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How To Make Your Car Smell Good

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Open A Box Of Dryer Sheets

How to Make Your Car Smell Good

Over on Reddits Life Hacks forum, a contributor who goes by j-mt suggests storing an opened box of dryer sheets under the front seat of your car. He says its cheaper and lasts longer more than three months than an air freshener or even Febreze.

And he suggests a bonus feature of using dryer sheets:

If you smoke, smell like the restaurant you just ate at, or just need a freshness pick-up, you can take one out of the box and rub it all over your clothes for a freshly laundered smell.

Have A Detailed Cleaning

To make sure that no bad odor and no germs are stuck in your car, give it a detailed cleaning. While you can have the local carwash do it, you can do this yourself and save money. Get a good vacuum cleaner that has a hose and attachments that fit hard-to-reach places inside the car. Get your choice of cleaner, deodorizer, wiping materials, brushes, and sponges and you will be on your way to a great-smelling car. Clean the vents, and wipe down everything. Remove the mats and clean them thoroughly. Dont forget to wipe the windows as well. Clean the cup holder and pockets for stray french fries. Once you are done with the cleaning, put in your choice of freshener to keep your car smelling great.

Replace A Dirty Cabin Air Filter

If youve never replaced your cabin air filter and youre dealing with a stinky car this ones a no-brainer. Its definitely time to replace your cabin air filter! This filter is designed to keep the air inside your vehicles cabin clean. Its job is to filter the air that comes through the cars HVAC system to prevent dust, pollen, smog, and mold spores from entering your car.

Mechanics generally recommend that you have this filter replaced every 15,000 to 25,000 miles, or once a year. Thankfully, changing a cabin air filter is a do-it-yourself project. Cabin filters are relatively cheap and you can turn to your owners manual or YouTube for instructions on removing and replacing this filter.

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Mix Rice With Essential Oils

If you want to go the totally natural route, all you need to do is cook up some jasmine rice and then add in 15-20 drops of a sweet-smelling essential oil. Examples that would definitely do the trick include peppermint, lavender or lemon. It all depends on your personal preference! Mix up your concoction, place it in a dish and then put it in your car.

Need Help Fixing Your Repairs

How To Make Your Car Smell Good (VLOG #17)

As you probably noticed, Protect My Car covers a ton of major repairs for your suspension, steering and many other vehicle components.

In fact, suspension repairs are some of the most common repairs youll deal with on a regular basis, due in part to the declining quality of US roads.

Luckily, most of the suspension repairs that could cause your steering wheel to make a rubbing noise dont break the bank, but if you are worried about how you are going to pay for your repair, Protect My Car can help.

For less that the cost of a cup of coffee each day, you can get coverage for:

  • Steering
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Does that sound like a fair deal to you?

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We hope this article has answered all of your questions regarding new car smell, and that you feel more prepared to take control of the scent of your vehicle both now and in the future. Consider protecting your vehicle with an extended warranty plan from Protect My Car. In addition to warranties, Protect My Car also offers insurance and maintenance plans and can negotiate the best prices on repairs with mechanics.


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How Can I Keep My Car From Smelling Bad

The best way to keep your car smelling fresh is to avoid letting the trash and other shrapnel pile up. While sometimes this is inevitable, taking a few small steps such as keeping a trash container in your car can make a big difference. Getting a good washincluding interior detailwill also go a long way to get out unwelcome smells. Dont forget to check on the cleanliness of your vents as well, since unsavory odors can linger there. Classic air fresheners are always an option, but sometimes it can be hard to find a scent you like. If youre looking for a few new ideas on how to introduce good smells to your car, try a few of these options:

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Looking for more tips? Check back with our blog for tips and tricks on car maintenance. If youre in the market for a car, stop by and check out all of your options at Poulin Auto. Our team is here to help you find what you need.

Listen To The Mechanic When Getting An Oil Change

Finally, listen to the mechanic when they recommend changing your cabin filter. Changing your cabin air filter will help make your car smell good while it filters out any odors.

So if you are tired of that awful smell in your car and are ready to do something about it, these tips will help. Even more, most of these items are probably already in your home and dont require additional purchases. However, I encourage you to make Meguiars Whole Car Air Re-Fresher part of your monthly auto detailing routine to make your car smell good.

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Chemical Guys New Car And Leather Scent Combo

Two unique scents by one of the most beloved car cleaning brands. This combination of two sprays are the house favorite here at Protect My Car. Not only will these sprays give you the scents of leather and wood that you desire, they will also work to eliminate any odors that are already in your car, like the takeout food bag that your buddy left in your back seat last week.

Check out current prices using the link below!

Are The Chemicals Harmful


There is some debate about the chemicals toxicity. However, Jeff Gearhart, the research director at the Ecology Center, stated that automobiles function as chemical reactors, creating one of the most hazardous environments we spend time in.

In another study, the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization reported VOC levels of 64mg per m3 of interior space. Among the chemicals found were the known carcinogen benzene, and the possible carcinogens cyclohexanone and styrene. CSIRO reports that humans can start to feel negative effects, such as headaches drowsiness nausea respiratory distress and eye, nose, and throat irritation from levels as low as 10mg per m3!

Of course, we have all spent some time in new cars and most of us havent ever felt these symptoms. Unless you are particularly sensitive to chemicals, then youre unlikely to notice the effects. That said, even if we dont notice an immediate impact, high concentrations are still a potential health risk.

The good news is that the high levels of VOCs and other chemicals dont last for long. Studies show that the quantity of airborne chemicals in a cars cabin decreases drastically within just a few weeks of purchase. CSIRO found that the concentration was around 30x lower after six weeks, and around 40x lower after six months.

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Hacks To Make Your Car Smell

First off, fill tiny mesh wedding favor bags with Downy Unstoppables! How smart is that? You can put them in your car or even dresser drawers, the bathroom, etc.

Make a quick an easy car oil diffuser with a clothespin and craft pom poms! via One Crazy House

Or buy a cute one from Etsy!

Clean out your air vents with Lysol following this great tutorial. I cant believe Ive never considered cleaning the vents before! via Car Reviews

These air purifying bags are PERFECT for the car. It absorbs and removes odors, mildew and bacteria. You can use these all over the house, too.

Sprinkle this odor buster on the floors and on cloth seats prior to vacuuming to get out any old smells. via Right at Home

This is SO smart > put wax melts in a 4 oz mason jar with the top that has holes and when the car gets warm it will heat the wax.

Or put them in a salt shaker!

Similarly you can put a leftover candle in your car and when the sun beats down on your car, the wax will melt and smell amazing! via Krazy Koupon Lady

These tiny portable essential oil diffusers are not just for making your car smell great but when using the right oil can help you stay awake on a long drive or pump you up on your way to that meeting! They come in lots of cute colors.

And for the quickest smell hack yet? Just grab a couple fabric sheets and stuff them in the vents voila!

Wipe The Steering Wheel Dashboard Central Console And All Trim Panels

Smelly particles will sink deep into soft fabrics, but they can attach themselves to harder surfaces too.

To banish the unwanted odors, use a few good sprays of Intra Clean on a clean microfiber cloth and work it over every plastic or metal interior surface. You will be amazed at the difference it makes to their smell and their appearance!

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Simple Ways To Make Your Car Smell Good

If you have a constantly busy schedule or busy life, it can be easy to neglect your cars cleanliness. Next thing you know, you have a guest come into your vehicle, which can sometimes be uncomfortable. Weve all been there. With all the summer plans coming up, a clean and fresh car is essential. Lets take a look at 4 simple ways to make your car smell good:

How To Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

How to Make Your Car Smell Good (with Pictures)

We all love that fresh new-car smell, but unfortunately it only lasts for a little while. Here are some tips to keep your car smelling almost as good as new.

Keep your car trash free. Remove all trash, food items, laundry, or other odor-causing items every time you get out of the car. You can either carry a small, portable trash can in your car or just take everything out by hand when you get to your destination.

Avoid smoking in the car. Smoking in your car will not only cause bad odors, but possibly ruin your cars upholstery.

Keep the car dry by not leaving the windows open and using floor mats. Water leaks can cause mildew and mold, which is not only smelly, but bad for your health.

Use spill-proof cups to prevent accidents. This cups can be found for a low price and save you the hassle of having to clean up coffee or soda from your cars upholstery or mats.

Keep an air freshener in the car at all times. To be most effective, choose one that neutralizes odors rather than covers them up with a masking scent.

Vacuum regularly. Vacuum regularly to reduce odors that get trapped in the carpets and upholstery. Using a hand vacuum is the easiest, but you can also park close to a garage outlet at home and use a regular vacuum as well.

Shake out the floor mats at least once a week. Wash them down with a garden hose if they are vinyl, or wash them in a large capacity washer if they are fabric.

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Keep Your Car Clean To Make It Smell Good

Regular cleaning is required if you want to make your car smell good. Throw trash away daily. Wipe down the interior with your favorite cleaner and protectant. My top choice is Armor All Car Air Freshener and Cleaner. Clean the mats and vacuum regularly. I try to stick to a two-week schedule for cleaning the interior of my car.

How To Make Leather Seats Smell Good

There really is nothing like the smell of a new car. The mixture of leather and fresh carpeting. Its intoxicating, really bringing an essence of luxury and freshness. Alas the smell never does last and that new car smell can become kind of funky. Especially if you are a mom toting around athletes and their gear. So is it possible to make a used car smell like new again?

Well the answer is that it depends on what you consider the new car smell to be. It varies from car brand to car brand. Most contain the smell of new leather, but what else is a component of the new car smell? In some car brands youll find hints of sanded wood, fresh plastic, new fabric.

Many car brands are very discerning about what materials they put in their cars. This is stating the obvious the materials are put through a lot of testing from touch to safety. One thing car manufacturers consider when picking materials is scent. A new material must pass a scent test. Ford Motor Company for example has each new materials scent rated by a team of at least six people.

So whats the point? Scent matters. People buy new cars for just the scent alone. Scent can be such a powerful motivator that some institutions pump in a signature scent to their show floors, restaurants and stores.

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Cheap And Easy Ways To Make Your Car Smell Delightful

These tips will leave your ride smelling delightful for next to nothing. Some options are also chemical-free.

Americans spend a lot of time in their cars, so it can be pretty unpleasant if they are driving around in a less-than-fragrant environment.

Fortunately, there are many potential fixes for the problem and some of them are inexpensive and chemical-free.

Following are five do-it-yourself ways to get your ride smelling swell.

Candles And Wax Cubes


There are a few different ways you can use scented wax cubes or unlit candles to freshen up your ride. One option is to put scented wax cubes into a half-size mason jar. Screw on a top with holes to create a DIY air freshener that you can place under your seat or in a cup holder. Your car will smell better and better as the wax gets softer and softer!

You can also keep an unlit candle in one of your cup holders. As your car heats up, the candle will release your favorite scent, whether its fresh cut roses, lavender vanilla, or clean cotton!

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What Is It About Mcdonalds Smell

Any fast, fried, or fatty foods, including McDonalds, release small oil droplets into the air. The oil collides with dust in the air, which weighs down the dust, making it stick to things instead of just linger in the air. Essentially, the dust thats floating around everyones car becomes less mobile, causing a smell thatll stick around longer.

Change The Air Filter

Often, we can ignore and forget how important it is to change the cabin air filter. If youre not sure how to find your air filter, check your owners manual booklet or look up your exact model online for the recommended replacement interval and replace the air filter.

Like an engine air filter, the cabin filter is used to filter out pollen, mold, dust, and other things from entering your cabin. If your car starts to smell, the order can circulate into the HVA system and can penetrate the paper air filter. If air filters are not regularly changed or cleaned, they will trap bad smells and cause your car to smell even worse when you turn your air or heat on.

Check out this video on the importance of changing your cabin air filter:

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How Do You Use Meguiars Whole Car Air Re

First, the Meguiar car air freshener reminds me of bug defogger, but instead of killing bugs, it kills nasty car odors. It is so easy to use too.

Step one: Close your windows, start the car and turn on the air conditioning and set it to recirculate.

Step two: Place the small can in the center of the car and activate it so it can do its job.

Step three: Exit the car quickly to avoid inhaling the mist then close the doors and let the car run for fifteen minutes.

Step four: After fifteen minutes, turn the car off, roll down the windows and let it air out for another fifteen minutes.

Viola, your car smells good again. Even more, I have found the scent to last about 30 days.

The New Car Smell May Soon Cease To Exist

How to Make Your Car Smell Good (with Pictures)

Sadly, for people of us who love the new car smell, this distinctive odor might be fading into history. An increasing number of automakers are working to eliminate it due to the potential health risks associated with VOCs. Toyota, Mazda, Ford, VW, and General Motors all now employ teams of people to manage the concentration of odors in their cars. Mazda, for example, has already reported a 78% reduction in VOC emissions from its vehicles!

Another factor is the shift to renewable materials. As the industry trends away from using petroleum-based products for interior finishes, the distinctive smell of these glues and plastics is becoming less and less common.

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