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How To Get Forward Bite On A Sprint Car

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Chapter 8 Slip Ratio For Forward Traction


This is basically the same as slip ratio except this is the term we use to describe how the rear of the car gains and holds traction.

Here is my list and advise on what will need to get looked at between race days.

  • Making sure it wont fall apart
  • A bolt run
  • Checking out the rear end
  • Quick change problems
  • Bodywork and cosmetic crash damage
  • Shock maintenance

Wedge To Help Balance A Car

Wedge seems to go hand in hand with the amount of left side percentage. As a car starts its decent into the corner, the wheels turn left and the driver lifts off the gas and the car starts to transfer weight to the right and to the front. The left rear tire looses the most weight of all the tires. Wedge is defined as the difference in weight between the left rear and right rear tire. Since the left rear tire looses the most weight it is usually the heaviest corner weight on the car. Too much wedge, the left rear tire much heavier than the right rear, and the car will be loose into and through the middle of the corner off the gas. Too little wedge and the car can be tight into, too much side bite on the right rear tire, and through the middle of the corner and loose off the corner. A slight amount of excess wedge the car will have a little snap of tightness as the car initially starts to accelerate off the corner.

The trend in dirt racing seems to be leaning toward a left side weight percentage of around 53.5 to 55 and somewhere between 75 and 125 pounds of wedge. These numbers are just averages and are very dependent on the class of car and the tires being run. I have heard of many cars running well outside of these parameters and winning. I always say, dont pay more attention to the numbers than to what your car is telling you it needs. Remember there is no right or wrong as long as you end up in victory lane.

Good luck, till next time.


How To Get It Back Once Youve Lost It

While the topic of forward bite could be an entire article unto itself, this one will focus on how to get it back once youve lost it. You have three solutions two are quick and temporary, while one is permanent but requires some disassembly. The two quick-fixes are where to place your seat and what angle your rear suspension is set at. If youre seated too far behind the axle centerline or if your car has any degree of panhard bar or arm in the rear suspension setup, shifting forward in these areas can help put the wheels right where they need to be.

The most effective solution is to be sure youre correctly seated in the car, and then find out if your car has a lot of anti-squat built into it. Anti-squat is what keeps your rear end planted in the corner when youre on the gas without enough of it, that forward bite will disappear faster than an ice cream headache in Death Valley. If this sounds like your problem, then you need to get out there and measure how much anti-squat your car has or more accurately, how much anti-squat doesnt exist when you apply throttle. This would be done by measuring front axle height at speed with no weight on the rear axles . Youll want to run around the track at speed doing this until you have enough data points to do some math with.

Once you have all of that information compiled, you can then decide how much more anti-squat you need whether that comes from a rear bar or just raising or lowering your rear ride height.

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What To Do About 4 Link Dirt Late Model

If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TVs watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. 4-Link Dirt Late Model Birdcage Bearings USED UP!!!! An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later.

How Do You Loosen A Car Entry

Forward Bite
  • To Tighten Corner Entry: Increase Compression on Left Front. Increase Compression on RF. Decrease Compression on RR.
  • To Tighten Middle of Corner: Increase Compression on LR. Decrease Rebound on LR. Increase Rebound on RR.
  • To loosen the car on Corner Entry: Decrease Compression on LF. Increase Compression on RR.
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    What Does Side Bite Mean In Dirt Racing

    The idea of side bite, the tires digging into the dirt when sliding, then became someones reason of why these changes needed to be made. Makes sense and explains why the adjustments work. To the typical dirt racer, side bite is the idea that the car is rolling to the right, forcing the tires to dig into the dirt providing more traction.

    Here Are 21 Tips You Can Follow To Improve Your Sprinting

  • Start on the correct foot. When standing, have someone push you lightly from the back. The foot that moves first should be your front foot in the starting blocks. It will move first and fastest .
  • Explode out of the starting blocks. Getting a jump on the competition out of the blocks is vital to sprinting faster. Starting strength and starting speed are always important aspects of maximal effort exercise. To get that quick jump, your leg angle should be about 45 degrees, your stride should be short, and your arms should help you gain that initial momentum.
  • Touch the ground only with your toes. Aside from pushing off with your toes, your toes should really be the only part of the foot to come in contact with the ground. Anything else will just slow you down.
  • Push off with your toes. You should be pushing off with the toes of your rear leg to maximize propulsion.
  • Kick your own butt. Once your toes push off at the end of your stride, your legs should follow through by essentially kicking your butt with your heel. Practice butt-kicks while warming up before a sprint. Update: a reader says, you shouldnt be kicking your butt with your heel. It should pass through beside your knee.
  • Run with a circle . Your foot movement should be circular, not elliptical. Videotape yourself from the side while sprinting to check this. Your toes should touch down only in the bottom quadrant of the circle in the direction you are running.
  • Hamstrings are the most important muscle for a fast sprint.
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    How Hogan Technologies Blog Started

    In 2008, when former World 100 winner Dan Schlieper started running our cars, I decided to begin another project. I started a blog to get some of my ideas out in the public in an attempt to help up and coming racers speed up their learning curves.

    Many of the topics I brought up in my blog were things I could see happening with cars that no one else was talking about. Things I think the pros had in the back of their mind, but never put down in words for the rest of the racing community to use and help build their racing programs. Things that not only made their cars better but ideas that made them better as a team.

    This book focuses on those principles only pertaining to the car. Maybe there will be future books on different topics, but for now, this is the only book I plan on creating.

    Well, moving forward, I will continue to explore ideas and blog about them from time to time. Im sure someday I will come up with thoughts that will rebut what is written here. For now, this is what I have to offer the racing world.

    Racing Tech: Hooking Up Your Leaf Spring Suspension Without Traction Bars

    HIGHLIGHTS: USAC Sprint Car Special Event | Lucas Oil Raceway | 8/14/2021

    Bolt-on traction bars for leaf spring cars have been available for what seems like forever.

    They work, and there are all sorts of different versions out there: slapper bars, sliding link bars, bars with rollers on the leaf pack, bars with a rocker designed to rotate into the spring eye and so on. All of them hang down below the spring .

    Some obviously work better than others.

    Some folks though, can make leaf spring cars work without the use of any traction bars.

    Dont believe us? Ponder the case of the stock appearing muscle cars campaigned in the Supercar Races series.

    Case-in-point: There is a 1969 Nova that is one of the quickest cars there. The Novas best ET is 10.481 at 132.34 mph. It has a short time of 1.61 seconds. Thats haulingespecially when you consider it gets there on belted bias-ply skinny tires and with no traction bars of any sort.

    How do they do it?

    Dig deep and youll find all of the really quick leaf spring combinations run leaf springs with a decided forward bias .

    Its not a new idea. The old Chrysler Corporation came up with the concept in the early 1960s. Chrysler engineers knew that when the hammer was dropped at the starting line, the front of the spring pack would wrap up . Thats when they designed springs with a heavier front bias. In some cases, the springs were heavily clamped forward of the axle housing. Often, the back of the spring pack was run without spring clamps or maginally clamped .

    So, does this setup work?

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    How To Sprint Faster

    Sprinting is the foundation of High-Intensity Interval Training , and will make your legs big, strong, fast, and powerful. Sprints are great for developing endurance, but also for developing lean muscle mass and speed strength. If you want to develop your writing skills you can visit services like, but for sprinting these tips will teach you how to sprint faster.

    Ever seen a skinny sprinter? I didnt think so.

    Sure, squats are the almighty kings of the Gym Exercise Kingdom but sprints are like the kings of the Functional Exercise Kingdom whose jacked-up, super-lean army of massive wheels is constantly trying to overthrow the squat as the #1 top leg exercise.

    You think you know how to sprint right, but do you?

    Weight Balance In A Stock Car

    Left side weight percentage seems to be the key effect on the car. To get maximum traction off the corner both rear tires should be loaded to the maximum of their available traction. Traction is dependent on loading the tire to its maximum slip angle and slip ratio, but that is a completely different article. As the car enters the corner, weight is transferred from left to right. If left side weight is too high, not enough weight is transferred to the right and the car wont stick and turn into the corner. It just goes into a four wheel drift up the track. If left side weight is too low the car will either be very tight or very loose into the corner, but not have the traction off the corner that it should. Another aspect of left side weight percentage that needs to be considered is that as the track dries out and slows down, weight transfer from left to right goes down because the amount of lateral G forces exerted on the car goes down. To keep the car balanced a change should be made to keep the weight balance the same left to right. Some common adjustments could be decreasing the left side percentage, lowering the roll center, or raising the center of gravity. Hoist now review will offer some prompts and useful ideas.

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    Side Bite Vs Forward Bite

    Please help me understand this one. I have seen in other places where they talk about reducing Droop load to increases side bite in the slick? How and Why does this occurAlso Lowering Right side bars, how does this lose side bite?It’s something I can’t seem to find a solid explanation for, maybe I’m looking in the wrong places.


    Originally Posted by Aussieracer71Please help me understand this one. I have seen in other places where they talk about reducing Droop load to increases side bite in the slick? How and Why does this occurAlso Lowering Right side bars, how does this lose side bite?It’s something I can’t seem to find a solid explanation for, maybe I’m looking in the wrong places.Heavily loaded right side tires resist lateral slide. But, using both rears makes you go forward.

    Droop isn’t the problem.Arizona Speedway – 2 …….. Brushcreek -1Alltech -1 ……………….. Eldora – 8East Bay – 6 ……………… Richmond -1Florence -1 …………….. Lawrenceburg -1Atomic -6 ……………… Circle City -1Tazewell -1 ……………… Mudlick-1

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    What I Looked At

    Torsion Bar Retainers Sprint Car

    Many times the attitude of the car is a dead giveaway to how fast the car is going to be. There is so much to be said about the attitude of the car. Many times you can just tell when a car is going to be fast just by how it looks in the first half of a lap.

    After an initial introduction to the very basics on the car, I tore into everything I could find to read and listened keenly to advise from some of the fastest guys at the track.

    I learned to separate when people were pulling your leg from when they had something actually useful to say. I figured out pretty early on the core secret that will make your car fast and get it back if you ever get off base.

    Im going to give it to you here in three simple words. It is what drove me to write this book and it is what drives the best chassis gurus and engineers in the business. It was mentioned to me by a former Formula one engineer as the most important aspect of racing.

    Always Know Why!

    The Formula One engineer was a guy named Claude Rouelle. He held an intensive chassis dynamics class I attended in 2005, I think. At the beginning of the class, he made a statement that I took as my motto and guiding light to keep me plugging away and learning.

    Its better to finish second and know why than win and not know how or why.

    If you know why you can always make improvements to win. If you dont know why you may fall and never figure out how to get up and win.?

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    What Is A Balanced Dirt Stock Car

    It seemed for years all people talked about in our type of racing was the car being too loose or too tight. There was, for a long time, no talk about a balanced car. Now recently talk about balancing a car has become more popular. I recently got a good education from Darren Miller on what is his version of a balanced car or what I should say what it takes to balance a car. Now a word of caution Im not saying that by working on your car to get a perfectly balanced set up will enable you to win every race every time, but a balanced car will be more consistent and not fade as much over long races than a car that isnt balanced as well. So, that said, lets dig in to it.

    There are way too many things to adjust on a dirt car to be covered in one blog post, but I will cover what I believe to be the core group of things that most dramatically affect the balance of a dirt car or probably race cars in general. I believe the main areas to focus on are: left side weight, wedge, rear weight percentage, RF spring rate, and wheel tracking. There are many other areas of the car that do make a big difference, dont get me wrong I do pay attention to the entire car, but these five are the ones that most affect the car.

    Dirt Track Racings Best Kept Secrets

    As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Aloha,Im Kevin Katzenberg and I have something pretty special in store for you.Ive taken a slice of what I have learned over the past twenty-five years as a mechanic and car builder in the dirt track racing industry and put it inside this easy to read, easy to understand book. A small information about myself, I am also fond of playing in online casino, 666 casino is one of my favorites, I like playing slots.

    The focus is mainly the dirt late model and dirt modified race cars, but the general principles I illustrate can be easily supplied to any type of dirt race car or any race car in general.

    Here is just a little hint of what is inside:

    Why softening the right front spring will add side bite as well as forward bite to your car.

    How to determine the amount of wedge you need to bring your car to life.

    The common misinterpretation about how the panhard bar actually works and how to properly adjust it for your driving style.

    Why lowering the right side four-link adds side bite and traction.

    The three core factors which make your car fast everything else builds off of these three.

    Real world examples of on-track tuning and how to strategize like a winning driver.

    The most overlooked factor on a dirt race car which probably will make the biggest difference in the handling of your car.

    If one of these sounds like what you are going through this book will set you back on track.

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