repay your loan
  • If rates fall, your payments will stay the same, but you may be able to repay your loan sooner

What Are The Best Brands And Models Of Cars For New Drivers

Of course, you want a brand new car, but its usually not practical for first-time buyers. If you have not had a drivers license for a good several years, it is often a good idea to buy a cheaper, smaller car that will cost less in repairs and maintenance. That way, you can build up experience in owning, maintaining, and driving a car without paying through your nose for a costly decision.

Speaking of wants, some people would settle for a plain car, while others have additional expectations. Of course, you want to buy a car thats practical for you. If youre the only person driving short distances in the car, you dont need a whole lot. However, if you have a family or an active, sporty lifestyle, you might look at the following options:

  • A reasonably good sized trunk
  • Automatic sliding windows
  • Phone charging jacks
  • MP3 connections

Luxury features include under-seat built-in storage, leather upholstery, separately controlled air and back-seat heating, and TV screens in the backseats. You might also need to check whether you need to hitch a trailer to the car and consider how you will use the car. Theres no point buying a large SUV if youre the only one who uses it for short drives to and from work.

Remember, the more expensive your car, the more expensive the insurance;

CNBC rated the following cars as the best affordable models for first time buyers:

  • Subaru Forester
  • Do you have kids?
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    Find Financing Warranties And Insurance

    Financing Your Vehicle

    With the buzz surrounding zero-percent financing deals, you may have the urge to rush to your dealership to apply for that terrific interest-free loan. Unfortunately, what you may find is that, along with roughly two-thirds of all other consumers, you may not have a sufficient credit rating that will qualify you for the loan or the offer. The alternative will be a different loan at a higher interest rate. At that point, the excitement of driving off the lot immediately may tempt you to take that higher interest rate, just so you can have that shiny new car. You should resist that temptation.

    Additionally, a credit rating that is far below-par indicates a person who has had difficulty making payments in the past, and that increased risk to the lender is reflected in the higher interest rate to the borrower. Remember, its always wise to shop for the lowest-interest car loan before you make the deal. But if your credit rating is not good, you shouldnt be shopping for a new car in the first place.

    If you have a good credit rating, be sure to check what finance incentives the manufacturer is offering. But be aware that many interest-free financing offers may require shorter terms, which will result in higher monthly payments.

    With low interest rates, an array of incentive options and the competitive advantage of online financing, you have more tools than ever at your disposal when it comes to making a smart vehicle purchase.


    Insurance Rates

    How Much Should I Save For My First Car

    How to budget for a first car?

    The;monthly payment on an auto loan;is just one of a handful of expenses youll need to cover as a car owner. Before making the purchase, consider the following in estimating your;total;monthly cost.

    • Loan payments You may be able to get an estimate for your monthly car payment from loan providers or with a free online car payment calculator.
    • Insurance Insurance providers can;quote you a rate;based on your information and the type of vehicle youre considering. A new, sporty car may be more expensive to insure than an old sedan. Look for potential ways to save money, like asking for a;discount;when you install an alarm system or steering-wheel lock.
    • Gas Calculate the miles youll typically drive for your work commute, and add additional miles for trips to the store, friends houses and weekend getaways. Consider the current price of gas and the vehicles fuel efficiency to estimate your monthly fuel cost.
    • Maintenance New tires, windshield wipers and oil changes all come with a price and are essential to maintaining your new car and making sure its safe to drive.
    • Repairs It may make sense to put money aside each month to help pay for unexpected deductibles, or for the entire cost of repairs if you dont have a warranty.
    • Additional expenses Remember to factor in less-frequent expenses, such as your annual;registration;fee or a parking pass, if youll need one.

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