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How To Change The Interior Of Your Car

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Get Rid Of The Front License Plate

How to Change Car Interior Color with Dye: BMW

Make sure to check with your state laws firstas they can vary from state to state and we do not want that on our consciencebut getting rid your cars front license plate is one of the fast and painless cheap car exterior mods you can do with just a screwdriver. Removing the front plate makes your cars front look sleeker and is so easy to do!

Leather Seat Covers Vs Katzkin Leather Interiors

Katzkin is far more than just a leather seat cover. A seat cover simply slips over your current seat, often resulting in a loose or wrinkled look. Katzkin leather interiors completely replace the cloth in your vehicle, including all seating surfaces, plus any center consoles or door panels . Katzkin leather seats transform the entire look and feel of your interior with the style, comfort, and durability that Katzkin is famous for.

Details On Changing The Carpet In Your Car

Carpet sets that are available for sale, are created to specifically fit your vehicles interior. On many automobile sites, you will only have to look for your cars year, make and design to see which packages will fit your vehicle. When you purchase a set that fits, it will make the setup job a lot simpler. You can also look for the color of your interior so that you can get a specific match. Otherwise, the seats and trim might not match as well as youd want to. With these sets, you just take out the old carpet and drop in the freshly, pre-formed carpet.

Whether you do this job by yourself or you have an expert do it, the process is going to be very much the same. The first step will be to take out the damaged carpet by taking out the sill plates. These plates will be below the seats, doors, and seat tracks to hold the carpet fixed in place. As soon as the old carpet is removed, any insulation that is left will be taken out as well. When the area is prepped, the aftermarket carpet will be trimmed and cut to match the holes and shapes in the automobile. After the carpet is trimmed, it will be propped back into its location in the same way as the older carpet was placed.

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How To Change The Interior Color In Your Car

Car interior colors are normally available in various shades of gray or tan. Older models may be blue or maroon. These colors typically match most exterior colors, but aren’t always on the favorite list for car owners. If you want an interior color that matches the exact color of your car, or a completely different color, learn how to change the interior color in your car.

Step 1

Cover all areas of the car that won’t be sprayed, such as the windshield, windows, guages, CD player, radio, buttons, knobs and lights. Cover the seats when spraying the dash and plastic areas and cover those areas when spraying the seats.

Step 2

Clean the seats and carpet with upholstery cleaner and a stiff bristled brush. Allow the fabric to dry completely. Use the stiff brush to go over the fabric once more before applying paint.

Step 3

Spray the fabric headliner of the car with upholstery paint. Start at the front of the car and work to the rear. Spray the seats with upholstery paint, starting at the top of the head rest and working your way down to the bottom of the seat. Don’t forget the back of the seat and the sides of the bottom of the seat. Spray the carpet by starting at the front near the dash and working towards the back of the car. Allow the upholstery to dry completely before touching it.

Step 4


  • Always wear a painter’s mask when spraying paint in an enclosed area.

Things You’ll Need

Modify Your Rear View Mirror

Tips to Make The Interior Of Your Car More Comfortable

While youre putting up your fuzzy dice might as well modify the mirror it’s hanging from. There are several options to modify and beautify your mirror. You can get a longer mirror for more visibility or find a classy cover with a little bit of bling. There are also some tech and gadgets you can add to your mirror as well.

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Can You Spray Paint Car Interior

Nearly every plastic and vinyl surface in your cars interior can be revitalized through paintingyou can even paint fabric seats! You also need to choose the right primer and paint for your specific needs and use careful spraying techniques. But, when youre done, your faded car interior will look like new!

Upgrade Your Car Doors

There are ways to make yourinterior car doors more useful. Upgrading them will also improve theirperformance.

A common car door upgrade isadding fabric panels. This small change does wonders. As long as youreupholster them, your fabric panels will last for years.

You should also keep your car doors clean and free of debris to make your car look tidy.

This is a collaborative article.

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Schedule Interior Car Door Handle Replacement

The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Interior Car Door Handle Replacement. YourMechanics technicians bring the dealership to you by performing this job at your home or office 7-days a week between 7AM-9PM. We currently cover over 2,000 cities and have 100k+ 5-star reviews… LEARN MORE

Just How Much Does It Cost To Change The Carpet In A Vehicle


If you wish to get the job done by yourself, many vehicle carpet replacement packages, which would change all of the carpets inside the car, will cost about $200 to $500, depending upon the carpet and the vehicle you drive. Original carpets will typically be two times the cost of third-party carpets.

For instance, the top-ranked vehicle carpet packages on eBay retail for approximately $15 per yard.

On a well-known custom-made molded automobile carpet marketplace you can find plenty of their packages, made to fit all sorts of makes and models, for as low as $110 to $350+.

If you have to use the help of an upholsterer, the materials, as already said, will be around $500 to $900+, plus another $600 to $900 in labor, bringing the overall expenses to about $1,100 to $2,100+. The expenses, if you were to opt for a personalized style, might be as much as $2,500.

One blog notes that vehicle owners can purchase car reupholstering packages for about $800, plus another $800 for the setup. A custom-made job for a whole vehicle can be around $2,800.

Want to reupholster a boat instead? This is how much you will spend.

On one Reddit talk, a member stated they had actually gotten in touch with an expert to change all of the carpets in their Toyota Highlander due to the fact that his mother disliked the mold/mildew and was quoted around $2,200.

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Reupholstering Only The Car Seats

The concern of whether you ought to get your car seats reupholstered isnt always a quick decision. There are lots of aspects to have in mind: whether you truly need it, whether you can afford having it done, and whether it is really worth the financial investment.

It is essential to understand these aspects and what in fact goes into safety seat reupholstery. Being well informed about it and having some general idea of prices will aid in addressing whether you have or need to get your car seats reupholstered. Also, it is as crucial to know all other possible alternatives available out there for you.

We try here to help you figure out if car seat reupholstery is best for you, while also offering you some details about choosing custom-made slip over seat covers as another option.

Clean The Center Console

The center console usually includes cup holders that can get messy. If the cup holder is removable, allow it to soak in some warm water and a bit of dishwashing liquid. Scrub it clean with a sponge. Finish by wiping it down with a soft cloth and rinsing well with fresh water. Dry and reassemble the console.

To clean the gearstick and other controls, use a clean microfiber cloth that is only slightly damp. To reach tight corners, use an old toothbrush, damp cotton swab, or wrap a damp paper towel around the tip of a dull knife or flat-head screwdriver.

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Part 6 Of 9: Change Your Ride Height

A popular modification for both sports cars and trucks is to change your ride height. The process is similar to performance changes with the shocks and struts being replaced , but the end result is quite different.

Cars are typically lowered to enhance traction, stiffen steering and suspension travel, and improve appearance. Another trend that has become popular in recent years is for cars to be lifted with oversized wheels installed in a process known as donking.

Trucks can be lifted or lowered, though most commonly they are lifted. A beefed-up suspension is installed along with adjustable shocks and stiffer springs to increase off-road suspension travel and increase durability.

Step 1: Decide if you want to lift or lower your vehicle.

  • The kits are very different between the two purposes, so youll need to be sure.

Be aware of the results of your suspension modification.

Step 2: Select your components to be installed. Select only name brand components backed by their manufacturer that come with a warranty.

Step 3: Call a pro. Have a suspension repair professional install your suspension mods.

Its important that the modifications are done by someone familiar with the parts and equipment required or you may find you have an uneven ride height or a vehicle thats difficult to control.

Lighting And Visual Effects

Rules for picking the Best Interior Car Color

This one’s a great interior upgrade, especially if we like to go out at night. Having a boring and slightly dark car interior while out at night is something that we can remedy with a few installations here and there. First, let’s get some flashy decorations that are also recognizable in the daytime like the mandatory double dice hanging under the rearview mirror.

Then, under-dash LED lighting is the answer. These small colorful lights can illuminate the interior of a car and make it look like it’s a brand new car. Here are some good brands: Ledglow, and the cheaper ones from Wsiiroon.

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Part 4 Of 9: Change Your Vehicles Wheels Or Tires

Replacing your wheels and tires are a statement that can not only enhance your vehicles look but change how your vehicle operates. Low-profile tires can increase your control and steering while taller tires commonly used on trucks can aid in off-road traction and maneuverability.

Step 1: Decide why you want to replace your wheels. It may be purely aesthetic, to lower your vehicle, to increase your ground clearance, or to improve your vehicles control.

Step 2: Select your wheel size. You can use the same rim size for your new wheels or you can increase the wheel size and decrease the tire profile.

Changing your combination of rim size and tire profile will change your ride height, and may change your speedometer accuracy.

  • Tip: If you change your wheels overall height, have your speedometer calibrated by an approved speedometer repair shop.

Step 3: Select your wheel finish.

There are numerous wheel finishes available including chrome, aluminum, painted, hyper-chrome and even spoked wheels.

Coated wheels are easier to care for though raw chrome or aluminum wheels are attractive to many car owners. Its a matter of personal taste.

Step 4: Install your wheels and tires. Your tires will need to be mounted on the rims, balanced, and installed on your vehicle.

Visit your nearest tire facility to have your wheels installed.

Cover Up The Middle Console

This is one of the interior car mods that adds some style and comfort to your vehicles cabin. You already rest your arm on the console between the drivers and passengers seats, so why not add a cover with some extra padding to the console? There are lots of different styles and colors to choose from to really spice up your cabin.

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Give Your Dashboard Some Pizazz

How often do you pay attention toyour dashboard? More than you think. Thats why you should spice it up.

There are cheap ways to upgradeyour dashboard. Adhesives will give your dashboard some flair. Dashboard coverswill also give your car some personality. You can even add small mementos thatcharacterize your interests and passions.

What If I Want Leather Seats

Restore your car interior, Upgrade to a new look (Part 1)

Quite often, most people interested in changing car interior color always use this opportunity to switch from cloth to leather seats. Painting or dyeing leather is affordable.

However, if you have cloth seats and want to switch to another color but this time you want leather, expect to pay from $1500 to $2000.

This price includes the purchase of the material as well as installation fees. The price may go higher if you are doing a change in a 3-row SUV.

Transitioning from cloth to leather allows you to choose a different color that you can have blended with the new color of your cars interior.

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Seats Featuring Massage And Heat

We’ve probably heard one of our friends rave about their newly purchased car and how it has heated seats and massagers as well. We can never have that unless we buy a new car, or can we? These car features can be easily bought as a matter of fact. They come in different shapes and colors, and different features as well.

There are plenty of massage-seat products we can install in our cars, the prices range from $40 to $60. There are also others with heating capabilities, check out Gideon and Snailax, these are two of the best in the business.

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Chevrolet Sedans For Sale Used Cars On Oodle

Hgtvremodels lighting planning guide breaks down the different types of light bulbs on hgtv. com. holding different light bulbs photo by: thinkstock images thinkstock images the speed with which lighting technology is changing is particular. Weve discovered some of the best led lights for your car interior based on performance, style, and colors. check them out! opt7 bluetooth led lights kit govee dreamcolor car interior lights mewtwo car lights interior car bibles is reader-s. The 1st set was made for a 1959 chevy 2 door sedan using 55 armrests and stainless trim, we can also use 1956 style armrests. 1954-1955-1956 chevy rubber armest pads. 1959 to 1963 chevrolet 2 door & 4 door hardtop windlace set.

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Give Your Car A Facelift

There are many ways you can change the look of your cars interior without taking it out of routine use. If you drive a lot of miles and you want to get more of an RV-type look, add some color to the dashboard and flooring. You can match the color of your carpet for a really attractive effect.

If your car is a dark interior, you may want to replace the dashboard with a clear plastic cover that looks like glass frosted with reflective material. You could also buy cushioned strips that fit the underside of the dash so its easy to slide across in order to access features on your car.

What Is The Best Way Of Changing The Car Interior Color

Interior car modifications that are easy to make  The ...

This will depend on your needs as a car owner. Allow us to simplify things for you. One of the main reasons why many car owners change the interior colors of cars is when they buy a used vehicle and find that the interior color is faded or worn out.

Or, you may have driven a certain vehicle for so long that you got bored with the original interior color and you want to change it to something more interesting.

To determine which cause of action best suits you, you need to evaluate the state of the interior. Other than the annoying color, if your entire upholstery is completely worn out, opting for a custom interior change may be best.

This is because, with this option, you get to change not just the color but also the various parts in your interior that have been damaged.

The prices of interior parts are what make the cost of this option high. However, the benefit is that you get a new and better-looking interior.

Please do not choose the above option if you dont intend to own the car in question for long.

The cost of having the interior color changed and customized by a professional is expensive. And it wouldnt be wise to pay for such huge amounts, only for you to sell the vehicle in a couple of months.

Dyeing or painting the car interior color by yourself is a very affordable option. As mentioned earlier, you wont use more than $300 for a dye or paint kit.

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Custom Pockets To Organize The Heck Out Of Your Car

This is a cool add-on to customize your seats and the interior of your car even more! The Special OPS is a fantastic way to organize and store all sorts of gear. Whether youre a fisher, a construction worker, or a hunter, you can stash your fishing rods, tools, and rifles in these handy dandy pouches. Theres also a nifty pistol pocket to safely store handguns.

These organizational pockets can be added when youre ordering custom seat covers as well. There are luxury seat cover lines you can find online that offer the Special OPS Package as a simple accessory add-on when you order with them making it super easy!

The OPS packages also come in custom colors and patterns to boot!

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