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How To Remove Vinyl Stickers From Car

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Using A Pressure Washer To Get A Decal Off Of A Car Window

How To Easily Remove Vinyl Graphics and Stickers from your Car or Truck
  • Warning: Only use the pressure washer method to remove decals from windows. Direct, close-range spray from pressure washers on painted surfaces can peel paint right off.

Materials Needed

  • Paper towels or clean cloth
  • Plastic razor blade or razor scraper
  • Residue remover
  • Water supply hose

Step 1: Set up the pressure washer. Connect the hose to a water supply and turn it on. Make sure the pressure washer is equipped with a narrow fan-style spray nozzle or tip.

Turn on the pressure washer and let it pressurize if needed.

  • Tip: Hold the pressure washer wand firmly with both hands to maintain control of its spray.

Step 2: Spray the decal with the washer. Hold the pressure washer wand at a horizontal angle to the glass approximately six inches from the window surface and pull the trigger.

Work the fan of water back and forth over the edge of the decal. You will notice the edge of the vinyl decal start to lift.

Continue spraying the decal with the pressure washer to peel the deal back further.

Step 3: Peel off the decal by hand if possible. Once you can get a hand-hold on the decal, release the trigger on the pressure washer and pull on the decal by hand.

Work the decal loose. If it breaks, use the pressure washer again to loosen the sticker from the window.

Repeat until the decal is removed from the glass altogether.

Step 4: Remove the sticker residue from the glass. If you have a spray-style residue remover, spray it directly on the remaining decal residue.

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Removing Decals: Decal Removal Process

Regardless of the type of car emblems or vehicle decals you are removing, the process is always the same:

  • Removal of top material layer
  • Removal of underlying adhesive glue
  • Removal of adhesive glue residue
  • Polishing of abraded underlying material
  • Removing vinyl decals or vehicle wraps can be broken down into those steps. The same steps necessary in also removing car emblems and badges.

    Removing Top Layer

    The top layer will be your first step in removing decals from your vehicle.

    If the decals for removal are new and have not been in place for a particularly long time, it is possible to simply pick up an edge and peel the decal off.

    In most cases, the vinyl decal will need to be heated up to soften the vinyl top material which then loosens the underlying adhesive.

    If the decals are newer, this can be as simple as exposing the decals to the sun and allowing the UV rays to warm the decals and then peeling them off. Even if no separate “tool” of any kind is needed for this step, there will still be some form of adhesive residue remaining.

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    To Remove Stickers From Car Glass And Other Types Of Glass:

    • If possible park the car with the sticker facing the sun and leave for 30 minutes – the warmer the entire sticker is, the easier it will be to remove.
    • Heat with heat gun or hairdryer and peel, keep heating as you remove to assist the removal.
    • If using a heat gun especially in cooler climates be careful as the glass can break if too much heat is applied too quickly.
    • A window scrapper and blade can be used, test a smaller area first to ensure the blade won’t scratch glass.
    • Use a liquid glass cleaner and keep the area you are scrapping wet at all times.
    • Keep the angle to the glass small – like you are trying to shave the glass.
    • Work in small area rather than broad steaks over the glass.
    • Always keep the blade’s entire edge on the glass – do not use the corners as this will scratch the glass.

    Use A Glue Removal Product Or Vinegar

    A Simple Step

    Most likely, once the car sticker or decal is off, youll still have some adhesive residue on your car. This is perfectly fine because there are plenty of products at your disposal that can get rid of it without hurting your paint. If you have some white distilled vinegar in your kitchen, grab that and apply it to a cloth to rub off the adhesive residue. Or, use an adhesive remover product like Goo Gone, which is a little more heavy-duty. Apply the product to a cloth and rub it onto the area, or follow the instructions on the product label.

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    Removing Stickers Using Rubbing Alcohol

    Rubbing alcohol is an excellent tool to use for removing stickers from glass or to get sticker residue off a laptop and you probably have some in your medicine cabinet.

    This DIY sticker remover works by dissolving the adhesive backing for easy removal.

    • Paper towel

    To remove adhesive from car windows, pour some rubbing alcohol onto a couple of cotton balls and press it onto the sticker. Leave the wet cotton ball on the car sticker for a few minutes to allow the alcohol to loosen the adhesive. Hold the razor blade at an angle and gently pry up the edge of the label.

    Slowly peel the sticker away from the glass. You can use a fingernail or the razor blade to scrape up any of the sticky residue. Use a wet paper towel to wipe the glass clean. Wiping the window after cleaning helps in removing water spots from car windows, too.

    Alcohol is an ideal way to remove pine sap from a car window, too. Follow the same procedure as for sticker removal and your window will be clean again before you know it.

    Removing Decals From Buildings

    Buildings introduce a similar problem with vinyl decals. You may have a small logo on your window, a directional arrow on the floor in the lobby and a large version of your logo on the lobby wall. Each of these placements proposes a new material that you dont want to damage. Fortunately, the process is pretty similar to removing decals from vehicles, with a few subtle differences.

    • Walls: When taking a decal off the wall, youll want to use a hair dryer. Heat guns often get so hot that they damage the paint. Also, try removing residue with soap and water before using adhesive remover. If you do need to use a remover, test it out on a small, inconspicuous spot, so you know it wont damage your paint.
    • Windows: Many building windows run the risk of shattering due to heat or excessive force, so they require a little more care. Heat guns can cause a concentration of heat that breaks the glass, so try to remove the decal without using heat first. Building windows may be much larger than car windows, so pulling with excessive force toward the center of the glass could be enough to break it. One way around this is to score your vinyl with a liner cutting tool that wont cut the glass. Break it up into strips, so you arent putting as much force on the entire panel at once.
    • Floors: Floor graphics are pretty simple to remove, but you may want to opt for the heat gun here and pull it up slowly.

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    Using Heat Gun To Remove Decals

    Most people will come to this page already having heard of using a heat gun to remove decals.

    This is effective if the decal is still in “new-like” condition, has not begun to crack, and still remains in very good condition.

    The unwanted decal can be heated-up with a heat source and finessed off with your fingers. I say finessed, as heating up a vinyl decal too much will cause the vinyl to become so soft from the heat that it will stretch and break too easily to remain intact as you remove.

    A heat source can be as simple as allowing the side being worked on to sit in the sun, a hair dryer, or a professional heat gun.

    Since every situation is truly unique, you will never know what the required method will be until you discover what you are in for as you begin removing decals.

    If the decal to be removed appears to have no cracking what so ever to it, then a hair dryer or heat gun will likely prove the first choice for most people.

    With that said, as a professional, I know I can speed the process up using one of the many types of decal removal tools available since under the best of circumstances in removing decals, they will still break into smaller pieces as you heat and pull.

    A tool like the 3M stripe off wheel below becomes a sure thing that can save much time and aggravation.

    How To Remove Old Vehicle Decals

    Removing vinyl sticker from car fast and easy without damage

    No matter what material your vehicle decals use, they wont last forever. Eventually, whether you still like the sticker or not, it starts to fade and wear down. If you were lucky enough to apply a good quality sticker, it will be easy for you to remove it without damaging your cars paint. Although there are versatile types of adhesive removal products, not all of them will leave your paint job unscratched. So, lets check how to remove old vehicle decals correctly!

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    It Is Time To Remove The Wrap Vinyl Stickers And Graphics

    Begin to apply steam to the first letter or graphic. Focus on one object at a time. As you direct the steam at the vinyl, leave it on the area for about five seconds. This activity will soften the vinyl.

    Carefully lift up the corner of the vinyl with a plastic putty knife. Grasp the corner between your fingers, and continually apply tension on the vinyl. Slowly lift up the vinyl between a 30 and 45-degree angle. This will help prevent tearing. You can also remove vinyl striping and trim work with this method.

    The vinyl material and its bonding agent will be removed. If you notice some of the bonding agent remaining, adjust your technique for the next piece of vinyl to minimize this residue. You can adjust your steam-time, the angle you pull at the vinyl object and steam temperature. With the many adhesives and bonding materials on the market, five to seven degrees in the steam can make a difference.

    Wipe off any excess moisture with a microfiber cloth.

    If you have bonding residue that needs to be removed, use a solvent. Try the solvent on an out-of-sight portion of the car, truck or van. Make sure it does not harm the paint. Most solvents require you to leave them on the surface for one to two minutes. Sometimes simple Windex can work.

    A job with a fewer number of larger vinyl graphics will go quicker than multiple smaller letters, numbers and symbols.

    How To Remove Car Decals Vinyl Sticker Without Damaging Paint

    Is there a bumper sticker or decal on your car that you wish to remove as though it was never there? Luckily, stickers and decals dont last forever, even if theyre placed on your cars paint. Eventually, whether you still like the sticker or not, it starts to fade and wear down.

    If you take the right steps, you can carefully remove the sticker from your car without causing damage to your cars paint. While there are a variety of products that can remove the adhesive and make the decal vanish, not all of them will leave your cars paint unscathed. So, follow these steps closely to make sure your paint job stays protected.1. Clean It With Soapy WaterDirt and debris on and around the decal can scratch your cars paint when you start rubbing off the adhesive residue, so youll want to clean it beforehand. Get a cloth or a sponge and some soapy water, and wash the decal and the surrounding area. Or, you can plan to remove the decal after you run through a car wash.

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    How To Apply A Car Decal

    There are only five steps to ensure a proper application of your car stickers- whether theyre full window decals or are simply vinyl lettering.

    Proper application of vinyl stickers ensures that:

    • Your decals will stay on your vehicle as long as you want them to.
    • They will not peel or weather.
    • The decals will not have bubbles.
    • They look professional and are not wrinkled or crooked.

    Now, to get you started. Here is how to apply vinyl decals to car bumpers, windows, and everywhere else.

    Dont Worry About Spotty Paintwork With Our Dealers

    How to Remove Vinyl Decals from a Car Window: 6 Steps

    Whether you’re removing from paintwork or glass, remember it is bound to be a lengthy process that requires a bit of perseverance. Don’t get yourself into another sticky situation, and get your hands on a sticker shield next time!

    Thankfully, if youre looking for a new vehicle, you wont have to worry about how to remove a sticker from a car with our trusted, reliable dealers.

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    How To Get Stickers Off Glass Using Wd

    WD-40 seems to be a household item that has so many purposes that its hard to keep count. Removing stickers and get adhesive off metal surfaces are other tricks that you can add to this ever-growing list.

    • Hot water

    Start by removing as much of the sticker as possible with your fingernail or a plastic scraper. Spray the sticker with WD-40 and let the solution soak into it for several minutes to loosen the adhesive. Soak a cloth with hot water and use gentle pressure to wipe away the WD-40, leftover sticker, and softened adhesive.

    To Remove Stickers From Plastic Surfaces

    • Heat with heat gun or hairdryer and peel, keep heating as you remove to assist the removal.
    • Plastic has a low melting point so be careful when using heat especially a heat gun
    • Using a toothbrush or cloth- rub the paste into the residue
    • Let the paste sit on the residue for 20 to 30 minutes
    • Use a damp cloth to wipe of the baking soda and residue

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    How To Apply Or Remove A Car Decal

    Car decals are seen on work trucks, semis, and business vans every day: on the road to their next job, on your street when your neighbor hires a plumber or pest control, in front of big businesses that called in a professional to fix an issue they couldnt.

    We see them everywhere because they are an effective, long-lasting form of marketing one that is easy to apply and to remove.

    Below is your guide to everything you need to know about how to apply and remove car decals.

    How You Can Do It:

    How To Remove Vinyl Decals The Right Way! – Chemical Guys
    • Make sure the surface is as clean as possible before starting the de-stickering process. Take a trip to the car wash, or make sure any dirt surrounding the sticker is removed.
    • Turn the hairdryer on to its hottest setting, and hover it a few inches above the sticker.
    • Hold this position for a few seconds, then start to move so the heat hits all parts of the sticker.
    • Use a plastic card to gently start scraping the edges of the sticker, at an angle. As the sticker is hot, you may be able to create a sticker tab and just pull it back off.
    • Continue repeating steps 3 and 4 if the process is proving difficult.
    • Wipe away any excess residue using car cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth. Feel free to polish the area too!

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    Getting Started To Remove Vinyl Stickers And Graphics

    If you are working on a vehicle, prepare your area so you have enough space to work around the car or truck. Work with adequate lighting performing your work in the day if possible. This will allow you to see any residual adhesive that you need to address.

    Let your steamer warm up so it delivers steam at around 200-degrees Fahrenheit. Choose the proper nozzle that delivers the powerful steam in a small and concentrated area. Be careful not to burn your hand when working close to the steam.

    Removing Stickers From Your Car Done Right

    Youve just purchased a used car and the previous owner had decorated the rear bumper and trunk lid with not one, not two, but a half-dozen bumper stickers. Those stickers are unsightly and, moreover, they dont reflect your viewpoint on life. So removing these stickers from your new car is a top priority.

    Heres what to do when theyre affixed to the bumper, on the glass or in the car.

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