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My Summer Car How To Build Engine

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My Summer Car Chassis

My Summer Car – Building An Engine

Once youve completed the engine part of our My Summer Car guide, its time to get to the chassis. You should consider jacking the car off the ground using the floor jack. Or, you could push the car into the garage, where you can work on it from the pit.

Before we get into completing the rest of the bodywork, it would be helpful to lift the engine out of the Satsuma. Once youve already completed assembling the engine, you can attach the main block to a hoist . Once the chassis is done and ready, you can then very slowly lower the finished engine back in.

My Summer Car Steering And Suspension

  • Sub Frame 4x10mm its fastened under the front part of the car.
  • Wishbones 2x10mm each for the two wishbones. As part of the suspension, it is attached to the subframe.
  • Spindles 1x12mm each for the two spindles. They are connected to the wishbones.
  • Steering Rack 4x9mm it needs to be fitted onto the subframe.
  • Steering Column 2x8mm it has to go onto the steering rack.
  • Steering Rods 1x12mm each for two rods its joined with the struts. Or, 1x14mm if you need to adjust the steering rods. There are 120 clicks lock to lock, so youll need to scroll up and down 60 times in each way.
  • Disc Brakes 1x14mm each for two in the front they are attached to both the spindles and half-shafts.
  • Half-shafts 3x9mm and 1x14mm each for two half-shafts conjoined with the gearbox and disc brakes.
  • Struts 4x9mm, 3x10mm, and 1x12mm each for two struts which are connected to the steering rods and spindles.
  • Trail Arms 2x12mm each for two trail arms fixed to the back of the car.
  • Coil Springs Two units at the rear of the car after the trail arms.
  • Shock Absorbers 1x12mm and 2x6mm each for two shock absorbers both for the rear of the car.
  • Drum Brakes 1x14mm each for two drum brakes for the rear wheels.
  • Wheels 4x13mm each for all four wheels.

My Summer Car How To Repair Body

My Summer Car is quite realistic in many ways, including how any damage appears on your car. If the bodywork is all dented and scratched up, its thankfully rather easy to have it repaired. First, youll need to head down to the town of Loppe, and find the local mechanic there. Drop off your car, and a checklist will appear. This would ask you what parts of the bodywork do you want to be repaired. Fill in the checklist as you see fit, but be wary that it can get rather expensive. Once youve made the necessary payment, leave your car there. In a week or two, the mechanic will call you once the repair work is done, and your car is ready to be picked up.

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What Are You Supposed To Buy From Teimos Shop

If we take a glance of your garage at home, then there should already be a few parts that are ready and waiting to be fitted on the Satsuma. Most of the other bits and pieces, however, need to be acquired in the game. It could be easily bought from Teimos shop and a few other locations. However, certain parts could instead be found for free. One example is how you can find the starter wheels for your car by the Abandoned Mansion.

Still, much of our My Summer Car guide will hinge on buying these parts from Teimos shop. So, be sure to have enough money on hand. If you dont, then you could complete a few jobs and tasks to earn markka, or mk, as the local currency is called. Its for this reason why weve recommended taking the van to town, as it could fit more stuff in there than some other vehicles.

How To Use The Tools

Ford Mustang V8 Engine Model Kit

When using tools, the most cumbersome thing is the constant switching between wrenches. Each part requires a different size of bolts and you always have to choose the right one. Fortunately, you do not need to look for small nuts anywhere and make sure not to lose them – just use the wrench on the bolt to start the installation. Do not be afraid to use the Q key and go through the body and the texture – this is not a bug, but a very useful feature!

In the Spanner set, you will find size 5-15 wrenches, a screwdriver, a sparkplug wrench and a ruler.

During the assembly process, you will constantly switch between:

  • Hand mode – to move parts and their assembly
  • Tools mode – to select the wrenches and tightening or loosening bolts
  • The assembly blueprint of the parts is as follows:

  • Click on the desired part with the left mouse button to move it freely. Put it in the right place in the car. When the part is more or less in the right place, a white OK symbol will appear. Then, left-click to install the part. NOTE – this is not all. If you don’t want the part to fall off, it must be screwed. If you have to do that, use the right mouse button on the installed part to remove it.
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    Work On Everything Under The Hood

    It’s time to dig deep into your car building process and start making all the internal connections that will turn this hunk of metal from a collection of parts to a fully running vehicle. Here’s the order in which you need to build everything:

    • Battery and Electrics
    • Put the Battery in position next to the engine
    • Attach the electrics to the engine compartment with 8mm screws
  • Fuel Strainer, Radiator, Radiator Hoses, Oil Filter
  • Attach the fuel strainer with an 8mm screw
  • Attach the radiator with 7mm screws
  • Attach radiator hose 1
  • Attach radiator hose 2 to the engine block
  • Attach radiator hose 3
  • Tighten the oil filter with your hand
  • Note: Just putting the oil filter on is NOT enough
  • Clutch Master Cylinder, Brake Master Cylinder
  • Place the clutch master cylinder and the break master cylinder between the engine and the frame of the car using 8mm screws on the engine side and 9mm screws on the cabin side.
  • Clutch Lining, Brake Lining
  • Attach the clutch lining with 7mm screws
  • Attach the brake lining with 7mm screws
  • Tighten the nuts for each attached wheel with 7mm screws
  • The nuts you’re looking for on each wheel look like this:

    • Fuel Tank, Halfshafts
    • Attach the fuel tank with 11mm screws
    • Pay close attention to the 12mm nut that you also need to attach this tank. If you miss it, all your fuel will leak.
  • Tighten the halfshafts to the engine with 9mm screws
  • Gear Linkage, Gear Stick, Handbrake
  • Attach the gear linkage with 5mm screws , two on the bottom and one on the top.
  • How To Do Wiring My Summer Car

    In My Summer Car, there are a total of 26 wires that youll have to connect. Its a good idea to have the wiring mess generally mounted inside the vehicle before you start installing any other electrical components. Once thats done, you can slowly start plugging in all 26 of those wires from the wiring mess. Attaching the wires together is as simple as holding and hovering the wiring mess over a connector to a particular component. Then, press the F key when a checkmark icon appears. You could then repeat this process for every available electrical connector. They dont need to be attached in any set order, nor would the game allow you to connect the wires incorrectly. After the wires are all connected, you can then connect them to the battery.

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    My Summer Car Guide: In Conclusion

    If youve spent all those hours putting everything together, then good news, youre very nearly at the end of our My Summer Car guide. What youll have to do now is fill up the Satsuma with all its fluids. This goes for fuel, brake and clutch fluids, coolant, and engine oil.

    Now it comes time to turn the ignition on and let the engine run in for a little while. Be mindful to not let it overheat or over-revving the poor Satsuma once it gets the maiden start.

    You can then check and see if everything is properly attached to something else. Hear any odd noises or notice bits falling out? As with any actual car, you can feel these problems happening in real time. If this is the case, then youll have to diagnose it step-by-step.

    Of all the things weve learned in our My Summer Car guide, this is a surprisingly challenging and fulfilling game. Should you follow all these steps correctly, you have our permission to have fun in your new-old Datsun.

    If you are into driving games. Then you might want to consider Fortnite also. Here is a list of all the cars available in Fortnite.

    My Summer Car How To Order Parts

    How To Build The Engine | My Summer Car

    If you need to order parts for My Summer Car, head over to the garage, and you should be able to find the AMIS Catalog. Otherwise, there are other such magazines or catalogs elsewhere around the map, like at Fleetaris workshop. These might contain other unique parts that you cant order from the AMIS Catalog, but the latter should contain most of what you need. To order a part, browse around the catalog and find the part you need. Then, click on a particular part and this will fill in an order form. Once youre done, click on the TILAA NYT! button , and an envelope will spawn. Next up, take this envelope to the main town, and place it in the mailbox next to the store. Soon, a clerk informs you that the parts are in, and you can pick them up.

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    Prepare Before You Try To Build

    Since it will probably take a good bit of time both in and out of game to complete your first car, you will want to stock up on as many resources as you possibly can ahead of time. Necronomicron advised to first gather as much money as possible so that you can buy a fan belt, motor oil, and coolant.

    All these things will be essential to get your car up and running, so it’s better to have them on hand before you start building.

    Necromicon gives the following essential advice:

    “…save the game before buying stuff, because your bag with goods will unpack on game load. It is easier to move just one bag rather than 20 items to your home.

    I would recommend to buy everything on the left side of the store . However, you will need at least fan belt, three brake/clutch fluids, one motor oil, one coolant.”

    He also suggests buying food and other supplies, since this will take awhile to build, and mother nature waits for no one.

    195 mk

    Just Before You Start With Building The Satsuma

    There are a couple more tips and tricks for our My Summer Car guide before we get to building the Satsuma. Firstly, you should know that MSC also has a damage system for your car and its many parts.

    Some components will get damaged over time and necessitate a replacement. Most of these damageable parts that youll get at the start of the game are almost always in near-critical condition. You could have these parts delivered and serviced at the Fleetari repair shop.

    This is a cheaper way to get them back to running order. However, weve found that its best to just go ahead and buy these parts completely brand new from Fleetaris. Though more expensive, it will relieve a huge sore point later on as you now technically have more robust components that wont have to be replaced so soon.

    After this, you should drop by Teimos once again or while youre still there to order a few extra nice to have. Only two are recommended the fuel mixture gauge and ratchet set. You can find them through the parts catalog by Teimos.

    The fuel mixture gauge will set you back 549mk and is used to monitor the air-fuel ratio for the Satsumas carburetors. The ratchet set is another 359mk and will be very handy to have as it can tighten bolts that much quicker. You can manage using the free spanner set you have at home, but this ratchet set will make life that bit easier.

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    Anything Else You Need To Get

    Those parts that we highlighted above are absolutely necessary for you to properly build the Satsuma to completion. But as weve noted so far in our My Summer Car guide, theres more you should get.

    For starters, youll need to spend money on paying for gasoline and diesel that youve just pumped up. While youre at Teimos, remember the bodily essentials. Sausages are the most efficient food item when it comes to filling up your hunger bar.

    Beer is the best liquid in the game, cigarettes should help your character relieve stress in a pinch. Buy as much as you think is necessary before packing up the van and heading back home.

    You might even want to buy a bottle of two-stroke fuel for 99mk. While not required for the Satsuma, youll find it handy if you need to use the boat or moped. In total, youll find that you could easily spend far over 2,000mk here alone.

    Work On The Rear Suspension

    The Dream Of Designing And Building A Special Car Becomes A Reality ...

    The next major step in this process is putting together the rear suspension. So you’ll want to lower your frame and remove the floor jack. Move it to the rear bumper of the car, then jack the vehicle back up.

    Once it’s up, you’ll need to add more parts in the following order:

    • Trail Arms, Coil Springs, Shock Absorbers, Drum Brakes, Rear Wheels
    • Attach rear left and rear right trail arms with 12mm screws
    • Attach two coil strings
    • Attach two shock absorbers with 12mm screws on top, and 6mm screws on the bottom.
    • Attach two drum brakes with 14mm screws
    • Attach RL and RR wheel steel with 13mm screws

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    What Do You Need To Do To Build The Satsuma

    At this stage in our My Summer Car guide, we should have everything that we need parts-wise to rebuild your Datsun. This includes the bits and bobs that spawn naturally by the players home or garage, as well as the things that we bought or picked up along the way.

    As we mentioned much earlier, the car building aspect of MSC is actually very realistic, and almost simulator-like in feel. You need to individually pick up every single component, and align them in place before bolting them on.

    There are a whole lot of different parts that require attaching, from the engine, chassis, and so on. For our My Summer Car guide, well take a closer look at all the individual items on the Satsuma that youll have to put together.

    Well even let you know how many nuts or bolts, as well as their sizes that are important for that particular part. So, if we use the term 2x10mm, this means that if you want to put them together, you need 2 bolts or nuts, with the 10mm spanner or ratchet.

    Some components instead require a screwdriver. Other times, the game asks you to interact with putting them together by using the scroll wheel on your mouse. Thus, you can scroll up or down to tighten and loosen them, but be careful to overtighten them. Meanwhile, there are other parts that just plug and play, without needing any fitting at all.

    My Summer Car Provides Examples Of:

    • Ace Custom: You can build your car out of base parts, which may or may not include a custom paintjob and aftermarket mods, both cosmetic and performance-oriented.
    • The Alcoholic: About half of the NPC’s are this. The biggest offenders being Pena and Jokke . According to the player character’s grandma, alcoholism runs in the family his grandfather, uncle, and the aforementioned Pena have all succumbed to heavy drinking. Your father on the other hand, doesn’t drink.
    • Going to sleep drunk will result in a Hangover Sensitivity. Drinking more will relieve it, but do it too often and the character will end up as an alcoholic.
  • The Alleged Car: The stock Satsuma. In particular the radiator is a pile of garbage that overheats just going to town and the tires you can find for free are a massive safety hazard. It’ll start to get away from its status as this as soon as you replace those things in particular, with the Racing Radiator not overheating for no reason and the Gommer-Gobra tires actually having grip, while not being over-specialized like the other two sets of tires .
  • Anti-Frustration Features: If you find driving stick too daunting, you can enable autoclutch in settings.
  • Mosquito repellent and sauna can be used to get rid of the annoying insect sounds.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: There’s a shiny muscle car parked in front of the repair shop. It rips asphalt, but doesn’t handle too well on long, narrow and awfully crooked dirt roads, such as the one leading to your house.
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