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What To Do If You Lock Keys In Car

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Should I Try To Get The Keys Out Of A Car Myself

What you can do if you lock your keys in the car

The short answer is no. Search results for locking your keys in the car will return articles and even videos with suggestions for gaining entry into your own car, but we dont recommend attempting this.

Prying open windows or doors is an activity best left to the experts, and could damage paintwork, create dents or even break the glass. This could not only leave you with a much bigger repair bill, but potentially void the manufacturer warranty. Its also likely to set off the car alarm, adding extra stress and frustration to the situation.

Another thing to be wary of is accepting a strangers help, as they could damage your car and youll be left with the bill.;

How Do I Avoid Paying For A Lockout Charge

Of course, the ideal situation in this scenario is discovering ways of gaining access to your vehicle yourself, without having to call a company or your car insurance to do it for you. There are some options that you should try! Have faith.

First of all, its important to stay calm. I know this is a stressful situation, and its easy to panic in a tough situation like this. But when we panic, we tend not to think everything through. It would be really annoying to discover that you called a tow trunk company, only to discover another door to your vehicle was unlocked. So, make sure to check every door and even your trunk before taking the next steps.

Unlocking The Car Yourself

I will preface this by saying that tow companies are professionals. This means they have the proper tools and skills to be able to do the job. However, you may be in a situation in which you need to be able to unlock the car door yourself.

Most tow service companies will use an inflatable device called a pump wedge to open the door. Lifehack: you could use a blood pressure cuff to perform the same action. Its strong enough to withstand the pressure without ripping. If you have one at home or could have a family member bring it to you, its worth a try.

Here are the steps to use the blood pressure cuff:

  • Slide a deflated blood pressure cuff into the top corner of the drivers side door
  • Once thats done, inflate the cuff until there is a small gap creating an opening in the vehicle. Make sure that you dont over-expand the cuff because the door could then be damaged. Damage to your door could cause a damaged window or even a leaking windshield! Yikes!
  • Use a wire coat hanger or another long object that will fit in the gap that was created and use it to hit the unlock button to your car door.
  • Keep in mind, this is not a super easy process and there is always the chance you could harm your car door. Id recommend hiring professionals to do this service for you if at all possible.

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    Roadside Assistance Through Aarp

    Not exactly a motor club, but also an independent provider,;AARP;roadside assistance is for drivers over 50.;Allstate;provides this service, but only AARP members can purchase it. Standard benefits include towing, flat tire, gas for empty tanks, locksmith;services, and dead battery jumps.

    If youre unaware of AARP, it is a nonprofit association for Americans over the age of 50. Initially founded for retired teachers, today, the organization lobbies on behalf of older Americans, provides consumer information, and even offers community-focused volunteer opportunities to members and non-members.

    Car Key Fob And Switchblade Key

    What To Do If You

    After the detached fob was released, auto manufacturers combined the two in a mechanism that would lock and unlock a vehicle with a spring-loaded key that folds into it, like a switchblade.

    If you lose it: Pricier than a plain fob, an aftermarket fob with a switchblade key costs about $125 to replace. These are most easily found at a dealership, where they may be cut and programmed on-site; theyre also available online.

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    I Locked My Keys In My Car Who Do I Call

    A lockout situation is not exactly one you want to stay in for a long time, which is why you need the fastest and most reliable locksmith services provider. At Express Locksmith Services, we assure you professional and reliable services to help you open just about any lock!

    Locking yourself out of your car can be very frustrating, and it is our mission to ensure that you are safe and calm as you wait to get back in. We are available 24/7, friendly, efficient, and our offices are in Houston, TX. Save our number in case a car lockout happens.

    My Keys Are In The Trunk

    If you happen to have locked your keys in the trunk, it is always a complicated affair. When the door is open there should be a button to open the trunk. In the case of the vehicle not opening by unlocking interior locks, it is probably best to call a locksmith. If the technician cannot pick the lock, then they will need to drill a hole in the trunk. This is the absolute last resort! The license plate will be removed and a hole will be drilled behind it. This will expose a wire that when pulled, will unlock the trunk. The keys can be retrieved, and the license plate will cover the hole.

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    Roadside Assistance From Automotive Clubs

    Three top-rated companies offer roadside assistance independent of other companies, like your insurance provider or car maker. A significant advantage of using an independent company is that you dont have to switch coverage if you switch car insurance companies;or buy a different car.

    Three of the most popular groups include;AAA,;National General, and;Better World Club.

    AAA;is one of the most comprehensive roadside assistance services around.;While its annual dues are more expensive than what youd pay through your insurance company, AAA offers longer tow distances and more services.;Plus, with your membership, youll receive discounts and perks on automotive and travel needs. For example, restaurants, hotels, and many attractions will offer a AAA discount, especially in touristed areas.

    National General is less expensive than AAA and offers roadside services, discount programs, and other benefits. The company will also help you plan road trips and even send you the maps youll need for them. Hows that for service?

    Better World Club;is Americas only eco-friendly auto club and positions itself as an ethical alternative to other motor clubs. Not only does the company offer roadside assistance to drivers, but it also provides the only bicyclist assistance program in the countryan excellent option for eco-minded people and adventure seekers.

    Call A Spare Key Buddy

    What To Do If You Lock Your Keys In Your Car

    I would like to think that I coined the term spare key buddy, but dont quote me on that. I think that everyone needs a spare car key for situations like these. There are many benefits to having a spare car key, none more important than the fact that it saves you from being stuck in a car lockout. Now, let me explain what the spare key buddy is.

    I believe that tapping into your network of close friends and family can always come in handy if you play your cards right. If you have a spare key, you can stash your spare key with a close family member or friend, who you know will most likely be in close proximity to you, regardless of your location. If you factor in location, it reduces the number of potential candidates for the role of your spare key buddy.

    Ideally, you shouldnt give your spare key to someone who is in a completely different state or country . The cost of car key duplication is not steep enough to stop you from making multiple spare keys and dishing them out for safe keeping. So if you need one made, make sure you reach out to your local automotive locksmith, but I digress.

    If you have a spare key handy and you can call someone to get it, then the question who to call when keys are locked in car, has been answered. If you do not have a spare key handy, please continue to read on. However, you should keep a few things in mind. First, after your lockout crisis has been solved call an automotive locksmith who duplicates car keys and get some spare keys made.

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    We Explain What To Do If Your Keys Are Stuck In Your Car Or Ignition Or If Children Or Pets Are Trapped Inside

    While some modern cars have systems to stop you from locking your keys inside the cabin, not all of us have these models and systems can fail. If youre in that situation, read on to find out all the steps to getting your keys back.

    The first step is to avoid panic. If your child or pet is trapped inside a locked car, particularly in warm weather, this is a natural reaction. But it doesnt help the situation and a level head will usually get things sorted quicker. Remember that youre not alone the AA recovery service alone receives around seven callouts to locked cars every day. Its even happened to Carbuyer staff; nobody is immune.

    How To Prevent Future Lockouts

    Keep an extra key somewhere on your vehicle using a magnetic lockbox. Naturally, you will want to find a location that a thief would not look. This does pose a security risk, but you have to weigh this against the cost of being locked out.

    Get a key that can open the car but not start it. This will allow you to get into your and retrieve your keys. Keep this key separate from your ignition key.

    Avoid getting into the habit of locking your car while you are still inside it. Lock it on the outside so that you can always be certain that you have your keys on you.

    Getting locked out of your car is a stressful experience, but there are solutions. A reputable locksmith can get you back in your car and on your way in no time.

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    What To Check For

    When you get locked out of your car, the first step is to make sure there arent any pets or kids inside. Cars can very quickly overheat in the summer months. If there are pets or children in your car, you should call 911 immediately.

    While you might not want to call for emergency help, its important to get help quickly. You could be waiting an hour or more for roadside assistance to show up. It can get to over 100°F inside your car in about 5 minutes. Every second is important.

    How To Choose The Best Option For Lockout Service

    What to do When Youve Locked Your Keys in the Car

    You have a few options to choose from when youve locked your keys in the car. Leaving a spare key with someone you trust or in an easily accessible spot can save you money, but may not save you time. Pre-paid roadside assistance memberships are an option. You will want to read the fine print before you purchase one as the fine print will often specify hidden charges for certain makes and models. The new way to get lockout services is to use the Mach1 app which has no upfront fees and provides an automated process saving you time and money. We hope you never need it, but were here if you do. Safe Travels!


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    Instead Explore Your Options

    Many modern vehicles are built with automatic safety features that keep you from locking your keys in the car. Some have services like OnStar that can open the car remotely. The problem is that many of us are still driving older models and do not yet have these luxuries.

    If you are driving an older car and you lock your keys inside, the options available to you include:

    Option 1 Calling 911:;Many people who wind up with their keys locked in their car call the police to come to their location and help fix the problem. In most cases, the police will be able to unlock the car, but they can also call a tow truck if they cannot. Of course, you will be paying for this service. Calling the police should be a last resort and one that you should use only if you feel that you are in immediate danger.

    Option 2 Calling the Dealership:;This will mean taking the car to the dealer on a flatbed, which can be costly. Replacing the key through the dealer can also be very expensive depending on the model you drive.

    Option 3 Calling Your Locksmith :;When you call your locksmith, explain your situation and give them your location. Note that there are scam artists out there who call themselves locksmiths, so you will want to do some research to make sure that you are dealing with a company that has a good reputation.

    Preventing A Lockout In The Future

    Drivers lock their keys in their cars from time to time. However, there are things that you can do to reduce the chances of it happening to you. One option is to hide a spare key somewhere on the exterior of the vehicle. Many companies sell magnetic lockboxes for such a purpose.

    Also, keep a spare key with a family member or friend. If you lock your keys in your car again, you can call him or her to get the spare.

    Lastly, dont let children play with your car keys. Babies like to play with them because theyre small, easy to hold and make noise when they bang together. However, kids also lose keys fairly easily. Spare yourself the heartache, and keep your keys out of childrens reach.

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    What Not To Do

    You might be tempted to try to get into your car on your own. It isnt like the movies or videos on YouTube. Its actually rather difficult to get into a car without the keys or specialized tools.

    The truth is, you risk damaging your car. If you try to open the lock with something other than your key, youre most likely going to scratch your car, damage the door, break the window, or possibly damage the locking mechanism itself. This can cause damage that costs you a lot more than just calling a locksmith.

    Bottom Line: Take It Easyit Happens All The Time

    What to do if you locked the keys inside your car

    Locking your keys in your car is a rite of passage. Call your neighbor, insurance provider, roadside assistance line, or local locksmith. And if you find yourself wholly unprepared, chalk it up to lessons learned and make a plan for the future.

    The most important thing is to remain calm and take it easy on yourself. Chances are, youll be laughing about it later.

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    How To Unlock Your Car In The Event Of An Emergency

    If you lock your keys in your vehicle and there is a small child or pet locked inside, you’ll want to act fast, especially on a hot day.

    In this instance, you can’t wait 30-to-60 minutes for AAA or a police officer But if you’re on your own, your best option is to break the side window of your vehicle and rescue your child or pet from a potentially high-risk situation.

    Why the side window? Structurally, a vehicle’s side window isn’t as sturdy as a laminated windshield, which is specifically designed to withstand being broken. Thus, the side window is your best bet in a dangerous situation.

    Use whatever tools you have on hand to do the job. A sharp, jagged rock from the roadside or a hammer from a helpful passer-by can break a car window fairly easily. Aim for the edge of the window and make sure to target the window furthest away from your child or pet to minimize the danger of flying glass.


    Make Sure You Are Locked Out

    Sometimes you are not as locked out as you think. The doors you have tried might be locked, but that might not be the only way in. This happens more often than you would think. People get overwhelmed and keep themselves from being fully aware of the situation. Keep things simple, and troubleshoot the problem. If your car key is not working, getting into the car may only be the beginning of your problems, but it is still somewhere to start. Begin with the simplest fix and move your way up.

    Initial steps to make sure you are locked out of your car:

    It is important not to skip over this seemingly obvious set of steps. The few extra seconds to double-check and triple-check that you are locked out of your car can save you a tremendous amount of anxiety and time.

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    Check All Of Your Doors

    This is another one that seems extremely obvious. That said, youre stuck on the side of the road, do you really have anything better or more helpful to do?

    Just be sure to check all of the doors of your vehicle, including the trunk or back latch. A lot of vehicles have quirks that prevent one or two doors from locking at times, and theres no harm in double-checking all of the doors before you start making phone calls.

    We know its a stressful situation and its happening at the worst possible time, but you might be able to answer all your problems by checking the trunk handle.

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