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How To Keep Car Doors From Freezing

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What To Do If Your Car Door Handle Freezes

Quick Tip # 1 Preventing Your Car Doors From Freezing Shut

In case you are locked out of your vehicle, there are a few things you can do to unfreeze your car door handles.

a) Push on the Door

This option works if you are able to unlock the car but the handle is frozen. Lean on the frozen door to apply some pressure and then push against the door as hard as you can.

This will help break the ice formed around the seal so that you can open the door.

b) Use an Ice Scraper

An ice scraper can come in handy if you are trying to unlock a frozen handle. If the ice has accumulated around the handle, chip the crust away using an ice scrapper.

Note: Any piece of stiff plastic can do the job if you do not have an ice scraper, for example a credit card or spatula. Do not use metal objects as they may scratch the paint or glass.

c) Use a Lock De-Icer

If you are dealing with a frozen lock, a lock de-icer is the quickest and simplest way to unfreeze it.

This can be in the form of an aerosol with a nozzle that sprays the de-icer directly into the lock, or a heating element that melts any ice that is formed in the lock and around the handle.

You can also use WD-40 to produce a similar effect.

d) Pour Warm Water Over The Handle

Fill a container with lukewarm water and pour it over the handle to thaw the ice. This process can take some time depending on how thick the ice is.

Cold water could work because it is warmer than ice.

e) Blow with a hair dryer

How To Protect Your Locks From Freezing In Winter

Kal Kozomos

28 September 2020

As winter approaches you may be thinking more about how to protect your valuables as the cold weather sets in. The winter months bring freezing weather that can damage your home and possessions. Winter is coming! So learn how to stop locks from freezing!

From car locks, lawnmowers, or windows and doors, standing water can become a problem by freezing and turning into ice. So how do you stop locks from freezing? There are several methods that you can use to protect your locks from freezing. Read our quick guide below for more ideas.

The WD-40 Method

You can use WD-40 Multi-Use, as one of its uses, WD-40 Multi-Use can stop locks from freezing with its unique formula. However, you must apply the formula carefully and remove it completely once the warm weather has returned.

You may know WD-40 as your go-to lubricant but it can be also used to displace water, effectively preventing water from pooling or standing on a surface. This is how it can be used to prevent car door locks from freezing in winter when there is a lot of moisture in the air that can settle inside your lock mechanisms and then freeze once the temperature drops below 0 Celsius.

So, whether your bike, door or car locks are vulnerable to freezing, once your mercury starts to drop, go grab your trusty WD-40 to use as a lock freeze spray and follow our easy guide to protecting them in cold weather.

How To Unfreeze Locks With WD-40

Use graphite

Cover the lock with putty

Prevent Your Doors From Freezing Shut

If your car doors have a tendency to freeze shut in the coldest of temperatures, you can prevent it with some cooking spray. Coat all of the rubber parts of your car’s doors with a greasy spray like Pam, which will lubricant them and prevent any ice from forming. Impossible-to-open doors are typically the result of snow that rests in open spaces, melts, and refreezes during the night, so this trick will help keep it from happening.

Image via Shutterstock

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Can You Pour Cold Water On A Frozen Windshield

So, we know pouring hot water is a big no-no, but what about cold water? While pouring cold water is less risky than hot water, its still not an optimal choice.

If you live in extremely frigid parts of the north, then you might compound your windshield woes as you notice the cool water instantly freezing onto your glass. This cold water might also freeze on your windshield wipers or in the wipers motor.

To save yourself from all these risks, mechanics recommend getting in your car, letting the engine run for a few minutes, then turning on the heater and defroster. Once the ice is loose, you could easily wipe it away with a high-quality ice scraper.

For even more windshield safety tips, be sure to read through VEHQs previous post entitled, How To Keep The Windshield From Freezing While Driving.

Archive: Prevent Your Car Door Locks And Door Seals From Freezing


Before your winter weather dips into the freezing zone, spray some WD-40 onto a soft cloth or paper towel and wipe liberally on all your car door and trunk seals to prevent them from freezing closed. Also, take your WD-40 can with the little “straw” attached to the sprayer, and liberally spray it into all your car door and trunk locks.

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How To Unfreeze Car Doors

  • Post last modified:October 20, 2020

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Anyone forced to park their car out in the cold has probably had to deal with frozen doors at some point. While the sun usually does a great job melting this ice away, thats not helpful early in the morning or late at night. So how can you unfreeze your car doors? Thankfully, weve compiled a few great de-icing hacks that will help you unlock your doors no matter how cold it gets.

The best ways to unfreeze car doors include the following:

  • Use a commercial-grade de-icer spray.
  • Chip away at the ice with a sturdy plastic ice scraper.
  • Pour rubbing alcohol mixed with water to dissolve the ice.
  • Spray a 3:1 mixture of vinegar and water on the frozen door.
  • Heat the car door with a hairdryer.

Lets go over a few dos and donts for de-icing your car doors, windshield, and locks. On top of these hot tips, well explain a few preventative strategies, so youre never stuck in the cold.

How Do I Keep My Power Windows From Freezing

How to Stop a Car Window From Freezing Shut Buy a can of silicone spray lubricant at a local auto parts store. Silicone spray is very slippery. Wind the car window all the way down. Carefully spray the rubber channels on the left, right and top of the window with silicone spray, according to the Garage-Pak web site .

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Prevent Your Windows From Fogging Up

If the inside of your car windows and windshield fog up often, prevent this from happening by adding a coating of shaving cream. Special de-fogging products and shaving cream share many ingredients, so the latter will keep fog from forming on everything from glasses to windows, just like it’s more expensive counterpart. Just a small amount wiped across the inside of your car’s windows will work.

Image by ChrisFix/

Prevent The Car Door From Freezing

How to Prevent your Car Doors From Freezing in the Winter

You can prevent the problem with milking grease or silicone oil so that you dont worry about frozen doors all winter.

Simply rub this over the seal on the door. This prevents water from forming there and freezing it.

Tip: When you wash your car, tape the door locks in advance. This will prevent water from collecting there and possibly freezing.

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What Is The Best Way To Prevent My Doors From Freezing Shut In The Winter

What is the best way to treat door seals to prevent the doors from freezing in winter?

I noticed that the doors on both of my vehicles are a bit “sticky” this time of year, where the temperature is above freezing during the day, but drops below freezing overnight.

The seals on both vehicles are in good condition, so I don’t want to use a product that’s going to harm the rubber.

  • This question would benefit from a little more back story. What type of vehicle and where are you seeing the worst freezing? Both of those will help others just like you find this question .;Bob CrossDec 13 ’11 at 2:40
  • I have learned from personal experience with the whole tape situation that you should really only set one end of the tape on first. when your putting the rest of the tape on run your thumb down the middle of the tape rather then just the outsides. this shows because the sides just fall down to the surface with the middle of the line of tape.

If you’re getting enough moisture into the seal/door interface, the seals are already failing. It’s time to replace them. However, if you want to hold it off for a little while, vaseline is fine. It’ll slowly degrade the seals further, but well, they’re already done for at this point…

Best thing to do is to use silicone lube on the seals occasionally before moisture starts getting past and freezing. That’ll help extend the life of the seals.

The down side here is this can also ruin the seals.

How To Keep Doors From Freezing Shut

How do you guys up North keep your doors from freezing shut, over the long term, without corrding your seals and damaging your paint?Other sites say to use items such as, silicone, WD40, clear shoe polish etc., but other sites say this will damage weather-stripping in the long term.Anyone have any solid advice that won’t damage the seals over time?Thank you!


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How Do I Keep My Engine From Freezing Over Night

Attach a light under the hood. Put a 150-watt light bulb in a wire light bulb guard over the intake manifold on the car and keep the light on overnight. The heat generated from the light bulb will keep the engine just warm enough at night that it will start in the morning. Place an electric blanket over the engine.

How To Prevent Car Locks From Freezing

How to Keep Car Doors from Freezing Shut

One way to keep your locks well lubricated during winter is to put in a few puffs of powdered graphite regularly. Just insert the graphite container into the lock, give it a few pumps, and put your key into the socket evenly distribute the lubricant.

While liquid lubricants are OK, most locksmiths recommend going for the powdered form. Theres far less risk of creating a gummy residue with powdered graphite over time.

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Unfreeze A Car Door: Hot Tips And Life Hacks

Ever tried to open your car door on a frosty winter morning only to discover its been frozen shut? You might have panicked, frantically pulling at the door handle, but to no avail. Besides waiting for the ice to thaw, what can you to do unlock a frozen car door? Well give you some prevention tips and well as tricks for de-icing your car door quickly.

Replace Or Fix Worn Rubber Door Seals

While youre doing all the cleaning, spraying, and protecting, make an inspection of the rubber seals.

Check for any kind of tears or worn-out parts. The most common cause of damaged seals in the first place is actually a car door frozen shut.

Someone, in the past, may have forcefully opened the door and torn the seal in the process.

On older cars, there might be parts that have fallen off due to material fatigue.

Whatever the case, replace the seal as soon as possible. Its a simple procedure that you can do on your own. It involves ripping off the old and pressing in to place the new one.

Sometimes you can fix the seal using some spare rubber and proper adhesives. From my own experience, its good for minor damages. For bigger tears or holes, replacing is definitely a better and long-lasting solution.

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How Do You Keep Car Doors From Freezing Shut In The Winter

Keep your doors from freezing shut

According to Lifehacker, you can spray your car doors rubber seal all around the edges with ordinary cooking spray, use dry paper towel to remove excess drips, and avoid being frozen out of your car, all season long.

How To Prevent A Frozen Car Door

How to Keep Car Door Seals From Freezing Shut & ONE Thing You Should NEVER Do!

Preventing a frozen car door lock or handle is simple. Keep your car out of the cold! If you dont have access to a garage, put a cover over your car to protect it from the elements. If you have neither a garage nor a cover, you can try this life hack for preventing a frozen car lock:

Rub alcohol, hand sanitizer or petroleum jelly on your car key, then stick the key in the ignition and jiggle it around a bit. If you use the jelly, be sure to wipe you car keys off afterward! A substance like rubbing alcohol or Vaseline can help prevent frozen car door locks. Who knew?

;Well that chunk of ice came off nicely.

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Inspect The Gasket Around Your Car Doors

Car doors freeze shut when moisture seeps into the cracks of your car and freezes. If the rubber gasket that runs around the edge of your door is cracked or damaged, its likely that your doors will freeze shut in the winter. Experts suggest that you inspect the gaskets and replace them if theyre damaged. Do this before the weather starts freezing. Check carefully to see if theyre torn or loose. Any tears or gaps, can let moisture in and leave you out in the cold.

How To Prevent And Fix Frozen Car Doors

One of the worst auto-related problems you can encounter in the winter is a frozen car door. It could be a tragedy when youre in a rush. There are, of course, practical ways to unfreeze it, but it takes time. So you certainly wouldnt want to get the hassle of unfreezing it. Therefore, the old saying, Prevention is safer than treatment is perfectly suited to this situation.

Lets look at how you can keep your car door from freezing and if its still frozen, check out our blog and see how to unfreeze your frozen car door.

Here are all the ways you can stop a frozen tragedy from happening:

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Should I Cover My Car In Winter

Protect Your Vehicle With a Car Cover. A car cover is one of the single best things you can do for your vehicle during the winter weather season. A car cover insulates your vehicle to protect sensitive electrical components and prevent moisture damage. It also keeps the snow and ice from sticking to your vehicle.

How To Unfreeze Car Door

How to Keep Car Doors from Freezing Shut: 9 Steps (with ...

Follow our tips below to quickly reuse the frozen car door.

Note: Avoid pulling roughly on the car door! This could destroy the seal or cause further damage.

Instead, push gently against the door. This ensures that the ice breaks and you can open the door so carefully.

If you get stuck here, a standard deicer can help.

Spray it along the seal and let it soak in for a few minutes. After that, you can carefully try to open the door.

If this trick doesnt help either, try pouring warm water over the door seals. Note: The water must no longer boil. Pour it slowly and gently along the gasket, avoiding the washer as it could burst in the worst case.

Alternatively, you can try to enter the car through another door. All doors should have defrosted by themselves during the journey.

If your door lock is frozen, the classic door lock deicer will help you here.

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How To Prevent Frozen Car Doors This Winter

Step 1: Inspect Your Doors;

There is a gasket that forms the seal between your door and the frame of your vehicle. If it is worn or torn, youll find that water can get between the two and will freeze when the temperatures drop. This will seal your door to the frame of your car, and can make it nearly impossible to get it open.

Step 2:; Clean the Door Frame;

Even if your gasket looks good, there is a chance that dirt and debris can get in the way of it sealing out the water. Take a microfiber cloth and some warm water to clean off the gasket all the way around.

Step 3: Lube the Gasket;

There are certain types of rubber-safe lubricants you can buy that will help to keep the gasket in good shape. A dry gasket will crack and leak easier, so keeping it lubricated will help to ensure your doors dont freeze shut. Check out a silicone spray or general rubber conditioner.

Step 4: Cover It Up;

If you dont have a garage to keep your car in, the next best thing you can do is to cover the car or the door you need to be able to get into. You can use a cover or a tarp to keep snow and rain off the door when the temperatures drop below zero.

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